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An ep me and my best friend wrote and recorded, all the drums were done in our uni studios, everything else was recorded in our bedrooms and churches. 
If you're into your 'post-rock' Mogwai, Sigur Ros Explosions in the Sky etc.

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Bump! Nice thread.

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A sample of some STUFF 
my extreme metal band, ATOMIC POWERSLAM

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and my rap group MURDA OVALOAD 
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I was in the Blue Rhythm Methodists and that link is for our "Realtime" studio album - live to DAT - no dubs.

Also, from the "35 May" (another band I was in):

Crazy Woman

Lost Soul

Stubborn Mind

I'm trying to re-record many 35 May songs now, but I think I need vocalists and perhaps lead guitarists to help.

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My Newgrounds audio page

Please excuse the shittiness!

Lately, I've been making a lot of traditional heavy metal instrumentals with a power metal influences because I can record decent audio now.

Immortal Phantom


I also do some symphonic sort of songs:

Into the Flames



As well as some ambient inspired music:

Silence of a Dead Planet

Valley of the Wind and Skies

Also did this cover and put it on Youtube. I plan to do more OST covers (hopefully less horrible sounding and repetitive as I made it).

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@Nitrocore: I liked it. I wasn't in a hurry for it to end!

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Hi everybody. I'd love it if anybody could give my stuff a listen. Here's one tune below. The full album is available at http://norm.bandcamp.com - thanks!

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