Smartphones are too slippery to use without a case.

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Posted by Knifey_Spoony (223 posts) 9 months, 29 days ago

Poll: Smartphones are too slippery to use without a case. (341 votes)

Yes 54%
No 45%
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#1 Posted by nutter (2287 posts) -

I use my case half the time. Never had an issue with slipperiness. Never dropped my phone.

My case is for concerts, hiking, handing my phone to my family (more on the later) and other high risk activities.

Around the house or the office, or if I want to use my headphone jack while working out, I go case-free.

My wife and kids...very droppy. They use cases all the time, and they don’t touch my phone without a case.

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#2 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

hate having a phone without a case, it feels too light and cheap. i need something with more grip and the one i have now has a nice little stand for watching videos.

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#3 Posted by Franstone (1534 posts) -

I'm going with smartphones are too expensive to use without a case.

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#4 Posted by FacelessVixen (2664 posts) -

Y'know, as much as I like the aluminum back on my Huawei Mate SE, it is kinda slippery which can be an issue for a phone a that size. So as much as I'd like to go bareback and show off how cool my kinda-looks-like-an-iPhone-6-phone is, I need the extra grip so that I won't drop it as often. It already has an L shaped scratch on the screen that I'm not a fan of.

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#5 Posted by Efesell (4565 posts) -

My phone will never have a case I forbid it.

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#6 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2101 posts) -

I don't think I could go back to caseless now.

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#7 Posted by Veektarius (6412 posts) -

I've never even tried using a smartphone without a case. I know myself and I am not a careful person. I've also never had a cracked screen. Coincidence?

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#8 Posted by xanadu (2049 posts) -

I only use a case when I'm out and about. Mostly because it doubles as my wallet. Otherwise it's always careless.

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#9 Posted by Ravelle (3319 posts) -

I have a HTC U11 and that thing is too thin and too slick haha, I bought one of those rugged cases for it and it's fantastic. Feels really good to hold your phone now too.

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#10 Posted by MerxWorx01 (883 posts) -

Some modern phones are so smooth it feels like they are coated with Teflon. This is purely anecdotal but most people I see without cases also have cracks on their phones.

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#11 Edited by Ben_H (4204 posts) -

The last phone I used without a case was a Galaxy Nexus, which was all plastic with a grippy, rubbery back. Every phone since then I've had a case. It's not that they're slippery to hold, it's just that accidents happen and phones seem a lot less resilient now that they're mostly made of glass and super thin. I've never dropped my phone but it has been accidentally knocked off tables and stuff like that.

When I get the new iPhone I will 100% get a case. The glass back is too big of a risk.

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#12 Posted by Pezen (2388 posts) -

I have never had a case and people are shocked when I tell them how many years I have had a specific phone. My last phone was near mint condition, a coworker got borderline angry with how nice and clean it was despite never having had a case for years. My current phone does have a small crack in the top of the screen, as it fell out of my shallow pocket onto pretty rough stones getting out of a car. But it’s also th first time any of my phones have ever been damaged. And I have dropped my phones on concrete floors before. I just think cases are bulky and hideous.

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#13 Posted by jamesyfx (155 posts) -

Some of them are. I think my iPhone 7 is doable without a case.. but it just feels too thin without one, so I use the Apple leather-y one.

I remember changing from a Nexus 5 to a Galaxy S6 a few years ago and the damn thing nearly flew out of my hand a number of times.

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#14 Posted by Shindig (4963 posts) -

I've never dropped my iPhone 4.

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#15 Posted by Dichemstys (3930 posts) -

I work in a machine shop and I'm clumsy, so between those two things I have to have a case. Even still, my case is cracked and so is the screen.

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#16 Edited by deactivated-5bd9685465548 (1 posts) -

I need the case or i’il break my iphone

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#17 Posted by AJasmer (17 posts) -

No cases, ever. They ruin the nice design and feel of the device. Maybe if you're going camping or something.

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#18 Posted by GenericBrotagonist (456 posts) -

I find them slippery with or without, but with those slips are far less likely to result in breakage.

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#19 Posted by MostlySquares (329 posts) -

Dropped my iPad Pro display side down the first day I had it. No harm (so lucky).. That day I bought a cover. As for phones, the last phone that actually didn't just slide around in my hand were the glass backed iPhone 4 series. After that, almost every phone has been a bar of soap.

That said, haven't had a phone in like 5 years. If you can live without one, try to do so. It's incredibly liberating being unreachable.

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#20 Posted by kmj2318 (42 posts) -

I've always been fine with no case, but now that the iPhones went back to having glass backs, the phones are very grippy again.

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#21 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2936 posts) -

I have a Galaxy s9. Just try using that thing without a case, its fucking impossible.

