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I've been granted the good fortune of being allowed to head to Las Vegas in December to attend Autodesk University . I was just curious as to what the venn diagram of GB users and AU attendees looked like, and if there were a cross section of more than just myself, if a meetup or something might be a fun idea. Just thought i'd put it out there and see what the response was.

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What is Autodesk University?

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My boss asked me to go but I declined.

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@hailinel said:

What is Autodesk University?

Probably some type of Casino.

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The AutoCAD people?

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@hailinel said:

What is Autodesk University?

Seems like it's probably a professional conference for people that work with Autodesk software.

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@hailinel: Autodesk University is a conference held in Las Vegas. People from all sort of industries, construction, engineering, film, and games, all come together to talk about whats new in Autodesk software packages(3ds max, maya, autocad, and more. There's classes, networking, discussions, panels, all surrounding what's new in software and how to get the most out of the software.

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ha, i thought it was an actual university! Strange name for a conference. Sounds cool, I would totally go if it wasn't all the way across the continent, and knew about it sooner, and could get my supervisor to agree to let me go.

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@hailinel said:

What is Autodesk University?

I had the same question.