Summer Movie Roundup for 2015

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It's hot outside and video games tend to dry up during the summer months. For some weekends are only choice for entertainment are the big blockbusters that flood the theaters and vie for out eyeballs. Time to run down what some of those bigger films are, when they come out, and what to expect.

This list isn't comprehensive so feel free to add whatever movies comes out from now until August that I may have skipped over. Also keep in mind while this is somewhat early to be a summer list, it still is all about summer. Films like Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and The Peanuts Movie will not be included.

Avengers: Age of Ultron: May 1st

Possibly the biggest release of the summer, depending on who you ask. If you remember the original Avengers film was no automatic cash cow we all assume this one will be. The tide has turned however and Age of Ultron is raking in the money just like it's predecessor did. The reviews however haven't been as completely positive. Perhaps we expect more from our comic book movies now since we already know a group super hero movie can be done and done well. Or maybe we're seeing too much from men and women in spandex tights.

Age of Ultron might not be remembered like it's older brother but it will certainly keep the Marvel movie franchises alive. If the original Avengers was the declaration that comic book films were here to stay maybe Ultron will state they won't all be winners. I still expect this one to be well worth the cost of admission but I doubt I'll be rewatching this one years from now.

Mad Max: Fury Road: May 15th

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This is one of those films where I and the general population differ. I do love the original three films, will really just those first two, but the recent trailers for Fury Road didn't win me over. The style, the story, the color, none of it screamed Mad Max to me. I'm hoping, of course, that I'm really wrong and if you can convince me otherwise feel free to try.

George Miller, the original series director, is back directing this one and Tom Hardy is starring as the titular Max. It's taken nearly twenty five years to move this film from potential sequel to out in theaters so take that as you may. It is rated R here in the states which makes me think that it will provide the right amount of violence and grit I remember from the original films. I'm hoping with all these right pieces in place my instincts about Mad Max are proven wrong.

San Andreas: May 29th

If you're looking for the dumbest movie to be released this summer with a $100 million budget, this is it. Starring Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, this movie isn't a GTA film but instead about earthquakes. Johnson plays a helicopter pilot who, along with his ex-wife, flies around a devastated California looking for their daughter. Normally I'd be all in for an expensive disaster movie but this one comes from director Brad Peyton, who also directed The Rock in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Journey 2 did make lots of cash so maybe Peyton is putting on big boy pants and is ready to make a name for himself.

If they wanted to make a real disaster movie in California they should just have The Rock stare at his dead lawn waiting for the right watering day.

Jurassic World: June 12th

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A revival of a beloved film franchise that saw itself go down the summer blockbuster black hole is back. Starring Chris Pratt this is another release that has seen some pre-production turmoil. Jurassic Park 3 did well but was universally panned by critics seeding constant sequel rumors for over a decade now. Now it's finally coming out and this could be the biggest question mark for all of this summer's releases. The trailers have me excited but I don't know how the story will stack up with some of the hinted at story points. I won't spoil anything directly but if you've seen the trailers then you probably have your doubts as well.

Doubts or not I still want to see dinosaurs stomp around on screen. The original film was essentially a monster movie and if World can capture that same essence again it should do alright at the box office.

Magic Mike XXL: July 1st

I'll readily admit that I really enjoyed the first Magic Mike. Steven Soderbergh blended the right amount of comedy and drama into what easily could have been an "eye candy for ladies" kind of film. The characters and their portrayal as real, flawed, human beings really served the movie well and to this day I'll stop and watch it whenever I see it on. XXL brings back a lot from the original film including Channing Tatum and even Soderbergh, though as editor and cinematographer only. I'm not sure how I feel knowing Soderbergh took more of a back seat for this film but I have high hopes this one can deliver another worth while film. I like seeing movies that can bring more to a summer movie release than CGI and male strippers.

