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The Last Jedi - 1/5 Stars

I'm so glad I didn't see this in theaters or I would have walked out partway through the movie. This movie took the criticisms of the Force Awakens and responds to them in the wrong way. This movie looks like it was trying to appease too many groups that felt like they weren't being represented enough while telling fans of the original trilogy to move on because this is no longer your franchise while channeling Empire Strikes Back. A lot of plot holes and throw away characters makes the plot hard to get invested in.

On a positive note the cameo near the end of the movie was cool..

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Finally saw Dark City. Wow, that's a cool movie; way more noir than I expected, and the overall design is pretty fantastic. It's like a sunless, Fritz Lang nightmare. It reminded me of another movie called The City of Lost Children at times, also.

I had no idea Richard O'Brien from Rocky Horror/Crystal Maze was in it, that was a delicious surprise. He's great. All the strangers were great, in fact, as was Rufus Sewell's performance. I remember seeing him in that crappy movie, Bless the Child, and thinking it was shitty he hadn't been in better stuff, but he sold Murdoch to me; a more unhinged, realistic version of Neo, basically. He's a grossly underused actor.

Most of the effects hold up, much like lot of films that mixed practical FX with SFX do. I'm glad it wasn't a silly, shiny, early CGi bore (The Abyss...)

The story is about as thought-provoking as your average Joe's conspiracy theory these days. I had to avoid laughing out loud at points, because it is so much like how some people (my mother) thinks the world is -- flat, fake sun, indoctrinated -- but the sincere acting kept me involved. It's real good.


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@ford_dent: What really bothered me about Branagh's Poirot, and the movie as a whole, is that his whole dilemma at the end of how best to pursue justice is boiled down to his little quirks about balance. 'The Best Poirot' took the slight against both the law and the concept of justice so personally that you felt he was properly conflicted. Otherwise it was a pretty nifty little version of Murder On The Orient Express.

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The Shape of Water

Despite its slight airs of pretentiousness Shape of Water is so well realised it's easy to see why its gotten all the accolades it has. I love the visual design of this movie. The way it's shot, set design, lighting, use of color, CGI, Doug Jones as "The Asset" all of it is just stunningly beautiful. The allegory is a little on the nose but the way it's portrayed is surprisingly effective. The way all of the pieces come together that enable you to suspend your disbelief and buy into what's happening it's really impressive that it all works as well as it does.

Arbitrary score of 5/5


An iffy script and some lukewarm performances aren't enough to take away from everything else that makes this sci-fi jam a must not miss for genre fans. From the evocative and creative visuals to the well executed adaption of it's story Anniehlation knows what it wants to be and nails it in all the ways that count.

Arbitrary score of 4.5/5

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@darkeyehails: Yeah I felt like he seemed a little too satisfied with the way things played out. He should have been grumpier about it. Also oddly out of place: Poirot mooning over his dearly departed. It felt like an effort to humanize him more than he needed (honestly his fussiness humanizes him enough for me). Still, if they go ahead and do Death on the Nile, I'll watch it.

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Saw Call Me By Your Name the other night... What a fantastic film.

It had such a nostalgic and beautiful style to it. I have seen people describe it as "lush", which is dead on.

It was refreshing to watch a movie primarily about two people falling in love without having them constantly battle against society or their families or other social issues as major plot points in the film. You are just with them on the journey while knowing it will inevitably have to end.

And Timothee Chalamet absolutely killed it. There is no way this kid does not become a huge star.

Easily 5/5

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The Transformers: The Movie (the 1980's animated film, 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray)

I only haphazardly watched a few episodes of the original series in syndication on TV when I was a child in the early 90's so I didn't really grow up following the original series all that much (Beast Wars was my jam though when it came to Transformers around that time) Had wanted to watch this movie for a while now but never really got around to it, figured the movie finally coming out on Blu-Ray might finally change that and it did.

The voice cast is excellent for the most part and the soundtrack is pure 80's cheesiness that I can absolutely get behind. Not sure if it was my copy of the Blu-Ray or not but the fishing scene seemed really blurry to me, but only seemed to happen there so it wasn't too distracting. I'll have to check out the other copy that came with this set to see if the problem is on there too.

