Rate the last movie you watched.

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The Death of Stalin: 5/5. Highly recommended if you like dark comedy (like, really dark). Wonderful cast (especially enjoyed Michael Palin and Jason Isaacs - he should do more comedy). Kind of like Nineteen Eighty-Four by way of Arrested Development.

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Got a few to bust out since I went on a bit of an old horror kick the last week or so:

Return of the Living Dead Part 3: Not even close to being the all time zombie classic the original was but way better than 2. Some great gore effects and some gross body horror of the self-mutilation kind. 3 out of 5

Night of Demons: An 80's horror classic I somehow missed. Good cheesy 80's fun if a bit slow to start but some good deaths and a decent soundtrack. Another 3 out of 5

The entirety of Joe Bob's Brigg's Last Drive-In Marathon: Not going to review every movie so just the highlights. Decent movie selection though several of the 13 films I had seen multiple times like Basket Case, Re-Animator, Sleepaway Camp, Pieces and Demons. If you're a fan of TNT's Monster Vision or any of Joe Bob's books on cult cinema it's a must watch. That said some of Joe Bob's rants came off a bit dated especially the one about cell phones but he's an old man now. I'd say it's worth getting a free trial of Shudder and checking it out. Here's a protip: if you cancel after your free trial they will keep sending you emails for free trials. I've been a member for over a year and half and have only paid for 2 months of service. Anyway here's the best part of the marathon is Joe Bob Brigg's explaining the lineage and sequels of the Italian horror franchise Demons.

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I re-watched Mars Attacks! tonight. Haven't seen it in 22 years, but I loved it as a kid. Overall, it had plenty of that B-movie charm, gorgeous '50s designs, childish humour, awesome theremin-drenched soundtrack, etc., but, with my annoying adult brain, I noticed far more inconsistencies than I wanted to.

Mainly, it just doesn't flow well. It feels like you're flicking through the Mars Attacks! playing cards, rapidly being fed sketch after sketch without any thought to the narrative threads. Those old sci-fi B-movies films tended to have the most plot-hole laden, nonsensical stories ever, but they usually stuck to their vision and concentrated on having a solid three-part structure, with melodramatic but lovable characters. This '90s homage just relies on the surface-level nostalgia for that stuff, but it's merely a pretty likeness wrapped around an ultimately frail skeleton.

I think I would've preferred it to go absolutely all-out to recreate the saucers on strings, matte painting backgrounds, slightly washed out colours, mono audio, and overacted dialogue; really just nail the vibe and style and stick to a constant formula, not scattershot vignettes. The candy-coloured, beautiful blu-ray presentation I just watched did it no favours, in my opinion. It should've looked a bit simpler, more like Burton achieved with Ed Wood, or more relevantly, Carpenter with They Live.

Man, I'm pretty depressed about it all and kind of wish I'd left it a distant, rose-tinted memory, but, it wasn't awful. The whole extended sequence with the martian disguised as the weird woman is still fucking creepy, wonderfully paced, iconic, has sumptuous costume design, and is one of the best parts, if not the best part, of the movie. It totally holds up, which was a relief, as I'd been bored by the unnecessarily laboured first half and hit-or-miss nature of each sketch. If only the whole movie flowed like that.

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I just watched A Quiet Place, I give it 6 out of 8 nonsensical stairway nails.

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I let my son watch Die Hard 1-4 with me this weekend.

Die Hard 1 is amazing as always. 2 is a clever riff on 1, and 3 is a fun time.

I give 4 a pass because I think it hits the right amount of big Hollywood action mixed in with some knowing/winking absurdity. I really like it.

We shall not watch Die Hard 5...not in this household...not while I’m still breathing...I made it over an hour into that garbage movie. I tried, but it was too awful to finish.

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@nutter: Die Hard 5 really was abysmal, I’m still shocked I got through it all.

I also really hate 2 and am shocked when people say it’s better than 3. I really like 4 a lot more than most people too.

