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Hey hi folks! Do you want a commemorative cyberpunk PAXAMANIA II poster? Read on! :D


Want to pre-order a PAXAMANIA II poster and pick it up at PAX East? Say "Yes" in a comment here and I'll PM everyone the details! (Or if you're not signed up, DM me on mytwitter!)


The first bunch of people to attend PAXAMANIA II at PAX East will receive a limited edition travel-size version of this poster once inside the theater.

BUT! In order to recoup costs, and because posters are fun, I will also be printing bigger, 12"x18" versions you can put up on a wall!


If you're attending PAX East and would like one, say "Yes" or something like that in a comment! I will PM everyone soon with pricing and pickup details. (If you can't comment here, send me a DM on twitterinstead!)

Also, you should follow @marino's advice and bring a tube! I will have rubber bands on hand to help folks keep theirs rolled up, too.


I will be at the PAXAMANIA II panel, both before and after, to hand these out to folks who ordered some! I'll stick around until everybody gets theirs, no worries. ^^


Yes! Everyone pictured in the poster has agreed to let me do this with the larger prints to recoup costs. For that reason, they're not going to be available online or anywhere else afterwards, so this is your only chance to get one! :D


Totally! I was in a Quick Look! :D Also, chances are you know someone in the GB community who knows me. Small world!


Many thanks to knight saber Sammy, cyberkinetic Rissu, boomer D-Leazy, and ultimate boomer Wolf! (And thanks to Jeff Gerstmann's client, wherever he may be.)

I was super stoked to work on this and I want folks to share in the excitement. Thanks for your time, and see you at PAX East! :D

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This makes me jealous of PAX attendees

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Absolutely yes.

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...I didn't know I wanted a Cyberpunk PAXAMANIA until now.

Then again maybe that would give Professor Killah an unfair advantage.

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Yes please!

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Long live the age of video game wrestling love and virtual reality.

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Ooh yes please.

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This looks really awesome. Great work.

Now I kinda wish I lived in that there America so I could be going.

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Love all the little references!

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This is amazing. Thanks so much!!!

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Awesome work! Wish I was going to pax to snag one of these.

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This just makes me sad PAX sold out so fast.

No chance of these being shipped?

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Samantha could totally be a knight saber

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Holy cow I would love one of these. Awesome work!

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Holy crap. I wish I was going, nice work!