"Vinny, Jason, Abby & Jan's (ft. Drew)" Royalty Free Collection

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I'm sure a lot of you enjoy, as I do, Vinny & Drew's amazing collection of royalty-free songs that we get to listen sometimes on the livestreams. Searching through AudioNetwork (which's very likely the website they acquired most of their catalog) we have found these:

SongDescriptionWhen was it used?Who found it?
28 Hours a DayFrom Jeff's Band, Midnight Brown, sick bass, not actually royalty free (I guess)ILM and Video Reviews, among other stuff.Snail
Ace InvaderClassic 80s movie action with retro synth riffs & solid drum machinePre-livestreamsnotnert427
Air on the G StringRefined close harmony version of Bach's 18th century chart topperVinnyVania: Super Castlevania IVvsharres
All Time ChampionHeroic K-pop song with hip hop beats & Korean male rap & vocalsJAN'S JAMSjanman
AmazingAnthemic female K-Pop song with epic synths, trap drums & twerk vocalsGBW and UPF pre-stream and othersdeviationer
Back To The HoodDramatic hip hop with menacing string stabs & funky guitar riffBefore some livestream, can't quite point out which oneevil_gordita
BadmanFloor thumping electro house with dirty bassline & Rasta man vocal hooksHold the Batman?badseed
Bank JobGritty up-tempo late '60s street funk with Hammond melody & a dirty grooveGiant Bombcast 11/18/2014driam

Battleships, The - Videocopilot (better quality)

Grand orchestral theme. Builds up. Kinda reminiscent of "Pirates of the Caribbean"TNT Themehamst3r / drewbert

Be The Hero

Feel-good synth builds to driving EDM with K-pop vocals & pumping grooveThirteen Deadly Sims - Episode 05 Pre-showsealprime

Beach Ball

Upbeat electronica with strong rhythm sectionE3 2013: The Longest Daydrwaffles

Beat Time

Fab & groovy 60s romp with perky 12 string melody & groovy beatGiant Bombcast 09/01/2015driam
Beats MeLaid back, Latin infused jazz hip hop with nylon guitar, funky bass & saxFirst song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
BeathovenModern & twisted electro version of Beethoven's 5th SymphonyBefore 05/27/2016 UPFrafaelmei
Below Asteroids

An arrangement from EVE Online's Soundtrack, not actually royalty free

Third song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
Best Day of My Life 3

