Rate the last movie you watched.

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Ghost Busters 2016

This movie was a mess with not really any direction, there's a good movie in there somewhere in which the jokes hit home more often and everything was developed more but this wasn't it. It was fine. 6.5 Spooky Ghosts out of 10.

Game Night

Just a no nonsense simple comedy, Jason Bateman and Rachel mcAdams were both great in it and enjoyed myself quite a bit. 7.5 Glass tables out of 10.


A movie that's as advertised and nothing more. 6 Ralphs out of 10.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

Never heard of this movie before until someone mentioned it, by the same game that directed Thor Ragnarok, very bizarre and funny movie set in New Zealand, that dialect of theirs makes the movie. 8 Wilderpeople's out of 10.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, amazing sequel. However, this one (without spoilers) took me on a emotional train from laughter to crying. I would rate it 8.5/10. It's a must for anyone who watched the first movie.

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Breaking In - Horrible. Literally the same plot done over and over with modern casting. A pizza flick at home at best.

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Gravity Rating: ........eh

Impressive visuals, some good lines from Clooney, but otherwise I came away from it somewhat nonplussed. Kind of wished they hadn't shown her make it down to Earth safely. There's a shot near the end of all the pieces of the pod shes coming down in burning up that was reminiscent of the opening shot of the film, and I was convinced in that moment they were going to end the film without showing whether she survives the encounter. It was the climax of the movie, she's just had this revelation, and I dunno, I think I would have preferred it cutting to credits, leaving what happens next to the imagination. Don't regret watching it, but apart from my complaint, the dream sequence and a bunch of Sandra Bullock careening wildly through space, I don't really remember anything else, and it's been less than a week since I watched it.

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@relkin: I saw Gravity once it was available for rent. No idea why there was hype around it post-release. It was pretty bland.

Interstellar, Moon, and Eurpoa Report were all much better recent space films.

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I brought my daughter to Isle of Dogs today. It’s not my favorite Wes Anderson film, but it’s still a Wes Anderson film, so it’s pretty great with a mind-boggling cast.

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Small Town Crime - 4/5

Another private eye flick with John Hawkes in the lead. Not as fun as Too Late, but an enjoyable little crime movie with a handful of moments and characters that shine. Outliers though that don't really elevate the rest of it to something wildly interesting and entertaining. Still, a good time.

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Hellraiser: Judgment - 1.5/5

Sigh. Why is it apparently so hard to write a good Hellraiser story? Or at least a mediocre one? I'll say this much: there are some interesting ideas in this, and I like the concept of the Inquisition demons when they could have just trotted out more Cenobites (and it could have been refreshingly ballsy to introduce a heaven into the mythology... if this franchise had any sense of continuity), but Yeezus wept, enough with the shitty police procedural plots and poor man's Jacob's Ladder sequences. At least this was short. Ugh.

I can't think of another long-running horror franchise with this bad of a winner-to-stinker ratio. Even the damn Puppet Master series remains entertaining throughout, give or take a "The Legacy", and those movies largely exist to pad Charles Band's wallet with merch sales.

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Dunkirk - 3/5

Beautifully shot and scored, but terribly boring with a pointless timeline gimmick tossed in. The Gravity of war films.

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The Big Sick - 4/5. It is good! It is pretty hilarious, with the comedy coming naturally out of the characters and situations rather than feeling forced, for the most part. The dialogue is excellent. It might make you cry, if you're the type to cry at movies. My only real complaint is the ending, which is a tad cliche.

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Solo - 3/5

A positive 3 though, as this was a fair bit better than I expected.

It's fun! The main guy doesn't really come off like Han, except for on a handful of occassions (same with Glover's Lando) but it's alright. Han was never really my Star Wars character, so I don't much give a fuck. Everyone else was great, including Clarke's Qi'ra, Harrelson's Beckett, and Bettany's Dryden Vos (which is an EU (expanded universe, not European Union) as fuck name).

There are subplot's and characterizations that feel super incongruous with everything else going on. Lando's obnoxious droid grew on me, but the way things develop and wrap up with her are so, just, odd. Like, a comic relief droid whose schtick is going on about freeing robots would be funny if it wasn't an actual thing in the galaxy, so it ends up just making literally everyone else seem like colossal assholes. But then that's kinda the dark side (no pun intended) of Star Wars: it's a galaxy full of awful shit that just goes on because... well I don't actually know why. I guess as a kid I just kinda assumed that was the baseline behaviour for people, which I suppose isn't all that far off from what I'd say as an adult. e: I forgot, the other subplot that felt really out of the blue was the marauders' backstory.

