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Hey guys, I've had the idea to feature a song a week and basically tell you a bit about why I like it so much. I'm not sure if this has been done before or not but here goes! 
This week I'll start with a rather exotic track. Deadmau5's "Raise your Weapon" have a listen and see me after!

 For those of you who don't know who "Deadmau-five" is, he's a a Canadian musician who started out on the underground House scene. He has soon picked up fame with his fantastic work and larger than life persona. (It's just Deadmouse by the way!) 
Raise your Weapon is a new entry from the album 4 x 4 = 12 and features the vocally talented Greta Svabo Bech. The song begins as a slow paced, peaceful House track and descends into a much deeper, richer Dubstep feel around the 4 minute mark. 
This my current favourite song of the week because it's something a little different from Deadmau5's usual tracks, the vocals compliment the mood of the song perfectly as does the piano. You're really not expecting the Dubstep drop halfway through but it doesn't ruin the song. Another killer track from a killer artist.  

This is where you guys come in!

So what did you think of the song? Especially if it's something you wouldn't normally listen to. I'd love to hear some genuine opinions. 
Also, for my next song of the week, I'll need help finding the latest tracks! So send me a PM with a link to any song you want me to check out and I'll do so. 
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No one? Lol.

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well this is my first deadmau5 song i've heard and i wasn't really feeling the beginning "house" part, i'm sure the vocalist is great but i couldn't get into it.
and then the 4 minute mark hit, and i was like.....yeeeaaaaah. (and then the vocals came back in....)
any more dubstep heavy deadmau5 songs you can recommend? or just good dubstep in general?

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@McSmunions: Deadmau5 is primarily a prog-house/electro-house artist. He's included dubstep elements in songs before, but this is pretty much his first foray into full-on dubstep, so you won't really find any more from him in the vein of this song's second half.
With that out of the way, I must say: I entirely disagree with you. The first half of the song is some of his best work, in my opinion, but the back half ruins the track for me. But then, I just don't  like dubstep, so I suppose It's largely a matter of taste. Anyone who finds that they are of a similar opinion should check out this remix:   
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@McSmunions:  There are many different forms of dubstep some are heavier than others, Rusko is a well known Dubstep artist. 
  Worth a listen, as is... 
  Rubadub Shakedown is very different to either of those songs I've shown so far, purely for it's Reggae sounds. 
If you liked Raise Your Weapon I suggest trying out the entire 4x4=12 album as it's a lot more bass heavy than most of his previous work. Some Chords is a highlight for me. 
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I think this idea was a resounding failure, I'll try again next week to make it better, but meh.