PARIS: Terrorist Attacks Leave Over 128 Dead, 200 Injured

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Just woke up to the News of a series of terrorist attacks in Paris that have resulted in over 150 people killed (that number is expected to rise, reports are already coming in that there have been at least 158 deaths). Info and photos directly from the Guardian live feed:

Conflicting reports have varied, with some media reporting seven separate attacks. The Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, has just said in a press conference that there were six assaults.

We are of course working to verify the number and location. Here is what Kim has confirmed so far:

[All bullet points are direct quoted from The Guardian, the text editor here doesn't like the combination of bullet points and quotes, apologies]

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  • Stade de France, where authorities reported suicide attacks and explosions.
  • Bataclan concert hall: gunmen forced their way into the nightclub during a concert, fired on crowd and took hostages. Two attackers killed when security forces ended the siege.
  • Corner of the Rue Bichat and Rue Alibert, 10th arrondissement, at the restaurant Le Petit Cambodge.
  • Rue de Charonne: Around the restaurant La Belle Equipe in the11th arrondissement.

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  • A state of emergency has been declared across France, after at least 150 people were killed in terrorist attacks around Paris.
  • Shootings took place in a number of locations around the capital,including at least two restaurants and the Bataclan concert hall, with further explosionsreported to be two suicide attacks and a bombing – outside the Stade de France, where the national side were playing Germany in a football match.
  • About 100 people were taken hostage at Bataclan in the 11th arrondissement, in what is thought to be a coordinated attack.Security forces have now killed two attackers in the Bataclan concert hall but police report at least 118 people – many of them young people attending a rock concert – are believed to have died there.
  • French president François Hollande has ordered the closing of the country’s borders to prevent the escape of the attackers, who have so far not been apprehended.
  • Hollande said there were “unprecedented terror attacks under way in Paris” and authorities have warned residents to stay inside.
  • The Australian foreign minister, Julie Bishop, said there had beensix separate terrorist attacks, beginning at around 9.30pm French time.
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There was an international football match between France and Germany taking place during the attacks. My understanding is that while the attacks were nearby and the match was abandoned, nobody in that stadium was hurt.

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I'm going to stick with this story and I'll try to keep this thread up to date. Thoughts go out to Paris friends and duders alike. Stay safe out there, people...


The Paris prosecutor has said that five attackers “may be” dead across the various attack locations. Two were earlier reported to have been killed in the operation by French security forces to retake the Bataclan. It was also reported that at least one of the attacks at the Stade deFrance was a suicide attack. It is not known how many attackers were involved and how many could still be at large.


There are reports that four officials were killed during the retaking of the Bataclan concert hall where more than 100 people were being held hostage. Initial reports have said that four police officers were killed, but this has not been confirmed, and others – security forces or military personnel – have reportedly been involved in operations.


An update from the prosecutor’s office, which now says eight extremists are dead, seven of them in suicide bombings.

François Hollande [French Prime Minister] said earlier that France would be closing its borders:

Airports remain open and flights have left the capital, but some airlines, including American Airlines, said they would be delaying flights to Paris. Many, including United, Delta, and Air France KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, were operating normally.

The French foreign ministry said airports would remain open with increased security checks.

Train services also continue as normal. Eurostar said its services between the UK and France would run as normal on Saturday, but it would allow passengers who no longer wished to travel to change their tickets.

Reuters reports that members of the California-based rock band Eagles of Death Metal, who had just taken the stage at the Bataclan concert venue when that attack started, are all safe.

But their crew members have not yet been accounted for.


The current death toll seems to have been dropped back down to 128, with around 200 injured. Thread title has been updated to reflect this.

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#2 Posted by ZolRoyce (1589 posts) -

Yeah, I've been refreshing my news feeds over and over with this story. It's awful. One of those hard to find words for kind of awful.
Just... just fuck.
Apparently Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the concert.

So many young people probably would have been there too, fuck.

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Rough, rough news, everyone I know is just refreshing news feeds.

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Been keeping up when on breaks at work. Sinking lower every time that number went up.

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Heartbreaking news. Hope everyone in Paris stays safe and has somewhere to go.

Edit: This sort of overshadows the fact that it's been a remarkably shitty 24 hours for the world. A tsunami warning has been issued off the coast of Japan, 43 people were killed in suicide bombings in Lebanon last night, and 18 more today at a funeral in Baghdad.