Because I only grew up with alternate versions of these characters in Beast Wars and Armada in the 2000's, I didn't feel much for a lot of characters that die in the movie (and a lot of characters die here) so I'll definitely give this a rewatch if I ever watch the original G1 series. The end to the movie felt a bit too abrupt as well.

Since I never really watched the G1 series, I thought it was alright. Overall I would probably give it a 7/10.

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As someone who kinda dug Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, or at least appreciated what they were going for, I was fine with Justice League.

It was a compromise movie tonight as I want to let more Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 pile up before diving in, and my wife has no interest in Dunkirk.

Anyhow, it was fine. Flash could have been funny if they learned how to tap the breaks with the humor, and I came around to embracing the right person for a job just showing up out of thin air. It became a running joke.

Anyhow, that movie is fine. Not a trainwreck, not anything great.

I feel like there are a few awkward scenes of unintentional humor. Affleck makes the WEIRDEST happy face when Superman shows up for a showdown. It was like they tossed an outtake into the film for giggles.

Suicide Squad is still trash top-to-bottom.

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If there is a theater near you that is playing Goldstone, I recommend it. You're welcome.

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So I watched a ton of crap over the past week due to international flights and such. In no particular order.

Fast 8 is still a very good film that's coherent in its action and overall one of the best Fast & Furious movies. Kurt Russell chewing up the scenery is one of the best things. 8 out of 8.

The Shape of Water is complete trash that rips off of all things, Amelie, but uses none of the parts that made Amelie good. The writing is atrocious, the character motives unclear, the themes grossly mishandled, and the Russian accents OOF. Like the man said, the greatest crime a film can commit is reminding you of other, better films which is what Shape of Water delivers in spades. This is the exact same tactic La La Land pulled off and yet it was somehow met with acclaim. Retroactively give Guillermo Del Toro the oscars for Blade 2 or Pan's Labyrinth instead. 1/5 and go watch literally anything else by Del Toro instead - even Crimson Peak.

Patton is a heck of a thing. It was hard for me to know whether the jingoism is intended for laughs or actually serious (probably both) but it's equally odd for a war film to be pretty light on the actual war stuff. Fascinating tale of a man who loves war with a great opening monologue. 4 out of 5? It's a bit long but worth the slog.

A Wrinkle in Time because I was hanging out with kids. A slightly less annoying version of Interstellar and also a film completely unclear of who it's for or what it's really about (literally at the cinema there were "people from the studio" handing out actual feedback forms). My own take is that it's about puberty. It's also super pretty in places. Ana DuVernay is a very good director but it's a shame she's shackled by Disney being Disney and Oprah Winfrey's dull screen presence. Starting to think Chris Pines is going to be a totally decent actor and I do get the sense that everyone else involved was trying to make something good even if the end result doesn't pan out. Maybe a 3/5? The kids really liked it.

Furious 7 is probably made worse by how good Fast 8 turned out to be. The first half of this film is okay. The second half draaaaaaaaaaaaaaags. A 5 out of 7.

Murder on the Orient Express is a decent version of the whodunnit. This version of Poirot seems a bit actiony for my tastes, but the denouement delivers, though I also question who ithis film is for as it seems out of place in the current market. A ten out of twelve stabs to Johnny Depp's scumbag corpse.

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Chakushin Ari (aka One Missed Call), 2003

Maybe watching it immediately after the generic and corny Teketeke (2009) made me too lenient on this movie, but I would call Chakushin Ari a pleasantly competent J-horror. Obviously it owes a lot to movies like Ringu, but the mere act of copying a great movie doesn't ever bother me. What matters is (a) studying and understanding what you copied rather than aping it, and (b) supplementing borrowed ideas with some of your own creativity.

Chakushin Ari does a nice solid job of (a) for the most part - it hits the beats you expect, and it hits them with feeling, if not with any great skill. For one thing, it's not patient in getting to the scary stuff, and in a movie that's maybe 30 minutes too long, this starts to put a real damper on the scary stuff. But the creepy parts themselves are quite good (especially the TV show scene), and the movie does manage some creativity in spots; when some crucial backstory started to emerge about 2/3rds in, I was intrigued by those themes and hoped to see them evolve.

