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Ant-Man and The Wasp 5/5

Got together with my dad and watched this while we ate take-out. We were both laughing pretty hard for most of the movie; everyone was on point in that film. Great delivery from the various actors, some superb physical comedy too. Easily my favorite of the Marvel films.

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The Purge: Election Year - 3/5

Before watching this I came to the realization that I really enjoyed the second Purge (the first one with Frank Grillo). The whole shtick of these movies is absurd, but the second and third feel almost like zombie movies with the whole "take a bunch of small character groups and bring em together to survive and kill bad guys together." It's fun!

I dunno, they're like corny fun action horror movies. Well, "like" nothing, that's totally what the second two are, and they're great for it.

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I watched Gone Girl for the first time finally. Part of me is surprised this film even got made the way it was. Maybe it was lucky enough not to be dumbed down by virtue of Affleck's presence, who is perhaps the worst part of the film. Affleck isn't an actor, he's just Affleck (i.e. a wealthy prick who contributes nothing to this world), which at least works for this highly specific role. Fincher is still able to elicit a good shock or two, though I don't think it's his strongest film, but it's still thoroughly entertaining. A solid 4 out of 5 missing wives.

Spoiler-ish question in either the book or the film, does she ever buy or use a gun? I don't think it appeared in the film at all despite being teased at least three times.

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Lion. Road to home 10/10

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Nightmare Before Christmas - 5/5

It's tradition for me to watch this every October, usually on Halloween night, but I bumped it up this year because the music was stuck in my head. Duder... this movie amazes me every time I see it, and I've been a fan since it came out. Still gorgeous to look at, the music is some of the best of any Disney-adjacent movie (for the most part... there are a couple of songs that are a bit annoying, and there's the occasional lyric that feels a little first draft-ish or forced), and they manage to fit this thing into an hour and ten minutes while never feeling rushed or too short.

In short, I fucking adore this movie. If you've ever been put off from watching it by the mall goth following it eventually got, don't be. There's a good reason Disney finally gave in and accepted it under their wing after wanting nothing to do with it. (and that reason is unbelievably successful merchandising! Seriously though, it's a must see)

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BE WITH YOU (2018) - 4/5 - There's nothing revolutionary about this Korean romantic drama about a widower and his son reuniting with their wife/mother one year after her death, who mysteriously appears to have lost her memories. But everything from the story to the performances are executed so well that it was just a breeze to watch. My wife was in tears by the end (as she usually is with these kinds of stories). Had no idea it's a remake of a Japanese movie from 2004, so now I'll be seeking that out.

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Nothing life changing, but really well done and enjoyable. Oddly made we really want to go give my wife a hug after watching it.

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Hold the Dark:

An incoherent excuse for sadism. There are some solid film fundamentals in the cinematography and the performances were good, but it's one of those movies where the director has mistaken "whispered statements full of meaning" for "normal human conversation".

1/5 wolves (which actually barely have anything to do with the movie despite the synopsis)

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Bad Times At The El Royale

A solid enough movie-going experience with a couple of great performances and one dud. The set up is compelling despite a few pacing issues largely due to its structure. Starts to run out of steam in the final act because some of the stuff set up as important actually isn't that important and, given the director, some viewers might be waiting for a Cabin In The Woods level game-changing twist that is not coming. It's not going to redefine cinema for you but even at its methodical pace it remains a decent watch with some powerful scenes that catch you off guard.


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Nosferatu 3/5

Hey, this movie is nearly a century old! I don't really know what I can say about it, other than: I appreciate its existence and its standing in the history of movies.

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Wind River

Beautifully shot, scored, written and acted modern-western / police-procedural hybrid. Worth it for the scenery and Nick Cave/Warren Ellis score alone.


So...Apostle is the latest in my what-are-people-talking-about line of “horror” films. Get Out, Hereditary, and now Apostle are all very well made films, but I feel they’re all severly ill-served by the press talking about that they are horror (Get Out, a satire using horror tropes) are scary horror (Hereditary, a movie that is much more a profile of a grieving family with horror elements), and Apostle (an October release, often billed as horror, constantly referred to as a gore fest and taking Wickerman to new levels).

Anyhow, I enjoyed all three. Apostle is beautifully shot and has a great lead and some charismatic antagonists. It seems to stumble here and there in pacing and one instance of VERY questionable CGI, but I found it enjoyable, if not the horror/gore/bloodfest I’ve been lead to believe it was.

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Teen Titans Go to the Movies.