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#7 Posted by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

Why can't we all be friends?! What is wrong with people! Why!

My heart goes out to everyone who lost somebody, is lost or got hurt in this terrible mess. God darn it this crap needs to stop. It's heart breaking. Just, please stop.

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#8 Posted by Devil240Z (5704 posts) -

are any of us(gb fans) in Paris? If so I hope they're okay.

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#9 Posted by Sanity (2207 posts) -

This is terrible, hope its over now, though this stuff just seems to be getting worse and worse.

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this is wretched. i know this sounds silly, but this all makes me wish we finally discover another intelligent species in the universe to help put all our puny lives in some fucking perspective. (though i know that would probably do jack squat too. sigh...)

hope it's over and everyone else is safe, my thoughts are with them.

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I'm glad that didn't happen while Drew was there, holy shit.

Edit - not glad this happened at all.

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#12 Posted by Darson (557 posts) -

This is just madness. In Paris of all places....

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#13 Posted by j_unit2008 (309 posts) -

Seeing this kind of stuff makes literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. My heart goes out to those poor people.

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#14 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

Fuck this fuck in the fuck.

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@darson said:

This is just madness. In Paris of all places....

That was my reaction too. Their intelligence network is one of the best and even they fell victim to this. Scary scary world we live in.

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#16 Posted by Honkalot (1042 posts) -

Frightening, horrific and sad.

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#17 Posted by hassun (10002 posts) -

What a horrible series of events. The effects of war are far-reaching and terrible.

I hope something positive can come from this and not just more misery.

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A tragedy, I can't even imagine the horror these people must be experiencing. I feel for the people of Paris right now. Sadly, this is almost an inevitability in the world we live in today. Even the French intelligence agencies couldn't stop this. Counterterrorism operations have not expanded at the rate that the threat has grown in recent times. Something has to change if this is to be stopped in the future. The internet has led to a propagation of radical ideology the likes of which has never been seen in the past.

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#19 Posted by L1GHTN1N (1996 posts) -

Incredibly saddened to hear about it. Sounds like things are calming down a bit at least, but fuck.

If you're in the area stay safe tonight...

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#20 Posted by Fredchuckdave (10824 posts) -

Depressing, curious what will happen as a result; could be any number of horrible things.

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The soccer match wasn't abandoned, they played till the end perhaps to avoid creating a mass panic. Most, if not all, players and coaches were not informed about the attacks prior to the game's end.

I watched a german livestream and you could hear at least two explosions during the match. Also the french President attended the game but left.

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#24 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2936 posts) -

Something in this world needs to change

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#26 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

Something in this world needs to change

I agree, but it won't because people suck. I mean, people are awesome, but people also suck.

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#27 Posted by pweidman (2857 posts) -

Tragic news. As a world community, we need to figure out why people go to these lengths to harm others. This isn't random like some may surmise, and as an excuse to hate further. The source of dissatisfaction must be acknowledged and dealt with. Nothing will change fundamentally until then. My heart goes out to the people and families affected in Paris today.

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#28 Posted by glots (4359 posts) -

Gutwrenching to read, kept me up for about two hours last night. With how much refugees have been on the map as of late over in Europe, I can already imagine how the news will look like for the next week and probably more.

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#29 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4499 posts) -

May they rest in peace, and their families find solace some day.

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#30 Posted by hippie_genocide (2443 posts) -

@pweidman: I'll respectfully disagree with you. I'm not trying to understand what drives people to commit these horrible acts on innocent civilians just going about their daily lives. No level of understanding is going to appease these people, not that I would ever wish to appease them at any cost. They should be dealt with like the menace they are.

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#31 Posted by Pezen (2384 posts) -

@hippie_genocide: People are shaped into this, not born as this. Understanding the underlying issues is not about understanding as appeasing, but as a means of prevention.

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#32 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15725 posts) -

The news was on at my house for a good long time today... My thoughts and prayers out to the people of France.

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#33 Posted by Devil240Z (5704 posts) -

I think the Eagles of death metal were just on a podcast I listen to. Otherwise I would have no idea who they were.

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I've been following this story for a few hours now. I don't know what to feel. At this point, all I can do is see how the world reacts to this over the coming days.