Well, they kinda don't. From then on, the movie busies itself with a new spooky location, a couple "so-what?" plot twists, and eventually

full-on ambiguity, culminating in a perfectly inscrutable ending that can easily be called brilliant, or empty, or brilliantly empty, like any inscrutable ending. To me it was disappointing, and I don't think it's low-brow of me to be disappointed. I have nothing against ambiguity in fiction, and it can work extremely well in short-form horror, or when sprinkled into a longer story. But to string me along for over an hour with a pretty standard supernatural mystery, putting so much weight on the convolutions of the plot, and then stick me with an art-house ending that I'm (presumably) supposed to enjoy being utterly nonplussed by? No. That just sucks. (And yes I know Miike directed and that's his thing. I don't care. It did not fit this movie.)

Anyway. Like I said, pleasantly competent. The things it does best were done much better by Ringu and a few other movies, but if you're like me, J-horror in this vein is satisfying as long as it's, shall we say, "workmanlike." Chakushin Ari is workmanlike for long enough to get away with its eventual failures, and end up as a fun, if not particularly creepy, movie.


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Men in Black 3.


I've been a fan of Men in Black for a long time and finally got around to seeing the third one. It was fun, but there was just something missing from this one that the first film and even the second had. The first hour seemed a lot better than the second. Still a good movie but my least favorite for sure.

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Back with another batch.

Pitch Perfect 3 - 3/5 - The previous movies (and some of the dance type ones) are something of a guilty pleasure. I can't sing or dance for shit so its kinda fun to watch others. Don't necessarily care about the story. Maybe just want to hear some sick beats /coolshades That all being said, I saw this had some 2/5 star rating from who-cares-where so I went in with low expectations as I rarely see stuff rated below a 3. Turned out alright. Couple good scenes. I chuckled a few times. Seemed on par with the others. Its whatever.

Annihilation - 4/5 - I was thinking 5/5 immediately after watching it but some time out now and I'd say it was pretty good. No idea wtf Paramount was thinking when they thought this was going to be dead in the water. Further proof that focus groups are fucking stupid. Except, I think launching stuff on Netflix is great and should be the future direction of movies, but they didn't do it in the US which is idiotic. Anyway, cool movie. Thought provoking. Great visuals. I walked away from it feeling ponderous and lost about life and our existence.. which is exactly how I think everyone should feel because who can say what is really true or false in this universe and the microscopic area we exist in.

Point Break - 4/5 - I must've seen this a very long time ago but no real memory of it. My biggest takeaway was how much this must've inspired the first Fast and Furious movie (*stating for the record again that it is the best, and nearly only good one, out of the entire franchise and I've watched it probably more times than any other movie*) which is somewhat important to me. So many specific story beats/scenes are nearly the same between the two. I also haven't seen many (or any?) young Keanu Reeves performances so it was a little amusing seeing some of his earlier scenes and still kind of having this dumb, blank, air head vibe about him. Still, I love Keanu anyway. Weird seeing Gary Busey because all modern context of him is that hes a weirdo lunatic. He seemed good and normal in this movie lol Patrick Swayze is great as always and it's a shame he's gone. Also has the girl with the almost irritating, somewhat comical voice. I can't think of other stuff she's been in but as soon as she said a word I was like ohhh yeeaa... So, good movie.

And I think that's about it? Don't think I'm forgetting any. Lightened up on the movie watching. I've just had MST3K kinda running in the background a lot instead.

Other movies I will potentially (re)watch. They're sitting there and some I'm interested in and others I don't feel the need to: First three Rambo movies, Clear and Present Danger, Air Force One, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, World is Not Enough, Zodiac, 13 Assassins (recommended from here), Coco, Man on Fire, A Better Tomorrow 2 etc.

Almost entirely unrelated - I did order a copy of the Silmarillion. I can feel some kind of thirst in me for fantasy lore and world building since rewatching LotRs.

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@seikenfreak: I also just watched Annihilation and I would rate it somewhere around 3.5-4 and man I can absolutely see why Paramount balked at this on first viewing and when the director adamantly refused to change it (good for him, stick to your vision dood, good job) decided to dump it on streaming. This movie is more like Solaris than Interstellar, and these sort of flicks gain a lot of positive buzz around enthusiasts but leave the other 3/4 of the audience not as enthused.

