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#51 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

@crommi said:

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I did at one point but for whatever reason I don't have one on my chrome at the moment and haven't really noticed? I guess I just subconsciously ignore them. Granted I have giant bomb premium so maybe seeing ads here would push me towards one, but I don't feel like it's screwing with me too much elsewhere. I only really browse the same handful of websites and my bubble seems to not be too egregious with ads.

Also YouTubers rely on ad plays for their income.

Those who can live off of Youtube ad revenue are a tiny minority; you need 3-5 million views per month to provide minimum wage just for one person.

I agree that only a tiny minority live off of YouTube income, but you've got the numbers a bit wrong. YouTube income is closer to $1,000 per million views. 3-5m views per month would be $3,000-$5,000 per month not including other sponsorships or promotions.

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#52 Edited by Corvak (1818 posts) -

Yes, I use it.

With the growing rise of embedded malware in ads, often through services like Google AdSense etc., content owners have little control over an infected ad showing up. So I use it for security as much as for my own comfort. I don't really mind stuff like the podcast ads, even if I am entitled to the ad-free version with my premium account. Sometimes I will whitelist a site if they avoid garish popups and things with video or sound. On my phone its a pretty direct attempt by me to conserve my data. I dont have unlimited phone data and I dont want to spend a third of it loading ads.

I have to admit. Adblock detection sets off my coder senses. It's not forcing me to quit blocking, it feels more like a challenge and I am most likely to spend an inordinate amount of time defeating it.

The ethics of advertising on gaming sites have always been awkward, as the biggest advertisers tend to be the people selling games being reviewed and critiqued. (Anyone who knows Jeff's past remembers how this mess can go sour if the management of one or both partners isn't on the up and up). Usually ad-sales folks aren't related to the content creation people to avoid this conflict, but sites usually would much prefer advertisers that sell peripherally related items, like custom built PCs than direct game ads to remove that issue entirely. Full on quantified criticism is a much smaller piece of GB and all gaming media's plates compared to how it was in years past, though.

For Youtube/video ads, I prefer how the Twitch Partnership system works. Streamers can run ads when they want, which means they can structure their broadcast around them. I know when I see one of those ads, i'm not missing the stream, and they can cut to them properly instead of a jarring mid-sentence shift.

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#53 Posted by Crommi (311 posts) -

@mike: I based those numbers on a gaming channel I'm currently managing with ~40k monthly views and generating around $25 in ad revenue. I just don't see "1000$ per million views" happening unless you specifically target your content to audience that is least likely to have adblockers installed (elderly and kids).

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#54 Posted by UltimAXE (573 posts) -

I fucking hate ads, so, yeah, I totally use adblock. Like others, I will be more than happy to whitelist sites that I enjoy and frequent, so long as they can keep their ads from being intrusive and/or obnoxious. Put some banners on the sides, top or bottom of the page, keep them silent, and we're golden. But as soon as you start to play audio, have shit pop up under my mouse cursor, expect me to sit through a 30 second ad to see 10 seconds of a youtube video, and just generally sully my internet browsing experience, kindly go jump off of a cliff.

Grabbing my attention by annoying me is a surefire way to get me to not purchase your product. Not that I was going to in the first place.

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#55 Posted by The_Dude_Abides (271 posts) -

I wouldn't be without it. But if a site asks me to disable it then i nearly always do. Those sites tend to not have annoying ads either.

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I do use adblock, as in the past when I didn't some of the ad's I encountered on the web were not cool imo. I do however still want to support my favorite sites and youtube streamers, so I donate if the option is available. Or like with GB, I try to get a sub as often as I can afford to.

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#57 Edited by BladedEdge (729 posts) -

Ad block is I think up for debate. It depends on how much of your day is spent online and how much you value those 30 seconds of time being cut out of what you were planning. For me, I turned on ad-block when I discovered it a bit before it became the 'if you use the internet for more then an hour a day, you use ad-block' levels of ubiquitous. It's a selfish act to use it, but then the sort of ads I started using it to avoid were intentionally invasion and annoying.

What I will say is, while I think ad-block is 'use or don't" script-blocking, while less user friendly, is an absolute must. As the only person for a number of older adults whose internet activities I do not wish to criticize or know about, but whom routinely called me over for hours long marathons of "I've got a virus help me!" and to whom any kind of "ok seriously, stop going to websites that.." talk is kinda...no...no I won't have that talk with my 70 y/o neighbor who my parents are friends with and whom they volunteered me to help.

Long story short. Script-block have saved me days worth of time for that alone. Script block plus ad-block and suddenly..viruses? What viruses? So uh, even if you don't use ad block. If your at all internet savvy and for some reason aren't using script-blockers..for god sakes start. At least if you routinely play the 'viruses suck' game, on behalf of yourself or others.

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#58 Posted by AthleticShark (1389 posts) -

You have to use it this day and age. Ads are the number one way for viruses, malware, etc. to get into your computer. Also, most sites are unreadable unless you use one.

It is simple. Either whitelist the sites you want to support or donate. The site will make more money off of a single 5 dollar donation than you suffering through ads for years

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#59 Posted by CasaBlanka (43 posts) -

I use a shared iPad with my family and I ended up having to install an adblocker on it. Younger and even some older users are prone to tapping everything and they need to be protected. I even think iOS and android should come built in with a porn block. Optional of course.