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omg this is sooo helpful. thanks!

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I just noticed Audio Network removed their personal use license. Bummer!

(Yeah, I actually bought music from that site.)

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This post is amazing!

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Not sure if it's been pointed out yet but I've finally found that "Jpop party" song here.

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@musou: Here is "Modern Geisha", used in today's Giant Bombcast (episode 443 or 8/16/2016).

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There was a song in last week's UPF that played just before the intro fade in that people in the chat were joking about the lyrics sounding like "Older Batman - Fire sale"

Is this an audio network song?

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This isn't royalty free, but can anyone tell me what song hits here when Jeff starts the first track in trackmania from the final giant bomb live show of 2015 (AKA cardboard box fort stream)?


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Anyone know the source for the "thumpy, driving bass + keys" clip they used at the beginning of the last three TGS Bombcast episodes (10-09-2008 - 10-12-2008)? I've always wondered. I think they've used it in other places, but that's the earliest point I remember hearing it. The list in this thread is pretty long, and I checked anything with a description that seemed close but came up empty. May have just missed it.

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I've looked through the last few pages which covers the last few years and haven't seen it listed(though I probably just missed it, I didn't click every one just ones that sounded like it could have been it) but does anyone have a link to the "fake Kesha" song that has been used a few times on the live bombcast(and probably other live shows)?

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What's the song that sounds like the buy music from the sims?

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Vinny played this one before Vinnyvania today. Gangstaz Halloween. It's a good jam.

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Anyone know what the last song they played before today's Titanfall 2 stream was? It's the lady singing with a piano backing her.

e; Turns out it was already on the list - Bird Song.

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Used during Vinny's Watch Dogs 2 stream: https://us.audionetwork.com/browse/m/track/surfing-the-alligator_86712