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Posted by Knifey_Spoony (223 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: Three hours on the Event Horizon or three hours on the Ishimura? Their respective disasters have already happened. (250 votes)

Event Horizon 26%
Ishimura 74%
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#1 Posted by BeachThunder (15137 posts) -

Well, I've already spent 60+ hours on the Ishimura, so I'll pick that.

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#2 Edited by Moztacular (556 posts) -

I picked Ishimura because I feel like you could probably find a place to hole up for a bit from the monsters until help comes...I haven't seen Event Horizon in forever but if I recall can't that ship just fuck up your brain no matter where you are? Maybe Ishimura is that way too with the marker actually....

Shitty situation all around. If i was actually responsible for having to escape on my own, probably Event Horzion because I think the monsters in dead space would fuck you up in a heartbeat, whereas you might stand a chance trying to brute force out of the Event Horizon?

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#3 Edited by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

Let's say the worst does happen, in either scenario I think I'd rather be a Necromorph zombie, I may get killed at some point and who knows how cognizant you are after your infected anyways. In Event Horizon I feel like your soul is literally being trapped forever in HELL I don't want that, even if The Marker keeps your mind trapped in it forever it can't be as bad as Hell where everything is designed to be the worst it can be for all eternity.

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#4 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

No one survives in Event Horizon right? I'd take my chances with the marker. Pretty sure necromorphs would kill quicker, and be less... eternal torture?

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#5 Edited by Tennmuerti (9460 posts) -

On Ishimura there's a chance and the threat if terrible is still based in physical reality and you have some tools to try survive it (as you tend to in the games), ie guns work.

Event Horizon? You're just plain fucked. Hell just takes what it wants, no one survives and you all suffer, forever. That's what makes it a great horror movie, there is no salvation.

So yeah out of those two I'll take my chances on Ishimura anytime, however slim they might be. At least in case of probable failure you're a nercomorph so you're essentially blissfully dead when it comes to your mind; instead of your soul being tortured by Hell for as long as it wants.

This was fun :P

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#6 Edited by liquiddragon (3322 posts) -

I chose Event Horizon 'cause I've played Dead Space but haven't seen Event Horizon and know nothing about it so the surprise would be exciting.

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#7 Edited by Tennmuerti (9460 posts) -

I chose Event Horizon 'cause I've played Dead Space but haven't seen Event Horizon and think the surprise would be exciting.

You're going to have a great time!

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#8 Posted by liquiddragon (3322 posts) -

@tennmuerti: For real tho, should I see the movie? I can never tell if people are joking or serious about this movie but they always seem to have fun talking about it.

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#9 Posted by burncoat (558 posts) -

If I was alone and stayed away from the reactor, I think I'd be fine on the Event Horizon. There were no survivors of the initial disaster so I think I'd be okay if I knew everything was mostly mental.

The Necromorphs on the Ishimura track and seek out living people. It's possible to physically combat them, but I don't trust my physical abilities in that sense. I'm positive I'd overlook one dead body. Also that one mad doctor and the artifact are still on board so I'd be afraid of dealing with that.

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#10 Posted by PeezMachine (458 posts) -

@liquiddragon: It's corny, and there are certainly better psychological horror movies out there, but it's a good time. Can't go wrong with Sam Neil.

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#11 Posted by KatyGaGa (627 posts) -

one is dealing with aliens that are easily dismantled with construction tools. the other deals with a literal capital "H" Hell.

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#12 Posted by TheHT (15836 posts) -

I dunno though, the Event Horizon seems like it'd be more interesting.

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#13 Posted by Max_Cherry (1588 posts) -

I'd rather be trapped on the Ishimura because the event horizon space ship is basically already hell itself.

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#14 Posted by aktivity (461 posts) -

I guess the Event Horizon? All I remember from watching that movie as a young child is boobies. The necromorphs would kill me instantly on the Ishimura.

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#15 Edited by clagnaught (2115 posts) -

Doesn't the Ishimura have moments where nothing happens? If that's the case, hide in a corner for three hours and be done. I know nothing about Event Horizon, but some of the stuff I heard through osmosis make it sound pretty bad.

