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So, I was a big fan or the origian avatar series and just started watched the new Legend of Korra and the first season started slow but picked up but I'm in the second half of season 2 and I'm loving this series... I was mostly wondering if anyone else has been watching this and wondered what they thought of it.

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I wrote a blog on how much I loved it if that tells you anything.

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I thought the first season was pretty good, but the second season hasn't been great.

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@liquidprince: very nice blog... The beginning episodes in season 2 was the bit turning point of me truly enjoying the series... The animations in those episodes rocked!

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to put it plainly. i hate korra. i hate that i hate korra. but i cant help it.

yes i admit i resented the fact that they blatantly passed up doing a show more closely related to TLAB, ZUKO WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR MOM??? but i was still excited and was eager to get back into that world regardless of when it was or what it was about.

like you said OP, it was slow starting off but it got pretty good by the end of the first season but this past season has all but made me throw in the towel completely. keeping in mind im not looking for debates or people to tell me how wrong i am ok ppl? this is just my reply.

some reasons why i dont like the series:

-i cant friggin stand her. her voice, her personality, her...everything

-speaking of her voice, i don't like the voice cast....

-the characters are just not there. i cant name one character that i actually cared about or found interesting past amon and his brother. no one appeals to me, most are just irritating.

-the comedy/seriousness balance that TLAB did so damn well is not happening in korra. i think its largely because so many main characters are too old to pull off some of their behavior. there to many characters that are in and out and in and out. you never get to focus on a core set of characters for long if at all.

-i dont like the story nor where it seems to be going.

-i dont like the time period early-1900's america its going for. not a bad idea, just not executed well.

-the background art, compared to the original's looks just plain sloppy. everything so smeared and digital.

-probending is just plain stupid. blitzball anyone? they wasted how many episodes on that sport.

-love triangles were like a main part of the first season. another waste of time that could have been used towards building a better foundation or story. buffing out the season with this and probending seemed like they were trying to stretch what little story they had as long as they could to fill enough episodes.

im sure ill follow it as it goes. havent watched the 2nd season finale yet which i cant believe already happened. theres only ONE book left already...jezz..by the end of TLAB's 2nd season, some serious shit happened. so many epic, stunning episodes. what has happened in korra? nothing even remotely comparable.

all i can say is whatever happens, itll be over in another season and hopefully the creators move on to something the fans want.

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Season one of Korra was great. Season 2... hugely disappointing.

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I'll paraphrase what I said in the other Korra thread:

I did not enjoy Season 2. The Water Tribe civil war plot is potentially cool. But it loses that potential when it turns into another boilerplate Stop the Dark God's Resurrection plot. Just disappointing all around.

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Ah... well, anime really isn't my thing, but I really enjoyed the first season of this show. The 2nd one was pretty stupid.

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I watched the first few episodes but never got a chance to see the rest, avatar last air bender was an incredible show. This one kinda seemed like a bummer since everybody was dead lol.

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Airbender was transcendent. Korra is sometimes fun, sometimes cool, but most frequently mediocre.

It has good ideas, and the world-building is fantastic, but its storytelling and characterization are really shallow. The show really needs Aaron Ehasz, or someone equal to the task of head writer -- DiMartino and Konietzko are great concept and design guys, but they are poor writers.

The first season got by on novelty and the incredible animation, but season 2 has been a mess, visually and from a narrative standpoint. Everyone is motivated by plot, not character. There is little consistency in the emotional logic. Nothing is explored or expanded on -- we are told, not shown. It has all the makings of something amazing, but it never does enough to get there.

Season 2 ends in an interesting place, and I'm of course going to tune in to the next two seasons, but already the show has failed to be worthy of its lineage. Airbender remains one of the best shows -- animated or otherwise -- of all time. Korra is, at best, just okay.

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i loved avatar and actually thought korra was better. it could be that i just wanted something new so it just seemed better at the time. i haven't seen any of season 2 yet as i have decided to wait and watch it all at one time but i hope it is as good as season one was. when i first saw previews of korra i was a little skeptical of the modern stuff they had like cars and stuff but i think it all works pretty well.

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@tidel: Well said, Avatar: The Last Airbender was exactly that! It vastly exceeded my expectations and lived up to all the hype I had heard about it. Unfortunate to hear that Legend of Korra isn't up to task.

I haven't had a chance to watch Legend of Korra yet, but I must know: are there many callbacks or references to Avatar: The Last Airbender in the show?

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Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten around to watching it. Good to know it's all right. Loved The Last Airbender.

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@noblenerf: There are quite a few little things, the biggest part is getting to know the descendants of some of the characters from The Last Airbender. It's just a shame they don't spend as much time on some of them that you would think.

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The Legend of Korra was barely enjoyable, and there were far too many problems with it. For one thing, it just never achieved the magic of what The Last Airbender had. The opening to each episode is very annoying. The seasons were also ridiculously short in Korra, and much of it was not executed well. The season 2 finale of Korra was really great and realistic, but quite disappointing as it only made me think that Korra shouldn't have even been avatar; However, despite that problem, season 2 was a bit better than season 1. There wasn't truly any new characters that I really liked, except Aang's son Bumi. There was a lot of good action, but it was probably the only thing that was good about the show. So, The Legend of Korra is just mediocre. =-|