Spent ten minutes trying to find a meme

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Somebody made one of these for the Giant Bomb crew and I didn't save it, like a fool, and now I can't find it. Google is a terrible puzzle

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Isn't this less a meme and more a riff on a section from John Mulaney's netflix show about his dad?

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@dudeglove: Meme is replacing the terms "joke" and "anecdote" etc. I've seen the phrase "I was only memeing!" or "I was just telling a meme!" too many times. Kids are getting terrible "101 Hilarious Memes!!!" books instead of "101 Hilarious Jokes!!!" books and I wouldn't be surprised to find out they now sell Christmas Crackers but with memes in them, but I'm too afraid to google it.

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You've got to be meming me.

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Batman: The Killing Meme.

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I mean, “internet meme” is a specific subset of meme which pretty much has come to mean “joke template that is easily transferred to a variety of topics.”

The problem is that people are taking it too far and saying “It was just a meme” or “I was just meming” as if literally any joke said aloud on the internet can be considered a meme.

To address OP’s question: no fucking idea what this triangle thing is or what the GB version is that you’re talking about.

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I'd have said image macro but then people would be asking what an image macro is. You can't please anyone

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@tastius:I was also going to go with Image Macro but I don't think anyone calls them that anymore.

@bisonhero:I feel like I've seen a few of these regarding Waypoint staff. Not sure if those was suppose to be the original(probably not).

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Batman Batman Batman: The Killing Meme.

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They see me memein', they hatin'.

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Good news, everyone, I found it