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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Face it... any franchise that revives itself is never going to have the same impact or feeling that the original movie did. But they can still be fun movies to watch. I went in with pretty low expectations given that it seems most people hated this movie, but I actually had a lot of fun with it, particularly the whole "get off the island" segment. Now, is it a gripping movie that evokes feelings? Ehhh not really.. other than a sense of nostalgia for the original, but that's kind of the weakest part of the movie. I think that the call backs in any of these "Revived" series are totally lame. Mostly because I feel as if the director or producer just shoves them in to show "respect" to fans. As for why I liked it, it's just a plain fun movie. I would have liked a little more dino action, but watching Chris Pratt audition for Indiana Jones was fun too. I'm curious to see where the next one goes.

TL;DR/ final rating: A fun movie to watch in theater with a mix of great scenes and groan inducing nostalgia ones. It just needs to break the mold a little more by escaping its past, which it seems on track to do.

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Tomb Raider (the new one): I beat Tomb Raider on Friday night, after sort of slowly working through it for the last like four years (I do not really finish games that often, and I got distracted by like a million other games so that's your reason why it took so long) and decided to see what the movie was like.

It was... fine?

Well, not really I guess. The casting was good, the setup was decent, but they really fucked it by not going full Indiana Jones at the end. Which is to say, the whole point of the new Tomb Raider game(s) is in part "hey the supernatural is real, your old man wasn't crazy" so their attempt to sort of ground it in reality (oh, it was a plague! That sort of makes you act like a rage zombie, except for when it doesn't!) bugged the hell out of me. Also the scene at the end with the two guns was painfully cheesy. Not a bad K. Flay track over the credits, though!

2/5 Tombs Raided

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One of my all time favourite classics, easily in my top ten. Just watched it again, it's been five years at least. Surprisingly good still, I'd give it a solid 4/5 (/666) and a high recommendation. Evil, evil absolute! Truly a fine piece of cinema.

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Ready Player One - 2/5

A gorgeous disappointment. I actually do like the book for what it is, a simple but entertaining sci-fi story that uses (admittedly heavy-handed) references in an interesting way, so I was excited to see this. And I admit, I did have fun playing "spot the thing from a thing" with this, and it is a really pretty movie as far as effects go, but man... how they managed to take such a simple plot and dumb it down even further is beyond me. I get why they retooled the plot as much as they did and skimmed over/removed a lot from the source material, but like some of the later Harry Potter movies, I have to wonder how any of this makes any sense at all to people who didn't read the book. And some of the changes they make are just bizarre and sometimes pointless.

I dunno, I don't want to rag on it too hard. It's not like the book is some hallowed great work of fiction or anything, and I did have fun watching it. I'm not above admitting that there's a joy in seeing Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Tracer, Goro, a Gremlin, etc. etc. ad infinitum in the same movie, even knowing full well that I'm allowing myself to be blatantly pandered to. But as a story goes, it feels like they took some built-in generic blockbuster action-adventure template that came with their screenwriting software and threw it in to pad out the time between references. I'd say that this is the worst Spielberg movie I've seen, but I did see War Horse, so...

Deadpool 2 - 4.5/5

The first film, but more so. Hells yes. (dropped a half point for a couple of reused gags) ((and yes, I realize that I railed against RPO for its reference cavalcade and then praised a movie that does the same thing, but hey, reasons))

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NARRATAGE: 2/5 2 stars for Kasumi Arimura, 0 for everything else.

A QUIET PLACE: 4/5 (rewatch) On my second watch, I realized all the best parts are the ones with Emily Blunt. Not that the rest of the movie is bad, but this film is really elevated by her quiet (sorry) mother-bear of a character.

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Isle of Dogs - 5/5

A masterclass in visual design, with a heartwarming plot told through the lens of typical Wes Anderson storytelling. While the tale of Atari Kobayashi and a pack of stray dogs looking for his lost friend is pretty good on it's own, the visuals and sound and overall presentation of the movie is nothing short of spectacular. Each scene, each shot, arranged in just the right way to make use of light, shadow, negative and positive space. The colors, the scene composition, the transitions, the use of visual storytelling in lieu of traditional subtitles. I could go on and on.

