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I had my eye on this not only because I'm a fan of Avatar, but also because Danika went to work there and had great stuff to say. It did not disappoint. However, it moves fast, just like the Castlevania series, and I wonder if this is the future of Netflix cartoons. Not that it's a bad thing, I'd rather shows be more like the Venture Bros. than most serialized shows but, I'm just left having watched 9 episodes where a LOT happens in very little time and now I have no idea how long the wait will be until the next batch.

I'm not entirely sure what the point of this thread is in retrospect other than to say that the show is great and I wish that there was more right now.

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@sethmode: The point of the thread COULD be to serve as a recommendation to other duders, such as myself. I think I'll be checking it out after hearing you sing it's praises. Cheers, duder!

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I will also look at this, thanks.

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Wow, you just reminded me that this show existed. It was one of the shows I was looking forward to and I forgotten that it released this month.

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I'll definitely give it a look because of the association with Avatar: The Last Airbender, and maybe a little bit because of Danika. 3D animation has never been my thing outside of video games and from the trailers I saw I don't think this show will change my mind. It looked very cheap, especially because of the low framerate (that doesn't have the STYLLLEEE of something like Into the Spiderverse).

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The animation is definitely something you have to get used to. A similar 2D/3D blend was used in Tron Uprising. After a while my brain just saw it as 2D, with pretty well animated characters.

The writing is really solid and the humor is kid friendly, but not completely childish. It’s not really anything like Avatar.

Keep in mind, that “season one” is just 9 episodes and most likely just the front of a 22 episode season. Netflix did something similar with Voltron.

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I shotgunned the whole yesterday and really enjoyed it. Would like more of the general with the big fuck-off shield, please.

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I was looking forward to the writing quality, as the creator Aaron Ehasz wrote pretty much every great Avatar episode. But I was sceptical of the 2D-3D blend. It was pretty awesome overall in look and story. I feel like the animation framerate could be just a bit higher, but I would believe it if somebody told me that its already at the max value before it turns into 3D garbage.

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Just finished it myself and I still can't really get into the look at all. Character and story-wise it was entertaining enough, but anytime the animation wasn't fluid, like it was for action scenes, it looked distractingly weird/bad. Like, there were points where it looked like a video game struggling to keep a frame rate up, which is not a good look.

It's a shame more CGI stuff can't look as good as Land of the Lustrous, which is still the only show that feels like it shows that CGI can look GREAT in a TV series (and RWBY, to an extent).

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@octaslash: I wasn't super familiar with how Netflix handled this stuff, so that's good to hear! Hopefully it means the wait won't be too long because it feels like what's available now just scratches the surface.

Agreed with most everyone about the animation, it took some getting used to. For me, it felt oddly frame-y at times that I had trouble ignoring. In general, the character design and world look great, I'm just always going to be a sucker for the more hand-drawn look of something like the Venture Bros.

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I binged it on my way to and from school. I really liked it, and 90% of the time the animation stuff generally works out very well. I think it's the smaller movements that look a bit awkward, but when a lot of stuff is going on it looks great.

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Shit, I didn't know this existed and now I need it. You had me at Avatar.

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Watched the first episode, really liked it. Yeah the animation takes some getting used to but the story and setting is sooooo up my street.

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I should really check out this show.

Hi Danika. I know you're reading this. I really like the pictures of your cats that you post on Twitter.

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Been meaning to see this ever since Danika announce she was working on it. Maybe this will be the project that sates her feet ambitions. I hear dragons are big and they got feet(four to be exact).

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I watched the first 3 episodes and so far I have to say I'm not that into it. I honestly wish that I didn't know that anybody who worked Avatar was working on this because I am just going to compare it to that show, which is unfair because that show is probably the single best piece of fiction ever created and nothing will ever compare to it.

So far the jokes aren't funny and none of the characters seem that likable yet. Having the voice actor that played Sokka also play one of the main characters in this wasn't a great idea because once again I'm just going to be thinking of Avatar. I really dislike the art style and the action scenes looked awful. I'm going to continue watching, but as of now I'm not enjoying it.

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I'm am 100% with the OP on this one. Been enjoying it a whole lot.

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@cubidog: never seen it, but is it really THAT good?

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It's a good show in everything except for the whole "frame drop" style. They say it was by design but it just looks like their rendering software was hitching, especially during the slower scenes. It feels like early tech RWBY where characters sometimes looked overly stiff when moving during slow sequences.

Otherwise the show seems engaging enough. While no one will ever replicate the original Avatar this is probably as close as we're going to get to having something new from that creative team for the foreseeable future. I'm happy with what they're selling.

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@cubidog: I think you might be looking at Avatar with some rose colored glasses. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, but its jokes were just as cheesy (which made them great) and it took almost the whole first season to find its groove.

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@genericbrotagonist: I don't know, I might have a bias since I re-watch it every couple of years, but Sokka from Avatar still makes me laugh regularly.

You are right that it took it a season until everything clicked so I expect it to just get better going forward.

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@meltac: Yes. I love that show more than anything

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@genericbrotagonist: The jokes in Avatar weren't laugh out loud funny for the most part, but they weren't making me dislike the show like the jokes so far in this show. I still love the 1st season to this day so I don't really agree with you on the show taking a season to find its groove. Hell my dad enjoyed watching it and he doesn't enjoy cartoons for the most part so that is saying something.

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Agreed that A:TLA is IMO one of the most meticiously well crafted shows/plotlines ever, and that's coming from someone who experienced it in their possibly over twenties. :D Still mystified how m. night could have fucked up something so easy so royally.

Just happy he never got his grubby mitts on Toph.

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@sethmode: The point of the thread COULD be to serve as a recommendation to other duders, such as myself. I think I'll be checking it out after hearing you sing it's praises. Cheers, duder!

Pretty much this. I somehow hadn't ever seen or heard of this before. Having read your recommendation and a bit more about this show, I will certainly be watching it this weekend.

Thanks duder!

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Well, I'm really glad this thread reminded some and introduced others!

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If I didn't like the first episode that much, should I power through? I love Avatar, and this new season is only a couple episodes, but the first episode was pretty mediocre and I don't wanna watch another hour of TV that just reminds me of what it's not.

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@theflamingo352: Well, they're only 25 minute(ish) episodes (so at least not an hour) and I do think that things pick up pretty quickly. I wasn't in love with it after the first episode myself, but I think I liked it more than you. It's definitely not the same thing as Avatar, but a lot of what I found charming about Avatar I personally find charming about this. The biggest negative I had once I finished the 9 episodes was that it felt like it was really getting somewhere just as the season ended.

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2 episodes in and I'm hooked like a big mouth bass.