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@nutter: Die Hard 5 was the first sequel in that franchise where the script started out as a Die Hard movie and wasn't an existing script where they just inserted John McClane as the protagonist. Also they did that thing where long running franchises insert a younger actor to position as a future lead in the franchise. It never works out but they keep trying God Bless them. Even in a world where A Good Day to Die Hard is a decent movie I don't think anyone would be clamoring for a fifth sequel with Jai Courtney as the lead.

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Chain Reaction - 4/10

Man... Keanu has come a long way in terms of his acting career...

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A Quiet Place

I had pretty high hopes for this one considering the buzz around it. I was intrigued by the concept, and was certainly on board because I like both Emily Blunt and John Krasinski a good deal.

As with most horror films that are hyped up to that level, it's not nearly as good as people like to think it is. In fact, there are so many glaring issues that I'm not sure how it got so hyped in the first place.

The concept is good, the acting is superb, and there definitely some very intense sequences. However, it also plays into horror cliches much more than you would think for a movie with such a reputation, especially in its final act and ending. My biggest issue, though, is that it tries to establish rules as to how to creatures behave and react, and what kind of sounds you can make safely, but it constantly undermines itself by ignoring and changing those rules on the fly. I can only suspend my disbelief so much before it becomes impossible. I also thought the drama between the father and daughter felt rather forced and needless, and the movie spent little time really exploring who these people were. In the end, I didn't hate them but rather pretty indifferent, which is almost worse. There are also a ton of smaller inconsistencies or baffling choices that make the script seem nonsensical.

It sounds like I fucking hated this movie, but I did enjoy it in the moment despite its numerous flaws. There are too many things wrong to give it a full pass or recommendation. It's the kind of film that I like less and less the more I think about it after the fact. I'd give it a 3/5.

I just watched A Quiet Place, I give it 6 out of 8 nonsensical stairway nails.

This drove me fucking nuts. Why not pull it out or at least bend it down after the first incident?

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@killem_dafoe: I can’t even think of a reason why someone would ever pound a nail upwards in a stairway in the first place. One of the kids trying to re-enact Home Alone? I really don’t know.

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@haneybd87: Haha, I thought the same thing. I really wanted Daniel Stern to make a surprise cameo and step on the nail, scream, and get killed immediately.

What really bothered me was that Emily Blunt steps on it the one time, but pretty much every time someone goes up and down the stairs after that, the camera focuses on their feet and the nail, but nothing else ever happens with it. No one steps on it, or removes it or does anything to make it less of a hazard. It's just there and movie chooses to focus on it a few more times for no reason.

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@killem_dafoe: I can’t even think of a reason why someone would ever pound a nail upwards in a stairway in the first place. One of the kids trying to re-enact Home Alone? I really don’t know.

It sounds like I fucking hated this movie, but I did enjoy it in the moment despite its numerous flaws. There are too many things wrong to give it a full pass or recommendation. It's the kind of film that I like less and less the more I think about it after the fact. I'd give it a 3/5.

@haneybd87 said:

I just watched A Quiet Place, I give it 6 out of 8 nonsensical stairway nails.

This drove me fucking nuts. Why not pull it out or at least bend it down after the first incident?

I felt like I was taking crazy pills with the nail thing when I saw the movie in theaters I just had to tell my brain to shut up and stop thinking about it or maybe I missed some moment that explained it. Either way overrated. I think I'm knocking my initial 6/10 to 5/10 for this movie because its a movie that it makes me mad the more I think about it.


Rachels Weisz and McAdams make out a bunch and I yelled at the screen because I didn't believe how everyone was acting most of the time. Movie feels 40 years too late.


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Three Identical Strangers - Rating: Would recommend, but probably won't see it again

Documentary about triplets separated at birth. From there, it gets weird and kinda dark. Would recommend for fans of Dear Zachary.

