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In the "Coming up on Giant Bomb" section, are the times listed set to a certain time zone, or do they change based on the user?

I may have worded that weird, so allow me to clarify. Unprofessional Fridays is set for 3:30 PM, that is in about 2 hours for me. Will the stream be on at 3:30 EST, or is it 3:30 (Insert Giant Bomb's time zone here)?

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It's based on the user. I'm in Central and it says it will be at 5:30 PM for me.

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Hey. The times should now be set to your local time (so the stream tonight at 11:30pm GMT would show up as 00:30am if you lived in France). Its a known bug that for some time zones it's not showing local times correctly. It's best to raise the issue with @LtSquigs letting him know: What time zone you are in and what browser you are using.

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@azurath: It should say 6:30 if your timezone is EST

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@bocam: It says 3:30 for me, I guess it just bugged out or something.

I am not positive, but I think the Playstation Meeting stream was set to the correct time.

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I think our GeoLocation server is timing out a bunch too, trying to figure out why its being so bad.