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Absolutely heartbroken for Ricciardo. But I am really excited to see LeClerc next season. Another 7th in that Sauber is really impressive.

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@phos said:

but I’ve heard as extreme as running Monaco spec aero to get sub Monza levels of downforce.

That's more or less what Kimi said in an interview with Motorsport. He said the car basically feels like it has Monza levels of downforce despite being setup to have as much downforce as possible.

I was gutted for Ricciardo Are they giving him the lesser of every part they receive or something now that he's leaving? He's had 8 DNFs in 18 races so far, and almost every race since the break he's been compromised by something in his car breaking in either qualifying or the race. He straight up said that at this point he doesn't even want to do the last two races of this year and that Gasly can have his broken car.

It wasn't even his engine that went this time either. It was his clutch.

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Oh that’s unexpected. Given how radiators don’t work as well at higher altitude, I was thinking about making a post along the lines of “we’re going to be so disappointed when Ricciardo’s car breaks down” after he got pole, I don’t know nearly enough about F1 clutches to know if the decreased cooling could have anything to do with it, but it is kind of odd for it to go mid race considering F1 cars don’t use their clutch while underway. All I can think of would be shifts placing an unusual load on it, which synquential gearboxes are kinda rough on them but they’re built with that in mind. Maybe it was essentially baked? They could have had with more cooling without giving much up in such thin air.

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He did mention that something felt off from the lap to the grid up until the start, and that his car started weird when doing the formation lap and for the race start. Christian Horner mentioned that the data showed issues started to develop a few laps in.

Apparently it was the same issue Verstappen had in practice.

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it's a shame, i kinda think Ricciardo might have more points than Vettel if he hadn't had all the car trouble this year...

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Wait, did I hear that right? Is Red bull's full beans mode called "Mode 7"?

Verstappen turned into Ocon. He just can't keep his nose clean.

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Where did Red Bulls pace come from today? Yes it was a silly move from Ocon but Max should've given him some room, the penalty was fair however.

That said, Max acting like a child at the end of the race here. A great driver but he needs to grow up.

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@phos said:

Verstappen turned into Ocon. He just can't keep his nose clean.

This was the thing I couldn't wrap my head around with when it came to the Sky commentary. They immediately blamed Ocon for it even though it was clear Verstappen turned in and left him no room. I did enjoy seeing Hamilton calling him out on his bullshit after the race in the nicest way possible. And now Verstappen has to do 2 days of "community service" for the FIA as punishment for shoving Ocon after the race.

It's funny watching Verstappen fans bending over backwards defending him and attacking Ocon when Verstappen has done similarly optimistic moves and ruined the races of other drivers many times this season.

The self-awareness of Kimi Raikkonen's instagram continues to be the best thing: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqDZFdSh3N-/

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Yeah, Verstappen continues to be an idiot.

The accident was at least partly his fault and his conduct after the race (shoving Ocon multiple times) was just ridiculous.

Have any of you guys read Kimi's book yet? It's quite interesting and funny.

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I'd still side with Max over the move but Ocon closed him down on the lead up to the corner. I still wouldn't try to unlap himself there, though.

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I would bet that Ocon not having a ride for next season factored in to this somehow. Either he was trying to prove something by getting unlapped or he just doesn't care at this point. Either way, neither he nor Verstappen looked good coming out of this.

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Four in serious condition but all conscious. Amazing when you consider one marshal takes a fence pole to the head.

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There was something really weird about that one chicane, so many seemingly completed moves getting passed back.

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I can't be the only one listening to the Fernando intro on repeat. Right?