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Had a bit of a crappy day at work, was just watching some videos and stuff on the net, thought I had best check my emails. BAM

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Instant awesome day.

(I'm aware he probably follows everyone back that follows him, but this was a surprise months later)

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Fair enough. I end with swimming and Counter-Strike. Can't say anything that could beat this.

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Blades to the wrist.

I mean what?

Also, you win. Nothing beats being followed by SWERY.

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@tobbrobb said:

Blades to the wrist.

Kicking out the chair.

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Taking a walk through the green, green forest then playing some Tetris on gameboy while sitting on the can.

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Glass of scotch. Preferably with friends. But SWERY is fine too.

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Cry myself to sleep, realize that I can't fall asleep because I'm so stressed, and then use my tears as lubricant for activities...

Actually I find a nice glass of Coke calms me down.

That's really cool that he followed you, I don't really use my twitter account, but I guess it would be neat to think that maybe a celebrity is appreciating your internet status'.

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Thank God it's over and go to sleep.

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Nothing beats some Killzone 3 multiplayer. If i'm super bummed about something old Simpson's episodes seem to always cheer me up

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@cloudenvy said:

@tobbrobb said:

Blades to the wrist.

Kicking out the chair.

Whiskey and a dozen painkillers.

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Same happened to me, he was one of my first (and few) followers, SWERY is a badass motherfucker, love the guy

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Vodka & 18 piankillers.

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The best thing about the way that email goes is that it looks like twitter is embarassed to let you know SWERY is following you. Jasooooooooooooon...

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@nakattack: The last one, the one I made, is properly the one most likely :D

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I wish I knew. My day has been quite crappy.

I was considering repeatedly slamming the bedroom door on my head until I either knock myself unconscious or knock the shitty feelings out of it, whichever comes first.

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I don't think SWERY trumps a blowjob.

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#21 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

a nice movie to watch if you know what i mean.

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a nice movie to watch if you know what i mean.

Afraid I don't.

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no matter how bad my day has been, it's always nice to walk into the house and be greeted by my dog.

Even if it's just for a few seconds, seeing her get so excited to see me makes things a bit less awful ^__^

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Came into this thread for the answer "drugs".

Ended up coming surprisingly close.

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I enjoy grabbing my neighbors loud bike and throwing into the creek behind there yard.

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The best way to end a crappy day is a tall cup of good coffee.

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Watching favorite TV series with cup of tea ;) And go sleep ;P

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@iam3green said:

a nice movie to watch if you know what i mean.

Afraid I don't.

a movie with hot naked girls in it

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Play SSF4 AE so I can turn my crappy day into a shitty day.

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@shockd: Definitely not a bad way to end the day. Which CS was it out of curiosity?

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I usually just sulk and then go to bed.

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Watch your favorite movie ever!

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I ended my day with a workout, unprofessional fridays, and a glass of scotch.