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THE MIRACLES OF THE NAMIYA GENERAL STORE (2017) - 2/5 The first hour felt like three, and the pace of the film didn't get any better with the second hour but the story at least came together by the end. It was mostly boring and expectedly cheesy.

CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (2009) - 5/5 (rewatch) Still amazing, and belongs on my top 5 favorite films of all time.

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Who's ready for another hot and heavy review dump?! THIS GUY /doublethumbsonme

Alright, been a little bit since my last post so lets see what I've got this time..

Ready Player One (2018) - 3/5 - Maybe even a 4/5? I went into this with low expectations which is always the key. Internet vibe was it's cool to crap all over it and maybe it's bad so that set the bar. I thought it was alright. Haven't read the book and didn't know much of anything about it except: VR and nerdy references. It had both of those in plenty. It was kinda fun picking out more subtle references and for some reason that made me feel good about my nerd credibility, whatever that is? Kinda neat though and probably the sort of thing that is rewatchable if you randomly come across it on TV and just want to spot more references.

Rampage (2018) - 4/5 - This might be the best video game based movie? Likely because there isn't enough about Rampage for someone to ruin it. I believe I played it a handful of times as a kid. You play big monsters, climb buildings, and eat people. That's what this movie is. I don't understand why Dwayne Johnson has to be in absolutely everything these days but whatever. He is pretty much the modern Schwarzenegger and realizing that makes it more tolerable. Decent movie though. Fairly simple and corny at times. Could've been better. The CG was probably the most impressive part. Good, plain, dumb action-y sort of flick.

Life of the Party (2018) - 4/5 - Melissa McCarthy is wonderful as always. Kind of one of those light comedy/tear jerker sort of movies. I kept thinking that my sister and niece should watch it together because my sister had her when she was in her teens and that kind of shifted her life a bit. Now my niece just graduated High School, is starting Community College it seems, and my sister has been taking classes there for years while working, trying to make up for lost time I guess. BUT, I didn't suggest the movie to them because they don't seem to always get along and probably wouldn't listen to me anyway.

A Quiet Place (2018) - 3/5 - This one had a higher bar going in because I heard some rumblings about it being good. I like Emily Blunt and her hubby, the John dude, seems like a funny actor too. In the end I thought the first maybe quarter of this movie was where it was best? Kinda creepishly establishing the situation and how they deal with it. Then it just turns into another kinda run-of-the-mill, modern gimmick horror film. I was fearing/hoping certain very dark moments were going to happen and they never did so I was disappointed there as well. I'm so desensitized that I need really fucked up stuff to make me feel twisted inside. Corny generic ending as well. Still better than most horror movies though I guess.

Ideal Home (2018) - 4/5 - Never even heard of this. Paul Rudd and that other dude I recognize but don't know his name play a free living, successful, youthful gay couple who have a typical young boy (an estranged grandson) dumped on them and they have to figure out how to handle it. Romantic comedy. Had some good funny moments and I love Paul Rudd. I would suggest checking this out if you love Paul Rudd as well.

Super Troopers 2 (2018) - 3/5 - For clarification, I'm in the crowd that thought the original Super Troopers was funny as hell up until they got into the whole drug smuggling story. Police doing stupid shit with unaware civilians, pranks, or whipping squad cars was great. This movie was.. eh? They went way overboard on the dumb metric/imperial jokes and the fake Canadian accents (which I'm sure they were well aware) in it were so bad it wasn't even funny. Wish they would've got some real (well, there are some cameos) Canadians to do a better job with it. The police uniforms for both sides also looked super budget and ill-fitting? They really couldn't source some more legit looking garb like the first movie? I dunno. The whole thing seemed kinda dumb but for some reason I was chuckling at times and had a smirk on my face. As a US resident, all the anti-America jokes were perfect because we deserve every bit of it. Some stupid assbackwards stuff down here. Most of the time I just kept thinking this was a movie that shouldn't have been made unless it was really well done. The lady (can't remember her name) I've seen in other things and she is definitely my type.

