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I watched two movies last night,back to back,but I’ll mention one of them.

Baby Driver.

I don’t really know what to think of this movie. The first two acts of this movie were really good. It’s well-acted and the action scenes are really good.

Then the third act comes along. The third act is not very good. This great action movie then becomes a shitty cliched action movie. The main characters become superhuman and can mow down fourty cops and be bulletproof. Even in this movie’s reality where physics occasionally don’t apply,Jon Hamm not being dead or captured is incredibly ridiculous. Also,why is the old guy alive?Jamie Foxx is a trigger happy nut,who shot people for no reason. Does he or any of the other robbers have a policy against killing old people?We never see or hear about that.

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The World's End - I got bored, it was my least favourite of that "trilogy" of films

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Creed II 3/5 - despite not having seen the first movie (or any of the rocky movies preceding it) I thoroughly enjoyed this. I particular enjoyed how the movie explored the motivations of both fighters, as well the coaches in their corners.

The story was a little predictable but the performance by Michael B Jordan, as well as the chemistry he shared with the rest of the cast went a long way towards selling me on his emotional journey.

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Wreck It Ralph 2: Not a fan of this one. The movie deals with Ralph struggling with his friendship with Glitch. The movie has probably three or four lengthy scenes where the characters talk about toxic friendships and the result is that this feels more like a filler episode of a CW drama and less like an actual movie if that makes sense.

I feel like this is a bit of a running theme with Disney's newer movies where it feels like they're really beating you over the head with exposition for their themes. My nephew was bored, I felt pandered to, I'm not really sure who these movies are for anymore.

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The film Widows by Dir. Steve McQueen tells the story of widows having to plan and execute a heist. The plot is then set in motion when Crime Boss Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry) threatens Veronica Rawlings (Viola Davis) into paying back what her husband and crew stole. The title of the film is Widows, so you can kind of guess what happens to the husband in the movie.

Essentially, McQueen makes a high art action picture, but for some weird reason, I couldn’t get into it. The actresses Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki, and Cynthia Erivo all do a good job, yet I never felt a connection. I believe it is how scenes are played out and not acted. McQueen gives the women in the film power and character that most blockbusters/action films shy away from, but too bad it falls flat. One of the reasons I felt that way was because some of its plots move too quickly resulting in scenes not fully peaking. Essentially, there is drama happening on screen, but it is lacking the proper kick for it to work. It’s as if I missed out on scenes to make them function.

Take for example, when Tom Mulligan (Robert Duvall) gets in a heated argument with his son (Colin Farrell) on how to handle his politics. Clearly, there is bad blood between them and Farrell’s character is shown to have masculinity issues. Can he best his father? Can he win against his opponent (Jamal Manning) for Alderman? Again, all these things are presented on this scene, but you never truly feel these ideas, rather you simply know they’re happening. Also, Duvall phoned it in on that scene…

Still, the film is a looker. The aesthetic of the movie is fantastic. It conjures up imagery worthy of a Michael Mann film, which makes half of the film work, but the other half fall flat. It has twists and turns that seem very cartoonish next to the dramatic realism set in motion. In fact, I enjoyed the over-seriousness the film presents with its imagery and script (co-written by Gillian Flynn), but then the film does things that don’t mesh with what it’s setting up. These jarring moments are played out so straightforward that you’ll notice how flat the acting and out of place they are on the script. Believe me, it’s not good. And I know the plot, to begin with, is absurd, but McQueen did a good enough job to make me buy into that idea. He just didn’t pull through on the rest of the film which then pulls the curtain on the ridiculous plot.

I have yet to touch on the performance by Daniel Kaluuya. Great stuff. He is an enforcer and brother to the Crime Boss Manning and enforcing he does. He murders and belittles other characters so well I wish I could have seen the film from his perspective, if not, Jamal Munnings. Both characters intrigued me more than what eventually ended up being Widows.

Overall, I liked the aesthetic. The film looks expensive but lacks the energy of a great action film. It tends to feel as if you’re on neutral instead of driving 90 mph on a heist (I’m not asking for dumb bombs here rather intensity ala heist film classics). It has its moments which makes me wish it was better. Some of the dramatic scenes work and they do because of the actresses selling the moment.

My score 3/5

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@alias: Hot Fuzz was my weak link...

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@darkmoney52: I mostly felt the same way. I did however enjoy the slightly philosophical talk about difficulty in games the racer lady was having with her goons. The movie misses the mark a lot of the time but that and the 'Does Zangief Wax' jokes were pretty good.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald 3/5

I was a big fan of the first Fantastic Beasts movie, I have a lot of nostalgia for the Harry Potter Universe and I thought that was a fantastic (Ha!) re-entry into the Potterverse.