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Watched the first Guardians of the Galaxy my my kid. Super-fun movie with great characters, visuals, and music. It wastes no time in setting-up it’s characters, instead just letting them be themselves infront of the viewer.

That movie is a real good time and Michael Rooker is just great...

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Lawless 9/10

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Went and saw The Princess Bride in a local theater. It was a lot of fun - they gave out blowup swords before the movie, so during the duel scenes people could spar. The theater was 100% filled to the brim, and everyone seemed to know every quote. I've been a fan of this movie for years, and I'm not that hardcore about it, but surprisingly, I found the experience endearing. Probably the second or third best moviegoing experience I've ever had, after Snakes on a Plane and possibly the original Ice Age.

9/10 movie, 10/10 experience.

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Dark Knight 10/10

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Annihilation - Awesome film delivers on a smart, surreal experience that is compelling, unsettling and simply gorgeous. It isn't perfect but it's great and well worth the watch. It really feels like Annihilation should have gotten better exposure and held the kind of status the all-women Ghostbusters reboot was given. 4/5

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Annihilation - 3/5

Ill see myself out but that movie was definitely not as good as some people made it seem. Cool enough to make me pick up the book though.

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@moderp:That book is nothing like the movie, but it strangely does explain a few things the film decided to carry over without any explanation. Also it should probably be read as a trilogy because just the first novel does little more than set the stage.

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Tomb Raider (2018) - 3/5

A surprisingly solid movie. I went in expecting garbage and actually found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Good popcorn flick. I'm glad I have movie pass so that I didn't have to pay money to see it specifically.

Did anyone else get a Far Cry villain vibe off of the main antagonist?

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@beforet: I got a big Uncharted 4 vibe form them movie myself.

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Annihilation - 3/5 4/5

I kept expecting more and then by the end it felt kinda... ordinary?


Don't get me wrong, it's a very well done sci-fi thriller, but I think I kinda expected there to be more to chew on afterwards, or that it would inspire me to think of more afterwards. Maybe it's a consequence of overhype, which bums me out just entertaining the thought. It's got shades of neat ideas but I don't think it did enough with them/didn't bring them together quite as well as I was hoping. The idea of an entity that is neither malevolent nor benevolent, but who's annihilation of our planet is essentially accidental (not unlike our own emergence and colonization; "our" meaning Earth-based life) is really fucking interesting, but I didn't get that impression from watching the movie, but from assessing the premise just now.

They touch upon it at the end, the whole impressing upon something unintentional a purpose or desire, but maybe it was too undercooked a delivery for my tastes. But besides that I'm here thinkin about how awesome that shit is now, so maybe a 3/5 is a bit too harsh. Still, the movie felt a bit.. aimless? As a thematic reflection I suppose that's all well and cheeky, but it made for a less intriguing experience by the end. Not that spelling it all out would necessarily be the right way to go about it, but maybe if they leaned a bit more into aimless personal life quirks shit rather than following so neatly along the thriller track it'd make a "life just fucking does what it does" kind of ending more impactful and thought provoking (not to mention adequately teed up).

Because yeah, that's an awesome wrapper for your subdued alien invasion story, but immediately after watching it, instead of thinking of that I was thinking "that's it?!" Maybe I'd fallen too deeply into the thriller angle, but I'm more inclined to blame the movie for my experience than start making excuses on its behalf. Which is to say I think the movie fell to deeply into thriller aspects along the way to being thoughtful science fiction. That was my experience anyways.

Cast didn't really knock me away. I liked the lady studying hurricanes with confetti and Oscar Isaac. The leader of their expedition I also recognized in this movie as being great. I mean literally this was the movie that made me go "hunh, yeah, this lady." Seen her in The Hateful 8 and Twin Peaks, but here was when it all clicked and I was like "you know what, this lady's a pretty damn good actor!" So that's a thing. Great visuals and audio towards the end as well.

I guess it's one of those disappointing 4/5s, because I can't shake the feeling that with what they were working with it could've been fucking amazing, but it just ain't. My mind keeps going back to its execution as a movie rather than the narrative or its themes. For reference, I thoroughly loved 28 Days, Sunshine, Dredd, and Ex Machina, so it's not like I don't vibe with Alex Garland's work or anything like that.

Man, it just really bums me out that this didn't hit me in any strong way while watching it. Ugh. Sucks.

