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Anyone on this site gonna watch the Super Bowl tonight? And if you are watching, who do you think is gonna win? 
My prediction is that the Ravens win an emotional Super Bowl over the 49ers, 30-28.  
Also, I'm hoping the SB commercials end up not being disappointments this year. Supposedly there will be a Super bowl ad for God of War Ascension, but I'm not sure if any other video games are getting any SUper bowl ads. Maybe Bioshock Infinite? We'll see.

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Im working until 7pm then the rest of my night will be spent with Ni No Kuni

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Not interested because sports.

What was your topic title supposed to say?

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Yeah, I'll be watching because I'm pretty much obligated as a Baltimoron. I don't really care about football 99% of the time but this has been a really engaging playoffs for us and I just wanna see them win after trying so hard for it.

Every year people get hyped for ads and then get disappointed because they've forgotten that advertisers are fucking morons. Spending 10 million dollars on your ad placement isn't going to change that fact that it was written with the lowest common denominator in mind.

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I'm not sure: Maybe!

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@Galiant: I meant to say who do you got instead of you do you got. My bad.
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I hate the superbowl, for no reason other than I have to work on my day off. I need to get out of fucking food service.

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Always watch it.

About to go take a nap, it isn't too late a start this year kick off is 23:30 local time in the UK we get to watch it with no ads which is nice thanks to the BBC.

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I'll be watching! Not a fan of either team but I'm thinking 49ers are gonna be taking it! Good year for San Francisco sports either way! (Warriors doing well + Giants winning world series!)

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I will be watching it because well, don't wanna feel like the only guy at work on monday who didn't... j/k

yea, don't really care about either team but I kinda hope San Fran wins, mainly because I'm sick of Ray Lewis due to all his antics...

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Is it the Cubs vs Ducks?

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@ThePickle: I was looking for that thread to see if it was on the first page, but I didn't see it. Guess this thread will be locked up soon huh?
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I'll be spending the night writing up lesson plans for next week.

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I don't enjoy football or advertisements so I guess the Super Bowl isn't for me. Usually I'd go out and watch it with some people for the hell of it but I have an essay due tomorrow and have done precisely 0% of it so far.

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I dislike this whole Super Bowl thing only because it always makes the conversation on the following week's Bombcast really boring for me for a good 30 or so minutes. So I always dread it.

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It's my one sport a year, so I'll be watching. Don't care who wins, though I'll probably build a like/dislike for one of the teams during the match.

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Not a football fan, but still my parents usually throw together a party with some family. I take that time to play some games and eat some extra food. Normally I'll watch for the movie trailers since I think most of the commercials are shit, but even this year, the movies that bought ad time for trailers are garbage movies I have no desire to see so.

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go niners

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Go Ravens. It was tough being a fan through the Kyle Boller days but it looks like we have a lot of young talent now.

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It's the one football game I watch every year. I spent all day yesterday hooking up the big screens at work so we can watch it. Although after all that I found out I'm the only one excited to watch it... We are a tattoo shop and they are all just upset because it's usually a slow day.

I honestly don't have much of a preference on who wins as long as its a fun game. Blow outs are boring to watch.

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I don't think it's possible for football to be a more boring sport. I was in band and decided to time how long things are actually happening in the game. This meant anytime the ball was hiked to the point where they were tackled/they ran out of bounds/a point was scored was timed. I didn't time the During the 3 hour and some change game, I timed only 14 minutes (college game).

Why do people like this again?