What a fun movie. I don't usually care that much about animated movies but I'm a fan of Teen Titans Go and the movie didn't disappoint, it had me laughing a whole lot more than I expected and was full of obscure DC references. Highly recommended. 4/5

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A Quiet Place. Really solid movieball around despite me not finding it to really be a 'horror' movie. But it was the wife's time to pick a horror movie so I wasn't gonna argue.

A great movie with exceptional performances by the main actors. Their real-life emotions seem to play a significant role in the chemistry they have on camera.


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Watched Trollhunter with the kids...

Still a super-solid found footage movie. I haven’t seen it in years, and while I still enjoyed it, it’s probably not a movie that needs to be seen twice. It’s not as good as The Blair Witch Project of Cloverfield, but it’s still a real good time.

I was also surprised at how good the 1080p stream looked on my TV (watched on an LG OLDED). The film handles darkness and light in the dark very well.

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Binged watched the Haunting of Hill House on Netflix this weekend. Ehh it was okay. There were parts or aspects of it that I thought were pretty good (all the scary stuff with the kids and the house, the mystery) and stuff that I didn't like (most of the current day/the-kids-are-adults-now parts, the ending, all the weird drama/life stuff.)

I'd say it kinda started to fall off around episode 6. It felt like they wanted to have a horror thing that actually had substance to it, vs the dime a dozen generic garbage horror movies out there, except.. I thought all of that was corny and the scary/tense/mystery stuff was the draw. Would've been cooler if they made the whole series like a horror anthology.. a horror version of Black Mirror (which is a different kind of horror) The first half felt almost like an anthology since they were kinda covering one character per episode and their unique experience with the house.

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Watched Apostle last night, I really enjoyed it though I don't view it as much of a horror movie. It is more just a suspense movie that takes place in a kind of horror setting (even then it isn't really a main point of the setting). Really enjoyed the score and how the film was shot, built a strong atmosphere with the performances. Definitely got some Raid vibes from it but also felt like a good example that Gareth Evans can do more than just that kind of action.

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Sorcerer (1977)

Forgotten Friedkin gem, based off a French novel. Two truckloads of volatile nitroglycerine transported over rugged terrain. One slip up or bump in the road and the trucks blow up. Very tense. Very effective action.


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Unbroken Path to Redemption 9/10

A Star is Born 9/10

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@zella: I was all prepped for some crazy gore and horror from all the headlines. Very enjoyable, but pretty tame movie.

Definitely more of a suspense than horror film...

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I just finished watching Apostle. I don't think I loved it, but it is definitely enjoyable. Gareth Evans is a superb director and it was nice to see him flex his chops on something other than action, although his style is still all over this film. The cinematography and camera work are beautiful, even jaw-dropping sometimes. However, I think his writing could use some work. I was mildly confused by exactly what was happening and why it happened by the end. Events also play out in the second half of the film that feel like there should've been more set-up leading to them in some pretty basic ways, such as how certain characters are related to one another. On top of that, while Dan Stevens' performance is serviceable, there are a lot of moments where his acting verges on being really overwrought between his line delivery and facial expressions.

Like some of you other duders have said, some people are really trying to sell this movie as something it's not. It can be very intense and it has a really thick, eerie atmosphere to it, but it's definitely not a straight horror film. It's also not really that gory. There are some mildly graphic kills, and many of them seem like they're about to be extremely gross, but the film shows a surprising amount of restraint when it comes to the violence. I'm pretty sure The Raid 2 is more graphic than this film.

Apostle stumbles here and there in several departments, but the weaker moments are always being supported by its stronger elements. Sometimes I feel like it's a 3/5, others a 4, but since I enjoyed it overall, I'd lean 4/5. I'm just glad Gareth Evans is continuing to make films, even though it seems like The Raid 3 will never happen.

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Last saturday I was watching Venom at cinemas. I have to say it's worse than critics say. In fact, the only thing I could save from the movie is Tom Hardy, really good actor. Narrative in the movie has lots of gaps and so bugs. And Venom custom is definitely strange. I didn't like it, and my score is 2/5.

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@killem_dafoe: Your take on APOSTLE might as well be mine, though I lean more towards 3/5. Evans was quoted as saying he's not doing THE RAID 3 anytime soon, which is a huge bummer.

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You Were Never Really Here, I give it 6 tubs of popcorn, a large soda, and a tray of nachos. Beautiful film.

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Sorcerer (1977)

Forgotten Friedkin gem, based off a French novel. Two truckloads of volatile nitroglycerine transported over rugged terrain. One slip up or bump in the road and the trucks blow up. Very tense. Very effective action.