Big trap only mix with huge bass, big beats & vocal elements

JAN'S JAMSjanman
Best In The Business

Positive corporate motivational pop with powerful vocals

Giant Bombcast 25/02/2014mrblobby64
Best Of Times

Light, bright & positive nu folk with cheerful female vocal topline

"The Workplace" GOTY 2012 videovoid
Better Just Surrender 2

Dark duelling MCs with old school beat, crew chorus & crowd fx

Giant Bombcast 02/04/2014tbennett5438
Big Little Kid

Catchy new wave folk with piano, double bass, punky guitar & kids' choir

Video Thing: That's so Ryan!putemonsteret
Biggest Fan 2

Contemporary, uplifting & cool pop/dance song

Before 06/27/2013 TNTrafaelmei
Bird Song

Quirky, cute & bouncy song with innocent female vocal

Us vs. Them: Overwatch pre-streamrafaelmei
Blood Soldier

Heavy rock song about the legend of the immortals (vampires). Male vocal

Before VinnyVania: Simon's Quest - Part 03szlifier
Bounce It BigMenacing & stabbing hip hop with unrelenting arpeggio synth riffsBefore several livestreamsvoid
Bouncy CastleFun, upbeat, vocally led kid's popDay 3 E3 2013 Break Songoobir
Brighton Bossa 2Retro jazz samba instrumentalDanswers Intro2-d
Bubble BathVintage ballroom Cha Cha with quirky brass & chirpy fluteSeventh song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
BugsyCheeky 1930s swinging jazz mashed with banging house beatsGiant Beastcast ad themecyberlink420
Café Jazz 2Jaunty French gypsy jazz underscore. Acoustic guitars onlyFifth song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
Call, TheAggressive dance groove with Middle Eastern vocalPlayed before Monaco's TNT (05/02/2013)rafaelmei
Can't Do It Like Me Dirty female vocals set to a hot, bouncing Ibiza floor filler with hand clapsGBE Playdate Preshow
Captain LoveInnuendo filled sexy funk with deep male vocal & group female responseNot surepsydyl
Changing Times 2Modern romantic comedy theme with piano, guitar & bassRoomies (GOTY 2012)driam
Cheeky HoodyHip-Hop groove with vocals, big bass riff, Hammond & guitarsDuring the (04/19/2013) Unprofessional Fridaymirado
Chili PopcornDominican merengue with stabbing saxes, piano accordion & vocal shoutsGiant Bomb LIVE! E3 2013 - Day 3driam
CiphersHypnotic vintage 1980s synth dreamscape shifting between awe & tensionJAN'S JAMSjanman
City of Culture
Uplifting Asian fusion with Chinese violin & harp above laid back grooveTitanfall Streammrpeabody
Clap Your HandsReggae dancehall with dark, urban bass lineBefore (05/10/2013) Unprofessional Fridayrafaelmei
Coconut DreamsSundrenched, Hawaiian flavoured fun with lap steel guitar & ukuleleSixth song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
CookingSoulful male vocals about cooking over sampled sounds from the kitchenNo idea but @aesthetic_noise requested itrafaelmei
Course PoursuiteFast, fun bright Hot Club of France10/22/2013 Bombcastkekon
Crunk itCrunk/hip hop stomper with dirty synths & male chantsBefore the GDC 2013 After Hoursdrewbert
Dance MachineFrenetic electronica with phat synth, quirky vocal samples & huge pumping compression10/18/2013 Unprofessional Fridaycodicier
Dance of Dragons
Positive, upbeat groove with Chinese horn & Asian flute melodiesTitanfall Streammrpeabody
Dapper DanUpbeat string theme with vintage orchestra from Hollywood's golden ageE3 2014: Day 01 Show Floor Highlightswastrel
Dark NightSpooky female vocals, surreal ghostly atmospheres & down tempo beatsBefore 04/08/2016's Vinnyvania streamjaina_solo_
Day In The SunQuintessentially quirky ditty with marimba, piano, whistling & guitarE3 2014: Day 01 Show Floor Highlightswastrel
Day of DoomOrchestral, menacing. A little reminiscent of LoTR.Before (04/09/2013) Unprofessional Fridaysrafaelmei
Dead Man DancingFast, hard hitting electronic beats with Afghan rabab & dulcimerGiant Bomb LIVE! at E3 2016: Day 03driam
DerangedDriving electro K-Pop with trap beat, rising synths, quirky FX & female vocalNot surechrisharris
Detectives in a CarUrgent, retro funk with smooth brassRight before (04/05/2013) Unprofessional Fridaymirado
Devil's BrewQuirky swamp blues song about demon alcohol with grizzled male vocalBombcast 02/04/2014tbennett5438
Diamond LoungeSlick, dramatic hustle groove with intriguing melodyNot sureakiman89
DictatorPowerful military march in a minor keyPreviously on Project B.E.A.S.T.puddingbrummsel

Dish Of The Day

Fun & energetic rock 'n' roll blues with male vocals all about foodFood song played before E3 2014 Day 2 Recapbeardyduck
Do ItDirty riffs & beats instrumentalBefore Injustice's TNT (04/18/2013)rafaelmei
Drive On ByUplifting Latin pop with infectious trumpetAlt+F1 Introanjinm
Duck Juice

Quirky fun groove with recorders, Jews harp & mandolin. Rayman Origins-ish

Used sparsely on livestreamsevil_gordita
Earthspan Pastoral

Delicately evolving pastoral orchestral textures with homely feel

Giant Bombcast 09/09/14kentabus
East Street

Quirky New Orleans jazz with clarinet & trumpet

Possibly in a Beastcast adfisk0
ElevatorRetro, insipid elevator lounge groove with cheesy flute & horn04/15/2014 Bombcast - Ad segmenthamst3r
Embrace YouSlow-mo synth pop with ambient vocals, deep bass tones & military-style drum grooveSome preshow
Energy Wave