Ant-Man: July 17th

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I'm still not sure what this movie will be. Yet every time I question if Marvel is making the right decision their movies always exceed my caution. Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly are all actors I would trust in a film but director Peyton Reed's movies are lackluster (Yes Man and The Break Up were his last two). I'm still hoping we can get some more of these "lower" tier heroes before a bigger audience. Seeing these heroes who used to only be discussed among the dedicated and devoted comic book fans gain new followers is exciting.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation: July 31st

I didn't know this even existed until a few weeks back. Perhaps I caught wind of this during pre-production but if I did I certainly didn't care enough to remember it. I've gone back and forth on the Mission Impossible franchise several times. They tricked me into seeing MI: 2 which I will never forgive but lately the franchise has found it's rhythm again. Originally this was going to be a December release but, possibly due to some large science fiction franchise, it was moved up to July. More than likely that means the film was ready anyways and they decided to compete with comic book movies rather than the behemoth that is Star Wars. When Tom Cruise is the star of your movie that seems like a safe bet to me too.

Fantastic Four: August 7th

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Forget rights battles, casting "controversies", and whatever else was said about this movie as it was being made. What matters is we're getting a good Fantastic Four movie and yes I'm saying that without having seen it. Not much could be worse than the other two made in the days when we still liked our comic book films happy and colorful. Batman Begins changed that and with it went most of 20th Century Fox's comic book lineup. Well Spidey got a reboot and X-Men found its way so I'm glad to see the Fantastic Four are next.

Josh Trank, director of Chronicle, is in charge of this reboot which I take as a great sign. Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell are your superheroes this time around. While they're all young they're all certainly talented and earned their spots on the cast. Despite watching two trailers I'm still not sure what this movie will be about beyond the birth of the titular team, and I like that. Trailers already give too much plot away and I like being surprised when going to the movies. Hopefully this one will be a pleasant surprise.

Straight Outta Compton: August 14th

Biopics about legendary rap groups doesn't sound like winning combination to me. Rap, especially early gangster rap, has an attitude and personality all to its own. Attempting to capture that attitude while trying to tell an interesting and entertaining story seems like a tall task to me.

If you don't know, NWA was a controversial and pivotal rap group from the mid 80s to the early 90s. They were loud, angry, violent, and didn't care who got offended. They gave a voice to the voiceless and that voice wasn't asking nicely. They changed rap forever and their story parallels what happened to their music genre in a lot of ways. I'm still cautious about this film but seeing how they put the story of NWA on film intrigues me to no end. Now you know.

Hitman: Agent 47: August 28th

The final entry for this summer's season is the most likely to fail. The Hitman franchise was already on the silver screen in 2007 and it did reasonably well especially when you consider video game movies reputation. The games don't have intricate stories or deep lore to keep track of so that makes it a simple conversation from game to movie. Rupert Friends play Agent 47 and I'm pretty sure I've never seen him in a single thing. The trailer I saw a few months back made the movie look more like a Matrix style action thriller than a super secret spy who's really good at killing people in elaborate ways. Trailers have ways of lying however so maybe this one still has a chance.

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After having seen Age of Ultron I agree with your sentiment. After watching it I immedietly just wanted to see the original one. It has a lot of amazing moments, but they never truly manage to fit together the way Avengers and Captain America 2 did. James Spader is a true delight, managing to singlehandely make a villian memorable that would otherwise be a kind of weakly written, bad special effect.

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I don't know how I feel about Thing wearing no pants in the new Fantastic Four film. I guess it makes sense no pants would fit The Thing but still.

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@civid: I probably won't see it for another week or two past release. I really just hope it sets up more of the films and that particular franchise can become more bombastic. It hasn't felt as epic as some of those comic story lines seem to be.

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Yeah, Age of Ultron I found disjointed and even boring in spots. Other spots it's fucking bang-on though. In the hierarchy of recent-ish Marvel movies, I'd say it's right around the enjoyment level of the first Captain America movie, so better than Thor or Iron Man 2, but worse than Iron Man 1 and 3. Also, not nearly as good as the first Avengers, the second Captain America or Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor 2 was shit and should be forgotten. I wish they'd gone with Ultimate Thor who is way more interesting character than actually-a-Norse-God Thor.

It came out on the 23rd here in Korea.

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Mad Max and Mission Impossible are my two most anticipated for the summer. After Mad Max was confirmed to be rated R, I was fully on board. It looks like it's going to kick a ton of ass. I hope it does well. It's so incredibly rare for there to be an R-rated big budget blockbuster these days.

I'm looking forward to Age of Ultron and I'll hopefully get to see it this weekend. I'm not foaming at the mouth for it, though. It looks fun.

I'm still apprehensive about Jurassic World. Recent trailers look more promising so I have my fingers crossed.

