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Get Out 4/5

I thought "holy shit!" many times during this movie - especially the parts where the characters used Bing search...

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Leo the Lion 1/5

So, I decided to search the Internet for the worst movie on Netflix, and this came up. Maybe it is the worst, maybe not, but whatever the case - this movie is prettt-ty baaad. Look, just watch this:

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@wmoyer83: You forgot cheeseburgers and tacos.

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Avengers Endgame was pretty impressive. Considering this movie is SO damned broad, and has to appeal to basically everyone, it was pretty fucking incredible.

I enjoyed the hell out of most beats. Those that were kinda heavy-handed...hey, this movie is for 8 year olds, too.

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I saw Between Worlds on Netflix...

I don’t love it, but I can’t hate it. Imagine a totally bland and, frankly, pretty poor director attempting to make their own spin on Twin Peaks.

It’s far from a good movie, but GOD BLESS YOU NIC CAGE! The man takes something otherwise totally unwatchable and makes it fun.

There was one goof in the movie, that I won’t spoil, tied to a book called “Memories.” The movie was worth it for that crazy fucking scene alone.

Two thumbs sideways, way sideways!

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Us 4/5

After watching Get Out, I realised I needed to watch this too. I managed to catch the very last session of it at my local cinema. It doesn't feel as inspired or as interesting as Get Out, but it's still an above-average horror movie.

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Bird Box 5/5

The most I've enjoyed a movie in a long while. It could have been a little shorter, maybe, but otherwise, I loved the atmosphere and interplay between the characters.

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Some Guy Who Kills People - 4/5

Really enjoyed this. I didn't think they executed the switches between OTT horror-comedy and earnest heartfelt plot development very well, but both were enjoyable enough to let me look past that. It's not quite the movie I was expecting, but in a good way.

Buzzard Hollow Beef - 2/5

Welp. Should have started with this one, because it's the polar opposite of the first movie and worse in every way. The premise had me excited, as it sounded like a less comedic version of Tucker & Dale. And sure, it's kinda like that... I guess? I won't spoil the plot, but let's just say the twist was mildly amusing for a minute, then just stupid (They make the twist known way too early, too. And if you give it a moment of deductive reasoning, you'll have it figured out within ten minutes). I was fine with the bad acting and effects, since this is clearly a shoestring budget project, but by the time they completely ripped off (no pun intended) a scene from Poltergeist, I knew I was in for a dumb time. And nah, that wasn't homage, they just remade that scene with some slight changes and threw it in their movie. Ech, what a disappointment.

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Captain America:The First Avenger

I remember this film being a bit of a slog. After watching Endgame though, I wanted to relive Cap's arc and mainly revisit the key moments from the MCU thus far.

I was right. The film just crawls by. It tells a fairly decent story. It just takes so long to get there. The most exciting scenes are shown during a montage and I don't think Chris Evans has really gotten used to the character yet. It's so interesting to see how far the MCU has come. It's not a bad film. It just isn't as exciting as you really want it to be. 2/5

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I never got into pokemon but it was an ok movie. I saw it with two friends who were into pokemon as children and they liked it. It's kind of a kid's movie but adults will like it.

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James Cameron's "The Abyss".

Do you like space alien movies? What if I told you there was a space alien movie that was ALL UNDERWATER!!!

Haha, I like to think that was their elevator pitch for The Abyss. But this movie is really great, and holds up except for the pre-CG glowy alien puppets. (This is different than the actual CG water column face thing). Unfortunately they never released an HD version, so we're all stuck with the DVD version. (2 disc formats ago! Come ON!) Perhaps James Cameron is a control freak and would need to do a new Abyss release "his way".

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Great action. Takes a bit of time to start and finish, but it kinda turns into something that feels like a Shenmue movie, that then gets into hardcore action. Great time.

