So I kinda got into wrestling... again

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Seems like every 10 years I dip my toe into the miasma that is wrastlin’ especially with Gaiden/Get in the Ring these past couple months. Now I’m looking for good wrestling single player modes. Help?!

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About 5 years ago, my Google News feed starting filling up with wrestling news. Unprompted, no reason whatsoever. None of my friends talk about it anymore and I basically stopped caring since the time WCW got really bad. WWF had the lead, the war was over, and I moved on. My AOL screen name was in honor of Stone Cold and I kept using it, but out of laziness. Don't mistake my laziness for lifelong fandom.

But Google News fucking insisted that I needed to know what was happening in wrestling. Then this stupid site started talking about it, had the cutout of Roman Reigns and kept talking about it, and even interviewed Roman Reigns in a podcast. Then someone mentioned DDP Yoga on these very forums and it reminded me why I used to like it so much as a kid. So I eventually started seeking out news willingly, got Hulu to watch their cuts of Raw/Smackdown, and then subscribed to the Network.

And here I am. I saw Fozzy last month.

Honestly, at this point I just watch the WhatCulture Wrestling Ups and Downs recaps and the PPV's. WWE has a top ten moments highlight reel that gives me what I need to know, so I spend like 4 hours a month on wrestling. This is the best choice. There's some really good stuff outside of WWE that I occasionally come across but I can't bring myself to commit the time to really be a fan again.

I was supposed to recommend single player wrestling but went down this hole of soul-searching instead. Uhh.. I think WWE 2K16 had that Steve Austin campaign?

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It seems not a lot of people did, but I enjoyed legends of wrestlemania for the 360 when it came out.

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The last time I was into watching wrestling was when I was in 5th grade, that was in 1999/2000. Wrestling games are still fun though. I still go back to the N64 games sometimes with my brother.

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I still go back to N64 AKI games. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 is BY FAAAAR the best of them.

I actually really dig the current run of WWE games, warts and all.

They have their flaws, but I have some fun playing on the hardest difficulty (no custom sliders or anything). I like the grapple, reversal, and stanima systems, and the buffs impacting those systems (perks and status effects) are interesting. Plus, the creation system is downright bananas. Performance kinda sucks on Xbox One, but on Xbox One X, even 8-man matches are silky smooth.

I never did get around to playing Fire Pro, so I’ll happily check-out that once it hits PS4.

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Ended up getting a used copy of 2K18 to cut my teeth despite everyone and their mother poopooing the series the past few years.

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@bobbyr: I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

The game isn’t buggy at all now. RARE jank. At launch it was a hot mess.

I’d suggest sticking to exhibition matches, tournaments, and the universe mode. The career mode is trash. I enjoyed it enough in 2k16 and 2k17, but 2k18’s career actively shows disdain for the player. Total waste of time...

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@nutter said:

@bobbyr: I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

The game isn’t buggy at all now. RARE jank. At launch it was a hot mess.

I’d suggest sticking to exhibition matches, tournaments, and the universe mode. The career mode is trash. I enjoyed it enough in 2k16 and 2k17, but 2k18’s career actively shows disdain for the player. Total waste of time...

yup. The game is really a "make your own fun" kinda thing. oh and check out places like for some really crazy crated stuff for guys you are missing and then make a roster.

as for truly good simple player modes you kinda dont have anything. Maybe firepros new japan mode will be good but we have no way of knowing yet.

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@nutter: Yeah, judging from the quick look, the career mode in 2k18 is pretty different than previous entries by adding an “open world”. Plan on giving it a whirl tonight.

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Universe is pretty terrible, way too much set up for something so archaic and bare bones. The core in-ring gameplay (especially with no reversal limit) and the creation suite are awesome, but overall 2k18 is soooo far from the complete package this series once was.

If you're up for crazy original storylines though, the Smackdown games from 2006-WWE'12 has some amusing entries. Some involving time machines, zombies, and a gender swapping magic wand.

WWE'13 and WWE2K'14 have great retrospective modes. '13 concentrated on the Attitude Era while 2K14 focused on thirty years of Wrestlemania. 2K14 also included a really great "Beat the Streak" Undertaker mode which treated him like the cheapest video game boss ever.

2K15 which was the first post-THQ developed title and was pretty rough with the transition, but included more historical content including a dlc mode focused on the Ultimate Warrior....which may no longer be available given it featured Hulk Hogan. 2K16 was all about Stone Cold, but it was a super repetitive experience as much of the matches had previously been covered in '13 and '14. Also, because they didn't go after the rights for Mike Tyson, and I believe Ken Shamrock (both are in the previous games), they're replaced with generic stand-ins in their respected Wrestlemania appearances.

All of these are worth a play, but like I said, you may not be able to access all of 2k15's content due to the company distancing itself from Hogan.

WWE All Stars, while the story mode isn't that deep beyond some really great cutscenes, it's easily the best wrestling game released since the N64 era as it embraces an arcadey over the top fighting game approach while still keeping that tried and true AKI control scheme at its core. This game was also pretty revolutionary as it had a roster of guys that were separated into different classes with individual movesets further varied within each including a few hybrid characters as opposed to wrestling games always being a standard affair of everyone controlling the same way. Because of this, it made learning the in's and out's of each superstar and legends part of the fun. Unfortunately most fans turned their noses up to it as it wasn't the legends based simulation title they had been begging for.

Something that THQ had stumbled with when they attempted Legends of Wrestlemania several years before, which would've been an awesome game as it did a really wonderful job in recreating a great deal of superstars and moments from the Golden Era, but unfortunately instead of using Smackdown's standard controls, they instead saddled it with a simplified system that was QTE heavy and neutered the movesets in hopes of luring in older fans. They didn't, and manged to infuriate the same ones that....once again, had been begging for a game like that.

So in recap, for single player experiences... Any Smackdown legacy title from 2006-2016 will do you good, 2013-2014 are standouts. 2006-I believe 2008 included a popular GM mode you might want to check out, UpUpDwnDwn is currently focusing a series based on 2006's version. All Stars should be experienced by everyone, and Wrestlemania 2000, No Mercy, and Def Jam Vendetta are also classic must plays....but beware of the nasty memory wipe bug that plagued most copies of No Mercy.

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@bobbyr: That open’s the most offensive waste of time. The writing is awful too. I did like that you’d sometimes have to have a match ranked a certain number of stars and lose. The focus on just putting on a good show and doing your part to push a story forward is neat, if not shallow.

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Fire pro wrestling world is really good and everyone who has an interest in wrestling games should play it.

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Def Jam Fight for New York, which is just on the edge of what can be considered a wrestling game, by far has the best single player mode of them all. Great game play, good to totally acceptable narrative based on your standards, awesome customization options for your character's fighting style which should have been copied by other fighting games by now. It is a tragedy that FFNY has not had any sort of follow up game.

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@bobbyr: Yes, I have the same thing. I do not know what to do

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I don’t watch wrestling, but I think these sre probably the best wrestling game suggestions for someone you know nothing about...

Best overall: Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (or WCW/NWO Revenge, if you need american stuff)

Best arcade fun: WWE All-Stars

Best sim: Fire Pro Wrestling World (you can actually hold a button to allow someone to do their move to you, and save up some sort of hidden meter to buff you for a hulk-out later...ALSO, matches are ranked based on how entertaining it was, so you let everyone have their moments to get a good score).