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Damn, when I went to bed last night the death toll mentioned was about 18, and that was terrible. Now it is completely insane, how can anyone, no matter what their beliefs are, justify targeting civilians like that.

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#36 Posted by Devil240Z (5704 posts) -

Is it over though? Or are attacks still happening?

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@fredchuckdave said:

Depressing, curious what will happen as a result; could be any number of horrible things.

Yeah, that's what I'm most wary about right now. I don't want to diminish the tragedy of these events but there's a disturbing chance it'll be donwhill from here. How much longer will somewhat cooler heads prevail with fucked-up shit like this happening?

There's already so much anger, hatred and misguided nationalist and xenophobic spirit flaring up. It's what got the world into this fucked state to begin with.

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#38 Posted by Sweep (10600 posts) -

Is it over though? Or are attacks still happening?

The attacks appear to be limited to last night, though they don't know if they've caught everyone responsible.

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#39 Posted by Dave_Tacitus (2491 posts) -

I've got family living in Paris so last night was pretty tense until we found out they were all ok.

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#40 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2579 posts) -

I sure hope this won't result in the next "we need to record all data of everyone forever" push backed by the ridiculous notion of dedicated terrorists using regular internet channels to communicate.

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#41 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8908 posts) -

Thoughts and prayers for anyone in France. That's shocking.

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#42 Posted by Shoguns_Decapitator (122 posts) -

Cowards, butchering civilians unwinding at the end of their working week at bars, concert halls and stadiums, just regular people of all creeds beliefs and faiths doing everyday social things

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@fredchuckdave said:

Depressing, curious what will happen as a result; could be any number of horrible things.

They've already closed the borders for the first time since World War II, so this attack has some pretty historic implications. France has a long history of having a significant Muslim population well integrated into its nation, and I hope that this attack doesn't do anything to seriously disrupt the lives any Muslims that want to continue to live and work there peacefully. That's not to say there wasn't discrimination before, but the obvious fear is that it will get worse, as I'm guessing it probably already got worse after the Charlie Hebdo shooting early this year.

Thoughts and prayer to all involved in this thing. It's a seriously shitty situation.

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#45 Posted by Sanj (3255 posts) -

Incredibly tragic. My heart goes out to those affected.

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How many attacks like these before we collectively take a look at IS and what can be done to stabilize the situation it has fomented?

A few brigades on the ground were due years ago, in both Syria and Iraq. It's both sad and frustrating - unbelievably so, I'm sure, for the citizens of France - that we've allowed things to slide to this point

My condolences go out to those in Paris this evening and anyone affected by the attacks tonight. And to be quite frank, as an active duty serviceman, I am also ashamed that not enough was done to deter or destroy the terrorist organization which claimed responsibility for this atrocity

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#47 Posted by Jimbo (10472 posts) -

How many attacks like these before we collectively take a look at IS and what can be done to stabilize the situation it has fomented?

A few brigades on the ground were due years ago, in both Syria and Iraq. It's both sad and frustrating - unbelievably so, I'm sure, for the citizens of France - that we've allowed things to slide to this point

My condolences go out to those in Paris this evening and anyone affected by the attacks tonight

I suspect it will take a far more significant attack or existential threat than IS poses to shake our generation out of its collective apathy / cowardice.

At this point a couple hundred deaths in one of our cities every couple of years is no longer considered an outrage which must surely provoke a response, but rather just an 'acceptable' cost of doing business.

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The fact that there are people who believe this was done by the people who are trying to escape this very thing makes my brain hurt on levels I didn't think it could hurt before. This shit is fucking awful, please don't use it to push your disgusting bigotry on the rest of us.

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#49 Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

I woke up from my peaceful dream world and i saw this all over the Internet. What a bad way to start my day :(

I hope that they manage to catch the rest of the group/s.

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I don't know about that. This is by far the biggest terror attack on the western world since the Madrid train bombings, which was more than 11 years ago. It was also obviously highly organized, with 7 attacks on different locations within an hour of each other, which is completly contrary to most of the terrorist attacks we suffer from, which is mostly considered to be done by Lone Wolfs.

So something is going to change now, maybe not a way that's immediately obvious to the common public (we're still not going to send another invasion force to Irak, even if ISIS is behind this), but behind the scenes I suspect a lot will change in the way we fight and try to prevent terror, not just in France, but in large parts of Europe. Because this shit can't happen again.

My thoughts go out to all involved.