Annnd that's it I think. Now all of you can figure out what to do with my big movie poop.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story


Loved this film from beginning to end. I felt that the story had good pacing, and some fun twists. The cast had charisma and reinvigorated my interest in Star Wars.

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: An improvement on the previous one although they introduced a couple very stereo tyical characters that didn't really serve any purpose but deliver cheap laughs, It would have been fine if it was just Chris Prat and Price again. It was a fun block buster movie though and enjoyed it nonetheless. It encouraged me to read the book which I'm really enjoying.

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Shutter Island, 3/5

The odds of me liking the film wasn't high to start with. Already kind of knew the twist, never loved Leo or scorsese. All in all I thought the movie had some interesting ideas, but dragged on way too much in too many spots for "atmosphere".

Weirdly it also makes me respect Inception less...

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Deadpool 2


Just as good as the first one with some fun cameos. Most of the jokes and gags hit more than they miss. But some of the ones that miss tend to drag on, especially toward the end.

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Set It Up.

I don't know why but it seems Netflix has managed to build some algorithm that just spits out the most generic, cliche and predicable movies in which you know the movie ends the second it starts. Even the music is so generic it might as well have come from the Audio Network.

But the cast was charming enough to make it enjoyable nonetheless, a nice movie to have in the background when you're chilling in bed.

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Tombstone (1993) 5/5 hands down

I love Tombstone. I was feeling really shitty after getting in a car accident and after watching Tombstone I'm back on top of the world.

Its a really good Western with some good atmosphere and drips with memorable lines of dialogue. Even if you don't like Westerns you can still enjoy Tombstone. It also has some of the best performances you will ever see from a really good cast of dudes like Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Bill Paxton and Michael Biehn.

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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

The first Sicario is a near-masterpiece, with brilliant performances and unbridled tension from beginning to end. The end scene alone is one of the most intense, gripping moments I think I've seen put to film. But what made that movie work so well was the dynamic between Emily Blunt's rookie character and Del Toro's and Brolin's no-nonsense badassery and tendency to forgo the rules. The film took place from Blunt's perspective, for the most part, and for the audience, she was what grounded the story and gave us something to latch on to.

Day of the Soldado is lacking that element, instead choosing to double down on the Brolin/Del Toro team and focus on tough guys acting tough and being motherfucking merchants of death. Not that there's inherently anything wrong with that. In fact, Sicario 2 remains remarkably faithful to the tone and style of the first, despite having a different director at the helm. The performances and cinematography are just as superb, and the atmosphere has a constant sense of dread and tension. The film is advertised as being far more action-heavy than its predecessor, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's a slow burn, for sure, but how rewarding that burn ends up being will depend entirely upon the viewer.

As if Del Toro's stoic coolness was ever in question after the first Sicario, by the end of Day of the Soldado, it is just a fact of the known universe. While the film lacks a scene as powerful as the ending of the first, the last 15 minutes or so put a smile on my face solely due to his character's arc. The end of film is wide open; it clearly sets up another sequel, but I think Brolin's side of the story could've been wrapped up a little more. The movie has a definitive end, but it also feels like it just fizzles out as it gets there. I'm sure this was a stylistic choice, but after all the tension and momentum built up over 2 hours, it feels anti-climactic. In short, the ending is simultaneously bad and good.

I don't think Day of the Soldado is as good a film as the first Sicario, but it hits a lot of the same notes with equal impact and sets up the future of the franchise in a neat way. 4 outta 5.

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Hereditary - 5/5. Hands down the best horror movie this decade, incredible cinematography, ridiculously tense atmosphere and Toni Collete should be nominated for every fucking thing!

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Ready Player One.