Driving electronica with high energy melody & afterparty atmosphere

E3 2013: The Longest Daydrwaffles
Fast EddieRemix of Love BirdsProbably played at some pointstalefishies
Feel GoodUpbeat electronica with tropical synths, effected vocals, pads & busy beatAbby's June 8th 2018 E3 Vlogdezcom
Fiesta BravaLight pop Latin with big brass playingFourth song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
Fight TimeFull on Big Beat / Rock. Retro cool guitar riffs with aggressive drums bassBefore Giant Bomb: Crossing The Streams! (05/20/2013)rafaelmei
Fire DancerFiery Latin stomper with Flamenco guitars, brass, hand claps & accordionE3 2013: The Longest Daydrwaffles
Flickering ShadowsAtmospheric harp with echo delay effect & marimba1st day of E3 2013butano
Foot To The FloorPowerful 80s hair metal with raunchy male vocal & crowd chant chorusE3 2019
Freedom of the CitySparkling, classic, glamorous orchestral rompFilm & 40's Themerafaelmei
Friends ForeverPositive teen pop song with friendly group vocals & catchy chorusE3 2015: Day 01 Staff Impressions Endingpekoe212
FriendshipLudicrously jolly tune with bouncy piano, finger clicks & whistled melody9/20/2013 Unprofessional Fridayvoid
FugaTense reggaeton with strings & rap style vocal samplesGiant Bomb vs. a Roller Coasterdrewbert
Funk DivingFunky garage rock with shimmering synth guitars & uber cool synthsGiant Bomb vs. a Roller Coasterdrewbert
Gangstaz HalloweenSpooky two tone reggae with theremin & alto fluteVinnyVania: Symphony of the Night - Part 06frump
Gentleman's ClubCheeky fusion of old brass, clarinets, vinyl vocals & hip hop swing beatsBeastcast Adfisk0
Get ConnectedLaid back, lounge jazz/hip hop fusion featuring piano, smooth sax & cool fxGiant Bomb Presents Theme

connador and drwhat

Ghetto Bird

Hip Hop, Urban, Angry, Energetic, Hi-Tech, Serious

E3 Bombcast Break songdrewbert
Give Me Your Love

Positive power ballad with huge drums & emotional male vocal

JAN'S JAMSjanman
Go Insane

Upbeat electro dance with stabby synth groove & female lead vocal

West Coast Pre-streams

90s hip hop with smooth, laid back male rap, jazzy keys & beats

E3 2018themadman007
Got The Cream 2

Upbeat sexy RnB underscore

Before Giant Bomb: Crossing The Streams! (05/20/2013) (Or Magicka Livestream if you prefer)rafaelmei
Got The Energy