I really liked that marauder leader until the helmet came off and then it was pretty much how I felt when, fuck me I've forgotten his name. The mask guy in the sequel trilogy who's played by Adam Driver. Anyways, when he took his mask off I couldn't help but laugh and say "oh it's just some dude under there," and here it was pretty much the same ("oh it's just some kid lol okay"). Still, that train sequence was legitimately entertaining. Proooobably the highlight of the whole movie for me, to be honest, and the marauder leader is fucking awesome there. But by the end it's her crew that I was more excited about, especially Warwick Davis making a non-alien appearance and that fucking badass Rodian that kicks a motherfucker.

The Kessel run itself was fine. Got fun when everyone was trying to figure things out, talkin their gobbledigook and flipping switches and stuff. The Sabaak games were fun. The Han and Lando stuff was weird. I don't think either of em were great, but there are moments where it hits nostalgia buttons out of the blue and makes me gush for a second that it's young Han with young Lando and ain't that cute. That's seems less a thing the movie does and more just something I brought into it.

Qi'ra was actually great. Really, really liked her, and by the end I was way more interested in seeing what happens to her character than any other Star Wars thing going on right now. Speaking of which, okay, so I heard two spoilers going in (sought them out because I didn't care about this movie): one about Han's name and the other about a character that shows up. I still wasn't prepared for how fucking hilarious it was to see on screen. It's also actually what makes me super duper interested in seeing a sequel to this. This movie feels the most like some Expanded Universe shit, out of all the non-Lucas Star Wars to come out thus far, it's fucking amazing. Half-way through the character's appearance I held my head back and just started laughing, saying "okay, this is where we're at; this is where we're fuckin at with Star Wars." It's embarassing and amazing all at the same time. Dumb in the best way, provided you don't hold Star Wars in too high regard.

The final fight was actually pretty great and quick. Appreciate a fight with a big bad that's brief, and more impactful for it. Some of the writing and delivery was... I almost wanna say accidentally good ("I have a good feeling about this," and later "yeah, no, I mean you did... you did."). Yeah, it was alright! Not great, kinda schlocky I guess you could say, but fun. If you go into this expecting something grand and epic then just don't. God, it really does feel EU as fuck. And not the EU that people speak highly of, like the Thrawn stuff. More like the silly fun stuff like the Clone Wars show (3D, not Tartakovsky cartoons). Speaking of which, thank god he doesn't have spider legs.

The lows:

  • Weird substories that feel cheap and out of place
  • Dull portrayals of Han and Lando
  • Kind of an anticlimactic ending
  • Everyone's always starting a rebellion and talking about it in a way that's designed to make you go "oh word, that Rebellion?" and it's just bad now

The highs:

  • Chewbacca
  • The train heist
  • Qi'ra, Beckett, Dryden Vos (Bettany makes a great villain here that's part friendly professional and part "too crazy for crazy," that kind of thing) (also wow, new characters whose names I actually remembered)
  • Lando's capes
  • Chewbacca
  • A special cameo by Mr. Legs, who's now apparently the leader of a criminal enterprise, which is fucking fantastic (but unfortunately likely not as fantastic as I'd hope; rather than just being a Sith-turned-crimelord he's probably still working for the Emperor right? Sure Palpatine took over the Republic, but there's still the Hutt systems and such that the Republic didn't really control)
  • Chewbacca
  • edit: Oh and the music was great; particularly the marauder's theme
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Ghost 4/5 extra points for the 15 minute cake eating scene. this 4:3 arthouse movie isn't for everyone but i liked it. I think it tells a down to earth story about death and human life in general. A more "human" take on movies like Tree of Life.

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@shagge: It's pretty depressing, especially as the first film is a genuine classic of the genre, plus considering how rich the characters, and how large the potential for other great stories in that world.

