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Posted by SomberOwl (925 posts) 6 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Shaving: Electric or Traditional (437 votes)

Electric 33%
Traditional lather and razer 57%
Other 10%

I'm a traditional guy who lathers and uses a razor blade, but am thinking of switching to electric.

What are some benefits of the electric shaver? and what are some good ones from you electric shaver using guys.

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I just buy disposables. They're good enough that I don't fuck my face up using them. The old disposables were mother-fuckers though. When I first had to start shaving the disposables I had (back in my day!) had only one razor and fucked up my face. Plus I still had a baby-face. Now disposables are pretty good.

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#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

A real man would answer "none".

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If you aren't worried about the time it takes, a traditional straight razor and lather over a electric razor 100% of the time. I recently started using a dovo silver steel razor with lather and shit and it's awesome.

Also this image shows the difference between electric and straight razor shaving on the actual hairs:

No Caption Provided

It's definitely nowhere near as close a shave.

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The only good electric shaver I've ever had was a cheap old remmington, I've since bought a $600 Norelco and a $300 Panasonic and they both sucked.

Electric shavers take longer to do a good job, but they cause no irritation, if you are doing fine with a bladed razor, I'd stick with it.

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#5 Posted by 49th (3906 posts) -

Electric for stubble and trimming, razor for a clean shave.

Right now my beard is pretty big and I really need to shave. I will probably use the trimmer setting on the electric to get rid of most of it, then razor the rest away.

Electrics are great if you want to keep it not too long and trimmed.

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I'm lazy so I use electric. I recently started transitioning my goatee into a beard so I only use it for getting rid of neck beard and trimming it to a consistent length. I really don't like my experience with electric. If I was to get rid of this beard then I'd probably switch back to traditional.

Edit: I didn't vote since there is a difference between what I prefer and what I use. The poll isn't really specific as to which one it's asking for.

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#7 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Traditional razors always seem to really irritate my face, but I can do a fine shave in ten minutes with an electric with no irritation so electric, I guess.

As for good ones - I dunno. I got a Remington as a gift a year back, and it still does the job okay. The few times I've shaved off anything more than, say, five days growth was a god damn nightmare, though.

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#8 Posted by nerdsbeware (281 posts) -
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#9 Posted by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

Sort of B, but I don't lather. Just take a blade to my face.

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Other. I don't shave. I like having a thick luscious beard.

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Electric. I don't want a completely clean shave because I like having some stubble left over, so it all works out in the end. Plus, I'm lazy and like to cut as much time as possible.

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Using disposables, but I also feel like investing in an electric shaver soon.

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#13 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

When I had broken my old Verizon Razor phone, I put the shaving cream on my face and tried to shave my face. I'm not quite sure why I did that. I don't remember doing drugs or being drunk. I don't even think I had a lot of facial hair.

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Electric!? Might as well just douse my face in gasoline and light it up. The result would be the same.

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#15 Posted by Demoskinos (17459 posts) -

Electric shavers are fucking awful and I don't care how much money you spend on one. Take a blade to your face son if your going to shave. Although beards are the way to be so I say fuck shaving in the first place.

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Electric for beard trimming, but traditional shaving for getting up close.

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#17 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12633 posts) -

Let me give you the real answer:


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I use an electric


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When I do shave, I use a straight razor, but I haven't shaved since New Years Eve so it's been a while.

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#20 Posted by JasonR86 (10258 posts) -

So the last electric shaver I used pulled my whiskers and hurt like hell. Is that still what happens?

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#21 Posted by yakov456 (2021 posts) -

As long as you don't mind staying away from the cheap stuff electric razors can be just as good as other methods. I use a Panasonic and it works great. Also the wife recently got me an old school straight edge razor that I use with shaving soap and a brush. Shave with those and you feel like a man when you're done!

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#22 Posted by Stonyman65 (3809 posts) -

I use a trimmer to take off most of it (down to stubble) and then use a disposable 3-blade razor to take the rest off. That's the only thing that seems to work for me short of using an old-fashioned straight razor.

In my experience (I've been shaving since I was 13, I'm 22 now) electric razors don't work very well. I've tried everything from the $20 Braun ones from Walmart to the $300 Remington's that you have to special order.... nothing worked.

I guess if you have light hair, or don't grow that much of a beard than an electric might be okay. But if you are anything like me with a thick, coarse beard (the kind where you have 5'O'clock shadow 3 or 4 hours after you shave) than an electric razor isn't going to do much. And if it does, your face will most certainly be irritated.

TL;DR - Don't bother.

This is my beard after about 3 weeks of not shaving.  See what I mean?
This is my beard after about 3 weeks of not shaving. See what I mean?

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I use some fancy-dance electric Braun razor that got a super-positive review in Consumer Reports like 6 years ago. Still serving me well. I switched from manual razors when I realized I had a pantswetting fear of injury to my major blood vessels, i.e. my carotid. I'd rather not have the world's babyface-iest shave vs. little bloody tissue paper spots on my face/ accidentally slitting my own throat (my imagination is morbid as BALLS)

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c) I have no facial hair. It's pretty sweet. Shave like, once a week with some kind of gillette thing?

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Electric razors are the worst. Tear your face the fuck up.

I use some fancy-dance electric Braun razor that got a super-positive review in Consumer Reports like 6 years ago. Still serving me well. I switched from manual razors when I realized I had a pantswetting fear of injury to my major blood vessels, i.e. my carotid. I'd rather not have the world's babyface-iest shave vs. little bloody tissue paper spots on my face/ accidentally slitting my own throat (my imagination is morbid as BALLS)

Haha I also would be terrified of using a real straight razor on my neck. Watching people get their throat slit also terrifies me. It makes me grab my own. Ughhh.