Electronic K-pop mayhem with epic bass, female vocals & nasty synths

GB West Streams


Got The Money

Feel-good rock with male vocal, pounding drums & sharp guitars


Gothic Toccata

Epic a cappella version of Bach's Toccata & Fugue. A Gothic masterpiece

VinnyVania: Super Castlevania IV

Grand Old Duke

Jolly children's nursery rhyme sung by a cute boy with tinkly accompaniment

GBE pre-shows

Great Big Smile 2

Chirpy doo wop singing group over cool swinging jazz combo

E3 2014: Coverage Uncoveredwastrel

Great Parade

Upbeat electro swing with celebratory New Orleans brass & big beats

GBEast PC build streams

Gypsy TattooPumping electro house with gypsy jazz guitar & zany vocal texturesGDC 2013 Day 2 After Hours Livestreamcrazer119
Happy Hours (not actual name)
Fast acoustic guitars, very quirky. Actual song unknown.Used a lot during the old Happy Hoursexplosivo
Hard HittaUrban hip-hop groove, with dramatic stabs & urban chantsBefore (05/10/2013) Unprofessional Fridayrafaelmei
Harlem Hot ClubChilled, finger clicking Latin hip hop with nylon guitar, sexy sax & vocal fxBefore (3/14/14) Unprofessional Fridayjediknight00719
Heart BreakMelodic 80s power ballad with shredding guitars, big drums & male vocalsGB West Streamsjanman
Heyya SamuraiUplifting & driving kids' pop with shouting male vocals & an Asian vibeGiant Bomb at E3 2016 Day One Breakapothaeos
HipstraBastion-sounding songUsed sparsely on livestreamsTheHT
Hot DogManic blues rockabilly chase with doggy lyrics. Jazz cat interlude at 1'08"I'm a Dog" song from GBEast streamstaoto
HotshotEnergetic, pulsating 1980s classic synths & drum machinesE3 2018: Nite 1beachthunder
HouseboatFeelgood Cajun song about building a houseboat. Male vocal11/12/2013 Bombcastkekon
I Like It That WayCatchy retro electro pop with quirky vocoded male vocalhassun
I Need You 4Melancholy synth with electronic beats over a crackly lo-fi bedGiant Bomb: Live, In Person, and Fully Clothed!mavs
I Want YouUrban RnB pop instrumentalBefore (04/09/2013) Professional Fridaysmirado
I'm A WinnerCatchy K-pop song with Korean male vocal, rap & anthemic synth melodies
I'm The ManSuper cool 70s funk with macho male vocal & girly interjectionsaufsmauhl
Identity RevisitedRetro drama with crunchy brass & cool grooveBefore Giant Bomb: Crossing The Streams! (05/20/2013) (Or Magicka Livestream if you prefer)rafaelmei
Il Tuoi BaciJaunty 1960s Italian pop with staccato female vocal & stringsGBE Playdate Preshow
ImmortalsHeavy rock song about the legend of the immortals (vampires). Male vocalGBE Playdate: Cuphead (10/13/2017)thepullquotes
In the DarkOminous intro builds to soft female vocals over brooding orchestraKerbal: Project B.E.A.S.T. - Part 15scorpionrespons
In The Deep End 7 (Sting)Dark & slightly ominous tension stingAfter Project B.E.A.S.T. recapsdriam
Into the VoidTeeth shattering mix of rocktronica with atmospheric breakdowns09/20/2013 Unprofessional Fridaysevil_gordita
It's A Long WayPub piano & male vocal arrangement of WW1 song. 'Good' mic versionE3 2014: Coverage Uncoveredkalnet101
J Pop PartyEnergetic J-pop with Japanese female vocalsGiant Bomb LIVE! at E3 2017: Day 01saultspartan
Jazz Warriors 2Cool, fast, optimistic jazz underscore with walking bass line. No brassSecond song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
Koi No RadioCute J-pop with 8-bit synths, cool guitars & female Japanese vocalsAustin's Gundam building segment (GOTY 2015)mrtimscampi
Lady JazzClassic, 1940s big band swingE3 2013: The Longest Daydrewbert
Last DanceClassic, early jazz with lazy trumpet leading clarinet, trombone & banjoGiant Beastcast Correctionsdriam
Latin Street PartyHot Latin party mix with staccato brass, pumping beats & trumpet soloE3 2013 Day 3 Stream Breakteeknuts
Let Me Be The OneHeartfelt 80s power ballad with emotive male vocals & epic guitar soloJAN'S JAMSjanman
Let's Do This For RealSoulful 90s West coast R&B with sexy vocals, gated drums & RhodesJAN'S JAMSjanman
Life's a LotteryBouncy vintage novelty song about money with ska feel & harmony vocalsGBE Megadate 5/12/2017rafaelmei
Liquid Lounge, TheSlow & scratchy jazz bass & trip hop underscoreThird or fourth song in the (04/09/2013) Jurassic Lark broadcastmirado
Lock DownBombastic vintage soul with a driving groove, brass & male vocalIn the end of "Cop Show" in the Day Three Recap of GOTY 2012 featuresahgunsillyo
Love BirdsThe whistle song Vinny was REALLY into some time ago.

Before/during/after various livestreams

Giant Bomb vs. a Roller Coaster

Macau SandsUp-tempo vintage cop funk theme with wah guitar & Hammond

Giant Bombcast (01/13/2016)

