Rate the last movie you watched.

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The spam-bots are getting crafty. They're making threads that seem pretty cool....until they're revealed to be spam threads. Well, I'll reverse that in this instance. What was the last movie you watched, and how would you rate it on....whatever. It doesn't matter. 5/5, 10/10, 2948/2948. All I ask is that you give a decent explanation of your score. A couple of sentences, maybe. Here, I'll start:

Rear Window: It's definitely a Hitchcock film, meaning there's tons of detail crammed into every scene and a well thought-out story. 2993/3482.

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The last movie I watched (in its entirety, so that doesn't include Driving Lessons) was Cabin in the Woods, which gets a solid four out of five stars. I'm using the Giant Bomb Scale because between Netflix ratings and Giant Bomb, it's pretty much the only rating system that I understand anymore. Cabin in the Woods was a great movie but because I didn't pay attention to any of the hype surrounding it at the time of its release, I was able to come into it with a fresh viewpoint. I don't know if I'm just a huge Joss Whedon fanboy (yes) but I really enjoyed the movie's twists and the way that it parodied modern horror movies.

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Huh, I've actually been meaning to watch Rear Window recently. It was when I watched Disturbia, couldn't stand the crappy teen-comedy shtick, and read on wikipedia that it's a somewhat homage to Rear Window and bought it. Still haven't given it a watch yet, though, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anywhoo for me, my last film watched was Resident Evil: Damnation. 2/5.

It's even worse than Degeneration frankly, though the Mr X Tyrant battles were pretty cool, as was watching the superb animations of the Lickers. Still, rubbish and utterly pointless story that doesn't really fit in anywhere, Leon continues to be an annoying ponce with all of his lame one-liners, terrible lip syncing, over-abundance of slo-mo, fuck JD, and there's just too many damn QTE's.... wait, sorry, wrong Resident Evil...

EDIT: Also I found it hilarious how they play scenes from RE6 during the credits.

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The Amazing Spiderman. Andrew Garfield > Toby Maguire. The Lizard > Green Goblin. 9/10 spider-webs

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The Avengers. Thought it was excellent.

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Seeing as there's a channel devoted to showing Bond films in the UK at the moment I found myself watching Thunderball, which I'd not seen since I was a kid. It's such a weird Bond movie, there's a surprising lack of James Bond in the first hour and there's so many underwater sequences that go on forever.

A scene where they're unloading bombs which should be like two minutes long lasts for over ten. And the underwater battle at the end with all the divers is surprisingly brutal and full of faceless dudes in orange and black murdering each other with harpoons and knives, with an occasional shot of a crab wandering by.Thunderball is so, so weird. Easily the weirdest of the canon Bond movies.

Also, he seems far more rapey towards the women in this film.

I guess I should add 3/5

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Thats My Boy. 7/10

I know a lot of people hate this movie and hate Adam Sandler, but i thought it was quite good and there just aren't a lot of R rated comedies coming out nowadays so i'm happy whenever one does get made. The one thing that stands out in Sandler movies is that the cast are friends and you can tell that while watching the movie, you know they had a good time making the movie.

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Idiots & Angels.

I'm a fan of Bill Plympton's animation style, and I was excited to see this, his first feature length film. I certainly enjoyed it, but it felt like a short film inflated to extend the running time. The concept was kind of weak and overtly Kafkaesque: a rage-filled psychopath in a city full of childish and bizarre people wakes up with angel wings that force him to do good, and a doctor and bartender team up in a roundabout way to take the wings for themselves. It felt like David Lynch phoning in a script.

The animation was a joy, though, as was the Tom Waits-heavy soundtrack, and a number of individual scenes were thoroughly entertaining. (watch the trailer, which shows off the excellent "morning routine" sequence that is pure Plympton.)

6 hand grenades dropped into bars out of 10.

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The last movie I watched was Looper.

I would give it an 8,756 out of 10,000 stars. It's a great movie. The acting is great, the story is good (assuming you don't think about the time travel stuff too much, then it kinda falls apart). The special effects were great, and the world was believable enough to feel plausible-ish.

But what I really loved about it were the small touches. Things like most of the guns being blunderbusses and gats. Not shotguns and revolvers, they're blunderbusses and gats. The attention to detail in the movie is fantastic. It feels like a movie made by people with a good vision of what they wanted to do, and people that cared enough to make a really good movie.

My only complaint is that even with makeup and prosthetics (that I didn't even know about until several days after I saw the movie) Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks nothing like young Bruce Willis. As much as I like Bruce Willis, I think they probably just should have found a guy who looks like an older Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I'd say that overall, it's probably the third best movie I've seen that was released in 2012 (the other two being The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, in that order).

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@Dad_Is_A_Zombie said:

The Avengers. Thought it was excellent.

Same here. 10 out of 10

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Zombies vs Strippers. It was bad, but knowingly bad. Fun movie, full of bad jokes, bad gore, and bad acting. 4/10

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Wait, like, from any era? or just the most recently released?

Most recent movie I watched in cinemas recently: Ted (6/10)

Most recent movie: Austin Powers International Man of Mystery (9/10)

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Looper 9/10
Fan-friggin-tastic. Great acting all around really great story great script. Smart interesting sci if that's not afraid I be subtle when it needs to be and balls crazy when it needs to be. Go see it.

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I swear something like this exists already... I wrote about Lockout, and it being terrible. Although maybe it was just a "What's the last movie you watched?" type thing.

