Rap Vs Rock - LETS DO THIS edition

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#51 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3255 posts) -
OroJackson said:
"I have a rule when it comes to music: "If it was recorded in my lifetime (15 years) it sucks."

So yeah: Rock Forever
That is very close minded. I'm sure there are some exceptions, you just have to find it outside the media.

I'm a huge rap fan. I doubt it will ever be dethroned as my favorite genre. But I am getting into some rock, punk mostly like Rise Against, AFI, and Misfits.

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#52 Posted by JNYR (115 posts) -

I prefer hardcore Polka over rap AND rock.

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Funkyhamster said:
"Rap. Mainstream rap. Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne specifically.

Yeah me too.
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#54 Posted by Premier111 (176 posts) -

rock. much more diversity