Terminator: Dark Fate trailer.

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Someone can tell me if this has already been made elsewhere; I didn't see a thread from what I checked. Anyways, who here isn't confident in this based off the trailer? Maybe it'll turn out great, but this doesn't look great. The special effects seem kind of cheap which isn't bad in and of itself, but if it's used a whole lot and doesn't add to the film then that's not good. I don't have an issue with a female-led cast, but I hope John Connor is in it somewhere. It just kind of seems like he's dead or something. I wish Edward Furlong was given a chance to play him again but I have no idea what he's even up to. Does this trailer excite you for more Terminator, or does it push the stake in further for the Terminator saga? Considering this is taking place after T2 and de-canonizing everything else after (so no T3 on) I hope it can sit alongside T1 and 2 as a great film, but I'm not confident. James Cameron coming back to help doesn't seem to help. I don't know.

Edit - I guess Edward Furlong is reprising his role as John Connor in this movie.

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I think it's the stench of Terminator Genisys that makes it hard to get excited about anything Terminator. It wasn't that long ago and we haven't forgotten about it. IMO, T3 and Salvation were pleny enjoyable. However, Genisys was really one of those, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen level of OMG-I-can't-believe-I-fucking-paid-money-for-this-piece-of-shit turd.

As for the trailer, Mackenzie Davis' character comes off cheesy and there is a strong sense of deja vu, like they've just run out of ideas. Anyways, I'll still end up watching it so hope it's just a bad trailer.

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It certainly doesn't look great, but it doesn't look too bad either, at least compared to some of the lows this franchise has had. I saw Genisys for free and still wish I could get my money back.

I do like the new evil terminator, though. They've completely run out of actually new ideas for new terminators, so having one that can split into a normal robot terminator and a liquid one at the same time at least has the potential for some interesting action scenes. If they're smart and get really creative, they'll do some Noob Saibot stuff with him and have him constantly splitting and rejoining, partially splitting and so on. If there's anything interesting left for a terminator movie to do, it's to really take advantage of modern CGI to make a T1000 (or whatever number this one is) do some crazy shit. If they aren't dumping almost the entire special effects budget into making cool liquid metal robots, they're doing it wrong.

I like Mackenzie Davis, but I kind wish she was a regular person and not a terminator. I think going back to the first one, having scrappy normal people try to beat these unstoppable killing machines leads to more tension, and lends itself to more of that horror atmosphere that the first one had. It's at least more interesting than leaning further and further into the action side of things.

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Did I see "Tencent Pictures" in the opening?

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Maybe one day Hollywood will finally realize what folks mainly want is a dark ass future war Terminator film reminiscent of what we saw in the first two, and another good Alien featuring the Colonial Marines.

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It has a very direct-to-video/made for TV movie vibe about it. Maybe it's the casting. (Is it really so damn hard to find actors who would make an imposing terminators?) Maybe it's the sort of cheap, bland look it has going on. I don't know. But it doesn't excite me in the slightest. And it doesn't help that David S. Goyer is attached as a writer.

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I think all of the Terminator movies have been enjoyable in their own ways. I liked Salvation because it showed the future and had the entire concept of someone being a machine without knowing it - some surprisingly good acting from Sam Worthington there. Terminator 3 was trying really hard to be Terminator 2 with a bigger punch and it certainly has its cool action moments. I even thought Genisys had some cool elements - it was like a greatest hits album that doesn’t have the same flow but it does have all the hits scattered throughout.

This trailer just seems flat. If a teaser is supposed to be like hearing the chorus from a catchy pop song then this was definitely not it. I’m not really excited or even curious. No questions have been raised. No part of that trailer made me think “man I gotta see what happens / what that is all about!”

It’s a new Terminator in 2019, with James Cameron, Linda Hamilton, Arnold..and the most I can say about it is that it looks kinda boring. Hopefully it’s just a really bad trailer.

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That Björk cover was so silly. I'll probably watch the movie at some point. The terminator franchise is so dumb that it kinda seems like 1 and 2 were flukes more than anything else, but most of them have at least had some enjoyable action.

