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Poll: Party with all your friends - which type would you choose (44 votes)

Just a normal house party - one night - drinks & snacks (one or two people crash on the sofa) 25%
Cabin in the Woods/Beach - two days and two nights -lots of group activities packed into two days 23%
Group Hiking/Skiing/biking - a few days with a journey/shared experiences in mind; LOTS of physical activity during the day rest up at night. 7%
A Cruise - everyone meeting throughout the day with families included; maybe a centerpieces fancy meal each night. 5%
Away from the Kids - All adult activities, leave your current adult responsibilities behind to reconnect with too much booze and food. 7%
Intimate dinner with two other couples - drinks, dinner, and relaxed chat over desert - then god home. 7%
Cookout - Everyone comes together for some good day-drinking w/ BBQ; maybe some fireworks at the end - kids, dogs, grandmothers all there 25%
Other - explain below. 2%

I think I would like a cruise. I'm an introverts som sometimes i need away from everyone else time and sometimes I want to be doing group activities. Just enough structure where you can meet up or separate without it being weird. No cooking, no cleaning or no responsibilities! All the meals are above average. A cornucopia of entertainment options all day long for everyone.

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#1 Posted by BallsLeon (563 posts) -

Either between cabin, and the hiking/biking trip. I really enjoy doing things outdoors, but nothing too hardcore hopefully. Want to be able to still hang out and enjoy myself.

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#2 Posted by BaconHound (296 posts) -

I picked the cookout because you said there'd be dogs.

Otherwise, I'd probably go for hiking or the cabin - either of which might also include dogs.

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#3 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7587 posts) -

I picked the cookout because you said there'd be dogs.

Otherwise, I'd probably go for hiking or the cabin - either of which might also include dogs.

Yeah, parties with dogs are great. Sadly, it harder to have parties with cats. You have to have some real 'chill' cats for them to stay at your party.

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#4 Posted by WMoyer83 (1031 posts) -

Cabin parties are the best. I’ve been to a few and they are by far the best times I have had with friends. Partying all night, sleeping most of the morning and drinking mimosas at the Indian casino hungover with shades on at the tables. Great times.

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I chose other. I have a tight but small group of friends, with partners there are probably only 18 of us. I generally only party with them.

We go on short trips together. Usually to other cities to drink and eat and party. Sometimes its not all of us, especially now that some of us have kids, actually its been about two years since everyone went but every 6 months or so someone will plan something and invite everyone. We also do the country/cabin thing on occasion, but it doesn't suit us as much. In general we only do that if its for the kids.

Most recently 7 of us drank our way through Osaka. But we have also hit Vegas, San Fran, Bali, NY, Melbourne, Hawaii, Bangkok and we have Tokyo coming up in September.

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I chose cookout. Back in the day my actual answer would have been all the mates going out in the town to a club then back to somebody's house to session for 12-24 hours. But those days are long gone. Now I'm a father of two and to be honest would usually rather just stay chilled out on the sofa than go out. But every now and then I do enjoy meeting with friends for some food and a few drinks so bbq sounds good.