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Hereditary - 4/5

I managed to avoid all spoilers about this, although as an AV Club reader, I couldn't avoid the major hype they built up. So I came in knowing nothing but that it was ostensibly about loss, there was a weird kid who makes weird sculptures, and that there was a scene that blew AVC's critics away.

Well... I wasn't nearly as enamored as A.A. Dowd was, but I did enjoy it a lot. I thought the movie had major tonal issues and a habit of making me laugh at things that were decidedly not meant to be funny, but I will say that the scene Dowd raved about was indeed shocking as hell and will stick with me for a long time. After that, it sort of becomes an R-rated Insidious, but at least it takes after the good half of Insidious and not the stupid half. To its credit, the cinematography is astounding, and the acting is excellent and deeply uncomfortable for the most part.

Given that this is Ari Aster's first feature film, he did a great job and I want to see more from him. Dude has a talent for unsettling imagery and dread.

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Fargo 5/5

I still love this movie!

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The Predator 0/5

Finally got around to watching this. The premise seemed ok from the trailers and I'm always hoping to see the Predator franchise done right. Predators with Adrien Brody was actually a pretty decent take on the formula as it featured everything you really wanted: Predators in various cool armors, gadgets, a bit of tension, a lot of good action and decent acting.

The Predator is a complete trainwreck, a travesty, an example of what it would be like if we let high schoolers write scripts for multi million dollar films. How this got past anyone is a mystery. The jokes probably take center stage as the single worst element of this movie followed very closesly by the most nonsensical plot committed to paper (so to speak).

I could go on, but I'm honestly shellshocked at how bad this was. Jurassic World was just boring, but during the Predator I was constantly speaking out loud to myself "how.. but why.." Terrible. Terrible.

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Halloween 2018 5/5

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Hardcore Henry: I was looking for a dumb action movie that didn't require much thought and this delivered in spades. If you don't remember this is the movie that is filmed entirely in first person like that one scene from the awful Doom movie but it works for the most part in the case of Hardcore Henry. It helps that Sharlto Copley of District 9 fame is there to ham things up and to help move along what little semblance of a plot there is. 3 out of 5

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Rewatched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was my son’s first viewing. He didn’t want to watch it, and he HATES long movies, but we watched them all back-to-back nights.

He loved them, so it was a good time.

These were the theatrical releases. I just learned about the extended versions which sound like they add about two hours to the trilogy...bananas!

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They Shall Not Grow Old.

Loading Video...

The moment it goes from black and white to colour, where the film rate slows, the sound comes in and the screen size widens - that moment will stay with me forever.

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Rewatched Raw (2017) to confirm if it still holds up as my favorite horror movie of the last 15 years and turns out, it does. It’s really a great coming of age story disguised as an extremely gross body horror film and blurs the line between sex and violence in a way that is both disturbing and sexy. I love it.

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@not_a_bumblebee: I submit that nobody has ever had as much fun on a film set as Sharlto Copley had doing Hardcore Henry. Absolutely loved that movie.

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The film " The Bohemian Rhapsody", about the life of Freddy Mercury. Very good movie, I advise you to watch! My rating is 9 out of 10.

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Burn After Reading 5/5

I think this is my 5th or 6th time watching this. At least to me, every scene in this movie is pretty much perfect.

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Mandy - 9/10

Beautiful to look at, Nick Cage nailing his thing, great music, great villain. 1 point deducted as I just wanted more deaths, could've watched Cage murder people, off his head, for another hour or so.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

At the risk of sounding like an old video game magazine, I found this to be a mixed bag. I think the film's at its best when it's leaning completely into the weird, and significantly less-good when the Coen Brothers fall into their usual nihilistic habits (not that I particularly dislike their usual nihilistic habits, it can just... be a little too much sometimes). This is an anthology of six stories, none of which could carry their own film, but all of which are soild enough on their own merits. Tom Waits is a delight as a prospector, who is doing his half-crazy old man schtick in the best Tom Waits way (I could listen to him shout at MISTER PAHKET all day, honestly), and everyone in the final story is frankly incredible (some quality singing from Brendan Gleeson in there, let me tell you). Unfortunately only half the stories are great, while the other three range from Pretty Good to Oh Come On This Sucks. 4 out of 6 singing cowboy murder machines

The Thin Man (1934)

So I've always really enjoyed older crime films, and the premise of this film: former detective turned society gadabout and drunk manages to get sucked into a labyrinthine murder plot, prodded along by his (also social gadabout and drunk) wife, who is straight-up fucking delightful. The two (Nick and Nora) show up in a bunch of sequels to solve other mysteries, but I haven't seen those. They were all written by Dashiell Hammett, who also wrote The Maltese Falcon. It's mostly a comedy, and has some real excellent one-liners which I'm a sucker for. I might end up checking out the other films in the series, although I can see the premise wearing thin. It doesn't have much style in terms of the way it's shot, but god damn are Nick and Nora charming as fuck. 3 out of 5 martinis consumed with reckless abandon.