A classic, truely and a very unusual movie. I remember the end is a bit of a bummer, though. Also what was the contrivance of why the couldn't just open the crates and repackage the sticks.

Me, I've seen Hotel Artemis (2018). 1/5

It's another of those inexpensive projects, that was likely adapted from a stage play. It's a rather boring dystopian mystery noir, with one note characters, and even cut down to 90 min it manages to be boring. It was probably conceived as a kind of emotional cathartic thing, perhaps Magnolia meats Pulp Fiction, where several stories intertwine in one place. But for whatever reason it's hard to care for any of the people from the small but rather diverse cast. This movie is ill conceived, poorly written and badly executed. How cool is it to watch a 110 pound actress beat up and knock out burly thugs? Seriously Bud Spencer movies made more sense than this shit.

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@dbones80 said:

@killem_dafoe: Your take on APOSTLE might as well be mine, though I lean more towards 3/5. Evans was quoted as saying he's not doing THE RAID 3 anytime soon, which is a huge bummer.

He's even gone on to say that he doesn't necessarily think that The Raid 3 is a movie that needs to happen at all, and that The Raid 2 wrapped things up nicely. All this, despite him previously giving out slight details on the the potential third movie's story. As a fan, uh...NO, the Raid 2 does not wrap things up nicely and YES, The Raid 3 is a movie that this world so desperately needs. I don't mind him doing other shit because I think he's a fantastic filmmaker but I hope he realizes how badly people want that last film. Iko Uwais is a rising action star right now, so maybe they just need to wait for the right moment to strike.

EDIT: Yeah, The Raid 3 will never happen...

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Galaxy Quest.
Haven't watched it in 17/18 years, but as soon as i started watching i remembered every single thing about it, and somehow with time it has gotten even better.

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Van Helsing (2004) 5/10 worth a rewatch if you have nostalgia for the ps2 game and watch it and realize it’s utter trash

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@killem_dafoe said:
@dbones80 said:

@killem_dafoe: Your take on APOSTLE might as well be mine, though I lean more towards 3/5. Evans was quoted as saying he's not doing THE RAID 3 anytime soon, which is a huge bummer.

He's even gone on to say that he doesn't necessarily think that The Raid 3 is a movie that needs to happen at all, and that The Raid 2 wrapped things up nicely. All this, despite him previously giving out slight details on the the potential third movie's story. As a fan, uh...NO, the Raid 2 does not wrap things up nicely and YES, The Raid 3 is a movie that this world so desperately needs. I don't mind him doing other shit because I think he's a fantastic filmmaker but I hope he realizes how badly people want that last film. Iko Uwais is a rising action star right now, so maybe they just need to wait for the right moment to strike.

EDIT: Yeah, The Raid 3 will never happen...

I think he will change his mind after getting another movie or two from other genres out of his system. Doing three action films in a row probably burnt him out. And yes, the world needs THE RAID 3.

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LOWLIFE (2018) - 4/5 - You know the movie you're watching is a little fucked up when the Eminem-lookalike with a swastika tattoo on his face is the nicest person in the whole story. I can't decide if he or the ex-luchador named El Monstruo that walks around in a blue suit while wrecking people in violent outbreaks is my favorite character. The movie looks cheap and feels cheap, but its heart is in the right place. One of the best surprises of the year.

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@stink_meaner: i searched the movie and it has low ratings (5.3/10) but its typically the movie genre i like. Thanks bruuh!

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@pyromagnestir said:

I swear something like this exists already... I wrote about Lockout, and it being terrible. Although maybe it was just a "What's the last movie you watched?" type thing.

Anyways... I haven't watched a movie in almost 2 months, well, discounting that one afternoon I caught The Sum of All Fears on AMC and sat there and watched that. I've been watching pretty much only Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel for that time. Only 6 more Angels to go, at this point.

I give TV edit Sum of All Fears 2 Harrison Ford's out of 5.

A scene where they're emptying bombs which ought to resemble two minutes in length goes on for more than ten. What's more, the submerged fight toward the end with every one of the jumpers is shockingly severe and loaded with anonymous fellows in orange and dark killing each other with spears and blades, with an incidental shot of a crab meandering by.Thunderball is along these lines, so odd. Effortlessly the most irregular of the ordinance Bond motion pictures.

see: https://inro.in/lucky-patcher/ , https://inro.in/9apps/ & https://inro.in/vidmate/

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Bone Tomahawk 3/5

A bit of a slow burn, probably a bit too much of a slow burn.

