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So, I just bought this HDTV from best buy

Overall I'm happy with it I think, but I have some questions for those who know more about TVA than I do (note: this is going to be for games mostly)

1. Is this tv really 120hz? They have this weird thing called"auto motion plus" is that what the 120hz is? Do I need to have that enabled to get 120hz? Because there's different modes for that called clear, standard , smooth, custom, and demo.

2. I used screen cleaner and the microfiber cloth that came with it. I bought the cleaner at best buy. I don't think I pressed hard when cleaning it, I was pretty gentle I think. Can wiping the screen the wrong way damage the screen? Everything seems fine. What would damage like that look like? Washed out colors? Banding problems?

3. Should I be using game mode? Is it necessary? Seemed like it made my picture worse when I had it enabled.

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Pretty sure this belongs in off-topic...

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Oh my god dude, seek help. You have made like 4 threads about damaging your PS4 and now you are worrying about a TV.

120hz is pointless for console gaming so I wouldn't bother worrying about that and motion+ is likely the standard frame creation mode designed to smooth content, which makes everything look weird.

You just bought it, it didn't need to be cleaned. I have cleaned my plasma just a few times in the 2 years I have owned it, all it needs is a light wipe down from a microfibre cloth, screen cleaner isn't needed unless you somehow spill something on it.

Game mode isn't required, I haven't used it once on my TV and I play fighting games a lot so input lag is a priority.