Anyways... I haven't watched a movie in almost 2 months, well, discounting that one afternoon I caught The Sum of All Fears on AMC and sat there and watched that. I've been watching pretty much only Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel for that time. Only 6 more Angels to go, at this point.

I give TV edit Sum of All Fears 2 Harrison Ford's out of 5.

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Lawless 9/10

Just amazing. From the acting to the story to being set in the best period of American history. An all around great movie. Tom Hardy is a badass!

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@pyromagnestir said:

I swear something like this exists already...

There used to be a thread like this that was created by Linkyshinks. But eh, nuttin' wrong with starting over.

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Indie Game: The Movie. 4/5. Too much Fish, not enough Meat.

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I watched Eurotrip last week. For being a stupid teen roadtrip movie it's still pretty funny, and goddamnit Scotty Doesn't Know has been stuck in my head for the past week. I give it 4 Patrick Ewing eating a Snickerss out of 5.

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Looper. 2/5. Wasn't bad by any means, just was boring.

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What the plot and story may have lacked, Charlize Theron in spandex made up for.

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Looper. 4/5.

Weird looking JGL. That is all.

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Do they ever explain why that guy specifically needs to kill his other-time self (I can't remember if it's past or future)? Because that's a ridiculously huge plot hole when your premise is "the mob kills people with time travel".

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-just watched brokeback mountain the other day

-the movie was very good and heath ledger had an amazing performance. it was nice to see the rift between leading their normal heterosexual life vs. their gay life, especially including it being in the south-west during the 60's, 70's ect.

-i'd give it 5/5 stars as long as you're not a homophobe, and if you are then don't watch this movie

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Iron Man 2 gets a 7/10. Maybe it's because I enjoyed Iron Man 1 so much, or the fact that The Avengers became my favorite IM movie, but this one just didn't blow me away.

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Avengers, one of the best Marvel Movies ever.

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Warrior 4/5

Tom Hardy was pretty beast in that movie.

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9/10ths of a spaceship

After watching all of Firefly about 10 years too late I was gutted at the abrupt ending and thought serenity gave the much deserved ending the series needed. It's full of comedy action and good character development, just about everything I could ask for.

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@Slumberpunch: Not to defend Prometheus as a film but if you watch it as a philosophical argument it becomes much more interesting. http://fcdisbad.blogspot.com/2012/06/prometheusridley-scott.html and http://fcdisbad.blogspot.com/2012/06/prometheus-spoilers.html

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End of Watch 8/10 Never expected it to be that good...it was!

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I watched Bread of Happiness (Shiawase no pan) on a flight from Tokyo recently. 8/10. I had no expectations, never heard of it before, and it turned out to be a very sweet and touching low-key drama. I liked the concept of a bakery out on the country side where troubled people stop by to relax, getting recommended different kinds of bread depending on their mood.

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So it's a Japanese Chocolat?

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Watched V/H/S. I give it the rating of an ostrich.

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@Video_Game_King said:


So it's a Japanese Chocolat?

Somewhat, I suppose, yes.
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Five ostriches? So movie of the year, I take it?

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@Video_Game_King: 5 ostriches out of 10

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@Video_Game_King said:


Five ostriches? So movie of the year, I take it?

Five ostriches out of six giraffes, the total amounting to a squeeze of lemon.

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Iron Man 2. It was allright.

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@Yummylee said:

Huh, I've actually been meaning to watch Rear Window recently. It was when I watched Disturbia, couldn't stand the crappy teen-comedy shtick, and read on wikipedia that it's a somewhat homage to Rear Window and bought it. Still haven't given it a watch yet, though, but I'm looking forward to it.

Disturbia does have that amazing bit near the beginning when LeBeef is playing Ghost Recon on his Xbox and gets an ACCESS DENIED message when his mother cancels his gold.

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I rate it Y for "why"

A movie I simultaneously enjoyed and hated for a multitude of reasons Red Letter Media crystallized for me later.

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Pusher. I ended up watching the 1996 original as well as the recent remake, both in the same day. I'd give the original 4/5 Nicolas Winding Refns and the remake 2/5 Refns.

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It's starts with a 20 minute introduction that ends with Liam Neeson using the extraordinary power of his deep and powerful voice during a key phone call. Then follows an hour an a half of murderous action. It's entertaining while it lasts.

I give it 3 tangos down in sector one alpha out of 5.

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Madagascar 3, was "meh". Pretty much like the others.

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The Avengers.

4/5. It started out a lot stronger then it ended. There were some really rough, unfunny one liners in there too (anyone remember "Hulk, smash."). But the overall experience was really positive.

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Black Swan was great. Natalie Portman's Oscar was certainly well deserved.

I just watched Poltergeist for the first time. I was really looking forward to it but man does that movie not hold up. Completely devoid of scares and really just painfully boring by the second half.

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I watched Indie Game the Movie last Sunday.
2/5 Not a very well made documentary. 90% Of the movie is just Phil and Team Meat panicking on releasing their games and the other 10% is Jonathan Blow criticizing people for not loving his game enough.

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Chopping Mall - 3/5

It's got some nice boobies and a head explosion.

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Exit Humanity - 3/5

It's not your typical zombies movie. Set a few years after the Civil War, zombies are attacking in the south. A guy tries to find out what happened to his family after his return from hunting. Can't say too much more without spoiling it. Check it out on Netflix.

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Moonrise Kingdom was pretty rad. I give it a 9.5/10.

The cinematography was excellent along with cast.

It's a very sweet growing up story of two kids in a small island full of eccentric characters.