This movie however, was kind of a mess. There were a plethora of plot points that I either didn't get or just plain didn't make sense. Character motivations seemed needlessly complex and contrived. And Johnny Depps incredibly presence and look are both undermined by crappy writing (Particularly in his speech where he lists off a lot of cringe-worthy in universe jargon)

All that being said however, there are hints of a great Harry Potter movie in here. Jude Law kills it as Dumbledore, not only his performance, but seeing the character again in a slightly different light was heartwarming. When the movie isn't shoehorning characters into the plot and focusing on the greater threat of large, it's actually pretty good. Hopefully the next one isn't too afraid of letting particular tertiary characters fall to the side and focus on a pivotal story in Harry Potter lore.

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@shagge: what scene are we talking about here? I loved the first half of it but was so disappointed when it turned into standard horror schlock. I laughed a lot at Toni Collette during the back half of the film.

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@shagge: what scene are we talking about here? I loved the first half of it but was so disappointed when it turned into standard horror schlock. I laughed a lot at Toni Collette during the back half of the film.

The accident scene.

Yeah, I died laughing at Toni's facial expression during the ant dream sequence. I've never had a movie legitimately disturb me multiple times and also unintentionally make me crack up multiple times, often both in the same scene.

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Ralph Wrecks the Internet 9/10 Cute movie though the original is the best. And really explores the relationship between both Ralph and Vanellope there. And how they have to go from video game to internet there.

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Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse 10/10

This movie was a delight, and very quite possibly my favorite movie of the year. I have been a huge fan of Spider-man since I was a young child, and this movie is a amalgamation of all of the mythos wrapped into one incredibly entertaining film. I do not want to spoil this movie too much, so to summarize I will just describe this film as a vivid and clever take on the spider man lore and spins a refreshing new web, all the while holding together the traditions and tropes that make Spider-Man great. It also has Spider-Ham teaming up with Nicolas Cage.

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+1 for Spiderverse. The move has so much heart and style. Also easily the best post-credit scene of any superhero movie.

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Spider-Verse isn't just one of the best movies of the year--it's one of the best super-hero movies of all time.

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SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE - 5/5 - Just adding to the chorus of praise here. It's the best Spider-Man movie, and among the best superhero movies of all time. Amazing visuals, great story, and it has Nicolas Cage teaming up with Spider-Ham. What more do you need?

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I’ve recently tried to catch up on some movies I’ve missed out on which had me thinking 2018 was not that great a year, but then I saw Lynne Ramsey’s You Were Never Really Here. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as a troubled veteran Joe whose job is to be an enforcer (or cleaner of sorts). The film is straightforward in terms of plot as Joe (Phoenix) gets assigned a rescue mission and things unfold from there. The film shines due to the character work that Phoenix gets to do, with his subtle movements, facial expressions, and mannerism that add weight and depth to his character. In fact, the film wants us to know that these cleaners have a conscious.

As I said Phoenix performance is fantastic, but it wouldn’t be possible without Ramsey’s control of her camera. She also wrote the script, albeit few words are spoken, it’s worth noting because it’s her show. She is the brains behind this film. I emphasize control and I do so because some movies tend to have shots, scenes, and even sequences that leave you scratching your head for all the wrong reasons. With this film, nothing is left out of the table because it’s all meaningful. Ramsey and co. made a film that is 90 mins long and it’s all character. Every shot and moment matter.

I can’ finish this review without mentioning Johnny Greenwood's score. Greenwood has made a name for himself with Paul Thomas Anderson’s films (obviously Radiohead 😉), but he’s also carving out his film identity with Ramsey, previously working with her on We Need to Talk About Kevin. Here he furthers this bond by creating a moody score that attracts but leaves enough to wonder. Like the film’s protagonist, there is something twisted and troubled with the score. It’s a perfect match.

Ramsey directed a hell of a film which I recommend to everyone.


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Add me to the Spider-Verse is great chorus. It comes to grips with both the best and the dumbest parts of Spider-Man (and super heroes in general) with an earnest affection for the source material that makes the whole thing so endearing. Didn't do a lot with the additional Spider-People (and I could have seen a lot more of Spider-Man Noir) but that was probably for the best because it is a little more grounded with Peter, Gwen and Miles at the heart of it. Go watch it.

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Sorry to Bother You: 9/10 - Pretty weird, yet really good. Saw this was on Hulu and heard good things about it, I went in expecting a fairly straight forward comedy about anti capitalism. I want to say more but anything I can think of sounds like a spoiler. I will just say that I enjoyed the weird ass ride. It's worth a watch.

