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#151 Posted by poobumbutt (940 posts) -

@sparky_buzzsaw: Fuck yeah! Glad you're doing good and getting even better.

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#152 Posted by Lego_My_Eggo (1303 posts) -

nice to hear they at least know what is going on, get better soon duder!

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#153 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2782 posts) -
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#154 Edited by fatalbanana (1089 posts) -

Buzzsaw has always been so gracious and thoughtful all my best to everyone affected family and friends included. Nothing but best wishes and hopeful thoughts for you guys.

Get well soon Sparky!

edit: Just saw he's doing better! Great news, stay well duder!

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#155 Posted by JadeGL (1404 posts) -

@sparky_buzzsaw: So glad to hear you're doing better! Keep kicking butt! :D

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#156 Posted by MikeLemmer (1531 posts) -
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#157 Posted by MachoFantastico (6663 posts) -

@upperdecker: That's some positive news, thanks for the update. Wishing him all the best and sending much love from the GB community.

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#158 Posted by Relkin (1066 posts) -
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#159 Posted by owack6 (346 posts) -
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#160 Edited by DLeo (48 posts) -

Times like these brings out the best in the gb community. Stay strong Sparky, we're all rooting for you!

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#161 Posted by Max_Cherry (1567 posts) -

Hang in there buddy. This site needs you!

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#162 Posted by Sam_lfcfan (298 posts) -
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#163 Posted by YoThatLimp (2470 posts) -

Speedy recovery Sparky!

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#164 Posted by clagnaught (2085 posts) -

@sparky_buzzsaw: @upperdecker

I just saw this thread, so I went straight from bad news to good news. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Get well soon.

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#165 Posted by myketuna (1948 posts) -

@sparky_buzzsaw: @upperdecker

I just saw this thread, so I went straight from bad news to good news. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Get well soon.

Same here. Awesome news! Hope everything turns out well!

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#166 Posted by Captain_Insano (3450 posts) -

water weight

Fuck. That's my least favourite Kevin Costner movie.

Glad you're on the mend mate, hopefully back to full health soon!

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#167 Posted by billmcneal (1176 posts) -

Get well, Sparky! Take care of yourself. We love you

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#168 Posted by Brendan (9208 posts) -

I never chatted with sparky but he's been a mainstay of the forums forever and a great contribution to the community.

I hope things go well, this sucks to hear. Rooting for you!

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#169 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (7824 posts) -

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Get well soon Sparky!

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#170 Posted by hermes (2575 posts) -
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#171 Posted by Mike (17971 posts) -

Hey everyone, going to close this one up for now at Sparky's request. He is doing well and sincerely thanks everyone for the well wishes, but right now he wants to relax and concentrate on recovering at home.