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I'm several days into laying off a less-than-ideal coffee habit, and my brain has yet to fully recover. Up until I quit, my usual daily intake was a ten-cup pot. This isn't the first time I've quit. A prior attempt about five years ago to ween myself off a daily 14-cup habit involved going completely cold-turkey, which resulted in horrible experiences of nausea and weakness, to the point where my legs couldn't even support my attempts to stand up. No amount of Ibuprofen would get rid of the splitting headache I had, which persisted for almost 24 hours. It took almost three days before I felt like I could even think clearly.
This time, I've been slightly kinder to myself and have been taking a caffeine tablet equal to two cups of coffee whenever a headache starts to set in, usually every 36 hours or so. But my brain feels like it's completely shut down all the time, aside from a brief respite for a couple hours when I take the tablet. It's starting to affect my ability to function socially. I'm afraid to suffer through the pains of cutting myself off altogether again, but I'm also worried even the relatively small amount of caffeine from the tablets will just keep stringing me along my cloudy state-of-mind for too long.
Anybody have any experience with this? Any tips would be really appreciated.
Also, as an aside, one great effect of quitting coffee the first time was an almost-complete elimination of facial acne, which I had suffered from for several years in my early twenties. The acne was almost exclusively concentrated around my jawline, kinda near the salivary glands, but it was bad to the point of scarring. I just wanted to mention that in case even one person with the same problem happens to read this and is a coffee drinker. I can't say for sure whether that was a coincidence or not, but the entire reason I quit coffee was because I had read that high caffeine intake can stimulate acne production. After I started drinking coffee again a few years later, I didn't have any further problems with acne, so I can't pinpoint caffeine as the cause definitively, but if you're desperate, quitting might help ya!
EDIT: I'm really sorry, this should be off-topic. Damn caffeine withdrawal!!!! =)

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Actually having a little experience in caffeine withdrawal I would say the quicker you can get down to no caffeine the better. The first time I did it, I went cold turkey and had a headache for like 3 days, the second I kinda weened myself off over a few days. It seems like cold turkey is just REALLY bad for a couple of days while stepping down not as bad, but takes longer.  
I would suggest maybe drinking half of what you normally drink one day, then a forth and then the 3rd day quit all together?

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While I support people kicking unhealthy addictions, why are you even trying to quit? While your coffee intake is quite high for one person, you could always take it down to 2 cups (4 cups on the carafe). There's nothing wrong with a daily dose of caffeine unless you're doing overkill. Plus, coffee is just damn delicious and why would anyone want to not enjoy and amazing cup of coffee in the morning. That is, unless you're one of those that think Folders coffee tastes good. *vomit*

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Ugh, my shrink had me go off caffien for a month. I was a waiter at the time, and like all good service staff sucking down energy drinks like there was a Golden Ticket at the bottom. But it turns out that I am sensative to caffien, and was also suffering form panic disorder, which, surprise surprise is compounded by too much caffeine, which is why I was having panic attacks at work.
Try getting some OTC migraine medicine, which has asprin, advil, and a dose of caffeine. it really helped me with the headaches.

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Drink some Iced Tea ;It should have enough caffeine to lessen the symptoms.

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no. because im addicted to stuff that actually IS addictive. 

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Change your addiction! Cigarette? 

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Grow a pair.

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Sounds rough dude. I have no suggestions for you as My closest thing to an addiction is the internet and alcohol when I feel in heaven after my first sip of a beer in a week.

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@Mrnitropb:  Omg I am going through the same thing. Panic attacks suck!
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Drink water, go jogging.  Headache usually left when I got the blood going.
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@underworld2086 said:
" @Mrnitropb:  Omg I am going through the same thing. Panic attacks suck! "
Lol im the opposite of you guys, i find coffee to relieve my panic attacks.
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If you have a headache smoke some pot.

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@Killtano said:
" Drink water, go jogging.  Headache usually left when I got the blood going. "
Hmm, interesting, I'll give that a whirl.
@ everyone else, yeah, I actually kicked the drink and blazing recently too, quit smoking cigarettes about five years ago. I don't got anything wrong with any of this stuff, just been in a weird funk and trying to eliminate any possible sources. Once I find it, I'll probably start reintroducing the finer things in life slowly. I seriously love coffee, black and piping hot, like my women.
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Just try cutting down first. Then replace it with something healthy. It'll hurt for a while, but it will be worth it after a while.

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Huh. I quit caffeine 3 weeks ago (20 years of 50 oz. coke daily). Haven't felt a thing, except that I don't pee as much anymore. I think I might have a massive resistance to it.

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Oh man. Good luck. I only get to sleep about 4 hours a night (if I'm lucky) due to both work and architecture school. The only day I ever get to sleep in is Sunday morning. I couldn't even begin to imagine functioning without coffee. Have you tried maybe stepping stoning it with tea?

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@lavaman77 said:
Lol im the opposite of you guys, i find coffee to relieve my panic attacks. "
hey me too! 
More power to you man; I've been wanting to kick my Coke (a-cola) addiction for awhile now but fuuuuuuck it hurts... I should probably just replace it with coffee but there's just something about Coke... It has a kick to it that I just need. But I don't wanna get diabetes. And this acne thing is interesting... Might give me more motivation to quit. Good luck to you man!
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Oxycotin and tequila. Always works for me.

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Caffeine has been shown to be more addictive than nicotine, heroine, and cocaine.  I have not successfully weaned off it, and average about 4 cups of coffee a day along with soda or tea on occasion later in the day.

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I used to have 2 french presses a day, and just switched over to one then to one on occasion when I wanted or needed it. Weaning seems like a easier path. 

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@Ryax said:
" no. because im addicted to stuff that actually IS addictive.  "
...like meth?
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I'm addicted to Coke. The drink. And yes, it may not be Heroin, but I am literally addicted in that I get very sick if I don't drink any, and I always have a desire to drink more. 
I'm trying to quit. I've actually gotten it down to 1 or 2 cans a day, and I used to drink around an average of 8 a day. 
Going Cold Turkey really sucks, but it's the best method IMO (keep in mind this is coming from someone who tried and failed, though. I last a month or two a few times though). It sucks for a few days, then it's easy. drinking just a bit makes you want more. 
However the reason I'm now able to only drink a bit a day is 'cause I moved and can't really afford or have the means to go buy coke every day.