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I guess I count as traditional here, I use a Gillette Mach 3 forever and always.

I have a Braun electric trimmer for when I've grown out a beard and want to clean it back up (I trim then shave properly after), but I've only ever gotten a good shave with a Mach 3 (and I've tried a silly number of other blades).

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#27 Posted by Max_Cherry (1597 posts) -

Use an electric razor if you have diabetes. Otherwise just use a trimmer and then a regular razor with shaving cream. I recommend Gillete Pro Fusion. It's the best a man can get... assuming your a man that is; if not that's cool too.

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Take a HF Razor to the face!

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#29 Posted by audioBusting (2558 posts) -

@benny said:

Also this image shows the difference between electric and straight razor shaving on the actual hairs:

No Caption Provided

It's definitely nowhere near as close a shave.

Dang, that looks unhealthy. I'm using electric but I think I'll be switching back to razor after seeing that picture.

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#30 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (717 posts) -

I tend to just use a beard trimmer to just get the stubble look. When I have to get a clean shave it kind of depends on the situation. If it's something formal I'll use a razor, but if it's just going out with friends I'll just use an electric razor since I really hate using a razor, my skin sucks for shaving.

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#31 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

i use an electric beard trimmer cus i like having hair on my face cus im a fucking man not a baby faced dickbag.

just saying.

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#32 Posted by butano (1999 posts) -

That Gillette Fusion Glider razor/beard trimmer. So both I guess?

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#33 Posted by Gruebacca (813 posts) -

Even with an electric razor, my face breaks out into a rash, so there's no way I'm using a static blade. And yeah, it really doesn't matter how much you pay for them; they're all kind of cruddy.

They both have their pluses and minuses, but for me I'd rather spend the extra time to get a good clean stubble than end up with tissue paper all over my face every time.

If anyone wants the Bomb Crew's opinion, they had a huge rant on electric razors on the Bombcast back when Duke Nukem Forever came out.

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#34 Posted by chrissedoff (2387 posts) -

I've taken to using a straight razor. It's a closer shave and more eco-friendly.

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I use an electric trimmer and disposable Gillettes. I've been meaning to learn the straight razor but haven't gotten round to it.

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#36 Posted by ajamafalous (13818 posts) -

Gillette Mach 3 disposables

Also I just shave with water, no shaving cream or anything

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#37 Posted by Winternet (8448 posts) -

Electric at home, traditional in the barber shop. Traditional feels better, but that's also because I'm not the one doing it.

If only I was rich, I'd never ever shave myself ever ever again. But, I'm not, so fuck!

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I have a pretty good electric shaver, but my facial hair grows so slowly that it never causes a problem.

I literally need to shave once every 2-3 weeks and even then it's only because I start to notice it, only after about a month will other people notice it.

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Yeah, we're obviously only talking about facial hair here, and the only experience I have with that is good ole' physical razor blade or beard trimmer. My personal preference is epilator. I hear terrible things about electric shavers because of the way it just mashes the hair to bits and leaves it a chopped-up mess.

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#40 Posted by SomberOwl (925 posts) -

The thing is, I have sensitive skin and acne to some degree. Depending on how bad my acne is at the time, it can be a pain to use a traditional razor. Also I believe the lather is clogging my pores (Yes I do rinse well). I don't require a close clean shave, but damn it feels nice, I would like to get the same out of an electric but I've never used a really high end one. I was thinking I could save some time and possibly help my acne by switching to an electric.

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#41 Posted by phuzzybunny (181 posts) -

I use the tradition lather and razor. An electric shaver royally fucks my face up.

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#42 Posted by intro (1276 posts) -

I chose other because for right now I'm using electric, but I would prefer an actual razor. I'm 19 and have acne, nothing my dermatologist has given me works, so if I use a traditional razor my face gets cut up bad. I do prefer traditional though, it gives the best shave.

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I've never had the chance to use a electric shaver but I don't see how it could get any more smooth then a old ass razor.

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#44 Posted by paulwade1984 (493 posts) -

I shave once a week. I use an electric trimmer to cut down my beard, then a good old lather and mach 3 turbo. Does the job. I can't go full electric. rips your face to bits.

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#45 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i use a traditional one. i can't grow a beard so no point in getting one.

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#46 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I use an electric because its quick.

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#47 Posted by therealnelsk (376 posts) -

Classic single-blade safety razer/brush lather, right after a hot shower. The brush really helps raise the hair and your face is real smooth with all the steam in the air. I used to have all sorts of problems with terrible ingrown beardhair, but this totally fixed it. Also, you will save a fucking FORTUNE on blades.

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#48 Posted by inevpatoria (7450 posts) -

@benny: I was looking for that comparison, actually. That's a dramatic disparity.

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#49 Posted by Ben_H (4198 posts) -

Traditional. Though I am one of those insane people who dry-shaves because I hate shaving cream. I make up for the lack of moisture by using lotion on my face daily. My skin is so used to dry shaving at this point that I don't even get any irritation.

Also, unkept beards are disgusting. I can't stand people who just let them grow and don't even trim them (I don't mean old guys with santa beards, I mean lazy university students). My comp sci classes have lots of people who have these beards and they looks so sloppy. If you are going to have it at least take the time to take care of it and make yourself look at least somewhat presentable and not like a lazy slob.

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#50 Posted by Zekhariah (700 posts) -

@jasonr86: If that happens now it just means your using worn out blade, or did not spend enough money.
I'm not convinced less than $150 will actually yield something useful for everyday use. Though it is worth keeping in mind that a electric does not go as close as a straight blade - if the were doing that you would have irritation and the whole prevention in-grown hair etc would go out the window.

But yeah - modern electric shavers are fantastic. The Norelco Sensotouch 3D ones have seemed great to me, though I think there is a lot of personal preference in there.