Memories of BennyNostalgic, smooth 1940s big band. Featured clarinetEight and final song on the Giant Bomb Travelogue: Icelanddrewbert
Men in BlackGlamorous large orchestra with cool drums. All speed boats & roll neck sweatersTimeTrottersdriam
Million to OnePumping 1980s electro house song about lost love with processed male vocalE3 2013: The Longest Daydrewbert
Mind Made UpAnalogue synth-based hip hop banger with urban rap vocalsUs vs. Them: Overwatch pre-streamrafaelmei
MischiefPlayful hip-hop with upfront pop production2013 GOTY Day 5 Podcastshinigamia
Mister SunshineHappy-go-lucky French gypsy jazz with guitars, violin & swinging bassE3 2014: John, John, John, and Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) RAWwastrel
Modern GeishaMoody Japanese fusion groove with shamisen, taiko percussion & female vocalsGiant Bombcast #443 (8/16/2016)gamer_152
Mona Lisa SmileTropical hip hop with upbeat rap vocal, smooth guitar.SpyPartyParty pre-showvichyssoise
Monsters In My ClosetRockabilly zombie song with male vocal, Theremin & trippy guitarsVinnyVania: Super Castlevania IVejiehi
Mountain KingQuirky a cappella imagining of Grieg's spooky classicVinnyVania: Super Castlevania IVvsharres
MurdervilleDark docudrama with grainy beat, fiddle, dobro & bowed bassThe Exquisite Corps: X-COM: Enemy Within - Part 08notnert427
My Only One90s R&B with male vocals, rap sections & funky rhythm sectionJAN'S JAMSjanman
Neon Dreams1980s influenced dreamy synth electro popVarious livestreamssheetsy77
NetworkingHuge bass meets pulsating synth melodies with an 808 beat & male vocalE3 2018kamikaze_tutor
New Old Skool 90s house with piano melody, female rap vocal, sub bass & drum grooveGiant Bombcast Aftermath intro and outrowikitoups
Ninja StyleFast, energetic punk dubstep mash up with big hooks & crazy fxAll Systems Goku Themecyberlink420
No DoughJaunty acoustic guitar led song with "No Dough" chantsGB West Streamsjanman
Number One StarSweet girl band song with acoustic guitar, cute synths & cool beatsGB West Streamsjanman
OlympusDramatic build from menacing to heroic. Orchestra & electronicsGiant Bomb vs. a Roller Coasterdrewbert
Party HardClubbing pop song with quirky synths & auto tuned vocals. Kinda sounds like Ke$haBefore/during/after various livestreamsrafaelmei
Party TimeUp-tempo RnB with auto tuned male vocal in chorus & rapper in verseBefore "Hey Will Smith is Here! Live!" streamrafaelmei
PC BobChildren's song about a helpful policemanVinny used it once. That's all I gotalpha1
Permission to LandFunky electro instrumental

Right before the start of the Bioshock Infinite spoiler livestream and Giant Bomb vs. a Roller Coaster

Pimp My BassYear of the Bow theme.A couple times on livestreamschainreaction01
Pious ReflectionPeaceful sombre choir & organ in big churchLast song in the (04/09/2013) Jurassic Larkmirado
Putcha In Da GraveyardDark spooky hip hop with pizzicato strings & Theremin-style leadDuring waiting time for several livestreamsvoid
RaspberryInfectious, cheerful whistling sillinessBreaking Brad: Volgarr The Vikingrafaelmei
Real Bad BoyNasty ragga trap groove with deep sub bass, laser builds & dub vocal hitsJAN'S JAMSjanman
ReboundSorrowful 80s synthwave with shimmering synths & insistent pulsing bassE3 2018yummytreesap
Red CarpetDriving funk/big beat. Slap bass, vintage vinyl effects & sampled brassBefore (04/09/2013) Professional Fridaysmirado
Red SeptemberDramatic martial orchestra with deep male choirVarious livestreams, recently on the Extra Life Streammrpeabody
Regarde MoiSlinky & sexy French electro groove with whispered female vocalsGBEast streamsstuxles
RobobopElectro stampede with pumping groove & synths with serious issuesIntermission of the Xbox: New Generation Revealed Streammirado
Robot Laser DeathDistorted dubstep with choppy synth fx, building to phat rhythm dropFarm Simulator 2013 Quick Lookmonkey523
Rock The RodeoFunky, foot tapping banjo with dirty bass groove & solid dance beatsGDC 2013 Day 2 After Hours Livestreamdobschutz
Santaz In Da HoodCheerful, feel-good Hip Hop with a festive feelJeff's Holiday DIY Marshmallow mugsmrtimscampi
Sassy StompJaunty Charleston/hot club 1920s jazz with clarinet & comedy brassGiant Beastcast Ad (Not really, it was remix named Bugsy also listed here)dobedobedo
Say SoHeavy hip hop with bold rap, quirky FX & hard trap beat. Adult mixJAN'S JAMSjanman
Scar FaceDark lo-fi hip hop with warped beats, sinister piano motif & wonky synthsE3 2018yummytreesap
Shake it DownUpbeat ragga trap with reggae vocal, sax, synth lead, kit & island percussionUPF 07/13/2018hassun
She Got Ooh YeahSmokin' rockabilly big band with sassy vocal, fat brass & hot guitarsGBE pre-showsvichyssoise
Shinkansen LoveJapanese electro dance fusion with shamisen melody & male vocalsGiant Bomb at E3 2016 (before Ubisoft's conference)driam
Shouldn't Have LiedDriving pop funk with infectious male vocal hook & slick live brassE3 2019
ShowstopperUp-tempo, upbeat funk with choppy guitars, cool keys & hot brassBefore VinnyStanialutonhatter
Sin City Blues21st century urban blues with guitars, phat synths & stomp funkUsed sparsely on livestreamsevil_gordita
Ska BroBouncing slapstick ska featuring brass, ukuleles, pedal steel & coconutsGB West Streamsjanman
Smoke HouseSwamp blues groove with slide guitar & harmonicaGiant Beastcast Introskip124
So Far From HomeDriving electro beat & retro synths with lead guitar & female vocalE3 2019
Sol de VeranoBright Spanish guitars over dance electronica with flamenco clapsUsed sparsely on livestreamsgrandprix
Sonic Requiem1980s 'new romantic' electro popUsed before (05/03/2013) Unprofessional Fridaymirado
Space MonkeyUpbeat rhythmic techno with monkey beat boxGiant Bomb: Live, In Person, and Fully Clothed!hassun
Spirit of GoldSouth East Asian house crossover with katana guitarE3 2017 Nite 2driam
Spooky's BackQuirky, sparse hip hop groove with spooky melody & effectsPlayed before the Live Quick Look: State of decayrafaelmei
St. OmerSwinging mid tempo 'Hot Club of France'E3 2013: The Longest Daydrwaffles
Stadium Stomp