The book's sequel that came out recently, The Scarlet Gospels, was actually really well written and had a fascinating story that delved into the realm of Hell as a complex society of awful people that's highly political, and has tomes of rules that the cenobites have to follow, leaders to appease, etc. It turns the engineer/Hellpriest/pinhead into an anti-hero of his own realm as he seeks to escape it for good. The main character is a P.I. of the supernatural, which is also pretty great, and it gets batshit by the end.

That could be a great film IMO, but I think the series is hopeless. I stick to the books and comics and that first film and try to be content with it.

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@brunothethird: Yeah, it's insane how much every sequel missed the point in various ways. (even Hellbound, which I love)

Scarlet Gospels is a blast, but even that doesn't quite scratch the itch that the original concept set up. I do love how Barker continually and none too subtly spites the films throughout the story, though.

The '89 comics are maybe the best incarnation of Hellraiser since the original novella. I haven't read any of the other Hellraiser comics yet, but there are some truly great stories in that run. And some stinkers, of course, but hey.

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Avengers Infinity War

This film has no real ending since it's part 1 of 2 so it's hard to properly grade it.

There is also no dramatic impact or stakes since you know characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, etc. are not staying dead so any them fading out of existence doesn't mean much of anything.

Other than that there were few real missteps, but nothing memorable either. It's just kind of there. It's just a well-trodden formula at this point and Disney has its execution down to near (soulless) perfection. I think it's telling that for all the film's length (2.5 hours) I have barely anything to say about it nor any standout memories of it.

In terms of Avengers films I would place this below the original one but above the awful second one and Avengers-film-in-disguise Captain America: Civil War.


  • Drax thinking he can turn invisible was the best bit of the film, and I'm not even that much of a Bautista/Drax fan.
  • Have a big female villain? Better have your female protagonist(s) fight them! Stop putting the females up against the females. Such a lame clichéd thing to do.
  • Speaking of villains, importing Thanos' shitty cronies from that terrible "Infinity" Thanos/Inhumans comics event was pretty awful. At least they mostly just functioned as punching bags anyway.
  • The star forge re-activation seemed to have bits of it missing, maybe some cuts for length?
  • Trying to give Thanos emotional depth by suddenly going hard for the angle that his daughter is the only thing he loves just didn't work.
  • Speaking of Thanos, his face was wonderfully animated but the rest not so much. Nothing bad or anything, but for Disney/Marvel's flagship title I expect nothing but the best in terms of CGI.
  • At the end it also felt they were putting a lot of pressure on the shoulders of Captain Marvel. This seems risky, considering there hasn't even been a (good) Captain Marvel film yet.




Deadpool 2

Good golly this film is every bit as good as the first one, only real downside is that it doesn't feel quite as fresh the second time around.

I can recommend this to everyone who enjoyed the original without reservations. It's still clear to see that this is a passion project for Reynolds and that passion shines through wonderfully.

This is the first time in years that I've had tears in my eyes from laughing at a theatre. (If you must know, it was during the parachuting sequence.)

Lots of fun references to the source material, other (comic book) films, and more but they never feel out of place because of the kind of character Deadpool is. I was never much of a fan of him in the comics or 4th wall-breaking stuff in general but it all just works in these films.


  • I'm happy to confirm that Colossus is still the heart of these films. What a loveable dork. It's quite something that the Deadpool films have been the only truly great adaptations of the comic book character.
  • Zazie Beetz, the actress playing Domino did a good job but luck powers are still terrible unless they have clear limitations (E.g. luck can run out) because otherwise there is never any tension. Luckily this film isn't serious enough for it to harm the final product too much.
  • Josh Brolin does a fine job portraying a character I never liked. Kudos! Perhaps because they kept it simple and cut out most of the bullshit in terms of his background and powers.
  • Some mediocre CGI but then an R-rated film like this does have a lower budget and it was definitely not as bothersome as in, let's say, Black Panther. (A film with twice the budget.)
  • Weird Matt Damon cameo!
  • X-Men hiding in the mansion to pretend it's empty when Deadpool is around is great.
  • The dubstep jokes are a bit meh, especially combining it with Skrillex' Bangarang, it's a shame they couldn't get Junkie XL to do the soundtrack again. Juggernaut's theme is good though.