San Andreas and Ant-Man look like they could be alright. I don't care about Magic Mike or Straight Outta Compton that much, but they look like well-made movies. Hitman dunno. Pretty bad, but it could also at least be entertaining. I don't think Fantastic Four needs to exist at all, though. I don't find those characters the least bit engaging in the first place, and using them as an excuse to make yet another grim, serious reboot is the most obvious and soulless route to go here.

You totally forgot Terminator: Genisys, too. HOW COULD YOU?!

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I actually really liked Age of Ultron and think it's overall a better movie than the first one if not as exciting. The first one was a real surprise to me because I just didn't think a teamup with this many characters would work as well as it did. Now we've seen that once so it's not as special anymore. I do like the heavier emphasis on teamwork during the fights, it shows that the team as a whole has grown. Ultron is the only disappointment for me. Spader is great as expected but in typical MCU villain fashion Ultron never fully steps out of the background. There was potential for more here. Quicksilver and especially Vision and Scarlet Witch are fun additions and I look forward to seeing more of them in Civil War (Olsen has already confirmed that she'll be in that movie).

If you don't like the Marvel movies though, this isn't going to change your mind. It feels very much like a sequel to the first Avengers which I personally don't have a problem with. That being said I think Civil War is going to be more important than Age of Ultron (looking at the cast it's basically Avengers 2.5) and it'll be a chance for Marvel to hopefully overcome their villain problem. Curious how AoU will do in the long run, as the OP states the word of mouth has been fairly mixed. I'm still relatively convinced that most people will enjoy it even if it isn't as much of an event as the first one.

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@finaldasa: They do a lot of interesting things with the minor heroes they usually just shove to the side in these kinds of movies and in general, the bizarre poiniency of the in-jokes is by far the best thing about this film. And yeah, it definetly points to the future movies being A LOT bigger in scale, especially with the new main heroes who a both fucking cool and unique. I just hope they can pull through with that promise, cause like I said, this movie is problematic in a lot of key areas.

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please tell me that pic of Fantasic 4 is actually for a show in the 60's? Its looks really baaaddd.

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Avengers and Mad Max are the big two for me, although I am interested to see what Antman turns out to be.

I really hope when Jurassic World turns out to be bad it's so bad that it's good. I actually like the second and third Jurassic Park because they were hilariously bad, and if the fourth one has that quality too then I'm good. If it's just boring bad then I'm going to be sad (I do hope it's actually good, but I'm not getting my hopes up for that).

There's not much this year, but all told (and the Rifftrax stuff you never mention on these =P ) that's not a big deal.

Rifftrax is riffing The Room live on May 6th for anyone that cares btw. That's gonna be great.

please tell me that pic of Fantasic 4 is actually for a show in the 60's? Its looks really baaaddd.

It's really bad and a film collectors item because it's difficult to find. It was never actually intended to be released, the people who made it just made it so they wouldn't lose the license if I recall. I don't remember when it was made. Maybe the 70s? It's weird because they actually released it long after it was made or something. I forget the whole story; it's been a long time.

There's a history behind that movie and the last Fantastic Four films as well. I don't know if that still extends to the one coming out this year or not, though.

Fantastic Four has a really messed up film history for some reason. It's just one of those properties that has that problem I guess haha

I'm sure I got something wrong so someone will correct me if I did. I don't remember all the details.

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please tell me that pic of Fantasic 4 is actually for a show in the 60's? Its looks really baaaddd.

Yes that's from a movie from the 70s I believe.

You totally forgot Terminator: Genisys, too. HOW COULD YOU?!

I did not include that hot garbage. :)

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Mad Max and Ant-Man look great. Everything else looks awful. I have zero interest in seeing Avengers 2.

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The only big summer blockbusters that I actually expect will be good are Mad Max, Mission Impossible, and Tomorrowland. Soderbergh editing and shooting Magic Mike XL means I will at least watch it opening day although I'm not expecting too much with that one. Everything else I'll either skip or be dragged along by friends like I am with Avengers.

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@wikitoups said:

please tell me that pic of Fantasic 4 is actually for a show in the 60's? Its looks really baaaddd.