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6/10 - Atomic Blonde

Good style, and a couple of cool fight scenes surrounded by an otherwise boring plot that's not structured in a very clear manner.

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@bartok: Maybe if Disney buys 20th Century Fox we can get the Shia Labeuf/Jai Courtney-led shared Indiana Jones/Die Hard universe we’ve all secretly been clamoring for...

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The Last Jedi - fucking I dunno. Sometimes a 1/5. Sometimes a 5/5.

This movie was fuckin weird. I actually think Rian Johnson is secretly a genius? Because, to me, large chunks of this movie felt like him calling Star Wars out on it's bullshit with it's neverending "good vs evil," rebels vs empire, jedi vs sith, what the force really is, etc. However, at the end, shit just seems to go back to the status quo. Nothing really changed. To me, it sure as hell felt like he wanted to do some more crazy shit, but Disney was like "nah, son." Force Awakens felt too safe all the way through, but I think I would rather have that again than something that presents the illusion of risks only to just sorta throw it all out and play it safe again at the very end.

Everything else about the movie though was...not great. The casino bit wasn't as bad as the internet made it out to be, but I didn't like it. Phasma was completely wasted. I could not possibly be more indifferent to Snoke, so his death means nothing to me. Poe is a piece of a shit who never really gets what he deserves because...he''s Poe...I guess. Rose and Holdo were fine, but goddamn that kiss was cringey and why were they so hellbent on making Holdo seem like the bad/incompetent one? Again, Poe is a piece of shit who got a lot of people killed, but every interaction between him and Holdo make him seem like an angel.

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@babychoochoo: The Holdo stuff is a matter of the movie trying to pull the rug out from underneath you and sacrificing narrative logic to do it.

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Finally saw Under the Skin. It felt like Twin Peaks Season 3 at times (seconds of it in this case, whereas Lynch would give us several minutes to an entire episode of avant garde-esque madness in Twin Peaks).

It was less sexual, less violent, and less vague than I had been lead to believe, but it was a provocative film (thought, emotion) for sure.

I really enjoyed it and may rewatch it at some point. It feels like one of those films everyone should watch at least once.

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Event Horizon

I haven't seen this movie in over a decade and while it's not great, I still REALLY enjoyed it. I never really noticed the flaws the movie has until now. Some of the acting is not great, except for Sam Neill he was great in this, and it does that 90s trying to be scary stuff like flashing lights and loud bangs. Not to mention the fact that it can get so loud you can barely hear the characters. It's also has a surprisingly slower paced than I remember. The GOOD stuff doesn't happen until an hour into the movie and it's a 90 minute movie. So the GOOD stuff is in the last 20 minutes. I would rate it 7.5/10. Event Horizon is one of the movies I hope gets the Shout Factory treatment and if by SOME miracle they find the 130 minute version.

"Where we are going, we won't need eyes to see"

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i watched Wish Upon for my horror movie podcast and it was way better than expected? like its not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it kinda filled the Final Destination-shaped hole in my heart that has been there since 2011, which is always appreciated. it was pretty fun though and there's a scene when someone gets hit by a car going 20mph tops and gets launched 40 feet.

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


I was probably the right age when Crystal Skull came out 10 years ago, so I didn't develop the hate for the movie like the internet seems to have. I rewatched all 4 films lately, and the newest addition to the series holds up as well as Raiders I think. The things I thought I hated about Crystal Skull when it came out (mostly just Shia Lebeouf) actually were kinda endearing. The Mudd character is not as perfect as Short Round (who was the sole shining light of Temple), but Lebeouf's cornball portrayal of a stereotypical greaser is a good complement to Harrison Ford. Spielberg uses special effects to make some fun set pieces, and it's probably the best looking Indiana Jones film. Also, it brings back Marion Ravenwood, who I've decided is the fourth best character in the series (after Indy, Henry Jones Sr, and of course Short Round).

Temple of Doom is unwatchable if not for Short Round.