Actually not as bad as I thought it would be, they cut a lot of stuff out from the book and Artemis's moment at the end of the book happens halfway in the movie but I did like the cast a lot and wished we could to see them play more than only their voices in CGI characters. It's a fun family action movie with some good visuals. All the video game characters stuff kinda happen all at once really briefly so it also would have been fine if it was just the scavenge hunt doing old timey video games.

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The Avengers. Thought it was excellent.

I like this series of movies very much .

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Wayne's World - 4/5

Look, man, Wayne's World is an untouchable classic. Some of the jokes aged poorly either through overexposure or just being too "of the time" to survive the years, but the movie overall is still funny as hell. It may also be the most 1992 movie ever made.

Wayne's World 2 - 3.5/5

The sequel never got enough love. Not as memorable or quotable as the first, but it still has some great comedy throughout. It's also interesting to rewatch in hindsight, as you see a few ideas and gags that got reworked for the Austin Powers movies a few years later. Not a great sequel, but way better than you'd expect given how quickly they turned it out.

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I saw ant-man and the wasp in theaters, it gets a 2/5 from me, it was kinda just a boring superhero movie which at this point I have a low amount of patience for. I guess I got what I expected.

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@willyod said:



One of my all time favourite classics, easily in my top ten. Just watched it again, it's been five years at least. Surprisingly good still, I'd give it a solid 4/5 (/666) and a high recommendation. Evil, evil absolute! Truly a fine piece of cinema.

Following your recommendation, I vehemently beg to differ. No reason to dig this one out of the salt deserts of cinematic history: boring, dumb, formulaic, derivative. Definitely not a classic, cult or occult. A movie that you give a "solid 4/5" is in your top 10? Clearly an indication of special circumstance!

This is no The Ninth Gate or Rosemarie's Baby, which would be 5/5 top ten occult movie candidates. Warlock is somewhat competently put together and very much an 80's high concept flick, and probably the real inspiration for The Witcher series given the time frame. Just like the book was divided into three, It deserves a third out of five stars or (1.666/5 in decimal).

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Annihilation (2018). Ten out of ten. Un-fucking-believable.

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@theoriginalatlas: I really enjoyed Annihilation as well, though some of the continuity issues did bother me. Apparently, Alex Garland wanted the film to feel like a dream, so he only read the book once before writing the screenplay/directing. I feel like that idea has a lot of potential, but I don't think it really worked in this situation. I did buy the book as soon as I watched it, though. I'll probably read it after I finish Room to Dream, the David Lynch (auto)biography. The visuals in the film were very impressive, and I got the same awe-struck feeling I got after watching similar films like Ex Machina/Arrival/Interstellar. I'd probably give the film a 7/10(not on the IGN scale lol).

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Incredibles 2. A few people I've met don't seem to like it but I adore it very much. Better than the first one imo. Only complain I have is that the antagonist could've been better; it had potential to be a super mega villain but it was just a generic one. But overall, it was pure popcorn entertainment.

My rating: 5/5 stars

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Better Call Saul (episodes 1-4): 3/5 so far. Not sure if I will continue to watch or not. Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time, but I am so far not as interested in this one. I was never hugely fascinated with Saul's character, although it is a good one. In Walt's journey, events were mostly put in motion by his own actions, but so far Saul's backstory seems to be a bizarre series of coincidences. But it is, of course, very well written. The scene where

Saul "plea-bargains" with Tuco for two idiot con-artists - from murder down to leg-breaking -

has to be one of the most cringe-inducingly hilarious moments I have seen on TV.

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Perfect Blue(1997)


Jesus H, this one got me. I watched the dub, which was really well done. I did not expect this movie to be as freaky as it was, but I'm here for it. The timeline of the film reminded me a lot of how the timeline felt in Jacob's Ladder, the way it questions whether what's happening on screen is real or a manifestation of the protagonist's psyche. Definite content warning for rape/stalking, though, that stuff was pretty rough.