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@beachthunder: I really enjoyed Bone Tomahawk, but it does take it’s time.

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The Night Comes for Us, starring The Raid alums Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais, just debuted on Netflix.

We were promised a gory film in The Apostle. While The Apostle was very well done, I think someone confused Gareth Evans’ film for that of his former stars.

While The Raid films were more elegant, The Night Comes for us is a gory indonesian action flick that paints the screen in blood and guts.

I disliked one terrible shot with a camera on a man’s back, as well as some really rough cuts mid-action that were a shame.

Aside from that, it was a hell of a great time. Not for the squeamish, but a great time for anyone looking for brutal action with a sense of style, along with buckets upon buckets of guts and gore.

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Bad Times at the El Royale 4/5

An interesting premise and good/great performances by Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Enrivo, and Lewis Pullman. The latter two I'd never seen before but was impressed. There were some odd choices in the story like some characters you wanted more backstory on and never get, and others with tons of exposition and for no great reason. And the last third of the movie kind of drags a bit. Still, even at its worst it was still pretty good and ultimately its the acting performances that pull this one through. I'm not a superfan of Chris Hemsworth but he's totally fine here.

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Went to see They Shall Not Grow Old last night. An absolutely incredible film that I urge anybody to see if you can. To put it in a single line; Peter Jackson colourises and stabilises WW1 footage, adds sound by lip-reading, fully narrated by actual servicemen from the War.



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I finally got around to Mandy last night...

What a trip. Great movie, very well shot and edited, and Nic Cage is a tour de force of anguish and rage.

The style was all over the place, but it worked. It felt like Raimi, Lynch, Refn, and others at different times. The only thing I didn’t like was the cartoon segments, short as they were. It felt like those could have been shot proper, especially with the amount of grain/light/color fuckery that was going on.

It was a really fun roadtrip to hell that could just be emotionally oppressive at times, in the best/most effective way possible.

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Saw First Man on Saturday.

Overall it's well acted and the cinematography was really good - but wow, this is one somber as fuck movie. I was not expecting to be so depressed about a movie on going to the moon.

I sort of felt like I wasted my time and money: I obviously knew the outcome to the movie before I went in, but the slow pace and depressing tone the film had left me wishing I would have done something else with my time.

Again, quality wise it was good - but I would not recommend it, nor watch it again.

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Venom 2/5

Seeing a CGI Venom kicking ass was neat. Tom Hardy was endearing as Eddie Brock.

Not much else to say, this movie was a disappointment.

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The Night Comes For Us - Literally the best action movie I've seen in years. It's got some of the most brutally graphic fight choreography I've seen since well ever. The amount of blood, bones breaking, visceral stabbings, and just all around gore is astonishing and not usually seen outside of extreme horror. I'm not lying when as a guy who has seen a shitload of martial arts movies when I say this has some of the best fight scenes ever put on film. The big climatic fight I would argue manages to top the kitchen fight from Raid 2 and I don't say that lightly. Hell the movie shares quite a bit of the same cast from both Raid movies including the star of both films Iko Uwais. The Indonesians don't fuck around when it comes to action movies.

Seriously if you have Netflix watch this immediately and as for a a rating: 5 out of 5 and on the short list for my favorite movie of 2018.

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@not_a_bumblebee: That last fight was exhausting (not in a bad way). I wanted everyone to just mercifully die.

And yeah, as great as the Raid 2’s kitchen fight was, there’s a new best action scene out there. It just goes on and on without ever taking its foot off the gas, but it doesn’t get old, either. It’s a remarkable fight.

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Mandy 4/5

I barely had any clue what was happening half the time, but it sure was mesmerising. If I were making a Best Styyyyyyle list for movies, this would probably be somewhere towards the top.

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Hmm. I did watch The Night Comes For Us on Saturday and didn't think it was very good. I actually found myself fast forwarding over all the dialogue scenes, just watching the fighting, and even then the last fight and the one with the three women were the only standouts for me. If I had to quickly sum up why (because I'm about leave for to work), it was weird how the picture quality was so good and sharp (quality cameras I assume) but the acting and dialogue was still like.. amateur-ish? Like corny YouTube fan-made stuff level stuff. I figure after the reputation of The Raid and Raid 2 that they would've had enough of a budget or experience to do better in that area. Shallow side note: The motorcycle lady was very cute and she did great in her fight scenes. I don't believe she said much though for dialogue? Not sure if I've seen her anywhere before (she was in Raid 2 apparently?) but she seems promising.

