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I had a email sent to me saying my console would be delivered on the 28th....this was sent out in a error I later found out in the evening after scrambling to sort out a neighbour who would be in as this was coming a day early.

Then I had received a email the following day saying that the item would be delivered on the 29th (the correct date) between 14:52 and 15:52

NO BODY CAME! and then after sending emails via there website (which there is no way to speak to a actual human being, even by the phone number), sending two tweets to their twitter help account and a email to their social media account I got ZERO REPLIES FROM ALL OF THEM!

So now its the 30th and got a email saying the console would be delivered today! so after managing to find the most obsure place to actually get a real phone number that has a real human being on the end of to check for reals if this was gonna be the case.......the person on the other end of the phone thought it was going to be sent out MONDAY the 2ND FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

At this point I said you know what I'LL do the 1hr round trip to your fuckin depot. Litterally burning with rage for what was supposed to be a simple action.


If only one duder manages to avoid the same pain I have had then all of this wont have been for nothing.

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I take it you are underage and never heard of a tracking number before?

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No I'm 30 and yes I have. It was completely useless because the tracking number and communication from them was FUCKED

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This seems to be not at all about buying a new console and entirely about using the package service DPD. I guess that's a useful warning, but the subject line is misleading. There's no reason to think they would treat another package any better, and when I have bought new consoles delivered by UPS or Fedex I get the normal quality of service from those companies, so I'd say the new console is not really relevant here.

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Not exactly buyer aware about a new console. More about delivery companies.

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DPD were great for me. Got a text specifying the hour it'd come about half an hour beforehand, then used their fancy live tracking system to watch it go through the 3 deliveries before me and then to my door.

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@rekt_hed: I edited your topic title to reflect the actual content of this thread...and since you never actually stated which console you were referring to in your post, this has also been moved to Off Topic. The other guys were right, this has almost no relevance to either the PS4 or Xbone.

@nubikal That is a pretty nice feature. Most of the stuff I order here in the US gets delivered by UPS, and it's typically "Before the end of the day" which could be anywhere from 1600 to 2000 depending on how busy of a day it is.

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I've had DPD both deliver and pick up packages from me several times.

To be honest they've been the best delivery/courier service I've had.

If you had said Hermes were like that I would have completely believed you, never had one package from them delivered correctly