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Ant-Man & The Wasp


I feel the least attached to this film and it’s predecessor compared to a lot of the other Marvel movies. Maybe because it’s overarching plot is not very strong, the small moments with Scott/Ant-Man and his daughter are what shine the brightest. The Pym family stuff just does not do it for me, and the real antagonist of the film is a total let down.

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TANGLED (2010) - 3/5 (rewatch) - Watched this with my 2-year-old daughter, who was pretty into it for 30 minutes before succumbing to her 2-year-oldness.

RESOLUTION (2012) - 2/5 - Watched this in preparation for THE ENDLESS. Even though I didn't like it, I'm glad I saw it since it really informed my viewing of the other movie.

THE ENDLESS (2017) - 3/5 - Sort of a side-quel to RESOLUTION. I thought this was the better movie, in almost all aspects - story, acting, dialogue, cinematography, you name it. These guys keep coming up with weird, original ideas for the horror genre, and it's very refreshing. I'm intrigued to see what they can do with a real budget, though.

A SPECIAL LADY (2017) - 4/5 - Koreans are very good at this crime thriller thing, which is great because Americans rarely make this kind of movie anymore. There isn't anything here you haven't seen anywhere else, it's just executed very well.

UNDER THE SKIN (2013) - 4/5 (rewatch) - I still randomly think of images from this film. It's haunting and unsettling.

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IT-4/5 Will re watch again if I get the time. Much better than conjuring series.

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IT (2017) - 3/5, I guess?

I liked it, but didn’t love it. It was very well done, it just didn’t really resignate with me.

I can’t see myself rewatching it, but I enjoyed it.

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As a huge fan of the book, IT (2017) really surprised me (I watched it in June). So many positives, and a fair amount of . . . not negatives, but decisions I disagreed with, like: the misplaced soundtrack, e.g. the overly dramatic swelling strings during the rock fight, and that Cure song playing when they're cleaning up the blood.

Another issue I had was the subtlety-free, amateur handling of Georgie's death. It looked so much worse and less effective than almost every other scene -- the death specifically, not the great lead-up. I think an artistic perspective of his demise would have made a far more chilling and iconic introduction to IT, like the shot from the lady's porch seeing just Georgie's upper half peering into the drain from across the street. Not seeing Pennywise/IT was far more frightening in that moment than the second-rate Mortal Kombat fatality we got. I think it's a massive error to make the opening horror scene -- arguably the most important part of any movie, but especially horror -- so blatant.

Other than that big issue, the main cast had a fantastic chemistry. I want Mike to be more prominent in part II, he's so crucial in the book, but for what is essentially the first 600 pages condensed into film, the team did a commendable job, weaving a compelling narrative, and giving each character a distinct emotional arc that did their literary incarnations justice. I cared about these kids just like I did back in 2001 when I first read it. It's clear the director had no intention of dehumanizing them like meat to be splayed for our enjoyment as many other, lesser horror directors see their characters. They put a lot of work (the actors and the crew who worked directly with them) into making them matter, then wrapped the dark shit around that, as relevant, character-defining moments of import, not throwaway 'because we could' movie tricks. Get Out succeeded in that same way. The horror is a sincere development tool as well as a spectacle.

I was worried the encounters would all be jumpy, flashy, James Wan crap, but there's some iconic moments in there. The bit where his whole face splits open like a toothy orchid was pretty great, as was the bathroom scene. When IT is just talking is arguably when it's the most frightening, in any form it holds, but one of the greatest things about the character wasn't its literal/physical manifestations, but the contrast of that with the bland and ordinary suburbia surrounding them. Much like the brilliant movie The Innocents, IT isn't a nocturnal animal; IT doesn't use the dark as a weapon against the audience like 75% of horror flicks' nemeses/directors/cinematographers do, and neither did King. IT strikes in the broad, hard light of day which we wrongfully associate with safety, upturning that insincere trope entirely, and the film is graded to match the environment not the genre. It's colourful like life, not grimy and dull like the murky bog so many horror movies had relied on in the 2000s, and that is a sign of flavorful, intelligent film-making. In The Innocents, it's not a, "Did she see something in those shadows?" it's a, "Well, there's a ghost, right there, in the midday sun, smiling at me on the river bank..." IT isn't that candid, but it's not far off.