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I almost feel like I need to watch this movie a second time, but I think it's sitting around a 3.5 or a 4/5 at the moment for me. It's a fun movie when the action happens, but is seriously lacking in pace control. There are some really awesome scenes and all the inertia from the scene just comes to a dead stop in the following one. The actors were fine and I think Alden Ehrenreich did as best as he possibly could with the script in my opinion. There's not much else to say about it because no one hit it out of the park and no one did terribly either, but it also seemed like they just didn't have a lot to work with? Like... the writing just wasn't really there to make it memorable other than referencing things that happen later in the time line. It also feels like there were several films combined into one. Almost like it could have easily been a story about just Han with Beckett or with Lando. I think it would have benefited from that because it really feels like we don't spend enough time with these characters to care about them by the end.

It's a flawed movie for sure that can be a bit rough to get through in some parts, but I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy it. The news about it having so many issues in production and it kind of being an unwanted movie really made it destined to just be a film that's going to have a hard time. Here's hoping if they make a sequel that this doesn't happen again.

Screw it, I'll give it 4/5 because I had a stupid grin on my face for the majority of the film.

Spoiler section: But boy, I'm so much more excited to see what they have in store with Darth Maul the Cartel boss than whatever boring conclusion they're going to pull off in the new trilogy. That reveal got me hyped to not only see a properly done Solo sequel movie, but also Boba Fett and of course, Obi Wan!

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Deadpool 2 - 4/5

Not nearly as funny as the first one. Far more stinkers in that department, but by the end it wraps itself up as a solid good time. My only real gripe (aside from some of the writing) is that I always loved Domino's look and was supremely bummed that they didn't give her the Colossus/Deadpool treatment. The actress was great, but it woulda been rad if they just painted her solid white with the one black eye. I figure some people would find a way to contort that into racism, and they'd be wrong, so fuck em.

Hope they do another one with more of the X-Force! Hoping for Fantomex next, and a recasted Psylocke too.

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Stop Making Sense - It's just one of the best live concert films of all time featuring The Talking Heads and directed by the late great Jonathan Demme. Rating really depends on how you feel about The Talking Heads so 5 out of 5 from me.

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Omg, can everybody plz go see Upgrade. It's really weird and silly, one of the dumbest movies I've seen in years. A really fun flick.

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@liquiddragon: Going to see it tomorrow! I haven't been this hyped for a movie since Raid 2.

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2/5 stars. It's exactly what you feared. A product that fails to justify even existing.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story. 9/10.

It's not gonna set the world on fire, but it made me feel that giddy glow I felt as a kid watching "Star Wars" on VHS, even more so than "The Force Awakens." It wasn't super ambitious, but it accomplished what it set out to do well. It was goofy and fun and had really cool space battles. A-

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@bartok: I will say it does take some time to really get going so it does require some patience. It's more like a Crank than a Raid 'cause of the humor and the way it leans on its concept but the action is top-notch.

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I was traveling again, which meant I had some movies to watch in-flight (but only a couple this go-round, because the return flight was with Wow airlines and they don't have in-flight entertainment):

Black Panther: I don't know why it took me so long to see this, but man I was really fucking up by not seeing it. I love the look of this film (bad CG rhinos aside), and the narrative itself was solid. There are so many good performances in the movie that it just seems unfair. Also I'm a sucker for Kendrick Lamar and he helped put together a good soundtrack, so hey, there's that too. 4 WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE jokes out of 5

Made in America: A film that can help you become good and angry about the United States' fucking ridiculous war on drugs. Tom Cruise dials down the Tom Cruise and almost manages to play a character, which is to say he maintains a southern drawl for, I'm pretty sure, the whole film. It's a pretty wild ride and a good look at the way the US got a coke habit of its own making (and then did everything to try to ensure we didn't have any idea about it). They do a good job of making bad people likeable, but also making it so you don't so much mind that they all end up dead or miserable (except for the real bad guys, who get promotions and go on to orchestrate the Iran Contra affair, because this is America, after all). 3 kilos of uncut cocaine out of 5.

UNFINISHED: Justice League: This movie starts out going so hard on it's whole grim schtick that I nearly rolled my fucking eyes out of my head within the first five minutes. It picked up a little later on, mostly thanks to Aquaman and the Flash being in, presumably, different movies where you are allowed to smile, and the gravedigging scene between the Flash and Cyborg was legitimately funny to me, but then we were back to overwrought Christ imagery and a complete waste of a villain and then the plane landed and I turned the damn thing off. I have no desire to return to it. 1 sad song playing while someone looks out a window and tries not to cry out of 5

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Deadpool 2 - 4/5

I thought it was just as funny as the first movie. Deadpool becomes more integrated into the X-Men franchise. Cable is great, Domino is great. One scene at the end gets a little long in the tooth. Recommended.