Electronica, Techno, Trance, Energetic, Fun, Hi-Tech, Synth Lead, Synth Pad

ILM background songMattyFTM
Steam Engine

Crazy fun for kids with quirky vocals, marching snare, whistling, tuba & kazoo

Video Thing: That's so Ryan!pox22
Still Got The Funk

Electro funk hybrid with groovy synth bass, uptempo beat & smooth male vocals

E3 2019
Still in Love

Melodic, classic 1980s rock break-up ballad with still in love male singer

JAN'S JAMSjanman
Storm Warning

Epic dubstep with euphoric builds into heavy 'drop' sections

Before Giant Bomb: Crossing The Streams! (05/20/2013) (Or Magicka Livestream if you prefer)criacow
Strangers in The Night

Epic drum 'n' bass pop crossover with cinematic strings & female vocals

Several pre-showshkr
Street Wize GuizeMedium paced, urban hip hop vibe. Dark, with hits, scratches and loads of attitudeBefore various livestreamsrafaelmei
Summer ParadiseSeductive & luscious RnB female vocal with understated hip hop groove04/15/2014 Bombcast - Ad Segmenthamst3r
Surfing The AlligatorSpooky guitar driven song with male vocals & haunting organI Should Play Some: Watch_Dogs 2thedigitalistic
Sweetheart SwingSmooth, romantic, 1940s big bandE3 2014: Day 01 Show Floor Highlightswastrel
Swing SistersIt's electro-swing, and jaunty as all get outUsed on various livestreamsTheFakePsychic
Synthetic LifePulsating synthwave anthem with female vocal & retro keyboardsBefore 04/13/2018 UPFsealprime
This Little PiggyRock this piggy. Female vocalBefore UPFmyheaditches
Those Gipsy GirlsGypsy dance party with accordion, cool breakbeats & smokin' Balkan brassGDC 2013: After Hours Livestream Spectacular - Part 01 interim from about 40 minutes indodgyc
Thru to You90s neo-soul R&B with Rhodes melody heartfelt vocals & synth pad stabsE3 2018 Nite 2dezcom
Time Bomb DropScatty electro house with big builds, phat synths & a hint of LA dubstepBreaking Brad: Volgarr The Vikingrafaelmei
Time To Get UpCheerful children's song. Male vocalGiant Bombcast 02/04/2014tbennett5438
Tinkle BlingPhatt hip hop drums with high bell melodySecond song in the (04/09/2013) Jurassic Larkmirado
Travelling TroubadoursYe olde medieval court band toot a flute & lute with period drumsDuring live Bombcast breakscoolrssl
Trick or TreatMysterious urban instrumental with fat beats, pizzicato strings & spooky FXBefore Injustice's TNT (04/18/2013)rafaelmei
TriplestepDubstep that starts with pianoUsed on various livestreamsEujin
Tropical PartyBright, Latin Caribbean dance/pop with a merengue influence