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The movie might be OK but that's an awful trailer.

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Let Terminator die, only 1 out of the 5 or 6 movies is anything special (T2). This is one of the worst big franchises when you think about it. This trailer looks meh; who was dying for another Terminator movie.

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I wonder where the franchise would be right now if the original ending to Salvation (Marcus assumes the identity of John Connor) hadn't leaked online causing the studio to stupidly backtrack on it after fans bitched making the entire production seem pointless and killing their plans for a proposed trilogy.

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Let Terminator die, only 1 out of the 5 or 6 movies is anything special (T2). This is one of the worst big franchises when you think about it. This trailer looks meh; who was dying for another Terminator movie.

T1 is a classic watchu talkin bout

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I’m not sure who plays the antagonist In this, but whoever it is, is the least intimidating bad guy I’ve seen in a movie.

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looks cool, i didn't see that last movie and i liked salvation though so take my opinion with a grain of salt i guess. I liked all the ones i saw except 3, that movie sucked imo.

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The coolest thing to come out of this was Schwarzenegger's impromptu AMA on Reddit after posting the trailer there. That guy is pretty awesome, may end up watching it just because of that.

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@bigboss1911: Terminator, just like Alien (which was also referred to in the same context in this thread) changed genres with the second installation

T1 is a horror film. Yeah, there is some cool ass sci-fi shit. But mostly it is a deconstruction of horror films (I forget timelines, were they codified enough by that point?) where the scared final girl becomes a badass and fights for her very survival.

T2 is the continuation of that where the, fairly damaged, final girl continues her war against The Monsters. It just cranked up all the sci-fi stuff and was awesome for it.

Same with Alien... pretty much beat for beat now that I start to type it out. It doesn't really deconstruct things until 2, but the rest holds.


This trailer looks okay. Nothing special, but something I want to watch on netflix (assuming it isn't trash).

But my "dream" would be for a stealth Terminator. It could never work in today's social media world, but imagine a bog standard horror movie where, during the final quarter, you realize that the psycho in a mask is a Terminator.

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It kind of feels like T2 all over again. Sarah Connor teams up with a terminator from the future to protect a younger person that Skynet wants dead. The upside to the trailer is that it doesn't look like it will suck, but right now it's still more of a "wait for home video" than a "preordering my seats day-1".

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I'm in the minority with this, I loved the trailer! I find that because T2 is the greatest film of all time, people have high expectations of all future films. No other movie will come close to the brilliance of T2.

I use to dislike T3. I thought it was disappointing and underwhelming. I didn't even hear the T2 theme song! I rewatched years later with friends and found the film to be extremely entertaining! It's crazy how you enjoy something so much more with a different perspective.

Here is my Terminator top 5 list.

T2 (Best movie of all time)

T1 (Horror movie + Original idea. I saw T1 after T2 and was surprised at who the protagonist was lol)

T3 (Best Terminator Car chase scene in the franchise)

T5 (The trailer ruined a pretty good twist)

T4 (Movie comes alive at the end. Pretty sick war scene when they are looking for Sam W.)

Will T6 be better than T2? No, but what movie is? I got goosebumps seeing the new Terminator replicate onto the hood of truck in the classic Terminator pose.

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That's every major film now.

Did I see "Tencent Pictures" in the opening?

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Frankly, I haven’t watched it.

Terminator is a classic. Terminator 2 is a great popcorn/blockbuster action flick. I actually love The Sarah Connor Chronicles more than those two films.

Terminator 3...it’s been a while, but remember thinking it was okay.

Then they made some REALLY shitty movie with Christian Bale and an even shittier movie (I bailed 30 minutes in) with Emilia Clarke.

Forgive me if I’m well beyond done caring.

If it comes out to rave reviews and it’s the Logan of Terminator movies, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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If they want to change the plot, they ought to just reboot it. I am sure they could find a use for Arnold in there.

