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FUcking dried mangoes, oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! So chewy and so much flavor


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Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza (New York style). There's a place that delivers around here, but they're closed.

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#3 Edited by AjayRaz (12803 posts) -, i could really go for some dried mangos right about now. like, real bad.

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man some beef jerky would be reeeal nice right now

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Pho Dac Biet, with the beef raw and plenty of sprouts and Sriracha. It's not random if I'm constantly craving this, is it?

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If ice cream didn't do any of the bad things it does, I would eat as much of it as I pleased every single day (probably).

That, along with macarons, strawberry jam/ chocolate filled pastries and cinnamon buns...

you guys..I, I love cinnamon buns so much. It's the cinnamon...and the sugar.


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Also fries. Never not down for fries.

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@aegon: you need to come to my house. we have one cinnamon roll left and tons of fries leftover from dinner. i'll pay for the trip!

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I've been craving, like, decent onion rings for the past I dunno how long... There's nowhere near me that has decent onion rings...

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Hnnnnnnnng. Stop. I have none of this in my house. It's 3 a.m. I can't go out now! Guess I'll just go eat some more moldy bread...

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Giant Donuts!

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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Pretzels. Shiiiiiiiiiittttttt....

OOH also their peanut butter filled pretzels, salted.

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You're all pregnant.

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A big-ass taco from Rolando's Super Tacos cuz Spurs won.

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domino's pizza

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Can't deal with this thread first thing on a Monday. Ya'll killin' me.

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I hate you all... Goooooood damn.... might as well continue the torture

Double Bacon Cheese burger, from local burger joint in Denmark.
Double Bacon Cheese burger, from local burger joint in Denmark.

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I've been eating a ton of black beans and brown rice, and this thread makes me want to stuff my face.

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I stuffed my face after reading this thread.

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