Ranking of Assassin's Creed wine

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So apparently Ubisoft did Assassin's Creed wine for some reason?

Bombcast guests and friends of the site Lucy James and Mike Mahardy combined their knowledge in Assassin's Creed games and wine tasting to rank the Assassin's Creed wine collection based on their refined palettes. The result is that type of dumb fun that it feels like something Giant Bomb would do, so I think you might enjoy it.

There's some surprises at the end too!

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You drink the wine and it's all like uh uh uh uh uh uh uh

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Good video; thanks for sharing. The two of them were pretty enjoyable together.

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That’s an awesome video I even told them so on Twitter. Reminds me of the fun shenanigans GB used to do back in the basement days. Great editing too.

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Not making it three wines, Ezio, Arno, and Kassandra (perhaps even an Aguilar), and making it from their respective regions was Ubisofts biggest mistake. I don't care what the actual wine is, no way in Hell I wanna drink a Connor wine.

Also, no one was gonna buy these anyway, the vintages should have been the years the game came out.

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@blackout62: Yeah, I'm no expert, but some of the wine choices seemed a bit weird. But I guess Ubisoft probably realized no one who actually cares about wine will be buying these so they just went with something easy and cheap.

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This was a fun little video. It's nice to see that Gamespot still has some life in it. Mike and Lucy have an enjoyable dynamic, I hope they get to do something on the level of Resident Kinevil at some point.