Teen Titans live action show looks awful

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I was looking forward to the show, but I don't see how it can be any good after such a bad trailer. It looks like a bad version of the Watchmen movie (which I liked a lot) awkwardly mixed with Teen Titans. The tone, special effects, lighting, etc all looks bad. The show is for DC's own version of Netflix. At least they're bringing back Young Justice and the trailer for that looked good. I'll still probably give the show a shot, since I'll get the service just to marathon Young Justice. Anyone like the trailer?

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It came up on my Facebook news feed, and I truly believed that I was watching a fan-made trailer for something. For a fan made I was impressed, and even chuckled at the "fuck Batman" line. Then i found out it was real.....what a damn shame. This looks to be the single best example of a tonally deaf, and creatively empty waste of time. The brutal combat means they were paying attention to Daredevil season 1, but the dialogue and the CHARACTER DESIGN OH MY GOD are so awful. There are shows like Supergirl, Gotham, and the last couple seasons of Flash that are all truly awful so I'm not surprised, but its a really disappointing debut trailer for the new DC streaming service. I love DC and will still be subscribing just for the BTAS HD, but this is a bad omen for things to come.

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Man, I was laughing SO hard and my sister didn't believe it was actually real. DC never learns. Both the original and TTG blow this nonsense out of the water.

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Wow, that looked as awful as the leaked images made them seem. Also, what's up with the darkness, I don't mean the tone, I mean the literal visuals. I felt like I was squinting the whole time to see anything. Are they trying to coverup how terrible it looks by making everything really dark? Really hoping they don't somehow screw up the third season of young justice.

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I was sure that I was going to look at that and say that people are exaggerating about just how poor a trailer that is, but nope. Really awful. Sorry for doubting any of you.

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I had seen some shots of the main characters in costume on the set, and thought it looked terrible, this almost looks worse...

Time for inner demons to come out and play? Give me a fucking break.

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i hope they remove thosse stock sound effects when the final product releases

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DC, it is time to stop

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At least Young Justice still looks great. Goes to show that when you give creators complete control it's just as likely that you'll end up with something great as something terrible.

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Looks like The CW's biggest production yet.

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@xanadu: Regardless of what people think of the CW shows, at least they get the basic tone right. Arrow is dark, Supergirl is light, etc. By any measure this should be a pretty fun show, but DC is still obsessed with their edginess. CW must have some sort of block from their influence.

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This looks bad. Costumes, actors, writing, tone, sound, choice of music. All of it just seems terrible. Why is this so dark? And originally, I just meant in tone, but after watching it again, I guess I mean both tone and lighting. This seems like a parody almost.

The most fucked up part to me is I'll bet anything Anna Diop, the woman playing Starfire, is going to catch so much shit from certain groups of people. She's actually gorgeous though, but it's like they went out of their way to make her the ugliest character of the bunch. Yes, I know, obviously they didn't do it on purpose, but she just looks sooooo bad.

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You know the guy that wrote that "Fuck Batman" line thought it was edgy shit. I'm not opposed to darker themed comic book shows and movies using established characters but it's just that this looks like a parody of that. Also a DC centric streaming service really? Could you not just combine it with a general WB streaming service? Maybe combine it with Cartoon Network/Boomerang service, add in the shows and movies they produced, the current CW stuff, and I'd probably subscribe.

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@xpolymorphic: To be fair, Marvel did have Inhumans which looked just as bad as this. DC should eat the cost and just erase this footage and start over with a new showrunner and writers.

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Putting aside all the clowning on the characters' looks and costumes that's been going on for months, this is not at all what I was expecting. It's my own fault for making assumptions, but I thought the show was going to take inspiration more from recent iterations of the comic book. Instead, the trailer reminds me of all the angst-ridden teens shows I avoided in the late 90s & early 2000s. "Fuck Batman," indeed.

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DC has a pretty decent track record with their recent tv shows, but this just looks hilariously grimdark.

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it looks bad but I was willing to give it a shot until I realized it will only be on DC's streaming service only. I am not going to pay money for a show I'm likely will hate watch.

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As somebody who generally likes the CW DC shows, this looks like a worse version of those shows. Also as somebody who loves the old Teen Titans show and Young Justice, this seems terrible and dark for no reason.

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Looks like it was made by a small time Youtuber with a $200 budget. DC, just stop.

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"Fuck Batman"

-not-Dick Grayson

I'm no DC, or comic, expert by any means. But I'm reading the 90s Nightwing comics right now and even when Dick is super frustrated with Batman, it's nowhere close to something like this.

This still could end up being good, who knows, but even if its good I cannot imagine watching a show with such a drab colour scheme for any length of time.

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The Titans are on of my favourite teams in comics and this show will do them a serious injustice.

