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Couldn't find any topics on it yet, but I know the Idle Thumbs guys have talked about it in the last year.

These guys.

Canada or


Scrap the company that designed it is one of the originals out of Japan, and eventually San Francisco. There are a lot of imitators, but this was really well designed, Has great atmosphere, and while it's hard as hell, you rarely feel like you're dumb, just that you're missing more clues, which is probably accurate. The one in TO was the same design as the SF one, 1.8% of people made it out of the SF version. We did not manage to escape, but got within a few stages of getting out, which was very frustrating, we were on the right path, but we skipped a major part of the puzzle early on that left us with a lot of red herrings that wasted time and people for the later half. The game runner guy said that the specific thing we found, and then figured out how to put to use almost right away was pretty much unheard of which is a bit of a pain, but it's not the games fault. We would have gotten about the same distance either either solving the long, hard puzzle, or wasting time on it.

I won't spoil much as they do rerun games in different cities, but if these guys run it near you, check it out, super fun for the nerdy brain. If another organization does it, look into it, but I don't know how well designed it'd be, so do your research.

If there are any non-spoilery questions I'd be happy to share. Also if anybody has played Volume 2, I'd love to hear if it's worth it or not.

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Neat I've wanted to try one of these ever since they talked about it on Bombin the A.M.

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@hunter5024: Don't suppose you remember what episode that was? think I missed that one.

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@zfubarz: Alex talked about it on the episode after he got back from China. Not sure which one that is, but it was a few months ago. I'd look, but for some reason you can't scroll to old podcasts at the moment.

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There's a couple great ones in London, Hint Hunt is a personal favourite as a real life locked room puzzle game. Tomorrow I'm trying out A Door In A Wall's latest murder mystery which should be pretty exciting; I did one of theirs before which was a story about a kidnapped pop singer and they really went all out with hiring enthusiastic actors and taking up spots in casinos and dingy buildings and parks and whatnot. Real Life Games is seeing some pretty cool development lately.

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Maaaan, I've always wanted to do that! Hearing your recommendation only makes me more excited by the prospect. I know there's a place or two in NYC that does it, so maybe I should look into it now.

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@hunter5024: Yeah I can't search the podcast list either, there's a topic about it on the bug reporting forum, thanks for the info though, found it in the video feed Here, about 10 minutes in he starts talking about it.

@vocalcannibal: Sadly He doesn't talk about the ones in New York, but they're probably pretty cool. You'd get some talented people working on it in such a diverse city.

I want to try a small group one as well, the one I did yesterday was a group of 10 people. We all knew each other in some way, either through me or my brother, as we organized it together, but doing something with just a couple people or 4 or 5 would be interesting as well.