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Last week involved flying to the US and back, which means I watched some Quality Airplane Film Entertainment:

Holmes and Watson: I take back what I said about Quality Airplane Film Entertainment. There are bad movies, where nobody has the talent to make them good, there are bad movies that wrap all the way around to being good, and then there are movies like this where you have incredibly funny people who fail utterly to be funny in the slightest. Around ten minutes into this movie I felt like I should just turn it off and maybe open the plane door and plummet to the ground below, because death would have felt less joyless. None of the jokes land. None of them! There's a musical number at the end which might have been the only part I felt anything other than numbness for, and it was basically just me thinking about how Will Ferrell is really good at singing (remember that scene in Stranger than Fiction? I have a soft spot for that scene). If you've ever been curious as to what depression feels like, it feels like watching this movie. As a bonus, when I started watching it my airplane touch screen had glitched and selected the Japanese voice track instead of the English one, and I think it was better that way when I could at least imagine a good joke in there. 0 out of 5 serial masturbators. In fact, -5/5. In fact let's just pretend this movie never happened.

Venom: I am a big Tom Hardy fan, and I loved him in Locke, where he spent the entire movie in a car talking, so a movie where he once again spends a lot of time talking to himself is pretty good. The plot is uh, well, let's just say it's 'whatever' and leave it at that. Venom and Eddie are a good power couple, and I especially like the bits at the end where Venom keeps talking about how they're going to get their asses kicked. Also Woody Harrelson's wig at the end is... well, it's certainly a thing of beauty, in its own way. Maybe it was because I was so emotionally dead after the experience of Holmes and Watson, but this was fun. 3 out of 5 armless, legless torsos rolling down the street like a turd.

The Girl in the Spider's Web: I read, and then watched, the Millenium Trilogy a long time ago. I remember thinking it had a cool character in Lisbeth Salander, and a useless character in the form of the reporter guy who is, ostensibly, the main character that Lisbeth somewhat unconvincingly decides she wants to bang instead of her girlfriend? What if, the makers of this movie decided, we made Lisbeth even cooler by giving her even wilder haxx0r p0werz but also ramped up the uselessness of the reporter dude, who really didn't need to be in this movie at all? Also what if we included a scene where Lisbeth overcomes a bout of being poisoned by... crushing up heart pills and snorting them? Or something like that? They do a whole thing with Lisbeth's sister which felt undercooked, there's a whole thing with a CIA murder machine and I guess Lisbeth's other haxx0r business partner doing wild-ass sniping shit, there's some pretty enjoyable car chases, I think that's probably it. Make another one of these but leave the reporter guy out because I feel like there is no way you will ever convince me the blatant author wish-fulfillment surrogate will ever be cool. 2 out of 5 shots of a guy holding the delete key down on a computer for way too long

The Bourne Identity: This was the last of the movies I watched on the flight out, because I felt like watching it after The Girl in the Spider's Web reminded me of other, better techno-thrillers. The copy on the plan was in 4:3, but I endured because this movie is great and I fucking love it. I did a whole series of posts about all the Bourne movies earlier in this thread so I won't do much beyond say this film is still 5 out of 5 and I am unabashedly in love with Franka Potente in this movie.

Aquaman: The first of the films I watched on the flight back. This was... okay? For DC films that feels like high praise - Wonder Woman is still the only film that really excited me, but Jason Momoa is having fun, and Willem Dafoe is always a good laugh. I saw the twist with his mom coming a mile away but I still kind of ended up catching feelings at the end, if only because I am a sucker and also I think something about airplane travel makes you more emotional? Pretty sure that's a thing. They did some good punching, and Black Manta looked suitably Black Manta-y. 3 out of 5 tridents (seriously this is a trident-heavy movie)

Bad Times at the El Royale: I wanted this movie to be better than it ended up being. You got Jeff Daniels being the Dude, Jon Hamm being casually 1960s racist, and Cynthia Erivo putting up with it all. Plus Chris Hemsworth walks around with no shirt on and talks in a weird like, southern drawl mixed with surfer bro voice. All enjoyable things! But the way the movie wraps up feels a little too tidy, and after like the second or third DARK SECRET REVEALED it stops being particularly thrilling. Still, I guess I enjoyed it? Mostly? It was fine. 3 out of 5 concealed listening devices