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What a waste of time. In spite of the film's myriad faults with the boilerplate narrative (can you believe the person who wrote LA Confidential wrote this?), Tom Hardy is a real trooper and seemingly acts his heart out no matter what the film is. It fails as a period piece by telling you next to nothing about the era; it falls flat as some sort of a criminal intrigue story; and it wastes the efforts of most of the actors involved bar Hardy. Makes sense why this film never made much news. Zero, nada, zilch. Rewatch LA Confidential or something starring Michael Caine instead.

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Another of the run of crazy Indonesian action movies. It doesn't quite reach the staggering heights of "The Raid" movies, or "The Night Comes For Us", but still very good. Hyper violent, an incredible antagonist, and an all in all enjoyable action film. I Wish they had a little more focus on the hand to hand stuff, but the gunplay and fights they DID have was brilliant


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@sombre: That dude blocking the paper cutter with his forearm made me visible wince.

Overlord: This is the WW2 Nazi zombie movie produced by J.J. Abrams and it's pretty damn good. They don't go overboard with the concept and play it pretty subtle until just going for it in the final act. Some incredible practical gore effects and just a really solid movie all around. Solid recommend from me. 4 out of 5

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Blue Valentine

More of Gosling doing his damndest to steal the show, and by God he does. Every minute he's on screen, he's mesmerizing. You can't take your eyes off him. An emotional, heartbreaking story about two people falling in and out of love. Really great piece, with fantastic actors and a gut punch story.


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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - The Netflix exclusive new cowboy anthology from the Coen Brothers. It's six different tales that feels like a western themed greatest hits of why the Coen Brothers are such great filmmakers. Personally my favorite is the fourth story with Tom Waits as an elderly prospector but all six stories are great. 5 out of 5

Sorry to Bother You - Strong contender for my favorite movie of the year. So glad I didn't have this spoiled for me so I was caught completely off guard at where this movie goes. Man what a great directorial debut from Boots Riley and can't wait to see what he does next. 5 out of 5

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Sicario: Day of the Soldado

I dug it about as much as Sicario (it’s really good), but it ended with something of a non-ending teaser. It sounds like a third film is on the way. Hopefully it picks right up where it left off. I think a third film will very much influence my final take on this second film.

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The Purge: Election Year

I liked the original and really digged the second for being such a weird premise which would never work in real life. This third part is really trying to hard to be like the second, which takes it maybe to serious in this case. Where the 2nd part had some neat ideas with the concept, in Election Year the fresh ideas are totally gone and it feels too much like a cheesy action movie, rather than a thriller. I still have to go see the last movie, but it probably going to need a big change, like the 2nd was much different than the original.


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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - 2.5/5

Beautifully shot, marking this as the first Cohen film to be shot digitally, with typically clever and fast paced dialog the Ballad of Buster Scruggs fails to make a connection or form an identity throughout it's set of 6 short stories. This anthology reminds me a lot of one of my favorite authors Haruki Murakami. His novels are quite often a slow burn with attention to detail and a certain je ne sais quoi, a brooding unease just beneath the surface - while his short stories while equally well written simply don't have the time required to hook you in any way. They seemingly start in the middle and end before the reader can get invested or even just settle into whats happening. Thats how I felt about the Ballad, or rather Ballads presented by the Cohens. I'm a fan of their films, but these short takes on the wild west while sometimes beautiful and sometimes dreary fail to establish themselves. They're over before they even begin and in some cases like the very last tale, quite frankly fail to begin at all.

Overall while I hate to use the word it felt a little indulgent. As if Netflix said "here is a bunch of money do what you want with it" so they did without any curation or editing - and from what I read of the project this is, more or less, what actually happened.

