Rate the last movie you watched.

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Discovered Letterboxd and forgot this thread existed.

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Not a big fan but definitely better than the Andrew Garfield movies and Spider-Man 3. Just seemed like a huge step backwards after Into the Spider-Verse and even the story from the PS4 game. To say something positive, I loved Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio and Zendaya is a great Mary Jane. 2 Goobers out of 5

Midsommar - This is going to be a decisive film that you're absolutely going to hate or adore with very little middle ground. I loved it and while it's not downright terrifying it gives you a sense of overall foreboding and dread through out the entire movie. It's like someone filmed a 2 and 1/2 hour long panic attack and I mean that as a compliment. 4 hey it's that dude from The Good Place out of 5

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The Thing 3/5

A reasonably enjoyable sci-fi horror movie with some goofy-looking 80s effects. I guess I was expecting more though...

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Game Night- It was fine.

Spiderman: Far From Home- Zendaya is a great MJ and Mysterio was straight off the pages.

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Midsommar - 666/5

Hereditary was flippin' good, this was also flippin' good, and Ari Aster is insanely talented for how young he is in his career.

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The Blair Witch Project. I think I saw it when it was new, but didn't really remember much of it. Anyway, despite the genre having been done to death in recent years, I still think this one works. 4/5

Made me pretty interested in watching both sequels.

Also just watched The Last Broadcast from 1998, which tends to be credited as the first found footage horror movies. It had its moments, but over all was just decent with a very terrible ending. 2/5

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Finally watched Into the Spiderverse and - shocker - it's fantastic. I think there are some elements that just don't work for me because of my age (the porky pig and anime characters, mostly), but man, that movie's got all the heart.

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Us 5/5

Great cinematography. I also really appreciate when media manages to build a massive world without saying a whole lot and I think this really delivers on that front. I also think Peele is able to draw tension from scenes incredibly well and never relies on a jump scare. For example, the scene where the daughter is running from her clone and hides behind the car, there are like 4 moments where most horror directors would've resorted to a jump scare whereas Peele just lets the tension explode.

I think overall Get Out is the more 'fun' film to watch as the third act is a more satisfying romp, but Us is still great and has me wanting to go back and watch it multiple times.

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@humanity said:

Too Old to Die Young 2/5

Newest show from Refn of Drive and Only God Forgives fame. Starts promising and then meanders to an ending that isn't an ending. Parts of it are shot really well and parts are excruciating in how boring and too-art-house it is. Anyone who ever calls Kojima over-indulgent should be forced to watch Episode 2 of this show at least twice.

I just started watching this out of sheer curiosity, and holy fuck. I wrote down my less-than-sober thoughts while watching the first episode and they're kinda great. I might have to dedicate a thread to this show. It is genuinely terrible, but fascinating nonetheless and I want to see more of it.

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@notnert427: I think that parts of it are genuinely great. The story also had me hooked in seeing where it will go. But man every episode has the camera slowly panning from left to right then back left again as synths blast over the ever present bluish-purple lighting. It’s artsy as fuck and sometimes that’s cool but more often than not it’s not doing the show any favors.

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@humanity: My god episode 2 is a fucking chore. If you were to take a drink for every slow pan, you'd be dead by the end. If you made a rule that you had to keep drinking during every slow pan, you'd be dead in ten minutes.

If you took a shot every time someone said Pele, you'd die in forty.

I really like Wending Refn but maybe TV was not a good fit for him.

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@ford_dent: It is the worst episode of that entire series and the one that has the least impact. You would think that with the amount of time they dedicate to that story in episode 2 it would be building towards something, but it really doesn't. The later episodes are much better although still full of filler shots.

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Re-Animator 3/5

This was pretty bad and stupid...but also goofy and fun.

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@humanity: @ford_dent: Episode (ahem, Volume) 2 was both the best and worst of Refn. The slow-pans are indeed awful, but that's been a major issue with every one of these so far. I will say that from a purely visual standpoint, I actually dug this episode because the Mexico setting forced Refn out of his neon comfort zone. There was still plenty of styyylllle happening (all the red), but it worked better for me here. I also laughed hysterically at the ridiculous scene where the camera pans slowly across open desert to a lady walking through the middle of scorched nothingness in leather pants. Great stuff there.

However, story-wise, this one and the show on the whole continues to be very lacking, and the subject matter leans way too heavily on disturbing elements. I got to "Volume 5" and actually had to turn it off. It stopped being ridiculous in fun ways and instead just became hard to watch. I wrote down a shitload of comments/notes on the show up to this point, and I'll post them and power through the rest of Too Old to Die Young if people want to discuss it, but I'm at a point right now where I'm not sure if I want to keep watching it. Y'all let me know.