No Country for Old Men: Much like The Girl in the Spider's Web reminding me The Bourne Identity was a good time, Bad Times at the El Royale reminded me that No Country for Old Men existed. I'm not sure there's a real theme or even throughline that tie the two films together beyond like, a really good cast and at least one menacing psycopath, and also dialog written by someone who felt very clever while they were writing it. The difference is that in No Country for Old Men the dialog never falls flat and the sound design is basically flawless. I could listen to floorboards creaking and boots crunching in gravel all fucking day, for real. Also like Bourne Identity the plane's copy of this was in 4:3, except this time the picture was also stretched out to fill the 16:9 screen so everyone looked like a fatter version of themselves. Still enjoyable. 5 out of 5 coin tosses.

As a bonus, I also ended up re-watching Wrath of Khan, Jurassic Park, and The Lost World. The first two in that list are 5 out of 5 films and I will not be convinced otherwise. The third film in that list is probably a solid 4 out of 5, even if the ending is kind of shit (and gymnastics vs velociraptors is just... so very dumb, even if they do actually take the two seconds to set it up at the beginning of the movie). But come on! Two T-Rexes! A guy gets ripped in half! They go into the tall grass even though they really, really shouldn't do that!

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The Killing Room 2/5

I really wish I liked this movie a lot more than I did. I'm generally super into these kind of movies (i.e. movies where a bunch of people are trapped in a room), but this just really didn't do it for me.

Also, probably one of the most underwhelming implementations of Peter Stormare

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My choice is "Avengers Endgame" 4/5

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SHADOW 2.5/5 (like a yin yang)

As a longtime fan of HERO (5/5) and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS (4.5/5) I was very disappointed in Zhang Yimou's latest. Trailers misled me to believe this was another of the director's fantastical wire fu movies only darker, however it's actually 80% talky yet well-acted morality play about duality with 20% martial arts at best. The first 30 min felt like an hour because it's non-stop exposition in a throne room, bedroom, or cave. When the plot finally gets going, gone are the choreography and athleticism of a Jet Li, Donnie Yen or Zhang Ziyi, and in their place are sporadic bursts of Zack Snyder speed-up/slow-down action.

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Bumblebee - 4/5
This is pretty much all Transformers movies should have been like from the very start. To say 'this is the best out all of the Transformers movies' is an understatement. The key element is Bumblebee is driven by it characters, not by actions or special effects. But, even interms of graphics and action this is the FIRST Transformers movie where you can see what they hell is happening on screen and give a dman. Is it perfect? nope....that why it does not get a 5 out of 5. It a very conventional E.T type story, but it is well told and the characters are likeable and have arcs.

Blade Runner: 2049 - 3/5
Ist an okay film. I think it captures the feel and spirit of the film - there is a deeper meaning of symbology behind all characters. With that said, I don't like Gosling onscreen...teh dude is already too robotc without playing a robot. And, Harrison Ford has given up, and all of hollywood know it. Still the story itself was good, the visuals has just enough serial post-apokalypse to make ist an extension of the first film, and in the end it was fine.

Avengers Endgame - 3.5/5
Endgame is a solid conclusion to the twenty+ movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This finale was always going to have to do more than just tell it own story, it was going to have to end all the other stories; and ist does that very hard teast very well. I would watch this movies again, just turn right around and buy another ticket to see ist, that si something I couldn't say since 1983. What is a little shocking is if you think of "conclusions" of series, is that this one works. Star Wars or Lord of the Rings...meh, they always bungle it. Aliens...they always bungle it....they Ridley Scott just tears it apart then shits on it. Lost, Battlestar Galactica...Game of Thrones...they REALLY always bungle it. So, this damn fim is a miracle!!!

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John Wick Chapter 3 was as great as the other 2 films in the series!

Giving it a 9 out of 10 just for the potential that they do something really bonkers with the lore and the action. The one shots action scenes and the flow of the whole deal brings to light this part of cinema that allows for good hard story telling with a lovely twisting together of action, emotion, humor, and lines.

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I heard good things about the action flick Close, on Netflix.

It started okay enough. It had some promise. I fell asleep about 40 minutes in out of boredom...it was no later than 7:00pm.