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A Quiet Place - 8/10. It was very different and sometimes made me yell at the screen, but I really enjoyed it.

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@nutter: It’s very Kubrickian and I love that about it.

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@doctorodds: You fucking monster...


Seriously. though...you fucking momster!

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@haneybd87: Yeah, you’re not wrong. It’s a film that’s very smartly laid out and shot...and it leaves an impression.

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@nutter: I can make no apologies :P

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Have rewatched Hail, Caesar! by the Coens on the small screen recently and it kinda holds up better than I thought on the big screen. George Clooney's intentionally bad acting is great and Josh Brolin's performance comes off a lot more nuanced. I think I might have to rewatch it more frequently.

Still whatever rating I gave it last time, which was probably 4 out of 5 Channing Tatum dance numbers.

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Man. Between this thread and the one about the die hard order of best to worst, I think I need to watch 5. Is it really that bad? I’m asking this because I recently put myself through the chore of watching the new tremors movie... my love for that franchise is starting to wane a little.

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Mission Impossible: Fallout - How are these movies still so fun despite this being the sixth film in the franchise? This one carries on that tradition and is what I want out of a summer blockbuster, crazy spectacle and a plot that doesn't insult my intelligence too much. Also on the plus side they ditched Jeremy Renner for more Ving Rhames which no offense to Renner but he can't compete with Marsellus Wallace. I believe the Mission Impossible movie series is the thinking man's Fast and Furious series. I don't know why these movies get overlooked when people talk about their favorite action franchises they do well at the box office and the action scenes always deliver. 4 running Tom Cruises out of 5

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@bartok: I've only seen the first two, I need to check out the others.

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Last movie I watched was Justice League, I'd give it a 4/5. Been a DC fan since I was a kid, and I'm really glad to see characters like Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and Wonder Woman come to life so well. I'm not huge on how Batman was overly lightened up, but the chemistry among all of them is good. I look forward to more JL films in this style and continue to enjoy Zack Snyder's contributions to DC films.

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The Vietnam War - 5/5. I am only six out of ten episodes in, but it's clear to me that this should be required viewing for every high school student in the US. Absolutely brutal and exhausting and tragic. (also it has a great soundtrack.)

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I just watched The Last Laugh on Netflix. I loved it. 5/5 would be my rating. Great documentary comedians and entertainment icons talk about whether or not it's acceptable to make jokes about horrific events. The main one they analyze is the Holocaust.

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Vanilla Sky.... it was a trip but it was fun

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Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (or some shit like that, who cares): That new animated Godzilla has been out for a bit now, so I got around to checking it out because the last movie made me hope against hope we would get a Princess Mononoke but with a giant radioactive lizard as a sequel. Not really a huge surprise then, that I found this film a little disappointing. The main character is frustratingly still alive and still spouting nonsense about how humanity has to re-take earth from Godzilla, even though it's pretty clear that the Earth itself has literally adapted to better suit supporting Godzilla and Godzilla-based lifeforms. Also, they made Mechagodzilla a city of <T2 voice>liquid metal</T2 voice> instead of a giant robot version of Godzilla and that was certainly a choice. One of the three alien races turned out to want to basically enter into a grey goo scenario, which also would have allowed them to destroy Godzilla once and for all. Except our protagonist got cold feet about heroic sacrifice this time around (because he boned the obvious love interest, obviously - and she wasn't into the idea either). Unsurprisingly, it seems like our hero is only down with getting people he hasn't stuck his dick into killed! I hate all these characters.

Oh, and the guy who wanted to fuck Godzilla last time still pretty clearly wants to do that, because I think he's secretly hoping that Godzilla will be able to kill the monster what destroyed his race's home planet, a little fellow named Ghidora. Which, sure, bring him along on this fucking trainwreck of a trilogy. It certainly can't hurt.

