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Over the last two weeks of subscriber videos we learned:

1) How Vinnie and Drew run a TNT

2) How to start and takeoff in an A-10 Thunderbolt

Having seen both videos, which do you think you could actually handle?

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It's an A-10 Warthog, not Thunderbolt right?

Edit: Never mind, guess warthog is its nickname not official name.

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I work in live audio and video, so I could probably handle that. It'd be very rough, but I could do it.

I'd get everyone killed in the A-10.

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I have started an A-10 a couple of times already... in DCS.

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i think a-10 would be nerve racking but kind of cool. how far do i have to fly it? can i just take off and land? or do i have to do a bombing run?

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do I have access to Drew's pdfs or do I have to do it from memory?

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A-10. As long as I don't turn the plane upside down and eject, I *should* end up safely back on the ground.

EDIT: I plan on ejecting with the plane right side up.

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Well the way vinny explained it, it actually didn't look as complicated as it looks. Vinny is a good teacher.

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Ill say running the tnt. Seemed like they pretty much streamlined the process

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My choice is the A-10 as it seems like a pretty linear process to get it going, where in the GB control room I would never be able to keep all of the plates spinning. Despite Vinnie's assurances, that mixing board made nervous just looking at it.

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While I generally prefer my crash-and-burns to be metaphorical rather than literal, at least with the plane I won't have hundreds of people on the internet upset at me.

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I would run TNT from within an A-10. This scenario ends poorly for all involved.

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Both with adequate training or instructions. They look difficult but not exactly impossible.

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@punkxblaze: You want to first turn the main master auxiliary battery control fob from off to "0", you'll hear some alarms, that is normal, then can we get a little more game audio out here?

You're warthog should now be upside down and spiraling towards earth, also the chat is telling us to "just pick up the purse".

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I've seen neither because ~~subscriber videos~~

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I would rather do the plane, but running a TNT is something I think I could actually do.

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It's really not hard to run a web stream.

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I could handle running the stream as long as "handling" means "nobody ends up dead".

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There's less of a chance of me dying setting up a TNT so I'll pick A.

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@neoneoane said:

do I have access to Drew's pdfs or do I have to do it from memory?

Jeff is in charge of reading the PDFs to you while alternatingly reading excerpts from Space Jam: The Novel

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What I could do != What I want to do