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In some games you are given three options. You can increase strength, Defence, or things to do with wealth as in how fast you get money. Let's say you had 100 points to distribute. How would you distribute those? Mine would be Strength-80 Defence-10 and Wealth-10

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I read defence as defiance...I'm disappointed now. Also, no agility or dexterity? What the fuck happens if my favorite class is archer? But with these 3 attributes, 70 strength, 30 defence, wealth 0.

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I don't know. I'd probably put more points into defencing. Gates are a bitch to take down, but if you can take down the fence around it? Who needs to bash the door down?

I never take wealth. It might make the first couple of hours easier having a few more coins or a magic item, but you outgrow that stuff pretty quick. It might be more useful in a game like Baldur's Gate, but nowadays, you can just sleep through the first few hours of a game since its a glorified tutorial.

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Sorry Sexy Toad I have been playing too much Skyrim, its Health, Stamina or Magic.

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Strength - 60

Wealth - 15

Defense - 25

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wealth - 80

defense - 10

strength - 10

my reasoning behind the point allocation into wealth is simple: money buys power and the backing of local, state, and federal politicians.

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what game are you talking about?

it's always strength, defense, agility. or vit, dex, magic.

i can't think of any game where "wealth" is a stat of serious importance. especially because there's always a way to get infinite money quickly somehow.

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What about wisdom?

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Depends upon what sort of game we are even talking about. In an RPG i'd probably go with defense 65, strength 35, wealth 0. Because I am rather against using finite points for things that do not build upon the character. Coming upon wealth over the course of the game is inevitable, I see no need to strip points from more important things for that. Would be on a par with getting perks that increase exp gain when the game has a level cap. They eventually wind up being useless once you get far enough into the game and you have then permanently wasted points that should have been allocated elsewhere.

As for a strategy game, wealth with a strong economy tends to be key, as you then use it to rapidly build up your offensive and defensive units and facilities.

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Strength - 30, Defense - 50, Wealth - 20

I'm thinking more along the lines of strategy games for this than anything else, but yeah.

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Strength-65 Defense-35 wealth-0

I rarely use money in video games and prefer power.

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@BraveToaster: Wisdom is for fools! ...Wait that doesn't make any sense

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Wealth gives you the other two, so wealth.

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If I make the right type of enemies, then my defence could also require power and wealth, so 100 power, 100 defence, 100 wealth.