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A Star is Born--1/5 stars

I genuinely cannot understand how this movie has received the acclaim it has. Other than the admittedly-good acting and some good songs, I would describe everything about this movie to be "mediocre" to "rage-inducingly terrible." I was expecting a sad, tearjerking drama with good performances--which, while I probably wouldn't have loved, is definitely something I can understand the appeal of--and instead received an overlong, nonsensical mess, with characters so uninteresting and one-dimensional that I felt more for the dog that showed up in two scenes than any of the main characters. The writing is bad, the characters are bad, and the things that push the plot forward are sometimes so stupid as to almost make me walk out. An early triumphant, and plot-critical moment, for Lady Gaga's character is quitting her job, which is apparently awful because 1) she has to take the trash out when it's her turn to take the trash out, and 2) her boss doesn't like her being late. This is not a simplification; these are the only things we are told about her job, and her quitting is shown as some huge victory for her.

Aside from all that, the thing I hated about this movie is that it's about Jack's (Bradley Cooper) fight with alcoholism, and the fact that his girlfriend might be getting famous, rather than Ally's (Lady Gaga) struggle to deal with him and everything else on her way to becoming famous. Her story is by a wide margin the more interesting one, and yet about 3/4 of the movie is about how Jack has a tough life because he drinks a lot. The actual impact on her life and her mental state are almost never discussed; even when (SPOILER) he crashes her Grammy acceptance speech and PISSES HIMSELF ON STAGE, this is shown as a low point for him, and how she had to deal with the fallout of that is never shown, and only mentioned offhand by her manager, who uses it to convince Jack to kill himself (also not a simplification). Putting the focus on him makes the movie way less interesting, and it was harder to understand why the two leads were ever together when her reasons for staying with him were never shown, explained, or even hinted at.

I have more to say, but I think that wraps it up nicely. This isn't just a movie that I didn't like, but can appreciate for what it is. This is a bad movie through-and-through, and the fact that this might win an Oscar makes me want to not watch critically-acclaimed movies anymore.

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Grindlewald Something Something Crimes Harry Potter - 2/5

It's pretty, has vague shades of what made the first one grow on me, and a handful of cool sequences (literally just the beginning and the ending), but practically everything in between felt like a mess. Jude Law is a pretty awesome young Dumbledore though, and the end really was genuinely kinda great. Not making any qualms about mirroring the contemporary rise of national populism in Europe atm, which was refreshing to see as I expected something... fluffier?

Grindlewald is interesting insofar as he's a manipulative villain, as opposed to just, you know, the Dark Lord type that we saw with Voldemort. Of course, they're both shades of the same thing, but then that's kinda the point; the snake that bites versus the snake that coils and slowly constricts. I dunno, I enjoyed the attempt, even if it's not ever really, well, let's just say Grindlewald's charisma and emotional appeals are kinda diminished by the fact that he just straight-up looks like an evil dude, so that's a problem. Would've been more interesting and disquieting if he were more nefariously measured throughout, rather than cartoonishly evil until the plot needed him to wax sympathetic.

So yeah, this movie wasn't great, but like the first one there are still some good elements. Maybe those elements aren't quite so redeeming this time around, but the series hasn't completely squandered my interest (yet).

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The Book of Henry - 2/5
'the movie about a genius son'

I didn't check the whole Trailer before checking the video, so it was a kind of surprising to me, and I don't know if I would check it otherwise.

The movie has something that keeps you stay focused, but anyway not the best movie I've seen lately.

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@strikealight: If you're looking for a good-bad movie, I'd still say steer clear. The moments I mentioned could fall into that category, but those are pretty much the only ones that would qualify, and that's about 10 minutes of a 2-hour-plus movie. It isn't like The Room, where every moment is surreal and terrible; the acting and direction is good enough that the bad writing and plot are just boring or irritating, depending on the scene.

Or maybe you just think it sounds like a genuinely good movie, in which case go ahead! I'm clearly in the minority here, so maybe you'll really like it. I personally thought it was worse (and less enjoyable) than the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which was at least mildly funny (albeit unintentionally).

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I feel like it gets forgotten thanks to a bunch of mediocre sequels, but after man Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is a really good movie. It had been a few years since I had watched it and I really enjoyed discovering it again. Just lots of fun. 4/5.

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@beachthunder: Finally someone else who loves this thing as much as me.

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I saw The Grinch recently.

