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This guy's album is being overshadowed by Kanye and J cole. I have both and i can easily say that i can agree with people who pick this album over both. I mean... this kid got better with his flow and lyrics. Not to mention the the beats are sick in some of these tracks.

https://soundcloud.com/wish-atlanta/mac-miller-featuring-jay Listen to this and tell this kid is not sick! Not to mention he did a song with Jay Electronica which Jay completely destroys this whole track with his crazy verse. If Jay Electronica has the time to do a verse with Mac! you know Mac is good. Definitely a check for Hip Hop fans. I give the album a 8/10

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I have all three of those albums and I've oddly been listening to a lot of Mac. Suplexes inside of complexes and duplexes is especially great.

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I am considering picking it up today, while it's still $9.99 everywhere. Apparently this is the year for change as most of the criticisms for a lot of the albums coming out is "darker." Jay-Z's new album comes out in two weeks, if this "darker" trend is catching on I can't wait.

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Yea, its alright. It could grow on me.

I just downloaded it. :)

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Of course when I go to pick it up at Best Buy it is sold out... dammit.