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A stop on the Trans-Siberian line (2016)
A stop on the Trans-Siberian line (2016)

It's been great to see how many duders like to travel and solicit advice for their journeys on these forums. But for a long time now I've thought it to be ineffective to have single threads relating to each query for specific travel advice. Those threads and the advice contained in them get lost, and people have to make the same recommendations over and over again.

So why not have a single thread where we can gather tips and recommendations for people to read and use long into the future? It's worth a shot at least.

I'll start off by asking for tips on southern Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The plan is to fly to Madrid and spend a little time circling around Portugal and Andalusia before crossing over to Morocco for a week or two. Never been around these parts of Europe or North Africa before, other than a long weekend in Barcelona. I'd be especially interested in tips on interesting places in southern Portugal and what kind of desert tours to do in Morocco.

Thanks in advance for any and all input.