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Agreed. Trying to figure out which time traveling plot twist still remains canon and which doesn't is too much. At this point redo the entire thing. Otherwise no one will have any clue what's going on.

That or ignore it all and make your fun robot shoot shoot movie.

@adamalc said:

If they want to change the plot, they ought to just reboot it. I am sure they could find a use for Arnold in there.

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I have not seen a franchise so consistently failing at delivering and also so convinced it needs another chance as Terminator. There was no good Terminator movie in the last 30 years. Honestly, I thought after Genesys they were going to give it a rest... but noooo, they have to try another time before Schwarzenegger is too old to walk.

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Just wanted to update this because new news is in that Edward Furlong is reprising his role as John Connor which I think is pretty cool. Most recent news I've heard about this movie though is that a lot of people are getting angry over the fact that women are taking center stage and that Tim Miller is fighting back against it. I have nothing to say about that topic, only that that's what I've been hearing. I'm still unsure about the movie as the trailer doesn't make me that excited, but I think it's really cool that Edward Furlong will be back as John Connor. I had hoped that'd be the case. I kind of assume he won't be in it for very long though.

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@ntm: I understand wanting to get Furlong back in, but he doesn't fit the image of the grown up Connor we have in our head. Should've just nabbed Norman Reedus for the role if it was still important, I could totally buy him as the grizzled adult version of Furlong's kid Connor.

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To be honest I think a BETTER IDEA would have been for an Arnold-looking Terminator and another naked guy to come back to the year 2020. The Terminator (any fuckin model you want) is after someone and teh naked guy is too. But which is which which? Who is the one coming back to kill someone. So the naked guy saves the woman, but he starts babbling about timelines. The woman says, "What timeline?" And, he says, "Yeah, right nothing has happened...none of it...it never happens to you." They proceed to escape...yadda yadda yadda. In the end, it turns out the naked guy had a way back, but he is killed so she uses it. But she goes back too far and lands smack in the middle of the first timeline in front of Skynet. So 'she' in fact teaches Skynet about time travel. Its her fault- her name is Eve Pandora! [Dun Dunn Dun!] What's more she has reset all timelines so NOTHING has happened. So all the events of all the other films have to occur AGAIN because she collapsed all the other realities and parallel universes!!!! ~~~~The film ends with FIN...then a giant middle finger appears on screen

If you say my story is dumb; well, look at what they are filming and tell me it is less stupid.

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It is well past time that we admit that The Terminator franchise could only support two movies. One great movie and a sequel that juuuuust gets away with its loose premise because it was so well executed. Every Terminator movie that has followed T2 has been absolute trash. Stop doing this. Don't get hyped for something that is far more likely to let you down than not. Come on.

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@darkeyehails: I am even fine with the 3rd movie (in principle), since it solidified the idea of "stop trying; you can't stop the end of the world from coming" – which could have been a suitable final message to put the cap on the franchise (versus limping out poor sequel after even poorer sequel for the next 20 years with no success and just souring people on the entire franchise).

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@whitegreyblack: Except that was the exact opposite of what Terminator 2 was about with the underlying theme of "No fate but what you make." and the whole notion that a Terminator can learn the value of life so maybe humanity is destined to destroy itself. So, it wasn't so much solidifying an idea as performing an inelegant backflip that ended up faceplanting into the skull-covered ground.

So, yeah, on paper having a third film that goes back to the idea of judgement day is inevitable could be okay but it depends on whatever that film is being a superior experience to T2. Which it isn't and it would have been tall order for just about anyone. Even then it couldn't involve time travel or Arnie since that premise was stretched to breaking point as it was. It would have to be something involving the idea that timelines just kinda fill in the blanks to get whatever is going to happen anyway.

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If they're determined on making more Terminator movies just reboot it already and have a clean break. The plot and "lore" of T1 and T2 are so thin that we're just retreading the same thing over and over: a robot travels to the past to kill somebody, and someone else comes back to protect said person. That's really about it. There's no reason to literally show things like the war with the machines because it's just a framing device.