E3 2013: The Longest Day

Giant Bombcast 05/13/2014

Untitled Track (still looking for it)Electric piano, sax and funky guitar riffsLiverpool Travelogueweegieanawrench
Urbanite 2Urban, laid back Hip-Hop. No orchestral samplesUsed in between segments in the GOTY 2012 videosTeoball
We're Gonna Have a Good TimeUpbeat ragga trap with female vocal, synth hook, island vibes & heavy grooveJAN'S JAMSjanman
We're On A MissionStomping 1960s soul/rhythm & blues detective theme with blaring brassGiant Bombcast Ad 03/17/2015shaftwaxer
We're On The RunDeep house with catchy female vocals, warm synths & busy bass lineE3 2019
What It IsUpbeat, raucous funk instrumental with brass stabs & punchesGiant Bomb: Live, In Person, and Fully Clothed!mavs
What's CookingA mix of kitchen utensils & lo-fi beats with guitar, piano & vocal hooksE3 2014: Day 00 Press Conferences Highlightswastrel
Whistle WorkBouncing, banjo wielding bluegrass fun with whistle hookGiant Bombcast 11/12/2013paliv
Who Dat CatFunky hip hop gypsy jazz remix with vocal hooks, guitar, sax & cheeky pausesLococycle E3 2012venividiludi
Win BigSleazy 1980s hair metal anthem with risqué male vocal about gamblingGBW and UPF pre-stream and othersdeviationer
Witching HourSpooky Southern guitars with husky male vocal & rocking drumsBefore Vinnyvania streamsjaina_solo_
You Make Me Feel EuphoriaUplifting K-pop song with synth beats & positive Korean male vocalsJAN'S JAMSjanman
You've Had Your FunZany vaudeville novelty song with cute & sassy girly vocalPre-GBEast streams


With your help we can find even more! You can use Shazam to help identifying the songs or search through AudioNetwork using keywords, tempo, duration, etc.

Post your findings on this thread and I'll link them here for everyone to see (and credit you accordingly, of course)!

Thread has been restored! Thanks to @rorie and @mrpibb. Also, thanks to @bonecollecta for getting the cached version of the thread in case it couldn't be restored. We're back in business!

Here are some tips if you wanna help expanding this list:

@mirado said:

@musou: The ones that come from AudioNetwork are the easiest to find; a combination of understanding the keywords a song might be tagged with and the usage of music identifier apps like Shazam usually suss those out fast. Once I realized Shazam could pick up on these royalty free songs, I was posting them in-chat before the song was even over. I usually run everything through twice to make sure I don't get a false positive, but it's getting to the point that I recognize the names of the artists when they show up, and a quick search on AudioNetwork pulls it up for a comparison to the stream.

It isn't foolproof (no luck finding that HTBAB Part 7 song that people want, for instance), but we'll probably catch a ton more from here on out, as even if I'm not around, it only takes one duder with Shazam to grab like 70% of their music.

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Thanks for this!

I want the dubstep one so bad.

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Thanks love the music but never know who or what it came from

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I just realised that we need more livestreams. Livestream every day!

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@pr1mus: not sure which one you'd like, but here's the dubstep track from the farming simulator quick look, titled Robot Laser Death

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@eujin: Yes! That's the one. Thanks!

@monkey523: Triplestep is what i was looking for. The one they've been playing lately during the "please stand by" screen before livestreams.

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That party hard song is.. far too catchy.

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@pr1mus: Glad I could help. I only found out because I messaged Drew about it a while back. I've posted about it before, but I don't enjoy music, and when something has earwig properties and gets stuck in my head (music theory about using certain beats to make people get it stuck in their head even if they don't like the song) it drives me nuts so I have to listen to it on repeat two or three times to get it done with.

To head off the questions that people usually bring up: Yes, I really do not listen to music. At most I have some nostalgic memories for Castlevania music, and have heard one or two songs over the years that are ok, but I do not actively listen to music in any form as I don't really get enjoyment out of it.

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@theht: YES, looked over and over in the bastion soundtrack for that one!

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@Eujin@TheHT Thanks duders! Added the links you posted to OP.

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@forcen: Actually there is a string sample that at least has the same progression as around ~0:28 in Bynn the Breaker on the Bastion soundtrack.

Then it kind of diverges, but yeah thanks for bringing this site to light @Musou! There's some hot jams there.

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I've always thought the 'Party Hard' one was Ke$ha or of that same ilk and I've guiltily liked it (I feel somewhat better it isn't her?). And thanks, the dubstep one needed.