No, sir, I didn’t like it.

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Mission: Impossible 2

Dan would love this movie. Its John Woo so stuff like "plot" and "coherent story" isn't exactly a priority. It's fine for what it is, but this couldn't be more different in tone, style, EVERYTHING from the first one.

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Man I really liked that movie

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Await Further Instructions 2/5

I think I would really enjoy a movie that had this general premise...this movie though, not so much. The acting gets pretty goofy in parts and the characters are mostly one-dimensional and it just gets worse and worse as the movie progresses.

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Rented Overlord.

I enjoyed my time with it, but it’s nothing I’ll probably watch or think about again. Decent enough movie to watch with my wife, but nothing that’ll stay with me.

3/5-ass 3/5 movie.

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Saw the new Godzilla. It's an incredibly dumb movie with some awful writing, some of the worst I've seen in a big budget movie, but I had a fucking blast. I'd highly recommend it, just realize that it's not going for the same thing as 2014 (which was already tonally messy) or Shin or any of the more serious ones. It's a Heisei Godzilla movie but they dumped millions of dollars into making the monsters look good, and they look damn good, they're easily the best giant monsters in movies, and they all have significant screentime.

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Finally watched Valerian, turned out even worse than I thought it would be. Looks fantastic but is utterly soulless. Performances rank from bad to painful, Sam Spruell being the only actor putting in some acceptable work.

I would say Luc Besson has lost it between this and Lucy but looking at his body of work he has barely had anything going for two decades now.


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Godzilla: King of the Monsters: The first thing that we should probably put out on the table before we get started is that Godzilla, and the whole kaiju film genre in general, have a real special place in my heart. So any movie that doesn't only promise me more Godzilla but adds the promise of King Ghidorah (take me to your leader) throwing down as well and like... I'm going to probably have a good time regardless. Add in Mothra, my favorite giant moth with vaguely undefined psychic powers and Rodan (who I guess exists, he's alright) and there's no way I don't spend most of the movie trying not to weep openly at its beauty.

Which is kind of what I did. Millie Bobbie Brown deserved a better plot, but Charles Dance is a dude who knows how to chew some scenery (but doesn't, apart from once or twice) and he seems to be having a good time. The other actors are also there, and do fine I guess. I didn't mention Ken Watanabe just now because he's to good for you, me, and everyone else in this fucking movie. Just give me a movie where Watanabe and Godzilla hang out for two hours and I'll watch that too.

The plot has something to do with climate change, I guess? Godzilla is there to fight climate change, I think, and there's a lot of kaiju (sorry, Titans) who are there to help/hinder depending on what Ghidorah's up to. You get to see some real cool shit, like Godzilla going all SSGSS on Ghidora's ass Also there's a bit where he rips one of Ghidorah's heads off. It's tremendous, and who cares that a lot of the plot doesn't make sense when you have all these kaiju whaling on each other?

Special shouts out go to the soundtrack, which deploys the O.G Godzilla theme in a couple moments that did, in fact, cause me to nearly break down crying - and that's without adding a surprise use of Mothra's theme! It was real goddamn good, and that cover of Godzilla during the credits from the System of a Down guy is pretty fucking rad to boot.

Anyway, this is way better than those god-awful anime films that released last year/this year.

Hopeless Fanboy Rating: 3 dragon heads out of 3

More Realistic Rating: 3 Ken Watanabe's out of 5

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Bad Times at the El Royale: I wanted this movie to be better than it ended up being. You got Jeff Daniels being the Dude, Jon Hamm being casually 1960s racist, and Cynthia Erivo putting up with it all. Plus Chris Hemsworth walks around with no shirt on and talks in a weird like, southern drawl mixed with surfer bro voice. All enjoyable things! But the way the movie wraps up feels a little too tidy, and after like the second or third DARK SECRET REVEALED it stops being particularly thrilling. Still, I guess I enjoyed it? Mostly? It was fine. 3 out of 5 concealed listening devices

I really enjoyed this movie. It has styyyyyle for days, and was interesting enough throughout to keep up the tension. Jeff Bridges was way more than just the Dude in this, IMO. I won't spoil too much for those who haven't seen it, but there's a lot more than meets the eye to his character and I particularly enjoyed his scenes with Cynthia Erivo, whose voice never gets old. Bad Times at the El Royale felt like a good Tarantino movie to me. Highly recommend.