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#16 Posted by theanticitizen (417 posts) -

This might be the best poll I’ve ever seen on the GB forums

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#17 Posted by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

@tennmuerti: For real tho, should I see the movie? I can never tell if people are joking or serious about this movie but they always seem to have fun talking about it.

Where your going you won't need eyes to see.

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#18 Edited by Knifey_Spoony (223 posts) -

@liquiddragon: I would recommend it. Event Horizon is a really fun movie.

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#19 Posted by ShaggE (9261 posts) -

If I pick the Ishimura, am I also subject to Dead Space physics? Because with my luck, I'll stub my toe and all my limbs will pop off like a Crash Test Dummy.

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#20 Posted by Knifey_Spoony (223 posts) -

@shagge: Janky physics don't affect you in this scenario.

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#21 Posted by Brackstone (891 posts) -

Ishimura is definitely the better option. Markers get in your head to a certain degree, but not to the degree that space satan from Event Horizon does. Also, necromorphs are gross, but still a tangible, real thing. You could maybe hide or take one down. You can't quite say the same about anything from Event Horizon.

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#22 Posted by Relkin (1163 posts) -

Now here's a good would you rather, which is to say both choices are fucked and I'm likely to die in the first hourhalf-hour fifteen minutes on either ship. The Ishimura, I guess? I know the rules to that nightmare better than Event Horizon.

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#23 Posted by DarkeyeHails (578 posts) -

@danishingact: Three people survive the Event Horizon, so I think you are underestimating your chances.

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#24 Posted by PurplePartyRobot (440 posts) -

Ishimura. You might be able to evade detection from a necromorph for a little while and might even stand a small chance surviving the encounter. Surviving the Event Horizon isn't even worth it considering the ending.

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#25 Posted by Justin258 (15644 posts) -

I'm going to die either way and both are going to involve painful deaths, but at least death on the Ishimura doesn't involve eternal pain and suffering and torment in Hell. You just die and then it's over.

If I'm being hopeful - still the Ishimura. Because it seems like you can escape the Marker's effects on your brain as long as you're not particularly near it. The rest of the threats are, as someone else said, physical beings that exist in this reality, so they're bound by things like walls and affected by weapons. There's a chance, albeit minuscule, that someone could survive that. If I survive that three hours - I'm somehow guaranteed passage to a safe place after three hours, right? - I'll deal with the psychological trauma later.

If you somehow survive the Event Horizon, you're still pretty much just possessed by Hell or something and you're still going to wind up doing something horrible to yourself or someone else before you finally bite the big one and end up in Hell anyway.

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#26 Edited by Tennmuerti (9460 posts) -

@darkeyehails said:

@danishingact: Three people survive the Event Horizon, so I think you are underestimating your chances.

Eeeeeh that's kinda left to the interpretation of the audience, and I'm much more inclined to believe the negative implication. (as it is very much a classic horror movie trope)

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#27 Posted by Bill_McNeal (825 posts) -
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#28 Posted by aktivity (461 posts) -

Do we spawn in a temporary safe-zone or are we immediately thrown into the situation? If I get some prep time I might be willing to roll the dice with the Ishimura.

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#29 Edited by NTM (11747 posts) -

I'd rather be on the Ishimura because it's a much cooler ship in my opinion, and Event Horizon isn't a good movie to me, but! I chose Event Horizon. I feel like I'd have a better chance of hiding and surviving for that long. A necromorph would just come out of a vent as I hid and it'd kill me. Nope. That said... I don't remember what it was about Event Horizon that was super dangerous other than when Sam Neil's character goes crazy and turns on demonic. Still, I feel like I'd have a better chance on Event Horizon.

Edit - Just re-reading the Wikipedia plot, and it seems they both deal with hallucinations, but Event Horizon deals a lot more specific in the regrets of the person. I'm still going with Event Horizon. I might go freaking crazy on Event Horizon, but the chance of going crazy on the Ishimura (if the marker is near) with the better chance of dying by necromoph makes me choose the Event Horizon.