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I've always thought the 'Party Hard' one was Ke$ha or of that same ilk and I've guiltily liked it (I feel somewhat better it isn't her?). And thanks, the dubstep one needed.

it's still reminiscent of her style so... I don't get why it'd make you feel better necessarily, besides the fame factor

Also party hard just makes me think of Andrew W.K.

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Party Hard is my guilty pleasure song. I bumped that shit waiting for TNT so many times.

Also relevant but not royalty free, that slowed down version of Girlfriend that was on when they played Burnout is pretty great. This is an awesome thread, I hope we can find some more tunes!

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@razielcuts: I also thought it was from Ke$ha for quite some time, lol

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Does anyone know if there's a way to add a row to a table without having to recreate it?

@chainreaction01: Thanks! It's up there.

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@beachthunder said:

I just realised that we need more livestreams. Livestream every day!

solution: live camera feed in the office 24/7 (yes they have to work 24/7 too :| )

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This is pretty great haha!

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That must have been a fantastic day when looking for music for Year of the Bow you stumble upon a song that repeats "bow" over and over. Can't fathom how long it took to find that.

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I found this song that they used in between segments in the game of the year videos.

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Very nice. Now I am off to find what other stuff is on there. I am a sucker for free stuff.

Edit: Damn, I thought these were free. Didn't realize you still needed to pay for a license.

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Some of those are really good!

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Ahhh, "production music." Giver of Crash Holly and The Hardyz themes.

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if anyone knows what the music from the Screen Test video (how to build a bomb), Id love to hear it.

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This is great!

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This is awesome. Thanks for finding and sharing this. For royalty-free, these are actually some pretty rad tracks.

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This is a good thread.

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Fantastic. Doing god's work guys.

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@toowalrus said:

if anyone knows what the music from the Screen Test video (how to build a bomb), Id love to hear it.

Not sure what you're talking about, but back in the day they used at least one or two Midnight Brown tracks in the background of their videos.

Like the instrumental track to this song on their video reviews and I Love Mondays (I think those videos had this).

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I think he means this which I can't find on any of the Midnight Brown albums.

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Party Hard is my guilty pleasure. :<

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Anyone know the song at the end of this weeks TNT?

It plays for about the last five minutes.

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The synth on Party Hard is so similar to Ke$ha.

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@snail said:
@toowalrus said:

if anyone knows what the music from the Screen Test video (how to build a bomb), Id love to hear it.

Not sure what you're talking about, but back in the day they used at least one or two Midnight Brown tracks in the background of their videos.

Like the instrumental track to this song on their video reviews and I Love Mondays (I think those videos had this).

No, it's not Midnight Brown (and if it is, I can't find it on the albums). I'm talking about the song from this video:

Loading Video...

EDIT: Not the intro, the video itself.

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@beachthunder said:

I just realised that we need more livestreams. Livestream every day!

solution: live camera feed in the office 24/7 (yes they have to work 24/7 too :| )

Could bring back the Big Red Phone

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This is awesome!

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Ya Party Hard has always been my favorite.

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Pimp My Bass is appropriately dumb for the purpose it was used for. I might as well come out and say I like Party Hard too. I wonder what @Demoskinos thinks about pop songs like it. He seems to enjoy a good pop song.

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Oh my god. These songs are fucking amazingly dumb. I think a Saints Row theme vs Pimp My Bass needs to happen. SOMEONE DO THIS.

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I hate all royalty free music for some reason, I really don't know why, just...something seems so not-artistic about it. Like, who crafts a song thinking "what utility could this serve?"

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I never come to the Livestreams early enough to hear enough of Vinny's songs, but I've heard that dubstep one before and damn does that go hard

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I hate all royalty free music for some reason, I really don't know why, just...something seems so not-artistic about it. Like, who crafts a song thinking "what utility could this serve?"

Justin Timberlake's McDonalds theme?

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The song "Lock Down" was used at the end of "Cop Show" in the Day Three Recap of their Game of the Year 2012 features.

Loading Video...

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Thanks for finding these dude, I'm sure there is another Dubstep song which is used on the waiting screen before live streams.. ?

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Does anyone know what the song was that they used in between segments way back during their E3 after hours show? You know, the hip-hop sounding one with the descending bwaah bwaah bwaah?

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I really enjoy the Hipstra song for its Bastion beat and the violin that reminds me of Madoka's intro song Connect by ClariS.