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind 4/5

I suddenly have an insatiable compulsion to visit Wyoming...and drink Coca-Cola.

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The new Power Rangers was on Amazon Prime. Being a glutton for punishment I had to find out how my youth was bastardized. Surprisingly it was serviceable for most of the run time. The only downside was the last half hour as all the Zord action (surprise! it has giant robots! /s) was a meaningless cacophony you've already seen in Transformers long before now. I found it rather boring at the very end and just waiting for it to end.

My only other real criticism was of Billy the Blue Ranger. The acting itself was fine, but the script was occasionally inconsistent with the character. He's autistic and nerdy and in those scenes would do his Sheldon impression. The character he was excellent and actually the highlight of the movie. I liked his backstory and found his character well developed, though certain scenes were incongruous with the character.

Pink Ranger was good, as was Yellow Ranger. Black Ranger was OK. He came close to being an annoying bonehead/frat boy but they thankfully reigned him in before he threatened to ruin some scenes. Their backstories were good and developed the characters well enough. Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) wasn't all that good. I guess I'm not sure how strong a presence she was supposed to have but it just wasn't that interesting. Bryan Cranston as Zordon was fine. I was honestly more surprised he wasn't just a one or two scene cameo but he actually has a few more scenes than that. He also doesn't put on a voice; it's pretty much just a reasonable, Bryan Cranston voice.

Also, I don't know how science has managed it, but Red Ranger is very clearly the child of Zac Efron and Chris Pine. He also came this close to delivering the line "I don't want your life" from Varsity Blues. His arc was OK. Hamfisted perhaps but OK in general.

Not being able to morph was also silly.

Overall, I give it 3/5 stars. It was serviceable and actually didn't ruin my childhood. Not necessarily worth watching if you don't have any curiosity but also not something that needs to be actively avoided either.

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2001. 10/10 but I mean thats obvious.

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Murder Party - Jeremy Saulnier's first movie before he would go on to direct the wonderful Blue Ruin and Green Room. This movie has a different tone than his other works and pretty rough around the edges. It also feels like this is before Saulnier found his own voice so he is aping the style of the dark comedies he probably found extremely influential on his career. The basic plot is guy finds an invitation to the titular Murder Party and goes only to find out it is a literal Murder Party held by an art collective looking to turn his murder into high art in hopes of getting a $300,000 grant. Let's just say things get a little wacky and pretty gruesome. Anyway I'd only recommend it if you really love Blue Ruin and Green Room and are willing to be forgiving to an amazing up and coming director's first film warts and all.

Arbitrary score: 3 Cats in Recliners out of 5

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Finally got around to watching Thor: Ragnarok...and I feel conflicted. Most of the movie I was okay. The majority of the movie I was okay with. I knew it was more of a comedy the other MCU films, so I was ready for that. I enjoyed most of the jokes. But all the gags with Korg just didn't work for me at all, and I feel like it brought my enjoyment of the movie down because it feels like a lot of the climatic scenes were bookended with anti-funny Korg jokes. The second to last line of the movie was an awful Korg joke. Korg alone knocks this down from a 4/5 to a 3/5 for me.

...I'm starting to feel old. A few movies that should have been right in my wheelhouse just haven't done for me, and to top it all off I don't have high hopes for the new Pacific Rim movie, either. I can't shake the feeling that I'm going to yelling at kids to get off of my non-existant lawn before too long.

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Paranormal Activity - 3 / 10

Always amazes me how terrible horror movies get a pass these days.

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Tomb Raider (2018) it was fine probably a 6/10 for me.

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Really liked it, will probably be one of the rare movies I purchase when it comes out on blu ray.

5 Natalie Portmans out of 5

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The Hitman's Bodyguard - 4/5

Fun silly little action comedy.

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I've seen Lawrence of Arabia in theaters in 70mm.

I've never seen it and what a master piece, throughout the 3 and half hours I was never bored. The fantastic shots and scenes, the scale of it all, the amazing score and the wonderful acting made you engaged the entire team.