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#30 Edited by Rodin (348 posts) -

I dunno, I could probably take sam neill in a fight as opposed to hundreds of creatures designed to kill me.

but also, if i do go to the event horizon, is the crew of the lewis and clark there already?

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#31 Posted by JTB123 (1274 posts) -

I'd go with the Ishimura. I've played tons of Dead Space so I'm sure nothing bad will happen :)

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#32 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

@darkeyehails: well, I know what I'm watching tonight. Thanks for the info, duder!

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#33 Posted by Shadow (5356 posts) -

Well on the Ishimura, you can just shoot whatever is causing you problems until it stops moving. On the event horizon, you have to try not to go insane while some sort of etherial space-Satan tries to drive you there and will just outright kill you if that doesn't work for long enough

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#34 Posted by officer_falcon (526 posts) -

Ishimura on the off chance that I get to wear those cool engineering suits.

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#35 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -
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#36 Edited by hassun (9946 posts) -

@aktivity: Same, I feel like I'll be fine as long as I can just avoid the monster closets.

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#37 Posted by Kazona (3399 posts) -

Let's see: fast zombie type creates that I potentially can kill or some vague unknown entity that literally create hell and you cannot touch or harm. Yeah, I'll take the Ishimura. At least I can go out fighting (or cowering in a box). Either way, my odds of survival are probably higher.

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#38 Edited by TheRealTurk (506 posts) -

Does picking the Event Horizon mean I have to spend those three hours with the asshole Lawrence Fishburn commander? You know, the guy so pigheadedly dedicated to the mission he dooms everyone else? I'm pretty sure everyone in that movie would have been totally fine if he'd just been smart enough to bounce after realizing "hey, it's literally Hell."

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#39 Posted by whitegreyblack (1953 posts) -

Many of your favorite celebrities and historical figures are probably in hell anyway so I guess I'll go for the Event Horizon.

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#40 Posted by emumford (86 posts) -

I'll pick the Event Horizon, mostly because the crew of the Lewis and Clark were onboard the Event Horizon for much longer than three hours before shit really started to hit the fan. If that's true I just need to keep my wits about me, stay out of the engineering half of the ship, and I should be fine.

As for the Ishimura the odds of myself finding the equipment I would need to combat the threat or survive it is gonna be much lower than on the Event Horizon. Let alone how quickly the necromorphs kill everyone, and are numerous in both size, and type; I doubt i'll stand a chance.

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#41 Edited by DarkeyeHails (578 posts) -

@danishingact: I hope you enjoy it. I found Event Horizon to be a dumb but fun movie.

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#42 Posted by Fezrock (727 posts) -

Event Horizon is basically the Warp from WH40K, and some of the people who go into the Warp end up becoming servants of chaos; which, depending on your elder god, doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. So I'll go with Event Horizon.

The Ishimura, I'll just get killed painfully; no question about it.

Also, the point people make that it takes longer than three hours for things to go bad on the Event Horizon is a valid one.

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#43 Posted by CyrusRaven (169 posts) -

Ishimura hands down. Because the three hours thing on the Event Horizon wouldn't matter if you boarded it after its "trip" a soon as you set foot on it you would be trapped in your own personal hell forever.

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#44 Posted by Mikemcn (8576 posts) -

I feel like the ishimura enemies are physical enough that you could run away or fight them successfully, whereas on the event horizon, you're up against the supernatural and there's no gurantee you can defend yourself.

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#45 Edited by ValJean9430 (189 posts) -

Can this be distilled down into survival in personal psychological hell vs. external threat (necromorph) decision? I feel like 3 hours gives me better odds in the external threat situation.

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#46 Posted by mordukai (8516 posts) -

So my options are a bowl of fresh shit vs a bowl of dried shit. I don't know. I feel like no matter what I pick I end up eating a bowl of shit.

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#47 Posted by Spoonman671 (5874 posts) -

Am I the Doom Marine? That would make the Event Horizon's portal to Hell a lot more manageable. Otherwise, I'm willing to hang out in a locked closet on the Ishimura.

Oh, can I be the Doom Marine on the Ishimura instead, or is direct access to Hell a pre-requisite for Doom Marine's presence? He doesn't just hang out on beaches or in coffee shops, right?