As for the Princess Mononoke-style girl that rescued our worthless hero last time around, she's part of a tribe of what are, according to the scientist character, probably highly evolved insects that also have some human DNA in there, because at some point somebody fucked Mothra I guess. Also Mothra is probably going to be in the next movie. I spoiler marked all that stuff for some reason. These guys don't really play any discernable role in the movie except to serve as a useful counterpoint to both the aliens wot made Mechagodzilla and (maybe on purpose?) our dumbass hero: they've learned to live in harmony with the new earth rather than trying to kill Godzilla all the fucking time.

Speaking of, our beautiful boy doesn't do much blowing shit up until the very end, and at one point demonstrates the ability to more or less become a small sun. That is what brings up the sacrifice thing, by the way. Surprise, Godzilla survived this movie too, mostly because everyone in this movie is fucking awful. As with the first film, the bright spot is the song that plays at the end credits, although this is less of a "j-pop and Eurotrash house music had a baby" and more of a "'Take my Picture'-era Filter by way of j-rock" thing that I didn't like as much, certainly not enough to look it up this time around.

2 psychic twins out of 5

Oh, and to get the taste of that out of my brain, I watched

Shin Godzilla: So last time I reviewed this it was a German dub of the film because that was all I could find. Since then, I snagged a digital copy of the original Japanese version with English subtitles, which meant that I was able to follow things a bit better this time around (namely, I missed a whole thing in the middle of the movie that better explains the batshit insane final shot of the film). This really might be one of my favorite movies, hands down. The whole film is such a fantastic indictment of bureaucracy and politicking, even though politicking is kind of what saves the day in the end. It's an absolute fucking delight and I got real bummed to learn that the proposed sequel won't happen. I cannot recommend this movie enough, honestly.

5 bulge-eyed giant lungfish horrors out of 5

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The Incredibles 2. 8/10

It was wonderful, just like the first one. The character development was even stronger with this one, with both Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl having some really interesting motivations (especially for an animated Disney movie). The action scenes seemed more exciting than in the first movie too. Elastigirl's train chase sequence was phenomenal.

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Darkest Hour: It was decent. Not great, but competently made and decent. If there is one thing to highlight, is the performance of Gary Oldman, which is incredible. I guess I would be warmer to it, but every time they had to invent stuff not in historical record, they were too on the nose. For example, the subway scene, which was so out of character to become cringe-worthy and obviously fabricated. 3/5

Rampage: Blockbuster action in the purest form. Protagonists that are larger than life (literally), villains that are mustache twirling to the extreme, and a lot of destruction in the background of giant monster on giant monster action. Lot of fun if you are in the right mood... 4/5

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Mission Impossible: Fallout - I've been a fan of all the MI's with the exception of the second one, and this one is no different. I enjoy the clever twists and turns, big set pieces, and A-Team style "I love it when a plan comes together" moments. Fallout doesn't reach the heights of Ghost Protocol but it's still good. I have to give thanks to Henry Cavill for lending his likeness to the Cavillbot 5000 in this film. Seriously the guy's acting is so stiff it's just a bit awkward. Like I get he's supposed to be an ice cold CIA assassin but damn. I will say that anyone seeing this should watch the one before it as there are plot lines that carry over. 4/5

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M:I Fallout. 5/5, best one yet. Combined everything about every good M:I yet: the set pieces of Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, the memorable villain of M:I 3, the bombastic confusion of M:I (though they found that confusion through an onslaught of action and imagery rather than plot, which is sensible since McQuarrie is no De Palma).

That movie is my fucking spirit animal now.

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@snaggleboot: I hear ya...I liked old, alcoholic, no f’s given Batman from Batman vs. Superman.

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I re-watched Serenity last night. Super fun movie with a great cast.

On the latest viewing, how intelligently the opening of the movie is put together struck me. Three scenes unfolding like an Inception plotline to keep pacing, set-up, and continuity all going while giving you a data dump that makes sense.

Anyhow, great characters, great dialog, great action, great fun. Always an enjoyable watch.

I rate it 5 Castles out of Dr. Terrible.