Avengers: Infinity War - TBD

I can’t give it a score because it’s act 1. There’s a lot going on and if you’re not up on your Marvel homework, you may find it hard to follow. I liked what I saw, but I still felt like I only saw half the story. Everyone are given their moment, so it’s very crowded.

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Solo movie - 3/5
I actually liked this movie more than the other new Star Wars stuff, which would all get a 3/5 from me too. This one's corrrnnyyy, every reference to anything related to original trilogy Han Solo will be mentioned by someone in the movie and you will cringe at least three times (I'm probably low-balling it), L3 might be the worst character made in a while, and by the end of it it's probably just as bland and desperate to flesh out a universe by something that's by and large kinda empty as the other new star wars films, which I have a suspicion we're getting more and more tired of now. But honestly, I had fun pretty consistently throughout more than I've had in these recent ones, there's actually a feeling of travelling all over different planets to me, the performances from at least Ehrenreich, Glover, and Harrelson were good (honestly even surprised with how much Bettany chews the scenery with as little screen time and importance in his character as he gets), and between the bromance developed with Han and Chewbacca and the theme of trust that is sprinkled pretty heavily throughout, I felt like this Star Wars movie was actually somewhat meaningful despite being pegged as something so needless in the franchise by the majority. It's a shame it might tank, it deserves Ant-Man-level success.

Deadpool 2 - 3/5
I watched the first Deadpool and didn't really find it deserving of the hype, but idk, maybe I should watch it again. I feel like I laughed more in this movie, but again, seemed grounded and genuinely melodramatic at times where I felt it kind of betrayed its no-holds-barred attitude. and though i loved the kid in hunt for the wilderpeople, his whole character needed to not have so much "acting" in it. still, can't lie, I had fun

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Tomb Raider (2018) - Don't feel like I can honestly even give this a score. I tuned out maybe 15 mins into it and started looking at my phone. About half way or 2/3rds into it that escalated to me just getting up and sitting at my computer while it played in the background. Alicia Vikander being kinda cute can only get me so far. Bored to death. So why are we making Tomb Raider movies again? Nothing about Tomb Raider as a video game series has ever made me think it'd make for a good movie candidate. Maybe if it was more like Indiana Jones or something.

Oh and seeing the Square Enix logo come up at the start was jarring. I was like.. oh yea.. Video game companies in my movies.

Death Wish (2018) - 2/5 - Another pooper. Meh, was boring and generic. Nothing really to say about it. Can't believe where Bruce has ended up. I have a vague memory of seeing some other Death Wish style movie probably a decade ago and thinking it was pretty rad. I am pretty sure it wasn't a Death Wish movie though.. just the same concept? Which is why I gave this a shot.

Constantine (2005) - 4/5 - Maybe even 5/5.. I think Ive seen this about three times now. People seem to talk shit about it but I dig it. Really cool and creepy vibe to it. The Keanu school of acting works well for me in this role. Peter Stormare is perfect in every way for the small part he plays. Tilda Swinton has this ideal weird but not weird, ghoulish, non gender specific, almost too perfect look of a person here befitting of the character. A tad cheesy at times but I'm into it. Visual FX still hold up.

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@seikenfreak: Walton Goggins didn’t ham it up enough in Tomb Raider? I assumed he might have made the movie watchable, at least.

I was thinking that could be a fun dumb movie when it’s on HBO or Netflix or something...maybe not.

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Ex Machina and Annihilation

both 5/10

These belong to a recent class of sci-fi movies in my mind along with Arrival that take themselves so deathly seriously. When they take that tone however my expectations increase and I just know as I am watching them that they aren't gonna pay off. Also can't stand how stereotypical the characters are, i.e. boring, nerdy, no-life computer programmer, asshole steve jobs type, joyless biologist etc. Some things I like in both of them like the cinematography, locations and fresh spins on sci-fi subject matter, but I hate how they devolve into average thrillers/horrors movies towards the end.

