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Poll: Shared Laundry Machine Etiquette: How Long Should You Wait 'Til Taking Out Someone's Clothes? (208 votes)

If it's done and they're not there, you can take it out. 22%
Less than 5 minutes. 2%
5 mins. 8%
10 mins. 11%
15 mins. 15%
20 mins. 3%
30 mins. 10%
1 Hour. 11%
Hour+ 3%
Na, you can't touch someone else's clothes. 15%

Say you live in an apartment where the building shares washers and dryers. Is it ok to take out someone's clothes out of the washer or dryer if it's done and they're not there? What do you consider to be the proper etiquette when it comes to shared laundry machines?

I am at a place atm where there are 2 washers and 2 dryers. I needed to use the dryer but both of them had clothes in them. I watched the time run out and waited 20 mins for someone to get their clothes. At that point I got fed up and took the laundry from one of the dryers and put them on top of one of the washers. I think I waited way too long but w/e the fuck reason I'm still feeling bad about it.

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#1 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4416 posts) -

Never been in the situation and although I wouldn't find it wrong for someone to immediately take out my laundry so they can get started, I would personally give 15 minutes grace time as a courtesy.

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10-15 minutes is plenty and then only if you actually just have time to burn as a pure courtesy.

Be on the ball if this is the kind of thing you wouldn't want to happen, you can't just expect everyone to wait on you holding things up.

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Stop the machine if it's running and put the clothes directly into the garbage. Light the garbage on fire. Leave because you weren't even there to do your laundry.

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#4 Posted by deactivated-5ba16609964d9 (3361 posts) -

This year I finally moved to an apartment with washer and dryer hook-ups. It has been so nice to never have to worry about having quarters, having to wait on strangers, and the clothes dilemma.

I was really good about getting my clothes out on time but it also helped that I usually did laundry late at night so I didn't run into the problem too often. That said I wouldn't fuck with somebodies clothes if they were in the washer but dryer is fair fucking game though I would give a half hour to an hour depending on what else I had to do.

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#5 Posted by wollywoo (254 posts) -

It's hard to know how long they were there. Maybe if they're warm, leave them, if they're cold, take them out. But really, my rule is more like... if I have time and I'm feeling decent, leave them and come back. Otherwise, screw 'em. Just do it quick, so that they won't walk in on you manhandling their underwear.

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What kind of anarchic place doesn't have at least a calendar to jot down wash times? 3-hour windows running from 07-10, 10-13, 13-16, 16-19, and 19-22. Easy.

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#7 Posted by MerxWorx01 (841 posts) -

I chose the last one. I'm not touching someone else's clothes. I have zero desire to get in a fight at a laundry mat.

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people know how long the machines take. if they're not there, neatly place their clothes on top of the machine they were in. in my life there are never enough machines for everybody and leaving and not giving a shit about who may be waiting is more than enough cause to remove their clothes.

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I'd say 10-15 minutes tops. I don't think you should immediately yank out someone's clothes if they're not back in time, but obviously you can't wait all day either.

I never leave my clothes unattended though, so I've never been on the other side of that scenario.

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Reasonably, 10 minutes.

I live in an apartment building with two laundry rooms, each has 4 washers and 4 dryers. I still set a timer so I don't leave my stuff around any longer than it needs to be. If someone has so little awareness of other, fuck 'em.

EDIT: Disragard. @hamst3r has it locked down

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#11 Posted by Charongreed (110 posts) -

When I lived in the dorms, I used to do laundry at midnight or later, because it was just when I had the time. Once, I went down, and every washing machine was full, but not running, Figured they're coming back, went back to my room and waited 30 minutes. Came back, no change, so I mustered up all my anxiety ridden courage and went back to my room and waited another 30 minutes. Came back down, no change, so I emptied two onto the counter and used those. Set an alarm for 40 minutes, went to my room and came back down just before they finished. No change in the rest. The dryers were empty, so I had no problem with those, but when I came back down to collect all of it, none of them had been touched, including the pile on the table. I get that 2 AM is late for some folks, but they went to the trouble of starting them, and also using all of them. Only ever happened once.