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Holmes & Watson


I know this film got skewered but I have watched a lot of the Will Ferrell/Adam McKay/John C Reilly collabs and this one was not the worst. As a spoof on the Downey Jr/Jude Law films I found it to be quite funny. It had a few laugh out loud moments for me, and I chuckled throughout the film. Maybe this would have been better as a Netflix release? I don’t think really any of the Ferrell/Reilly comedies do well critically or commercially when they are released in theaters but later go on to become cult comedy classics. I feel like this one will be no different. If you liked Walk Hard, Step Brothers, MacGruber, Talladega Nights, I would find it surprising not to get some enjoyment out of red boxing this film. It’s a stupid film with some genuinely funny moments.

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Triple Threat

Meh. Great action cast, but the movie was okay at best. Kinda a throwback to dumb action films with a few solid action scenes. Less than the sum of its parts.

15:17 to Paris

Sub-meh. Felt like a Lifetime movie.

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Alita Battle Angel - 3/5

Came out for streaming and I got around to it finally. For better and worse I am baggaged with the knowledge of the source material that I had watched and read as a teen ages ago. The live adaption actually does an admirable job of following the general plot of the OVA and elements from the first few books of the manga. Some of the shots look like they were taken directly from the pages of the comic. What brought this movie down for me was the writing and acting - the former very much influencing the latter. Waltz plays his typical self but without the clever dialog from Tarantinos flicks he seems lifeless. Similarly the remaining cast, of which some are greatly talented Oscar winners, flounder in a story of all too familiar archetypes.

What doesn’t help is the absolutely baffling choice to CGI the face of Alita which is a constant distraction in any scene she’s in (so basically 99% of the movie). I understand the intent to honor manga and anime with the stylized large eyes, but someone should have pulled Cameron to the side and let him know that just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD.

The action scenes were great and rollerball was especially a treat. They even had some high profile aggressive inline skaters to do some of the street skating parts. I wasn’t even bother by how unrealistically the plot advances forward because so much of it was true to the original, but the lackluster writing and Salazar’s weird computer face kept pulling me out of the experience. That said, I would be interested to see a sequel where they can maybe not do the eyes thing.

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Isle of Dogs: hard hard HARD 4/5

I'm neither the most rabid fan of animation or Wes Anderson, but wow does he commit to his ideas and execute everything fully. This movie feels like both a short-and-sweet cliche story (literally "a boy and his dog", plus some other dogs) and an alternate-universe epic. As always with his stuff, the screenplay and performances are all fantastic. It's humorous and hilarious, zany as all hell, and (for me, at least) intensely emotional.

My main issue with Anderson's films, though, is that I still can't quite feel like they become personal classics (aka 5/5). Same issue here as with Grand Budapest Hotel; I love the movie and all it's parts, but his style sort of keeps me at arm's length somehow, and it's hard to pinpoint what exactly causes me to feel that way. Which is a shame, but nevertheless I'll keep watching whatever he makes because he's so masterful.

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Crawl: Just a really solid horror movie about killer alligators and hurricanes. Added bonus it's only 87 minutes!

4 Sugar is an adorable doggy out of 5

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John wick 3


Honestly my favorite action movie I’ve ever seen. The fights are so fluid, the cinematography is great, and the story is just plain fun. They pay off every fight scene with exactly what I was hoping for as they set the scene. I haven’t stopped thinking about this movie since I left the theater yesterday afternoon. I loved 1&2, and already felt that 2 was a pretty big step up in most areas besides story, but now feel that this is exponentially better than the first two combined.

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Ikarie XB-1: 3.5/5

Saw this at a tiny, classic-oriented movie theater. It's often cited as a comparable film to 2001: A Space Odyssey, mostly due to a robotic voice system that can control the ship the astronauts are on. It was a very solid movie. Some cool effects and shots for the time (1963). Naturally a lot of it has been done many times over since then, arguably to greater effect, but it was cool to see it all in an old Czech film.

Tossing this on here, too, because I saw it twice recently:

Midsommar: 4.5/5

I loved this one. Saw it alone on opening night and walked away in a somewhat depressed daze (in a good way?). Saw it a week later with a close friend and my girlfriend and had a totally different experience--the jokes made way more people laugh and the experience was just generally more jovial. Both times I thought the length felt perfect despite the 2 and a half hour runtime. Great film! Would recommend it.

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Circus Kane: 2/5

This looked bad from the start, but I was curious. Sure enough, it was awful... BUT I'd recommend it to the more dedicated horror folk any day. The acting was painful, the characters were annoying as hell, the writing felt like a first draft written in an afternoon... yet there's a sense of fun behind it all, the gore is really well done for a Troma-level budget project, and the ending is actually kinda clever (for a movie like this). But yeah, as much fun as I had with it, it was still awful. Like a B-tier Full Moon production, if that puts it into perspective.

