PSA, you can now Chromecast Amazon Prime Video

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Maybe everyone already knew this but I just found this out last night. Apparently about a month ago, Amazon started allowing their content to be compatible with the competitor's streaming device. No more need for Fire Sticks! I bought into the Chromecast early and was never gonna buy any Amazon streaming-ware so it's pretty cool news to me.

I feel like I wasn't watching Amazon Prime stuff as much because I was too lazy to turn on a console or plug in my laptop to the TV so this might get me to watch more content on that service. Stuff disappears fast in Amazonland so more accessibility is great.

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I discovered this when I got a TV with fire stick installed, went to download a youtube app, and discovered there was no official one because Amazon refused to play nice with everyone else.

It felt so backwards in 2019, glad they figured things out.

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Maybe the will also fix there Twitch app on Roku then. I kinda get why companies do this, but its just a hassle for me as a consumer.