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@nutter: Eh I wouldn't listen to anything I say. I think people were saying the Tomb Raider movie was alright? Maybe it's fine. I might've not been in the mood to watch this. It is of the casual/bored watching type of movie. I could not find anything else I felt like watching.

I'm assuming Walter Goggins is the guy I recognize from Justified and stuff. He was probably alright? He was doing his usual thing if a little more subdued.

Dominic West playing her father. He has a big mouth/smile that I find odd lol Other than this, I've only seen him in The Wire.

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Hereditary - 5/5

The hype around this movie is real: Hereditary is a savage monster that relishes in pummeling the audience with dread and misery from start to finish.

I think these claims of Hereditary being the next Exorcist is ridiculous, as I never found that movie to be scary at all, but I enjoyed the story and soundtrack. I think it is vastly more nerve-wracking and stressful that plays the long game of building up tension until the very end. What's cool too is that, if for some reason this movie does not make you dig your nails into the seat, Hereditary is mostly a bleak family drama first, and a horror movie second. The performances are top-tier work, with Toni Collette putting in such exhausting work that I would be surprised if she doesn't at least get nominated for an Oscar.

I saw Hereditary last night, and I have not been able to get the sights and sounds out of my mind. And as much as it has made me a little uncomfortable with dark shadows in my home, I am dying to see it again. Seriously, avoid all detailed reviews and spoilers and go see it when it comes out. And I highly recommend sitting dead center of a theater with very good surround-sound system, as this movie has a few nasty tricks when it comes to surround sound.

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@liquiddragon: Damn son! Upgrade was a helluva movie and easily my favorite so far in 2018. Here's hoping word of mouth spreads making this movie a modest hit because good genre films need love.

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Early Man - 2/5

I like Aardman's stuff (mainly Wallace and Gromit), but this was fairly run-of-the-mill. Despite likely being the only "stop-motion animated historical sports comedy film", it still feels pretty uninspired and goes through all the regular tropes.

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Night Crawler - 2/5

The story takes so long to develop and kind of feels like it has gaps, while also spending too much time on unimportant stuff. It falls apart towards the end and there's a god-awful interaction between the main character and the female news worker where they're standing real close to each other. It felt so unnatural and unbelievable. It honestly made me think the movie was about to jump into a satire bit. While I'm on the subject, I really don't appreciate how the movie handles the relationship between the two; yes, the character is a sleezeball and you're not exactly suppose to like him, but it really goes off the rails when (in the previously mentioned scene) the female character suddenly is appreciative and turned on by the man who was sexually extorting her. (Tried my best to avoid being blunt about that spoiler up until that point.)

I was looking forward to the movie; it seemed like something out of the ordinary that could stand out, and was thoroughly disappointed. Giving it a 2/5 cause I guess there is some intrigue in it but I would recommend avoiding it.

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@bartok: haha I'm glad you liked it! I hope so too. At the very least I think it'll get talked about here? It seems like something the GB audience would appreciate.

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@bartok: ooooooookay, I just watched the trailer and stopped it halfway through cause I was giddily enjoying it so much. I have to see this movie.

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Deadpool 2- 4/5: A fun watch just like the first one. Josh Brolin did an amazing job playing Cable and really loved the look of him. Likewise Zazie Beetz was amazing as Domino.

Pacific Rim 2 story & acting 1/5: Shitty.

Pacific Rim 2 Rock 'em Sock 'em Mechs 3/5: Sucker for mechs.

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@seikenfreak: I wouldn’t ever try to watch Tomb Raider if I wasn’t looking for a shut-your-brain-off-and-have-fun movie.

I’d have hoped Walton Goggins would have done the Pacino thing and just filled dead scenes with over-the-top scene chewing. He’s been good in most things I’ve seen him in, mostly TV (The Shield, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Vice Principals).

I’ll still check it out if it’s free and I’m in the mood for something stupid.

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I need your help

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I watched Fury Road once again.

Smart, stylish, minimalist, non-stop action with a conscience.

It’s a wonderful damned film.

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Black Panther: Maybe it's just superhero movie fatigue, or maybe I was just too late to the party to catch the zeitgeist surrounding it, but I thought this movie was really overrated. The hype made it sound like The Greatest Movie Ever Made in the History of Histories. Instead, I felt like I was watching "Disney'sMarvel's The Lion King," but without the catchy song numbers. I mean, sure, it was competently made, but found it so dull.