Whether or not it succeeds at every turn -- and IT certainly doesn't -- the things it does get right, it really gets right in my opinion, and I sighed deeply with relief when it was over. They actually gave a shit, clearly. It ain't a classic, nope, but it's a lovable, admirable attempt at one, and I wholeheartedly look forward to the next part.

I'd give it a light 7 out of 10 as it is, with an optimistic potential of 8/10 for the films as a whole if they learn from the little errors going forward.

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The First Purge: 3.5/5 I actually liked this one more than the other ones. Alot more drama and realism. I.e., how it might actually be like in a real purge

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Moana - 4/5. I had a blast. Moana is close to if not tied for my favorite "Disney Princess" next to Mulan. Felt like a little too much singing in this one for me (though that 'Shiny' song is my new jam) and too many jokey characters. Specifically, I could've done without the animated tattoos I think. Neat idea, but it felt like what I hate the most about comedy in film where they deliver a decent joke and then someone (the tattoos in this case) have to beat you over the head with the joke one more time to make sure you didn't miss it.

Other than that, this was just a pleasant movie. Good times.

Coco - 6/5. This was on some next level shit. You can see the main twist coming from a mile away if you really think about what you have and have not seen on screen after a certain point, but that's like my only complaint. Even that twist has a twist and it's fucking heartbreaking. They really earn the emotional moments. Most of them anyway. A lot of kid films feel cheap and lazy in that regard, but here not so much.

Miguel and everyone else is great. And the music? Outstanding.

I think the most standout thing about this movie though is the visuals. This is one of the best looking animated things ever (I'm gonna throw anime in there as well). Damn near every frame is a feast for your eyeballs. It's gorgeous.

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Antman and the Wasp 5/5.

Great movie, fun, campy, funny. Great addition to the MCU and answered questions people were asking. Watch the scene in the credits

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 5/5 (rewatch): Watched it again last weekend to see if it holds up, and it certainly does! Everything about the movie is spot on: the music, the dialogue, the acting, and directing obviously. It was a lot of fun to see things unfold again, and it reminded why I'm so drawn to Westerns in the first place. One thing that struck me more was how effectively they used the Civil War as a backdrop without making it a crucial plot point of the movie. Like, it matters of course but its not the focus. Its all about the three main characters and how they relate and interact with one another, there's so much tension in every single scene. Nothing is wasted.

Now I can't wait for RDR2, I might watch some more spaghetti westerns in the meantime before it comes out.

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@drachmalius: One of my top three films, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. An absolute masterpiece.

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Film: Spring Breakers

Rating: I have no idea

I would have never watched this without hearing about it on Bombcasts years ago, but I finally broke down and checked it out with my wife tonight.

My best way to parse it out in the short-term is that it’s a millennial Natural Born Killers.

I loved Natural Born Killers when I was 14. I’d be curious what I think about it now that I’m pushing 40.

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I finally watched Drive!

Drive is good and holy shit does it take a violent turn. Cool to see Ron Perlman too. Would have preferred to have seen it in a cinema as it definitely warrants big screen and big speaker treatment.

Like four stomps on the head out of five?

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Groundhog Day


This movie is a classic. I have not watched this movie in years, and it’s even funnier than I remember. One of Bill Murray’s and Harold Ramis’ greatest accomplishments.

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I watched Pacific Rim 2 I give a 7.5/10

I liked it better than the first. I liked the young characters and the story and action. I'm not a huge movie person but hey it was cool.

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@wmoyer83: I would say it's the greatest romantic comedy since Annie Hall. I love how it grew from a pretty good film in critics' estimations at the time, to a retroactively dubbed masterpiece by the same ones years later (rightly so).