The Witch In The Window: 4.5/5

There's not much to this movie, but it's such a different take on a haunted house story that I loved every bit of it. I really hope more people see it, as I never hear anyone talk about it, and it deserves at least a cult fandom. Not particularly scary, but there are a few mindfuck moments that are extremely effective. Also, the "annoying kid" character is bearable, which is a feat in and of itself. You actually start to care about the guy as the plot moves along. I have my problems with the ending, but nothing ruinous.


Also watched Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich again last night, and it struck me as far more farcical and less uncomfortable this time around. Still in amazingly bad taste (in that gleeful horror movie way), but dammit, a baby Hitler doll crawls into a man's ribcage from behind and turns him into a puppet, and that shit is worth seeing many times over.

Also, if anyone else here has seen this: The main character duo is basically Dante and Randal from Clerks, right? It just struck me that these characters are totally those characters.

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@tchunx said:

My main issue with Anderson's films, though, is that I still can't quite feel like they become personal classics (aka 5/5). Same issue here as with Grand Budapest Hotel; I love the movie and all it's parts, but his style sort of keeps me at arm's length somehow, and it's hard to pinpoint what exactly causes me to feel that way.

If you've seen one Wes Anderson movie, you've seen every Wes Anderson movie. His filmmaking style is laid on THICK. I can appreciate and even enjoy it for a while, but I usually tire of it within each movie itself. I can only do so much of the intentionally quirky/dry style before it becomes grating and inevitably starts feeling pretentious and annoying. I think the guy is actually a better writer/storyteller than he gets credit for, and I'd probably like his movies a whole lot more if he dialed back his "brand" some. There's usually some underlying charm and/or poignance to his characters/narratives, but it's often spoiled a bit for me by his auteur shit. His movies aren't bad, they're just almost something special if they could get out of their own way, and I get pissed at that.

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The Lion King (2019) 5/5

I loved it.

It visually looks phenomenal; although, its attempt at realism means that certain very cartoony things from the original movie got changed (e.g. no more Timon in a hula outfit). Aside from the obvious visual differences, there's a lot of smaller changes here or there - particularly in terms of dialogue/humour. So, it's definitely not an exact 1:1 remake (in fact, the new movie is thirty minutes longer), but all the core narrative beats are still in tact.

Overall, the 1994 movie is still king, but this is also a great rendition.

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The last movie I watched in the cinema was Aladdin, and don't like it at all. Jafar was like a hysterical child without any logic in his behaviour. Jasmine and her willing to be a sultan is okay in the femenism context, but i don't know, it was too obsessive message. My favoruite character in the original was Iago, but what happened to him in this film made me so disappointed

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Took the kids to Spiderman: Far from Home.

It was thoroughly okay.

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John Wick: Chapter 3.

An easy 10/10. Fantastic set pieces, including a bloody brilliant knife fight

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I rewatched Signs. My 8 year old wanted to watch a scary movie, and I figured this wouldn’t be too bad. I’ll know for sure if she sleeps (we wrapped-up at 10:30pm).

I’ve always been a sucker for Signs, and watching again tonight confirms I still am. I love the ensemble cast, comedic timing, and classic sense of tension pervasive throughout.

Fun movie with a nice character at its core.

And yeah, I get that the whole weakness thing probably doesn’t hold up to very much scrutiny at all, but I think the direction, performances, and allegory more than make up for that head-scratcher.

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Beyond Skyline (2017). Sadly, it was pretty much on par with the first movie. I think the premise of both is great, but they both fail pretty hard when it comes to the execution. At least the second movie was a bit more focused - they know they want to do more action and thus lean heavily into the resistance part (whereas the first movie was more about the survival of a small group, but somehow ended up with them on roof tops with F35s fighting space ships right in front of them). Yeah, I don't know, they're both poor movies, but they have so much potential. 2/5

Tank 432 (2015, the original and more accurate title was Belly of the Bulldog, since it doesn't actually feature tanks). Another one with a great premise and a lot of great ideas but which just ... doesn't go anywhere. I love the war horror movie genre (The Bunker, Deathwatch, Dog Soldiers, R-Point etc.), and this had a lot of potential as one of those. They build up some great claustrophobic atmosphere throughout much of the film, but all the events are just incomprehensible nonsense, and where they go in the ending is very disappointing. Another 2/5.

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I saw Mule recently.

It restored my faith in Clint after 15:17 to Paris. Good, fun, tense film with a message.

And making fun of cartel guys using nazi impressions was pretty hilarious...