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Don't mean to hype shit but Hereditary is the must see movie of the year but if you can't handle horror, then you go see The Rider by Chloe Zhao.

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Oh man I haven't watched that in ages. Now I need to watch it again.

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Sicario (2015) 4/5 stars

Wow, what a movie! (Sadly, it looks like Sicario 2 will be hot garbage.) A grim movie that accomplishes a lot in putting the drug killing in Mexico into some sort of perspective. It paints a dark reality to what is happening to our neighbors in the south. I think Emily Blunt as Kate Macer is perfect for the role - a competent professional with her own demons seeing what REAL demons look like.

Black Panther (2018) 4/5 stars

I loved the movie, but I feel like they dispensed with War Monger too fast. His rise and fall seemingly happens in weeks in real time, and about 39 minutes in movie time. I really wish they had kept him alive at the end of teh movies because they question of Wakanda's past failures is an interesting one, and I could have used the ending of Warmonger occurring at the end of the second film. I enjoyed all teh perfoamces, but I think the big star of teh show was Letitia Wright as Shuri. When she is on screen she in the most vibrant person in the scene!

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) 3.5//5

I liked it, but I didn't love it. I think the actors were good, they story was more logical and the right tone for a Spider-man villain, but I think it sist a bit low in teh Marvel Universe settings. In terms of the small stiory it was stelling I needed more "Michelle" (Zendaya). I will say that I like Tom Holland as Spiderman, he is a good fit for what they want him to be in the greater universe.

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I rented Darkest Hour last night. Gary Oldman gives an absolute masterclass!

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Starts off seeming like a cliched sci-fi premise but goes in more interesting places that ended up surprising me. The action scenes are hyper violent fun, but I could have used a little more of them (tbf one of my favorite movies is The Raid). At times the characters motivations and dialogue are a bit silly and heavy-handed but not enough to spoil my overall enjoyment.

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What I'm about to say isn't an exaggeration. I almost passed out in the theater. Guys, my favorite horror movies are Audition and Martyrs. THOSE movies haven't done this to me. No movie has. Not even close. Ever.

My vision got blurry and distorted. I got an intense headache. I became very sweaty, couldn't think or see straight. Breathing became a chore. I would have stepped out for a bit but I physically couldn't.

Spoilers to find out what part triggered me that bad: The party, the car, charlie, the following reactions from everyone. I'm 25 and I have an 11 year old sister. This moment was genuinely 200% my WORST fucking nightmare. Nothing is more important to me than my sister and the way this moment was depicted was genuinely too much for me to take. I would have collapsed if I was standing. The brother's reaction how he just refuses to turn around and acknowledge what just happened was completely gut wrenching. I seriously could barely sleep last night.

The rest of the movie? fucking fantastic. Gets under your skin. So much disturbing imagery. The hype you've heard about this is very real. Go see what's probably the best American horror movie in at least 2 decades but BE WARNED. YOU GENUINELY MIGHT REGRET WATCHING IT. These shocking images will stick with you.

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As someone who does not like horror movies.. all this praise for Hereditary is making me extremely curious. I'm trying not to read anything about it other than seeing headlines and such saying its crazy. Should I? I kinda want to test myself. I go see movies for $5 at like noon on a weekday anyway.. by myself though so I'd hope exiting the theater during a sunny day and having the rest of the day to wear off should help.. Right? Uggghhhh I wanna be part of the zeitgeist!

Latest viewings:

The Layover (2017) - 3/5 - Comedy thing. Went in with no expectations since I didn't know anything about it. It was alright. Nothing special about it. The "hot guy" the two women are focused on in the movie just made me think of Drew which was funny. The long blonde hair and beard.

Flower (2018) - 3/5 - Kinda weird. Couldn't exactly relate to the characters/story. Not bad either though. Zoey Deutch did a pretty good job I think.

Unsane (2018) - 4/5 - More suspense/thriller than horror I'd say. Gave me a very 80s/90s vibe. Pretty good? Above average. Loved the random surprise cameo of Matt Damon in there. And I can very much relate to her situation of being admitted to a psyche ward and no one listening to you, because I spent pretty much my entire teenage school life saying I didn't want to be there and explaining why and it didn't matter to them/didn't listen and I was also locked up in an adolescent psyche ward for 7 days as part of that.