Man I really liked that movie

I liked most of this film a whole lot. The first half to three-quarters of it is a shockingly great WWII film. The cinematography is terrific, it's really intense, and they do a great job building up the spectre of the experimentation. Sadly, it becomes a bit of a letdown when they actually get there and it turns into a fairly ridiculous nazi zombie movie. It cheapened some of the movie's earlier excellence for me, but I still quite liked the movie overall. As an aside, Wyatt Russell needs to be in more things. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in so far.

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters

There was lots of noise on the press cycle about King of the Monsters being a film "for the fans, by the fans." When you're in front of this thing and seeing the reverence with which it presents Rodan bursting forth from the mouth of a volcano or the roving, whirling, cyclonic cataclysm that is King Ghidorah, that fandom is hard to miss.

Sometimes that fandom really works (Bear McCreary's tremendous, nostalgic score is one of the film's out-and-out highlights). Unfortunately, that fandom gives me pangs of Gareth Edwards' Star Wars: Rogue One, which juxtaposed truly memorable cinematography with uncomfortable, trite, stifling callbacks to famous and not-so-famous moments from the rest of the saga. (Spoiler Alert: There is a Mothra Twins reveal so abrupt in its delivery and so barely relevant to the stakes of the film that it felt like a mistake left over from an edited version of the script.) The movie obsesses over easter eggs, fawns over its own opportunities to namedrop pieces of Godzilla lore.

There is an "Oxygen Destroyer" in the film, for instance, sharing a name with the legendary invention that disintegrated Godzilla in his 1954 debut. But this is no Chekhov's Gun, no third act conclusion. It's a one-off, introduced and used and ignored within a span of three minutes. The whole film is a viewing gallery of these references.

I think the movie understands its marquee figures extremely well, but the ongoing struggle with tentpole Godzilla films is striking the balance between monsters that don't feel laughable and human characters that don't feel altogether perfunctory. Especially as the Monsterverse further preoccupies itself with the rising conflicts between walking mountains (literally, in this case), the human elements feel less and less like a justifiable narrative driving force. It isn't just a struggle for King of the Monsters to give its characters something to do, it's a struggle to give them something to fight for.

There is a glimpse of a meaningful B-plot between our main cast of characters. A family of kaiju scientists sundered by a Godzilla-shaped tragedy. The mother blames the father, the father blames himself, the daughter is just looking for a parent to trust. The main plot circles a device, one to control monsters with communication. Yet it becomes clear that communication is the very thing missing from the family's chemistry, the withered glue too compromised to hold anything together.

By the third act of the movie, those emotional stakes are abandoned, perhaps predictably, for a slapstick effort to lure the most destructive force the world has ever seen to one of the most populous cities in the United States. Washington D.C. is reduced to a dust plain. The film accepts this almost as afterthought. It's often barely clear why things are happening. Underneath the colossal weight of two (or four) enormous monsters slamming each other through buildings, it's probably the case that it doesn't matter.

But it should.

The monsters are beautifully shot and Bear McCreary has made one of my favorite scores in recent summer blockbuster memory. I will enjoy fast-forwarding through to the monster fight scenes when King of the Monsters makes its way to home video.

I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. But only just barely.

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Alien Covenant - 4/5

I thought it was great! Don't remember what the hate was about, but I really liked all of the David stuff in this (which was kind of a big part). I also quite liked Prometheus, and liked it more as time passed, so.

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I watched Triple Frontier on Netflix last night. A great cast and some great acting can't save this movie.

The premise: former Special Forces soldiers have trouble adapting to life outside of the service. And also have no money? For some reason? Ben Affleck's character is a captain who was medically retired. That means he's either drawing a captain's pension (in which case, cry me a fucking river) or he's drawing a significant VA disability check. He can't afford a new truck. He can't afford bills. He can't afford to send his daughter to college. This last one is especially weird. I guess no one told him that he can just transfer his GI Bill benefit to his daughter?