I'll give it a 9 out of 10 because the second part could have slowed down a bit because things change on a coin flip.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi 3/5

I did not ever find the moving boring (even in its 2 1/2 hours) and I thought the cinematography was fantastic, but there were some things that were nagging at me. I feel like this movie can not be fully judged without seeing the full story arc of the whole trilogy. There are some obvious plot holes that I won’t discuss, but I have a feeling that a big point of the movie was to make it appear as if they were plot holes and all will be revealed in Episode 9.

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  • Rushmore *** 1/2

I love Wes Anderson's directing, it almost made me forget how creepy Max Fisher actually is. That guy is a complete psychopath.

  • Monty Python's Life of Brian ***

While the first act was a rough watch (no laughs for the first 20 minutes or so), the movie does get better. The final scene is comedy gold.

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Double Dragon (1994), still a solid 2/10.

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I saw You Were Never Really Here starring Joaquin Phoenix as a hitman of sorts. Despite getting/being nominated for an award for best original screenplay, it turns out the film is an adaptation of a book which I kinda hope is better at telling the story. For a supposedly art house film, it at least shows more restraint in trying to ram the not-very-substantial plot down your mouth through the use of flashbacks (which they could've done with a few less). If you like Fincher, it's sorta reminiscent of his style and of all things it reminded me of Hotline Miami (due to the tone and some of the themes as well as some heavy discordant synth in places, but not the same aesthetic). The editing is fantastic and they do a good job telling the action without even showing most of it, which is the other thing to point out - a lot of the on-screen violence is sparingly done and paced well and it saves what would be the grossest parts for the main beats. It's one of the few times in a cinema where I audibly said "jesus fuck" at a particular scene. I dunno, if any of the above appeals, check it out. Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but at the same time Phoenix looks like a dumpy ice hockey player. Like maybe 8 hammer blows to the head out of 12?

Last night I also saw a rescreening of Boogie Nights. Originally seeing it as a teenager in the hopes of seeing bewbs, I missed out on a lot of what this film puts out there which is a variety of themes from family, loss of innocence, Oedipal complexes in the characters, but mostly it's a film about making films - literally and figuratively - albeit taken to the slight absurd framed through the pornography industry of the 70s and 80s. My only problem with PT Anderson's films is, while his stuff isn't dense it just feels somewhat turgid and takes time to cut through. It's still satisfying, but he's one of those directors who does make you feel as though you had sat somewhere for at least two hours. I guess 9 money shots out of 10.

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I saw Drive for the dozenth-or-so time, and continue to love that movie deeply.

I also finally got around to Captain Fantastic and loved it.

Both are 5/5s. I’d go more into Captain Fantastic, but it’d get very personal and spoilery.

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Atomic Blonde 3/5

Good setting, style, and music. Charlize Theron carries the movie with a solid performance. John Goodman is there, so that’s cool, since he’s John frickin’ Goodman.

You get to hear Bowie twice and there’s a Ministry song in there.

The plot itself is okay. The movie is uneven, with some scenes being very well done and others just sort of being there.

It opens strong and has a nice faux-single-shot action sequence that goes on forever at one point. No sooner did I praise the nice long shots, though, than I saw a hackey, slow motion rotating camera bonanza. I suppose those two scenes in close proximity speak to the unevenness of the film.

Fun movie, good for one popcorn viewing.

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@tpoppapuff: I walked in on my wife and kids watching Power Rangers after work on Friday.

My immediate reaction is that I would have stayed at work for two more hours if I had known. I walked in on an absurd exposition festival hosted by the deteched voice of Bryan Cranston.

I did some dishes and lifted some weights while waiting for the movie to end, so at least I was productive.

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I hated Ready Player One. The pop culture references are nonsensical and completely without context, and the dialogue is terrible.

1/5 Stars

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Ready Player One

It was fine. A completely okay movie. I actually liked it a little bit better than the book. It’s gonna be a movie that’s super easy to make fun of and hate on but I thought it was fiiiiiine. It’s a solid 7/10 movie.

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Monty Python's Life of Brian 5/5

I don't think I'd actually seen this in its entirety before. And now I have. One of the funniest movies I've seen.

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I showed my wife Crank: High Voltage.

It’s a needless and overbearingly stupid sequel to the wonderfully stupid Crank. It’s dumb and campy and winks at you repeatedly. It’s a good mix of guilty pleasure and why-am-I-doing-this-to-myself.

3/5 - still a better use of my time than The Last Jedi