I wasn't expecting much going in (My girlfriend wanted to see it) - but this movie was terrible. There was potential to explain the characters background here but it all just kinda wrapped up and got resolved suddenly. Plus The Grinch in this one isn't even that evil or shunned. He appears to make friends pretty easily and even has some already.

The Minions short that they showed before was better!

1/5 ?

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VENOM (2018) - 2/5 - It's bad, but it's watchably bad. Michelle Williams gives maybe the worst performance of her career. And I found it amusing that Tom Hardy did the whole being-controlled-by-another-entity-in-a-fight-with-a-bewildered-look-on-his-face thing, but his twin brother did it better and earlier in UPGRADE.

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Children of Men

Really interesting idea that left a lot of speculation in my mind. Clive Owen continues to be impossibly watchable, and I was left kinda moved at the scene where the army see the baby in that bombed out building, and everyone goes silent and lets them pass. That was a POWERFUL scene


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Here's a couple of movies that I've watched recently:

  • Una Mujer Fantastica: somber, thought provoking, highlights how minorities being treated 5/5
  • You Were Never Really Here: somber, brutal 5/5
  • BlacKKKlansman: As much as I want to like this Spike Lee's joint, it seems like it's trying to be comedy, but not quite landing it properly 3/5
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: I have Marvel fatigue, but enjoyed this immensely. 4/5
  • Mission Impossible - Fallout: Probably one of the best action movies this year, the twist can be seen from miles away though. 5/5
  • The Equalizer 2: I want to like this, considering that I like Denzel, and the first Equalizer. But this seems to be all over the place 2/5
  • Ready Player One: Reference, the movie. Can't get myself to be interested in it. 2/5
  • Venom: Weirdly enough, I actually enjoyed it as a dumb fun movie. 3/5
  • Mr. Roosevelt: The comedy doesn't really stick with me, I'm no prude, but there's too much screen time wasted for sex / nude scenes, that somehow could have been used for character development or something. 2/5
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Green Room - As good as everyone said it was, despite expecting a bit more from Stewart's villainous turn, but yeah....I dug it. I'm still not especially down with the reality Anton Yelchin is no longer with us though. Great actor, we lost far too early.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - Loved it. As far as the stories go 1>2>5>3>4>6. I need to go back and watch the last tale however, as it caught me off guard in a No Country sort of way.

Sweet Virginia - Not great. The biggest takeaway from the film...for me at least...was the guys that wrote it obviously have never been to Virginia as they portray my hometown as having some sort of legit rodeo circuit when in reality it's just one of those traveling deals that would set up shop in the local civic center for a few days every year.

Game Night - Pretty mediocre "comedic" rehash of David Fincher's The Game which doesn't let its premise cook long enough for it to be as rewarding as it could've been. If it wasn't for Jesse Plemon's creepy next door cop, it'd be a lost cause. Comedy is subjective, but damn....I only chuckled twice throughout, and both were in relation to a joke involving Tostitos being on sale....which is sad given it's R-rated and barely earns it with some f-bombs, an oral sex gag, and a gratuitous gun shot wound or two. If you're not going full bore, why sacrifice the box office take, especially for something as by the numbers as this?

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Den Skyldige (The Guilty):

Probably the best movie of 2018, and one of the best in the last decade that I've watched. Like Locke, this whole movie is mainly Asger Holme (Jakob Cedergren) conversing with several people thru police emergency line.

Just from dialogues, you feel the terror, the anger, becoming weak on your knees, and a plethora of emotions, that's almost like when you get a really bad news from a phone call from your closest ones. Which is essentially a hard feeling to recreate. 5/5

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The Phantom Thread 8.0/10- Beautiful movie, every shot has so much life in it. Daniel Day Lewis does a great job, but the main actress, his "lover" did a fantastic job with this one. It can be a sort of long or drawn out movie, but there is quite a lot of things to be uncovered on another watch through.

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Gangs of New York

An ambitious and riveting film. Daniel Day Lewis steals EVERY scene he's in, with some absolutely haunting acting as Bill the Butcher.

Really good shit, with a fantastic all star cast


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The Boy and the Beast – 3.5/5

I guess after some of the trailers I was expecting something more. It's an alright anime movie that doesn't seem to really delve deep into any one thing which is a little weird considering how long it is. Some beautiful backdrops but the central animation with it's almost complete lack of shading and detail felt a little simplistic compared to how intricate and lifelike everything else was, but I assume maybe that was the intent.