The team gets back together. They rob and murder a cartel drug lord. They steal tens of millions of dollars. Most of the movie is them trying to get the money out of the country. Pathos and drama ensue.

While the premise is dumb as shit, at least they have good trigger discipline and the guns don't make a sound every time they aim at somebody. And there's no scene with a sniper using a laser pointer. I hate that bullshit.

It ends up being a low-action heist movie that thinks it's deep with an ultimately cliché ending. 2/5 stars, mostly for the acting.

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 4/5

I finally ended up watching this. He totally says the line! And the other line, too!

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Halloween 2018 2/5

After watching this on the weekend, I'm sitting here now still determining why this movie exists beyond fan-service-y callbacks. More gruesome than scary, the 'true sequel' to the original Halloween is held together by Jamie Lee Curtis, who's oddly absent for too much of the run time. The filmmakers also tried to Jordan Peelify the proceedings, adding humor with mixed results.

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I watched and liked "At Eternity's Gate" about Vincent Van Gogh. It's not totally an autobiographical movie but it is made for you to feel like how Van Gogh might have felt

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8/10 stars

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Bad Ben.

Decent found footage horror movie about a guy trying to flip a house with spooky shit going on, the hook with this one being there's only one guy in the whole movie. He actually does a pretty job acting even if the movie itself isn't so great. 3/5.

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#5737 Posted by billmcneal (1266 posts) -

@theht: I also liked Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 4/5

I was into this a lot more than I was anticipating. There's some real good food/weather effects in this. Also, they made sure to put the macaroni-headed guy that freaked the shit out of me as a kid is this.

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The Curse of La Llonora: 7.8

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Pet 2/5

I suppose I appreciate this on a conceptual level?

But also...err...?

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I dunno, I feel like Jordan Peele directs very well, but the movies are kinda...listless? Get Out went places, and was cool. It was also nice to see the film call out...I dunno, “friendly” racism? Us was well constructed, but laid it on kinda thick. Whether it was the text that opened the film, the CHUD VHS, or just the themes of privilege, two-Americas, etc. I think his stuff would be way cooler shorter form, actually.

The Proposition

Great western. Fantastic acting. Beautifully shot landscapes and a score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (featuring at least one great Dirty Three song). I loved it.

Fyre & Fyre Fraud

I watched the Netflix doc followed by the Hulu one. Even the two documentaries are financed by different folks with different endgames. One was produced by Vice and fuckjerry (one of the players in the disaster). The other (Hulu’s) has a former fuckjerry guy pointing at least some blame at fuckjerry. Weird all around, but worth a watch just to see the delusion from organizers and kids parting ways with 4-5 figures to go to a party because some Internet personality got paid to post an orange box.

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Yesterday 4/5

I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but this movie was pretty enjoyable nonetheless. Kate McKinnon steals the show as an amusingly horrible music manager and provides some good laughs. There are good small comedic roles from the actors playing the main character's parents and Joel Fry as his endearingly candid fuckup of a best friend. Lily James is rather enchanting and carries what otherwise wouldn't have been a very believable romance. The covers of the Beatles songs were solid, but Himesh Patel is a bit too one-note (pun intended) as a character in the film. They also re-used one particular gag too much in the movie. Still, I liked it overall. It's a good date movie that's sweet and charming, with enough substance and humor to not feel too saccharine.

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Batman Vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This was a fun crossover animated feature. The only issue was the tone of the movie was all over the place. At some points it’s tongue in cheek fun, and others it’s kind of shockingly violent and bloody. The plot is kind of thin, basically Shredder and the Foot Clan team up with Ras Al Ghul and the League of Assassins for reasons, and they get some of Batman’s Rogues gallery involved in their shenanigans. Throw in mutant ooze and Jokers serum, and add Batgirl and Damien Wayne and this is what you get. The voice acting is good (I could have sworn Baxter Stockman was voiced by Jeff Goldblum) and the animation is excellent. I may be biased because these are my absolute two favorite IPs as a child teaming up, but I really enjoyed this film. It does have a cliffhanger twist at the end opening up the possibility for a sequel. Fingers crossed it gets made because I would like to see more of the Bat Family and Turtle Boys joining forces for a second outing. Also, seeing Shredder fight Batman is bad ass.