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When I first used laundromats and appartment machines, I’d wait 5-10 minutes.

Eventually, I noticed that folks were either there promptly or wouldn’t show up for a while.

The correct answer is take it out as soon as it’s done if they aren’t there and waiting.

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#13 Posted by poobumbutt (953 posts) -

10-15 minutes as a courtesy seems to be the consensus for most, and I agree. They know how long the machine takes, they can set an alarm or something. It's the logical jump when talking about something which is "public": people have shit to do and there's no reason why one person is so special that they get to hold up the line.

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#14 Posted by clagnaught (2117 posts) -

I've lived in an apartment with one other roommate one time, who was gone most of the time. If I waited, it would basically mean waiting 6 hours or something crazy like that, or waiting the following day. If it is done, I'm taking it out. Laundry moves forward.

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#16 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

15 mins, 30 mins tops.

After that, game fucking on.

The real question is what do you do if their clothes are still wet? Cause let's be honest, the people that are letting their clothes sit in the dryer are the same people that wait 2 weeks to do laundry and stuff a motherload into a single washer/dryer.

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#17 Posted by nutter (2113 posts) -

@big_denim: Report them for laundry re-education and be done with it.

Stuff like that is why when the timer goes off, I used to give it maybe 30 seconds for someone to waltz in or get up from a chair to address it before I’d just toss the clothes somewhere and take over the machine.

Considerate folks TEND to be there waiting at least a few minutes early. Those who aren’t there might not show up for hours.

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#18 Edited by LeStephan (1215 posts) -

If you dont want your clothes touched you dont leave em in the machine.

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#19 Posted by TheRealTurk (507 posts) -

Maybe 5, 10 minutes? I think it's basic courtesy to be on top of that stuff if you're using the machines, particularly when this is just an apartment building and not a laundromat with dozens of the things.

I'd take it out if it's dry. If you're feeling really nice, you can fold the clothes for them, too. Which is also a great passive-aggressive way of telling people they were taking way too long.

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#20 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1310 posts) -

As someone who's spent well over half of my adult life living in places with shared laundry facilities, if someone's not there and their washer/dryer is done, I absolutely remove clothes and put mine in. I also try to get to the laundry room on time, but sometimes I can't for whatever reason. I fully expect someone to remove my clothes and do the same thing. If I was absolutely not wanting this to happen, I'd make sure to get to the laundry room five minutes before my laundry was done.

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#21 Posted by baka_shinji17 (1450 posts) -

Just throw their shit on the floor.

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I give it a few minutes, but if there is a "clean" laundry cart to dump it in all they get is a few minutes. I give them a few minutes out of courtesy, but mostly because a fist fight in a laudaimat is so trashy...best to avoid one to save your name.

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#24 Posted by liquiddragon (3332 posts) -

Just getting around to listening to the 8/10 Beastcast and there is an email question asking the same thing about a shared microwave, weird.

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#25 Posted by SethMode (1982 posts) -
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It's a respect thing. They should respect your time and if they dont want anyone touching their stuff they should be on time to move it out of the machine. If they don't care that they are bogarting a machine but they do care if you touch their stuff the clearly dont respect your time in which case why should you respect what they want.

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@sethmode: I find that this happens to me a lot. Whenever I have something on my mind, I’ll often come across someone expressing the same line of thought. Makes me feels unremarkable but also connected. In the same episode and the one after, they talked about different versions of consoles and the Panasonic Q comes up (I made the thread about special/limited edition consoles.)

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#28 Posted by Castiel (3474 posts) -

If it's done and they are not there I take it out. I ain't got time for waiting.

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#29 Posted by nutter (2113 posts) -

@liquiddragon: I give more respect to the microwave. I’m busy and need to get back to work, but it’s food.

By the same turn, I don’t want anyone touching my food, so in 16 years of office work, I’ve never once missed my timer.