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#22 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

@bigboss1911: yup. S9s are like a bar of soap coated with teflon and astroglide 🤣

I've got an incipio case on mine that works great and barely adds any bulk to the phone. Couldn't be happier!

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#23 Edited by Hamst3r (5480 posts) -

I'm a no-case user. I rarely drop my phone and in no instance has it broken to where I'd need it replaced. To where it makes it seem like other people must be spiking their phones like a football to do what they do to them. "But it barely slipped off my lap and snapped in half!"

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#24 Edited by CircleNine (419 posts) -

Are you covering yourself in butter or what.

I only ever used a case in my last job as a baker because it allowed me to cover the headphone jack and usb port to avoid flour from getting all up in them and then being a huge pain in the butt to clean out. As that isn't an issue anymore, I haven't had my phone in a case for about 6 months now.

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#25 Posted by ghost_cat (2302 posts) -
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#26 Posted by not_a_bumblebee (134 posts) -

I'm a huge klutz and super uncoordinated yet I've never had trouble holding on to my phone. I'm only really using a phone case because mine has One Punch Man on it and people give you weird looks when you have a "naked" phone.

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#27 Posted by nasher27 (357 posts) -

I'm torn, because I want to protect my phone, but at the same time, I'm paying for how sleek and elegant it is. That is all lost when you throw a case on it.

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#28 Posted by Dave_Tacitus (2507 posts) -

I'd have said no until I got my current phone, a Moto G6, which had a habit of sliding off every chair arm I'd parked it on before I bought a case. Mirror finish shells look nice, and all that, but practical they ain't.

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#29 Posted by Efesell (4565 posts) -
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#30 Posted by kalos (76 posts) -

Third option to the poll:

No, but it's easier to hold with a phone ring. (Which also acts as a decent stand.)

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#31 Posted by frytup (1344 posts) -

Gotta have a case. One, I’m clumsy. Two, I like to keep my phone in nice condition for max resale value.

I don’t give a crap about looks or external design. I pay for functionality.

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#32 Posted by HellBrendy (1311 posts) -

I have a Honor 9 and oh brother, it's like putting oil on ice. It is almost incredibly slippery.

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#33 Posted by 49th (3914 posts) -

I can't even imagine regularly using a phone without a case, it feels like I could snap it with one hand. I've had the same phone for the past 3 years and definitely get more careless with it over time and ended up dropping it probably 30 times by now but it still works perfectly without a scratch in a case. Without a case it probably would have cracked within 3 drops.

It just makes no sense not to use one, you never drop your phone until you do.

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#34 Posted by blackadder88 (119 posts) -

I have the S9 with the OtterBox camouflage case .. I wish cell phones were heavier

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#35 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1646 posts) -

Why would I ever want to bulk up my beautiful phone with a case? I have literally never felt that any of my phones were slippery and have never had a cracked screen. Dropping my phone is a complete non issue.

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#36 Posted by JJWeatherman (15101 posts) -

I've been very anti-case my entire phone-owning life. That is up until a few weeks ago, when I bought one of Google's fabric cases along with my Pixel 3 XL. I feel like it's one of the few cases that actually adds to the style of my phone as opposed to looking like trash, so I'm not minding it.

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#37 Posted by Sweep (10608 posts) -

I see you've played knifey spoony before.

Despite what they say about gorilla glass that shit cracks far too quickly, and the finish on the glass makes them slippery as fuck. Almost as though they want the phones to break so you have an excuse to buy a new one after a year....


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#38 Posted by Efesell (4565 posts) -

Why would I ever want to bulk up my beautiful phone with a case? I have literally never felt that any of my phones were slippery and have never had a cracked screen. Dropping my phone is a complete non issue.

Listen I'm with you 100% but having put this into the universe now you are almost certainly going to drop your phone soon and shatter it into a million pieces.

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#39 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

I'd just say the ground is too hard to not have a case. It's not the slip out of the hand or a fumble that ever got me. My phone's screen is now broken, the first smart phone I have ever broken, because ist dropped on rough gravel. Gorilla glass can't hand up to hundreds of pointy rocks that way it would on flat concrete where even the minimal housing of a phone add some bounce or a flat drop.

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#40 Posted by BallsLeon (566 posts) -

I have sweaty hands admittedly, but all of these curved lines and glass-like materials are extra slippy in my hands. I use a light rubber case to combat this.

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#41 Posted by Casepb (747 posts) -

My old Galaxy Note 4 I never used a case. It felt easily graspable and not slippery. Just got a Galaxy S9 and I find it incredibly slippery, no way I could use this thin little thing without a case. Problem was it took me 4 cases to find one that I actually liked.