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Are bots seriously getting too smart? I did not know that this forum has bots

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@damenco said:

Are bots seriously getting too smart? I did not know that this forum has bots

Who is a bot? If I had to guess you're suggesting TheMEXzilla is the bot?

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@casepb: I think he is referring to the first post from quite some time ago.

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The House That Jack Built: I like movies about sociopath / psychopath, and this fits to that mold quite well. Matt Dillon spending time explaining why he did what he did, his emotions at the time, etc. The ending is kinda weird / forced, but the overall process of serial killing is elaborated nicely. 4 Lars von Triers out of 5

Sorry To Bother You: Uneven, there are parts that I find interesting in the first half, but then glazed over, up until the second half, which seems to be more interesting, but feels like a hard turn in plot rather than a smooth transition. 3.5 hooves out of 5.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Not that the competition was fierce this year for me personally, but this was easily the best movie I've seen in 2018. I'm also really glad that I went the extra effort to see this on the big screen, because both the visuals and sound really deserved to be seen in a theater. First movie since Fury Road that I've wanted to see again this quickly after the first viewing.

Now if only this would be bringing in the kind of money that Venom has done so far...

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Really liked it, easy contender for my favorite film of the year, and may be my second favorite of the franchise....but I'm probably gonna have to watch M:I III again to be sure.

Before viewing my ranking was... 1>3>4>5>2

I'm sure they'll make another, but this was kinda the perfect ending to the series wrapping up the underlying storyline of the last four films as well as the events last two, not to mention the nod to the original. If they do come back it would be nice to see some of the past team members return, even though I'm still bummed they killed off Josh Holloway's character. Dude should've had a huge film career after Lost.

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Mid90s - I just finished watching this, so I'm still riding high, and I really just loved this thing. I was very into skate culture when I was a teen in the 2000's, so a film about the time that influenced a thing I love was sure to hit me in at least a nostalgic level. But this film cares about its characters and where they come from that it does everything it can to make them feel alive and not just caricatures of a scene . Even when the characters fall into cliche roles they do so in an authentic feeling way. The soundtrack and score work amazingly well together. The main kid is able to carry a lot of emotion. I have some minor nitpicks about how telegraphed something is in the final act, but all the small character moments and stand out performances by the whole cast make up for any of the tiny quibbles. 5/5

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The Christmas Chronicles 3/5

An enjoyable enough light Christmas movie. Better than I expected.

Although, one really important thing I have to say about this movie is: there is an elf that straight-up flosses. Yep, this sure is a movie from 2018...

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - 5/5

Seriously one of the best animated movies I've seen. Kinda handily the best Spider-Man movie too. Used to always be Spider-Man 2 for me, and it's still up there, but hoo boy this movie is a doozy. Maybe even the best movie I've seen all year. The fuck else came out this year? I don't even know. Doesn't even matter. This movie was amazing. OH wait there was Infinity War.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this might be better. I did just see it so I'm still all hyped up buuuuuuuuuut this might be better. Did I mention it's fucking gorgeous? Because it's absolutely fucking gorgeous.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - 5/5

Possibly the best comic book movie ever. Comic book in motion with cool animation style and good voice cast as well.

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"The Gia" with Angelina Jolie. Jolie is just pretty there. The film is based on real events.

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Moon 5/5

Maybe not exactly as good as I remember, but I'd still give it 5. This really is my kinda movie.

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A Christmas Story - Several times off and on over the last week. Classic.

Ant-man & Wasp - Not bad, but not much going on.

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Tokyo Godfathers - 9/10

So so so very close to being the perfect Christmas movie. All the themes of miracles and outcasts finding their place and a baby being what sets it all into motion is so amazing. Of course the film is flawless from a technical stand point as it's Satoshi Kon. Unfortunately its 2003 Japan-ness is showing too much for me to recommend it to pretty much anyone but those who know what they're getting into with anime. The trans character of Hana, while miles better than most others I've seen in anime, still falls into some pretty bad tropes of her main trait being overbearingly motherly, being constantly misgendered, and having some very awful language being used against her by her friends. From what I understand some of this was made far worse by the subtitles than how it is in the original Japanese, but still. Also it has the anime staple of non consensual groping as a harmless joke which is always an eye roller at this point. I saw a posting on twitter that a theater somewhere was playing a "family friendly" version earlier this month, I really wish there was an official version of that which took out some of this stuff so I could feel comfortable sharing it with people like my parents at this time of year.

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Bird Box


I liked a little about it, and was puzzled by a number of choices. The movie felt like it could have been really cool, said more about the preciousness of life, motherhood, learning to love, to reject fear, etc.