I believe the image was from the unreleased 1994 FF film. The movie in its own right has a pretty interesting story and was one of the first movies I can recall that was made specifically so the producers could retain the rights to the franchise without it reverting back to Marvel. I believe in the end Marvel execs agreed to extend the rights along with buying the film so the producers could make a larger budget FF film which eventually became those terrible, terrible Fox distributed films of the early 2000's. Along with that all copies of the 1994 film were suppose to be destroyed and never be seen but a copy of the film did eventually find it's way onto youtube. I've watched the entire thing and as a low budget super hero film that thing was alright, far better than it was suppose to be and a whole lot better than the early 2000's films. I highly recommend you to seek it out.

History of the 1994 Fantastic Four film.

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The first Avengers movie made me think that maybe I'm getting too old for this stuff. Didn't really find it engrossing at all and more often than not really cheesy in an unflattering way. So I'm not really going to go watch Ultron unless someone drags me along to it.

I loved Mad Max as a kid and the trailers for the new one have me excited again. I wish Gibson had a cameo in it.

I find it really funny that people are really upset with Jurassic Park. Apparently Pratt riding with the velociraptors is way too stupid and unrealistic shaming the sanctity of the first film about CG dinos smashing stuff up. Jurassic Park was always a dumb movie and a vehicle for some really amazing special effects during those times. Jurassic World seems to be par for the course. I like Pratt so I might see it.

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There's really going to be a new Mission Impossible? Huh

I think Mad Max looks awesome, I won't get to see it until it is out for rental but that is the lone movie I'm excited for in the coming month or two.

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Mad Max Fury Road and Jurassic World are really the only two I'm excited for. Both born from nostalgia, but I think Mad Max will be a good (if not great) movie regardless.

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I saw Age of Ultron earlier and I think I have officially seen everything that this kind of superhero movie is capable of. It's not bad, occasionally entertaining, but is just as guilty as the Transformers movies for having these big, messy finale sequences where noise is layered upon noise. Avengers will probably never get as much shit as that franchise though, so oh well. Once DC and Marvel are going head to head with their barrage of movies about CGI buildings crumbling, the whole summer season of movies is going to be incredibly boring.

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To be honest I've had enough Mad max for a lifetime after the old movies. On the other hand I am really craving Jurassic world. I just miss dinosaurs. Objectively I am well aware that the Mad Max movie will be a better movie.

I'm just a big dinosaur fan, would love it if dinosaur movies were as frequent as super-hero movies. I remember those raptor scenes in Jurassic Park as very nerve racking.

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Mad Max Fury Road is fucking fantastic, the best action film I've seen since Dredd 3D with breathtaking visuals, some really fascinating themes (the whole movie is about a bunch of pregnant women fleeing on a tanker filled with water, from a bunch of meatheaded, aggressive men, whos only wish is to sacrifice themselves, so they can get to Valhalla... Yeah, there's a lot more going on in this film, than it leads on) and a fantastic roster of memorable characters. Furiosa is a motherfucking badass and while Hardy does a great job as Max, this movie clearly belongs to her, much like Dredd 3D wasn't actually about Dredd, it was about Andersons origin as a judge. Critics who call this film 'a shallow convoy film' are crazy.

This makes me really excited for the rest of the summer, MI5, Tomorrrowland and Ant-Man all look great, although I still can't get into Jurrassic World at all.

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Mad Max is incredible, do your selves a favour and go see it.

@civid said:

Dredd 3D

I think you can just call it Dredd.

Fury Road was the experience I had hoped to get from Avengers.

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Really great post and fantastically written, there were a few movies that I completely forgot about and I didn't even know they were doing another Mission Impossible but I really shouldn't be surprised. I just wish they had taken more care with the Hitman movie, obviously I've not seen it but any of the footage so far tells me it's going to to be awful. I did enjoy the previous Hitman movie because from the start I knew not to take it seriously, but this next one looks almost unbearable. Again great read keep up the good work!

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Aside from Mad Max, this summer is kind of crap for big films.

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I saw the trailer for the new Hitman movie and the only thing I could remember is that Zachary Quinto is in it for some reason. As big a fan as I am of the franchise (until some questionable game design choices with the last game, anyway) I have zero hype for this movie. Don't know if I'll even bother to Netflix it.

Nearly everyone I know is telling me the new Mad Max movie is mind-blowingly awesome. Guess I'd better see it in theaters.

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I miss

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Mad Max Fury Road its freaking amazing!