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The Avengers: Endgame. 8/10. It was really good, but expected. But I just wanted them to surprise me..

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@wmoyer83: I've only seen some clips but the Batman vs Shredder fight is pretty great. Though (as an 80s child) it is weird to see Shredder be an actual threat. So, does the action keep at that kind of level?

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Netflix's Polar: 2/5 They tried really really hard to make John Wick with Mads Mikkelson but without understanding what makes John Wick good. Also He shoots his own fucking dog -_-

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I would say so, the second and third act really ramp up the turtle ooze shenanigans, but overall the actions stays at a high tempo.

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The Purge 3/5

The premise is fantastic with an incredible amount of potential, but the implications of 12 hours where everything is legal aren't really explored as much as I would have liked.

Having said that, yeah, I'm well aware that there's a bunch of sequels. So, maybe I should check those out at some point??

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Spider-Man: Far From Home – 3.5/5

I liked Homecoming a lot more. Weirdly enough I think the absence of NYC is a big part of this movie feeling off. The enemies that Spider-Man faces for the first half of the film are uninteresting and also somewhat mismatched for his power set. How can he web up a giant water monster or a big fire thing? He can't and literally spends half the film holding up rubble while others do the fighting around him. The second half of the film is where things really kick off with one truly spectacular sequence straight out of the pages of a comic book. They really nail it.

I liked the teen drama aspect of it still. The nervous and awkward chemistry between Peter and MJ is really great and authentic cause yah this is how two socially inept teens would probably go about trying to say they like each other. Tom Holland continues to do a great job at playing a young Spider-Man that makes a lot of mistakes and very clearly is often in over his head.

One thing I'm worried about is that they are trying to bring Spider-Man into the Avengers universe and thats just not where his character shines. Much like Ant-Man I enjoyed the smaller scale of things in the first spidey flick. No saving the entire world from an omnipotent being but this teenage kid trying to take on a disgruntled scrap dealer with an exo-skeleton. Piece of cake for older and more experienced spidey, but a challenge for this up-and-coming kid.

Anyway yah, decent fun but kind of drags the first half too long before the real cards are revealed.

Too Old to Die Young 2/5

Newest show from Refn of Drive and Only God Forgives fame. Starts promising and then meanders to an ending that isn't an ending. Parts of it are shot really well and parts are excruciating in how boring and too-art-house it is. Anyone who ever calls Kojima over-indulgent should be forced to watch Episode 2 of this show at least twice.

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Terrifier - 4/5

I might have done this one here before, but fuck it, watched it again. Still a fantastic grindhouse-ass splatter flick where nothing matters but the gore and the villain's awesomely bizarre performance. If it had better acting from everyone besides Art and an ending that made more sense, it would be 5/5 easily. Can't wait for the sequel.

Brightburn - 3/5 as a quality movie, but 4/5 as a cool idea done in a cool way

I loved the movie Super, from James Gunn's pre-Disney days. So the idea of "Super, but more serious and also pretty much about evil Superman but legally distinct from Superman but we all know it's Superman wink wink" with ol' Jimmy Gunn producing? YES. And as far as horrifying and deeply hard to watch graphic violence goes, they nailed it in a... ahem... jaw-dropping fashion. (seriously, give the foley team a job at Netherrealm, because JESUS that was rough to listen to at times)

I also thought the kid playing Not-Superman did an awesome job being both lovable and horrifying, and the build-up in his character was extremely compelling.

All the good stuff aside, it was so corny overall. It plays out pretty much exactly how you'd expect with zero surprises other than the brutality, and when they try to tug at the heartstrings it doesn't really work. But my god, man, that imagery is going to stick with me (a pretty jaded gorehound) for a long time, just like Super, and I can't hate on a horror movie that can still disturb me.