It could have ended stronger. It felt like a lot of the decisions were in service of a book that was maybe able to explore the ideas the movie only glances at as it rows by?

I dunno. I thought it could have been cool, but it wound up being a bummer.

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@themexzilla: You Were Never Really There is easily one of my favorites this year.

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Mute 2/5

Okay, so imagine The Quiet Man, but without the gameplay.

Thankfully, you don't have to watch it twice to hear the dialogue.

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Sicario - Day of the Soldado - 2/5

Loved the first one and was hoping this would be a continuation of "war on drugs by way of special forces/anti-terrorism" and it just ended up being a mess. My wife and I both lost the plot of the movie completely at least twice, and even at the end it was messy.

Lacks the punch and "fish out of water" feeling that the original Sicario had. Brolin and Del Toro still really good though.

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@bmccann42: I liked both Sicario films. Great sense of tension throughout both films. My biggest gripe with the two films was actually the extreme naivity of the female lead and her agent pal. I thought the fish out of water aspect seemed too extreme to be plausible, especially considering her experience as the film opens.

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A poor man's Twilight. Flip the tables of a coming of age monster movie gem like Teen Wolf, add a sympathetic Liv Tyler with some ignorant hillbilly and douchebag teenager "bad boy" stereotypes with a lot of awkward silence and dash in events that leave you wondering what is going on, don't forget to ignore character motivation entirely for good measure. From start to finish the only reason I was watching was to get some answers, many of which I did not receive.

0/10 - Should be a good Mystery Science Theatre movie but otherwise don't waste your time.

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Aquaman 2.5/5

I went into this movie with high hopes, my expectations having a DC movie to match the quality of Wonder Woman.

This movie just didn’t do it for me. The visuals are probably the best area in this film, it excels at creating a beautiful world to look at. Atlantis is a vivid, almost lucid place that is thoroughly engaging to see. The designs of the characters, good guys and villlains, remain true to their source material.

The problem is the pacing of the story feels rushed at parts, and drags at others. At one point there are epic underwater sea battles, which are then transitioned by (I am not joking) a random Pitbull song accompanying Aquaman and Mera’s sudden Uncharted style adventure. Literally one scene ends with Aquaman and Mera escaping death, followed up by a blaring Pitbull cover of Toto’s Africa into a scene that closely resembles a Nathan Drake cutscene. It is absolutely mindbogging.There is also another story beat that plays out exactly like Antman & The Wasp involving a long lost relative. The story tries to hit emotional notes but it just falls flat. Even the character of Arthur Curry just feels so inconsistent. In prior movies he was a brooding, snarling bad ass, and suddenly in this film he has become a poor mans Star Lord. His quips, one liners and wise cracks are groan inducing cringe. It feels like 80s action hero schlock but doesn’t have the charm behind it.

I can honestly say this would be a pass at the movie theater and save some money and Redbox it when it comes out on Blu ray in 3 monthes, unless you are a hardcore Aquaman fan. In that case it does do some nice fan service in regards to the source material.

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Duel 4/5

My second time seeing this; it must have been well over a decade since I first saw it though. It's the first full-length movie from Spielberg, and, in my opinion, among his best.

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Just watched The Station Agent (2003). It stars Peter Dinklage as a train obsessed recluse who inherits an old train depot in the middle of nowhere in New Jersey (apparently there’s a middle of nowhere in NJ). This is the chillest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Its low stakes slice of life story is a panacea for the hellscape that life has been these past years. I love this movie, 5/5.

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Moon 5/5

Maybe not exactly as good as I remember, but I'd still give it 5. This really is my kinda movie.

I watched Moon after the Idle Thumbs guys recommended seeing, but they told me to watch with no trailers, no readups, absolutely going into it BLIND.

Fuck me it blew my head off. So good

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@sombre: Unsullied is the best way to watch any movie IMO.

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@nutter: Mine too. It really caught me off guard since I went in blind. I just saw Joaquin Phoenix and thought he looked cool. Little did I know that it would be a twisted psychological crime film by the director of We Need to Talk About Kevin, lol. Great stuff.

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3.5/5 (3.5 Cocktail-Shrimp Forks out of 5 Forks )

Fun...a bit silly...but maybe the most comic-book of the DCU movies we have seen - which is better than the drab dark stuff they push out. Aquaman is an underwater spectacle that wholeheartedly embraces its comic book roots. Is that what everyone wanted? Nope. But, was it a decent story that was told well enough? Yes, indeed it was campy fun. I think the biggest flaw was that I think the "find the McGuffin story should have come earlier in the story and they include a two more 'find the clues scenes" for them to find and work through during teh build of their relationship. Yes, that changes the story slightly, but I think the find the McGuffin story is what bring the "love interest" story forward. Its not that Jason Momoa and Amber Heard have the most chemistry , but what is there could have been enhanced.

