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I mean as far as the game audio that is.Thing is I thought I've noticed this in other games they've played and today I watched the Aliens quick look.Around 4:30 min into it Ryan activates an audio log now I'm wearing headphones so I can usually hear minute details and the audio log was coming from my left side even though the computer on the screen was on Ryan's right. I'm simply using the audio log as an example because its the easiest example to hear.

Ayways, to make sure I wasn't crazy I tested my audio channels via my sound manager and the channels on my end check out just fine and I even loaded up a Lets Play of Aliens on Youtube and found that exact part and when they activated the audio log you can distinctly hear it coming out of the correct side.

So I'm just wondering is this audio swap on the game audio something to do with the complex capture setup or something?I'm just curious.Has anyone else noticed this? Possibly @drewbert could tell me?