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Contratiempo, quite interesting and as for me the ending is very unexpected

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Watched The Night Comes For Us last night. Hoe. Lee. Shit. While I've been keeping my eye on this movie for a long time because of who's in it, I can honestly say I was not expecting what it actually delivered. Easily one of the best, and most brutal, action films in years. The plot is paper thin, nearly inconsequential, and remarkably little ground is covered given the 2 hour run-time. But that's only because I'm pretty certain literally 75% of this movie is raw fucking carnage. Once it starts, it is absolutely relentless in the best way possible. The choreography is top notch, with a tremendous amount of creativity with the use of props on the environment. It feels like a Jackie Chan film on steroids. The level of violence on display here is ridiculous, with copious amounts of blood spray, limb severing, head bashing... pretty much every way you could think of to seriously mangle another person, and then some.

@not_a_bumblebee: As good as the the last fight is, I don't think it comes close to matching the kitchen fight from The Raid 2. It's been a minute since I've watched The Raid 2, but in terms of choreography, the kitchen fight has more complexity to it, and it's a bit longer. Plus there's something about Gareth Evans' camerawork and direction that brings out a real primitive level of gritty intensity. Not only that, but it has the context of everything that came before it and as a result, feels way more impactful. Not that I think The Raid films are the pinnacle of storytelling, but the second movie had some good drama and made me care about the characters, and the first movie worked with such minimal plot because of how narrow the scope of the film was. The Night Comes For Us tries to have a bigger story but doesn't really do anything with it. It's a really corny movie and it does a good job at hiding that sometimes, but there's no escaping it. The violence is often cartoonish, and the last fight recalled the end fight of Freddy Vs. Jason for how many crippling injuries these two men could take. The action throughout is amazing, but there's no real weight behind any of it because of what an afterthought the story feels like and how ridiculous the violence is. This isn't inherently a bad thing, but I do think it holds it back in some ways because the film seems to take itself seriously rather than lean into the cheese.

@seikenfreak: I mean, that's just par for the course in the genre. A martial arts film with good acting and plot is an exception, not the rule. Plus...I don't think the acting was that bad. Over-the-top for sure, but not terrible. And aside from the actors, it's a different studio and crew to that of The Raid. Overall I was rather impressed with the production values of this film.

And yes, the motorcycle chick is Julie Estelle, who played the Hammer Girl in The Raid 2. She was also in Headshot with Iko Uwais, which came out last year I think and was directed by the same guy as this movie.

Anyway, loved the movie. I give it a 5/5 for sheer entertainment value.

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I'm in heaven right now. I've just discovered TCM's movie streaming service and it is absolutely incredible. So many hidden gems that I've had on my list for years are now a click away, with an impressive chunk of the Criterion Collection. I've found 70 films from my imdb watchlist already, and have three queued up currently: Wise Blood, Fearless, and Richard III.

I found it when looking on their website to purchase The Vanishing (the original), and they said it was available on the service. It actually isn't, unfortunately, but I stumbled on diamonds looking for gold, so I can't complain. Tonnes of lesser known works by Scorcese, Tarkovsky, Roeg, Kurosawa, etc. Just heaps of Asian and European stuff.

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Halloween (2018)

A mostly enjoyable, generally reverent follow-up to the 1978 slasher. It's the Force Awakens of slasher films, if you can believe it, reframing familiar faces, plotlines, iconic moments, and characters in a way that feels both respectful to the source material and entirely palatable for more modern tastes.

There is some stupidity abound in the middle section of the movie. But the tension in the final sequence is so wonderfully earned. Some of the cinematography is truly pretty wonderful, while some of the work done in the editing room-particularly a nagging insistence on utilizing a cheap-looking digital zoom effect during moments of conversation--is extremely distracting.

In the end, it redeems Michael Myers as a legitimately scary slasher villain and remains compelling enough to outweigh its sometimes laughable pacing and plotting decisions.

3 out of 5.

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@killem_dafoe: The Raid films have an elegant brutality. They’re very well shot, choreographed, and just amazing to behold.

The Night Comes for us doesn’t ever feel elegantly constructed. It trades elegance and grace in its violence for straight brutality.

Yeah, there’s some gory face and thigh injuries in The Raid films, but The Night Comes for Us is basically a zombie movie where everyone who’s not a central character is going to get dispatched horrifically.

I have plenty of room for both in my life.

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@brunothethird: Filmstruck seems great. There's actually a lot of stuff on there that's never seen a DVD release---films that wouldn't be profitable through other avenues, and that's really exciting to me. I'm Canadian, so I can't get it, but it's definitely something I hope we get at some point.