Second, I'm sorry, as sexist as this sounds; I think Mera needed and outfit that was more comic-book sexy . But, hear me out...Aquaman/Momoa is playing a muscly duffus, right?! And, why would he start follow what they woman he just meet who wants him to follow her? He was a bit of a him-bo duffus, so Making her a bit sexier to lead him to where she want him makes more sense. The character they WANT Mera to be is a bit to straight-laced and a bit too prudish for this movie, because tht seems "more mature" and more "woke". Sexy female comic book character is low-brow tactic; but, campy and a bit low-brow is what this movie was going for, right? I think she needs to be more "Femme fatale" like Black Widow for the first 2/3 of the movie. Have her later show that they outfit is just as much a "tactical" outfit for how it looks as for how it protects. As regressive as it seems I think Mera needed to be like an OdysseusSiren...she appears sexier...ocean magic/mermaid song/etc.

Overall, I like what they did with Aquaman. I like that is is a bit blue-collar and a bit of a dumb him-bo. I like that they emphasize his strength and liking to get in a brawl. Five years ago, if they said Aquaman the general public would have thought, "Wimpy blond man who talks to fish." ..... Shhhh, nobody care what they last 40 years of comic-books were like! The general public has not ever registered that Aquaman comics still existed 5 years ago!!! The "IDEA" of Aquaman in the general public mind was still"1970s Justice League cartoon"; so, they needed a hard break with that imagery - they did that.

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Goodfellas- 4/5

Pretty good, but not great. I went in expecting one of the best films I've ever seen, and I left a little dejected. The first 50% was fantastic. Great development, INCREDIBLE use of the camera, and I mean like, 5 minutes on a single shot kind of good, and interesting characters. However, after he went to jail, I kinda fell off a little bit. It turned into your generic "oh he's a coke dealer" story, which kinda fell flat for me. The ending was nice, but I dunno, I didn't think it was as good as I was expecting.

Deniro stole ANY scene he was in though. I liked him a lot

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@sombre: I love how frantic and paranoid inducing the coke selling scenes are and never understood why when people want to find fault with Goodfellas they always bring up those scenes. The way they are shot still give me anxiety every time I go back and watch Goodfellas again.

I think the hate comes from the fun gangster times being pretty much over after the "Layla" dead body montage and it goes downhill fast for Henry. My theory is people want to see gangsters as noble criminals ala The Godfather who live by a code and not deal with the reality that they are an organization of dumb two-bit criminal scum that will turn on each other at the drop of a dime like in The Sopranos.

The Favourite: I don't really care for English period dramas but made an exception because this one was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos of Dog Tooth and Killing of a Sacred Deer fame. I loved it and it's easily the most accessible Yorgos movie plus Olivia Coleman is amazing as Queen Anne. Would not be shocked for her to win an Oscar for Best Actress and to see this movie win Best Picture. Third favorite movie of 2018 with my first still being Sorry to Bother You and second being Mandy. 5 out of 5

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So...I watched Venom. I have no real affinity for the character and only know about him through video games.

I enjoyed the movie, while recognizing it was uneven, at best.

I loved Tom Hardy (full disclosure, the guy is my favorite actor since prime Al Pacino...who I’d call the greatest english language actor of all time). I thought the whole buddy-action/horror-comedy vibe was great, but used too little.

There were moments of Tom Hardy losing his mind and some of his conversations with Venom that had me really wishing they just went full Evil Dead. I absolutely adored those moments.

Most of the movie was a comic book ass comic book movie, though. Not an offensively bad one, just a middling one.

I’m happy I watched it and it was a fine use of time to get a little Tom Hardy in. I feel he saved that movie from being a total waste of time. I just went the film went full in on what he was bringing to the table.

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Leave No Trace was much better than I expected. It manages to avoid every trope and cliche you'd expect a story of its ilk to fall victim to, even though the film's premise sounds like well-trodden territory. It doesn't overdramatize any aspects of the story nor characters, which is important considering the film's subject matter. The performances are very naturalistic, and the script is economical. It's definitely the best film I've seen last year, and at this point, I'm looking forward to whatever Debra Granik makes next.

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@nutter: I can totally see that, and I thought of it more as "law and order domestic policy" meets "foreign policy wild west" that always seems to be FBI versus CIA.

Both are great flicks, the second I found just kind of all over the place and seemed to end with Brolin's character probably being kicked out of the CIA (aptly based on what he had managed to do).