It's decent and has a few heartfelt moments but generally nothing to write home about.

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Ready Player One 2/5

A CGI spectacle that has some neat action moments that never really hits the mark in every other area.

Not exactly sure what the moral of the story is, as the ending leaves you feeling unclear what the purpose of what you saw.

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PADDINGTON 2 - 5/5 - AKA Paddington solves the prison system. I hope he goes to the White House in PADDINGTON 3.

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Blindspotting - 10/10 This years Manchester by the Sea mixed with some tight surreal moments. Definitely recommend if you're at all familiar with Daveed Diggs. This dude is definitely going places.

Searching - 8/10 Further proving that John Cho is one of the most under-utilized actors of his generation. Not to mention probably one of the most believable implementations of people interacting with computers in film. The ending could have been a little cleaner in execution but still highly recommend it.

Beautiful Boy - 8/10 Get ready to cry dude. Steve Carrel and Timothee Chalamet star as a father and son who struggle as their relationship rapidly deteriorates as the son's addiction to methamphetamine progresses from his high school to college years. I won't be surprised if this ends up winning some awards at the Oscars. The brightest star for me, however, was the soundtrack. Bowie, Nirvana, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Lennon.... I'm hoping that this gets a vinyl pressing.

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Joe Dirt

It was good for a few laughs. It was alright. 7/10

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Under the Silver Lake – 2/5

I once saw a show about how spiders build webs in space, in zero gravity - instead of concentric circles meeting in the middle they would be these chaotic weaves that criss-crossed at odd angle without any real structure or center. This perfectly describes the plot of Under the Silver Lake. An oddball movie that mixes comedy, noir, intrigue, gore and a whole lot of mystery, the numerous plot points intersect at odd moments only to never meet again and never lead to a defined point. It's all a bit of a fever dream, and considering how old everyones phones are in the film I wonder how long this one sat in the cans before it finally got released.

The one redeeming quality I found here, despite the honestly intriguing plot which sadly doesn't ever get anywhere, is the amazing representation of a mother-son relationship. This only comes up 2 or 3 times in the entire film and seems to serve little purpose, but the way they portray our protagonist just going about his life and suddenly getting a call from his mom where she lets him know that a great movie is on tonight, it just felt incredibly real and heartwarming. What helps is that no matter what state our lead is in, he always has time to be nice to his mother. I don't know, it was just something that stood out, a genuine real life moment in a film full of extremely stylized caricatures of human beings.

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Dead and Buried: Was caught completely off guard by how genuinely good this horror movie I never heard of from 1981 is. It's about a sheriff trying to solve a series of murders of random visitors who stumble upon this cozy New England town. Some great practical effects from Stan Winston and an incredible performance from Jack Albertson, who you might recognize as Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, playing the town's coroner/mortician. 4 out of 5

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I rather liked the first half or so. It's a completely bonkers space oddity, shamelessly indulgent and imaginative to a degree I haven't seen in a while. But then the actual plot kicks in and it becomes becomes a formulaic and predictable sci-fi mess with a scattered plot and mostly boring characters. In particular Dane DeHaan and Care Delivigne, who are supposed to be paramours, but come off as bickering siblings, constantly engaging in really cringy banter. It feels like Besson wanted to out-crazy his own The Fifth Element, but along the way forgot to inject the cheesy charm that made that movie work. Oh well, at least I got some nice visuals out of it.

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84 charing cross road. 5/5, I'm shouting at the top of my voice for everyone to take a look.

First I read the book, then discovered that Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins starred in the movie version (1987). It's weird and probably not for everyone, since all dialogue/voiceover is taken from correspondence letters between the two, a New York writer, and a London bookseller. But the story is still great, and acting/voice work really carries the emotions. Hopkins in this role may be the sexist man I've ever seen in movies.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 3/5

I'm not gonna try to rate each of the vignettes individually, but I will say that I enjoyed the last one the most. I am really into the concept of dumping a bunch of characters in a single confined space and watching how their personalities interact with one another. The other five stories didn't do a whole lot for me, really. I did appreciate the great cinematography throughout, though.

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 2/5

This movie just felt incredibly lazy to me. Six stories which don't connect to each other, non of which I found entertaining. It had it moments and the cinematography was fantastic but everything here just feels lazy and half arsed.