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I am in college and have very little money, but I want to upgrade my machine to keep it somewhat decent. Right now I have a core2quad cpu which served me well for most of last gen, but in the past 2 years it started struggling quite a bit and I think I need an upgrade. My video card is still decent (GTX 660 TI).

I will also have to buy a motherboard and RAM, so the money for the CPU will be limited.

As you probably know the i3 is much newer and running on the latest Hasswell arhitecture while the i5 is much older but has 2 extra cores. The i3 I think is more powerful per core though.

I am asking because even though my current core2quad CPU has 4 cores it's way slower in benchmarks the the latest i3s.

So should I go for the i3 or i5?