I don't understand how the already "too dark" DC universe starts this of with a Robin saying "Fuck Batman" and appaerently straight up shooting fools.

I'll also never understand why they decided to hire bad cosplayers in most main roles. (Actual good cosplayers would be an improvement by the way.)

Starfire's getup/hair is ridiculous beyond belief and would maybe look good on a show like Glow.

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It truly does. It managed to take every character and turn them into a hideous, cynical piece of crap. Every character is embarrassing, but Robin's line was definitely the most humiliating. These superhero shows tend to be abysmal teen-dramas that are bad in their own right, but this one looks to take the cake in terms of sheer unpleasantness.

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...This trailer looks like the kind of thing some talented amateurs would make as a fake/parody "DC Cinematic Universe" take on the Teen Titans. I'm not really into any of the DC TV shows, but I get that people like them because they're pretty light and goofy. This... just kinda makes me think of Inhumans in terms of catastrophic misfire.

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Oof. That's a hell of a thing that exists. What a nightmare.

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Why does DC keep hiring people to make shows/movies that clearly don't give a shit about the characters. At this point it seems like a fluke that Supergirl and, from the looks of the trailer, Aquaman.

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The trailer made me cringe. It's unfortunate since DC's television work has been better than their recent films, but this looks to be about on par with suicide squad.

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Holy lord, the comments don't do it justice. This looks absolutely horrendous on just about every level. What in the hell christ is that dialogue?

I mean sure, nothing will ever touch the original Cartoon Network series, but they could at least try. I hope the era of "dark & edgy" teen demographic reboots will die in the near future.

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There are a lot of weird decisions going on here. “

Why Dick Grayson’s Robin?” Is my biggest question. If you want an “edgy” Robin, then why not Damien or Jason Todd? Hell, even Tim Drake would make more sense. Dick Grayson has always just been a solid guy... I mean he’s an idiot when it comes to women, but in a lovable goof way.

Just everything about this is strange, and I don’t know who this is for. I’m sure it may find an audience.

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This one of those situations where all the comments saying "it's total trash" are kind of understating things.

Who the hell signed off on this?

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@ssully: Shazam looks like it has some solid potential too, IMO. DC just can't decide on a tone.

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@gtb08: If you're going to subscribe for BTAS, why not just pick up the blu-ray that was announced recently?

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@barrock: Well I do read a good bit of DC comics which are part of this, and would like to give most of these shows a try. Not here to gain absolution for my soul i'll probably pirate all the good ones once the subscription runs out.

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So I don't want to go back and see that trailer again but did they show Beast Boy or Cyborg? They briefly showed Starfire, I think, but the focus was primarily on Robin and Raven. I just can't imagine how cheap looking Beast Boy or especially Cyborg will look given how bad he looked in what I've seen of Justice League.

Maybe DC should have picked a different comic if they wanted to get all edgy instead of Teen Titans. Not like there is any shortage of characters just maybe avoid the ones people mostly remember from two different cartoon series.

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They keep making Gotham, they just announced the FOURTH season of Supergirl. This will probably do well, for some reason, but I do agree it looks quite bad.

Even the animated stuff has been pretty uhhhh lately on DC.

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@bartok: Beast Boy is there, no Cyborg. Ever since they decided they wanted him in the Justice League movie he rarely shows up in Titans stuff. Beast Boy looks like you'd expect though, green hair dye and green skin.

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You don't know what I've become... it's not just a phase!

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@bartok: Beast Boy is there, no Cyborg. Ever since they decided they wanted him in the Justice League movie he rarely shows up in Titans stuff. Beast Boy looks like you'd expect though, green hair dye and green skin.

Cyborg is so lame to me as a character, he's definitely not Justice League worthy even though DC keeps pushing it. I get that they didn't want JL to be all white people and I'm a black guy myself, but having John Stewart and/or Manhunter as a black guy would be better to me than Cyborg being in the JL. Also, those two make it so Superman isn't the only powerhouse on the team. Superman slapping around Steppenwolf while WW and Aquaman got destroyed by him makes them look bad IMO.

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This looks like a rock video from the early aughts.

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This show is being developed by Greg Berlanti, the guy behind the current batch of CW shows, and this seems like it would be perfectly at home there if they hadn't felt the need to add the ridiculous edginess to it. It's clearly going for that same Flash/Arrow/Riverdale formula of teen drama, so just make it a TV-14 show for teens on The CW.

I get that they see what Netflix and Marvel did with Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and they want in on that action. Those comics were extremely mature from the start though and thus the TV-MA adaptation felt natural. In contrast, everything about this feels extremely forced and awkward. "Fuck Batman" is not at all the sort of tone they should be going for with this.