"Scorpion serving mate" AKA Tell Me About Your Country's Weird Memes

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[Disclaimer: I am not from Argentina and my Spanish is largely terrible.]

Allow me to present you the following image.

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This is "Scorpion cebando mate" or "Scorpion serving mate" (mate is a type of tea popular in Latin America, typically a gourd filled with tea leaves and drunk through a special metal straw thing called a bombilla - it's highly caffeinated and is a social thing as much as it is a drinking thing as you sip and pass it along to your friends, refilling it with hot water each time). This image apparently dates back from about the mid 2000s, before social media sites really started to make things great.

I am fascinated by this image, not because it's particularly funny (it's literally just a dude dressed up in cheap cosplay serving himself tea and someone thought it'd be funny to take a picture) but because this one in particular started to mirror the actual game itself.

Nowadays the character designs for Scorpion and the other MK ninjas are fairly distinct. But for those of you who don't know about the history of the MK franchise, or how games in general have changed due to the internet and digital distribution making these things somewhat obsolete (or more accurately create the opposite problem), to save literal physical space on game carts, there was only ever one MK ninja to begin with - Scorpion. Here, take a look at motion capture footage from MK1 around the 7 minute mark.

Initially there was only Ed Boon's favorite. However, they needed to bolster the roster. So Acclaim did what's called a palette swap where because Scorpion was just a bloke in black and yellow, it was very easy to swap the color palette of the yellow and change it to blue and voila you have Sub-Zero, which is a relatively cheap way to make extra characters for your fighting game. Repeat as many times as necessary to increase your roster.

What's this got to do with Scorpion serving mate? Well...

Ermac likes his mate with sugar, Reptile with sweetener, Scorpion takes his bitter and hot
Ermac likes his mate with sugar, Reptile with sweetener, Scorpion takes his bitter and hot

From this point on, the Scorpion drinking mate meme started to really take off, and for reasons that remain unclear to me (despite asking Argentines), it began to blend with the Simpsons, producing mashups like this

Scorpion: "Doing a fatality is like serving a good mate", Sub Zero: "Hurry up with the mate, Scorpion [something rude probably]"

There are hundreds of these, mostly self explanatory, just stick "scorpion cebando mate" into an image search.

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Also, apparently if you are lucky enough, you might stumble across a scorpion/simpsons/dragon ball z crossover.

Anyway despite this whole thing being well over a decade old, it also resulted in a 2017 MK 2 rom hack of Scorpion's friendship to change it to, you guessed it...

So tell me - what highly-specific (video game) memes does your country have?